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It can also be laminated and kept in the classroom as an available resource. The Literary Devices Graphic Summary on the following page can be printed and provided to students.html .com/literary-devices. please go to: http://goodsensorylearning. If you would like to learn about the full publication that also offers additional handouts and activity and a game.

Literary techniques also help that make up a story or readers to visualize. Plot 9. Diction 5. Anthropomorphism any literal 4. Mood 4. Oxymoron 12. Allusion and phrases that offers a hidden meaning beyond 3.DyslexiaMaterials. Onomatopoeia 11. When used well. Point of view 11.GoodSensoryLearning. Characterization 2. There are two kinds: literary techniques (which includes figurative language) and literary elements. Antagonist 1. Erica Warren © 2013 www. Climax © 2013 . Understatement 15. Parallelism 6. Cliché 8. interpret and analyze literary texts. Imagery 6. Protagonist 12. Metaphor 10. literature. Irony 10. Setting 14. 1. Symbolism 14. literary devices help readers to visualize. Exposition interpretation. Tone 16. Adage/proverb 2. understand and appreciate literary work. Theme By Dr. Motif 8. Figurative Language à 1. Assonance 7. Foreshadowing & www. Pun 13. Idiom 9. Literary Techniques: Words or phrases in Literary Elements: literary texts that writers use to achieve artistic or The components or pieces creative expression. Literary Devices: Creative writing strategies used by an author to convey his or her message(s). Simile 15. Allegory Figurative Language: Creative use of words 2. Conflict 4. Personification 13. Narrator 9. Repetition 8. Analogy 6. 5. Alliteration 7. Foil 3. Hyperbole 7.

where offers an ever-growing wealth of materials. Special Education.About the Author: Dr.dyslexiamaterials. Dr. teachers and schools can receive educational support.learningtolearn. multisensory teaching and cognitive tools are published and available to the public. www. materials and support. Erica Warren Dr. blossomed into a place where students. Warren tailored a special degree program that combined course-work and research in Educational Psychology. Her website. training and advice. www. Warren opened the doors of Learning to Learn in Ossining NY. parents. Learning to Learn now offers: v One to one educational support v Teacher training and workshops v Educational materials v Cognitive therapy v School consultations v Learning profiles and reports v Technology & software advice v Student advocacy In response to the success of Dr. What started as a private practice to help individual students maximize their learning potential and find joy in the learning process. fun.goodsensorylearning. she created Good Sensory www. . links. Warren’s multisensory and mindful approach. Warren has always aspired to empower the spirit of those who struggle with learning. School Psychology. In 1999. Dr. and Adult Education. and Dyslexia Materials. So after finishing a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

goodsensorylearning.Free • Language Arts: Following Directions the Fun and Easy Way – Beginners • Language Arts: Following Directions the Fun and Easy Way .Instruction and Activities • Teaching Visualization: An Intermediate Power Point . Bowling. What's the Big Idea? • Fraction Hockey.dyslexiamaterials. Shuffleboard & Stair Toss Games • Planning. tracking and more. • Reversing Reversals Sample: Free • Abstract Thinking an Multiple Meanings: Developing Higher Order Language and Mental Flexibility • Teaching Visualization: A Beginners Power Point . Multisensory and Mindful Approach to Long Multiplication • Good Sensory Learning Reading Assessment • Touch Math Games and more • Writing the College Essay Workshop .com and www.Free • Valentines: Language Arts Following Directions and Linguistic Cues • Helping Students that Struggle with Executive Functioning . Hockey. Bowling.Hey. Go to www.Instruction and Activities • Figurative Language Literary Term and Grammar Game – Word Shuffle • Making Inferences – The Fun and Easy Way • 4 Types of Sentences Colorful Power Point with Memory Strategies • 4 Types of Sentences: Imperative Declarative Exclamatory Interrogative • Main Idea and Detail Game . Golf. Here are a few available published works: • Multisensory Multiplication and Division to Melodies CD: MMDM • Reversing Reversals: Help students with reading reversals. Other Materials Other materials by Dr. Paragraph Building and Transitional Word Activities • The 12 Ways of Learning – Free • Defining Executive Functioning: A graphic Organizer – Free • Short Vowel Game – Puppy Party – Sampling of Reading Board Games – Free • Monster Multiplication: A to learn more.Intermediate • Language Arts: Following Directions the Fun and Easy Way – Samples . tracking and more. Warren are available as hard copies and colorful downloads too. • Reversing Reversals 2: Help students with reading reversals. Time Management and Organization for Success • Reading Games: Making all Phonics Based and Orton Gillingham Reading Programs Multisensory and Fun • Reading Games 2: Making all Phonics Based and Orton Gillingham Reading Programs Multisensory and Fun • Reading Board Games: Making all Phonics Based and Orton Gillingham Reading Programs Multisensory and Fun • Vowel Combinations Made Easy • Compound Word Puzzle Games: Making Connections • Eclectic Learning Profile-Understand/Accommodate 12 Learning Styles • Eclectic Teaching Approach • Understand/Accommodate 12 Learning Styles – Eclectic Learning Profile . Shuffleboard and Stair Toss • Place Value Golf.Free • Sentence Building 5 Ws Detectives A Fabulously Fun Writing Game • Test Prep: Helping students prepare for midterms and finals • Vowel and Consonant Fabulously Fun Activities • Nouns are a Blast with Noodle the Noun Hound • Prepositions are a Blast with Preppy the Preposition Penguin • My Pet PEMDAS – Order of operations instruction and activities • Measurement Strategies – PowerPoint instruction • Angle Memory Strategies – PowerPoint instruction • Categorizing.