What is the difference between ppm and mg/L?  ppm is an expression of quantity. It stands for Electrical Conductivity. The sensor is not connected. For example.0 mS. 1. most commonly micro-Siemens (µS) or milli-Siemens (mS). treatment. 1. HM Digital.com. If you are testing the water for a pool.hmdigital.KCl: 0. There is no conversion between the two. µS = EC (Electrical Conductivity) Is “EC” a parameter or a scale? Drinking Water (Filtered or Tap): ppm-442 or ppm-NaCl  “EC” is a parameter. TDS . There are a number of scales used Filtration/Purification Systems: ppm-442 or ppm-NaCl in EC.50 TDS . TDS . Colloidal Silver: ppm-NaCl or ppm442 Pools & Spas: ppm-NaCl Car & Window Washing: ppm-442 or ppm-NaCl Is the COM-100 waterproof? Coffee: ppm-442 or ppm-NaCl  Yes. etc. 2. 1. Change the batteries. etc. If you are measuring liquids based on another more popular. There is no math required. a higher level of EC/TDS is preferred. then change the COM-100’s mode to those specific instructions.). Recalibrate the meter. PPM  PPT: Divide by 1000 (1000 ppm = 1 ppt) µS  mS: Divide by 1000 (1000 µS = 1 mS) ® ** For more information on TDS. see page 4 of the user’s guide. For example. but ppm is considerably different mode than what is listed below.0 mS = 2000 µS.50 to 0. The sensor is dirty or damaged. For certain applications. Double-check the polarity of the batteries. the COM-100 uses the non-linear scales. EC modes: There is no conversion for electrical conductivity.47 to 0. if you are mixing nutrients or fertilizer. The three EC modes in the COM- 2.  A parameter is the characteristic being measured. A scale is a particular range applied to the measurement of that parameter. 2. object or operation. salt water. Your specific needs may require a per liter) is an expression of weight. Most likely. contact the manufacturer of that system for preferred TDS levels. and an abbreviation for “parts per million. For example. COM-100 7/09 . a lower level of EC/TDS is typically preferred. brackish What is the difference between µS and µS/cm? water. plants. The EC/TDS level of the water is out of range of the meter. contact a specialist for your specific application. proper mode selection is very important.442: 0. Mode selection will also affect  There is no difference between µS and µS/cm. For example. Both are used as scales for TDS. 100 differ only in their ATC programs.tdsmeter. and the instructions call for the NaCl scale in What is the difference between a parameter and a scale? TDS.” this is an incorrect determination. When converting EC to TDS. visit www. as they would occur in Incorrect readings.85 For additional information on water testing. water filtration system. If you are using the COM- 100 to test the water pertaining to a particular device.57 Converting between different scales PPM  µS: Simply change the mode on the meter. COM-100 USER’S GUIDE ADDENDUM FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) MODE SELECTION GUIDE What should the TDS of my water be?  A TDS level is specific for each application and particular usage. 3. The different modes serve to digitally calculate conductivity and TDS levels found in nature. such as for fish and plants. The display shows “---“. TROUBLESHOOTING ABOUT TDS and EC Problem Potential Solution(s) The meter will not power on. Inc.NaCl: 0. fish. visit www.65 to 0. (226 ppm = 226 mg/L) company’s instructions.0 EC. Ensure the blue sensor gasket ring and blue battery compartment are screwed on tightly. ** For instructions on how to switch modes. contact the The COM-100 includes 6 different measurement modes allowing for a variety of uses and manufacturer of that object.” Mg/L (milligrams The following are suggested modes for various applications. if a particular Hydroponics/Gardening: Consult fertilizer or nutrient requirements application calls for water with “2. Modes and their conversion factors 2. nature. µS is a simple abbreviation and is used to accuracy within a particularly range. while for other applications. The standard EC mode is KCl. temperature is a parameter. thereby giving you more accurate readings than meters that use linear scales. Switch modes.com. the Aquariums and Reef Tanks: ppm-NaCl or ppm-KCl application is calling for an EC level of 2. switch the COM-100 to the ppm-NaCl mode. such as drinking water and water save space. Since different applications will naturally involve different types of water (fresh water. Fahrenheit or ppm = TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Celsius is a scale. if you are using the COM-100 to test the efficacy of a greater versatility and accuracy.