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With EsyFenceTM, its application is virtually limitless and
it is highly recommended for use at the following locations: -
 Residential Houses & Condominiums  Golf Courses & Race Tracks
 Walkways, Highways & Railways  Shops, Factories & Warehouses
 Airports, Harbors & Train Stations  Zoos, Parks, Playgrounds & Stadiums
 Police Quarters & Army Camps  Public & Governmental Buildings

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5mm ~ 2. Highways & Railways  Airports. Harbors & Train Stations  Schools. Steel Wire = Grade 500 (MS144) *Fence Pole Type Pole Dimension (mm) Round Height **Length Size ESY4RP 1’200 1’500 ESY5RP 1’500 1’900 60 ESY6RP 1’800 2’250 ESY7RP 2’100 2’600 *Minimum Thickness of Poles = 1. 321468-P ™ Introduction Our company is a pioneer in the manufacture of the EsyFence™ range of welded security fencing for the domestic market. Playgrounds & Stadiums Typical Height of Fence against an average built person.  Power Plants & Sub-Stations *Fence Type Wire Ø Size (mm) Fence Dimension (mm) Hot Dip Galvanized Vertical Horizontal Width Height ESY4LH 5 5 1’200 ESY5LH 5 6 1’500 3’000 ESY6LH 5 6 1’800 ESY7LH 5 7 2’100 *Vertical spacing is set at 75mm for all Fence types. . This is a graphical With EsyFence™.0M width panels but other widths are available upon request. Factories & Warehouses  Zoos. Please consult our local representatives & distributor. its application is limitless representation of the installed height of and it is highly recommended for use at the EsyFence™ following locations: -  Residential Houses & Condominiums  Walkways. CH Reinforcing Steel (M) Sdn. Bhd.5mm **These pole lengths are applicable for embeded installation only. Universities & Hospitals  Police Quarters & Army Camps 4’ Feet 5’ Feet 6’ Feet 7’ Feet  Supermarkets & Hypermarkets  Public & Governmental Buildings  Golf Courses & Race Tracks  Shops. Parks. EsyFence™ comes standard as 3. The main features will be its High Deterrent Factor and its Durability Factor which makes it virtually the most suitable replacement to the common Chain-Link Fencing. Highway Perimeter Fencing This Is Proprietary Information © 2006 ~ 2009 CHRS – All Rights Reserved.

made from High YIELD Steel Wires conforming to MS144 (Grade 500) specifications that uses state-of- the-art. Your assurance of our Quality and COMMITMENT. Bhd. which provides extra long life usage and protection against corrosion. making the wires strong. Acts as a deterrent against trespassing.’s MS ISO9001 & MS ISO14001 standards. 321468-P ™ Product Features EXCELLENT Visibility for EARLY Detection to prevent intrusion and illegal ENTRY. difficult to cut & vandal proof. Bhd. . Damaged panels can be easily replaced. CERTIFIED to SirimQAS International Sdn. NEW investment on latest equipment and machinery to ensure that we supply consistent quality products Weld Strength Testing of EsyFence™ and services. microprocessor controlled welding process. CH Reinforcing Steel (M) Sdn. EXPERTISE provided by our team of Technical Engineers who are always on-hand to assist in ensuring trouble-free usage of our products. The EsyFence™ panel can be designed to suit various security applications with Add-Ons available. SECURE & SAFE. FREE of Maintenance. Resistance Welding EsyFence™ being welded. EASY Installation and Handling as we manufacture the complete fencing system. This Is Proprietary Information © 2006 ~ 2009 CHRS – All Rights Reserved. Galvanized to BS729 / EN ISO1461 standard.

) Profile . . Military Bases. Power Plants etc. Bhd. Parks. 321468-P ™ Product Profiles Profile-A With Anti-Cut & Anti-Climb features it is ideally suited for high security usage. Commercial & Industrial Sites) Profile . (i. CH Reinforcing Steel (M) Sdn. Profile – C A B C Bending Profile This Is Proprietary Information © 2006 ~ 2009 CHRS – All Rights Reserved.e.e. Gated Community.B Profile-C Having similar applications as Profile-B but with added advantage in easier handling and cost efficient. (i.A Profile-B Common usage for all general boundary. Residential. perimeter fencing requirements.

CH Reinforcing Steel (M) Sdn. Embedded Plate Pole Pole This Is Proprietary Information © 2006 ~ 2009 CHRS – All Rights Reserved. . Bhd. 321468-P ™ Installation A typical installation method of EsyFence™ is as follows: - DETAIL [A] DETAIL [B] SIDE VIEW DETAIL [C] A closed-up view of an EsyFence™ panel in the diagram depicting a typical assembly on a round pole fastened together with a pair of galvanized nuts & bolts.

Tel: +606 799 5555 Double Panel High Fence Fax: +606 799 5488 E-Mail: bmi1651@streamyx. 321468-P Lot 7401. Malaysia. Jalan Zamrud 1. Bhd. Fasa II 71800 Nilai. PT1888. Factory Perimeter Fence Kawasan Perindustrian Nilai. Negeri Home: www. Boundary Fencing Manufactured By: CH Reinforcing Steel (M) For Further Enquiries Please contact our Local Agent / Distributor: Warehouse This Is Proprietary Information © 2006 ~ 2009 CHRS – All Rights Reserved.chuanhuat. .