The importance of street light installation (Conventional and Non-
conventional type) cannot be over emphasized in view of the security
challenges being experienced nationwide.
Provision of functional street light and rehabilitation of age-long
existing street light installations in the State is considered as laudable
project that can be embarked upon by the State Government in view of
the under-listed advantages to the citizenry.
The merits are as follows:
 Promotion of business activities and socialization
 Beefing up of security at night by the creation of awareness on the
 Reduction in crime rate particularly where Internet access type
closed circuit (CCTV) Television monitoring system are installed
along the street.
 Enhancing cleaner vision at night by motorist and pedestrians
 Street beautification
Effective performance of street light installations requires amongst
other things the following:
(a) Initial cost of installation based on qualitative design and proper
(b) Man power development and training of personnel on the
latest Technological innovation.
(c) Enhanced maintenance culture for sustainability
(d) Availability of spare parts to replace damaged components.
(e)Constant power supply since appreciable amount of energy will be
Survey of all the street light installations within Ilorin metropolis
and some Local Government Areas informed the need for complete re-

hybrid system with the option of using Generating sets in all dedicated street light installation sub-station is recommended.0: STATUS REPORT OF STREET LIGHT INSTALLATIONS IN THE STATE For ease of analysis. the street light installations in the State can be categorized under the following headings. 2. (b) Newly completed street light installation by contractors (c) Existing street light installation in some Local Government Areas (d) Proposed street light in Local Government H/Quarters (e) Solar Powered street light installations EXISTING & NEWLY COMPLETED STREET LIGHT INSTALLATIONS WITHIN ILORIN METROPOLIS  The detailed street light census of the existing street light installations and newly constructed street light is as indicated in Table – I for ease of reference. (ii) The Bill of Engineering Measurement and Evaluation for each of the road networks except Admiralty drive which has been proposed to be replaced with solar powered street light is as indicated in Annexure. In view of the above. Status of each of the road networks is as indicated in the remark column. namely:- (a) Existing street light installation within the Metropolis. (IEE) and Illuminating Engineering Society of North America to mention but a few.I 2 .appraisal of the existing installation particularly for those that have overstayed the required installation period as recommended by international organization such as the Institution of Electrical Engineers. It is no longer news that the present power generation from the National grid is far below expectation thus calling for alternative power supply for a sustainable development.

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000.081.545. N489. Summary of annexure – I is as indicated in Table – II.00 and(c)Cost of retro-fitting with LED lamps .399.00 (d) Total cost .725. All newly constructed street light including those that are still under defect liability period have been recommended for retrofitting except where cable faults have been confirmed.775.508.320. N225. 6 .00 (b) Cost of Rehabilitation . N1.00 The cost Diesel consumption is as indicated in Table – IIIA computation of diesel consumption is based on the available data from manufacturers. N683.847. where dedicated Transformers are installed have been considered for the installation of Generating sets of varying capacities. The following can be deduced from Table – II (a) Cost installation of Generators Of varying capacities . For ease of operation and maintenance the present location of street light kiosks.

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particular with the introduction of Generators as alternative source of power. Approval were given for the rehabilitation of the street light in the aforementioned Local Governments by direct labour but was not backed up with cash. namely. The following can be deduced from Table – III.240.946.00 Total Cost . N972. The summary is as shown in Table – III.780. Detailed Bill of Engineering Measurement and Evaluation for the construction and rehabilitation of existing street light in all the sixteen Local Government Areas are as indicated in annexure – II.612.00 It is however recommended that all Local Government Headquarters should be Solar Powered in order to minimize the cost of maintenance. Kaiama and Patigi with existing but nonfunctional street light. 3. N101.166. PROPOSED SOLAR POWERED STREET LIGHT WITHIN ILORIN METROPOLIS Some road networks have been proposed for solar powered street light as indicated in annexure – III. (a) Cost of Generating Set .00 Installation including Automatic Mains failure (AMF) (b) Cost of installation/Rehabilitation . The summary of annexure – III is shown in Table – IV. Lafiagi. the following can be deduced. N871. thus explaining why nothing was done to date.  EXISTING/PROPOSED STREET LIGHTS IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS Presently we have three Local Government Areas.852. From Table – IV. 9 .

992. (b) Cost per stand for double arm solar powered street light is N1. 10.751.820.(a) Sum of N472.650 mtr.00 (c) Cost per stand for single solar powered street light is N 938.00 will be required for 8 road networks of total distance.070.00 10 .030.

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50kva and 12NO.80/week and N13. 13 .067.28 litres of diesel is estimated as monthly consumption. twenty eight major/minor road networks within Ilorin metropolis have been taken to consideration. This will facilitate easy maintenance and cost of networking will be drastically reduced if at all there would be any. In the light of this development. 25kva Diesel generating sets will be required for the 28 No road networks. A total number of 33No.0 GENERATORS AS ALTERNATIVE POWER SUPPLY/COST OF FUELLING The need to introduce hybrid system of power supply to the existing street light installations becomes imperative. while 81. an average of 19. From the analysis of Table IV. The cost of fuelling of the entire Twenty Eight road network is as indicated in Table IV. each substation has been provided with a generator. This analysis is also applicable to the proposed street light at the Local Government Head Quarters.96/month respectively.00/Litre is N2.888.25 litres of diesel is estimated as weekly consumption. The cost of diesel for the Twenty eight road networks based on the present price of diesel at N160. It is however important to carryout major rehabilitations along most of the road networks for effective performance. This in most cases may not be exact presentation due to various factors that can increase or decrease the amount of fuel consumption. It is however noteworthy to emphasize that Table- IV is derived from the approximate fuel consumption chart of Table-V. Detailed working drawings are attached for some road networks for ease of reference. For ease of operation and considering that not all the total number of existing dedicated Transformers on a particular road is on the same feeder.

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