Senior Practicum Daily/Formal Lesson Planning Template Winter 2017

Name: Nicolette Call Formal Unit Lesson # _5____ or Daily Lesson# _____Lesson Date:
Lesson Your Description of Criteria
Lesson type Self-Directed
Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters.
Count, pronounce, blend, and segment syllables in spoken words.
Isolate and pronounce the initial, medial vowel, and final sounds (phonemes) in three-phoneme (consonant-
vowel-consonant, or CVC) words
Bloom’s and DOK Level 2: Skill/Concept-Use information or conceptual knowledge, two or more steps.
DOK Bloom: Apply- “Uses information in another familiar situation.” (Executes-Uses a procedure in an unfamiliar
Objective Students will be able to correctly identify and blend short “u” CVC words 4 out of 5 times by the end of the
Assessment I will write 3 CVC words on the board, one with the short “u” sound, and two without. I will have the children
Plan copy the words onto their personal whiteboard and circle the one with the short u sound. I will write down
who circles the correct word. I will do this 3 times, and write down my results each time.
Materials Need ● Cups with letters on them
Key CVC: Consonant Vowel Consonant
Vocabulary Short “u”

Expectations The children will sit at their desks while we play the matching game on the board. Their names will be drawn
from the cup to see who comes up to try and find a match. After the matching game, the children will pull out
their whiteboards for and copy the CVC words I have on the board, without showing each other their work.
After the whiteboards, the game boards will be pulled out. The children will be in their teams of 3 and roll the
dice on their table. Once the game is over, the boards will be collected and the children will continue with Mr.
Kincheloe’s assignment.
Anticipatory A CVC matching game will be on the board. I will use the name sticks to call a child up to point to two pieces
Set of paper. I will flip the papers over to see if there is a match. Each time a word is turned over, we will go over
the phonemes in the word as a class.
Instructional We will go over the individual phonemes as a class, putting special emphasis on words with the short a sound.
Inputs We will compare the different vowel names on our whiteboards, and practice blending sounds as a class.
What sound does the letter “u” make?
Modeling I will practice breaking up the words into their individual sounds in front of the class. When we are using our
whiteboards, the class will hold up their whiteboards and show me which word has the short “u” sound in it. I
will then go over each word individually and say each phoneme in the word.
Guided Together, we will play the matching game on the board. When two of the words are flipped over, I will ask
Practice the class what each word is, then have them break it up into its individual phonemes with me. We will practice
this with each word in the game so they have plenty of practice with phonemes and blending.
Closure After the game matching game I will put up a few of the words to have them blend sounds before they do it on
their own, and clear up any misconceptions they may have.
Differentiation For those students who may be struggling, I will allow them to seek the help of their teammates if they can’t
figure out what their words are. For those who may be more advanced, I will have them do it by themselves,
as well as help their classmates, if needed.
Independent The children will be playing a board game to practice their knowledge independently. There will be a dice for
Practice / each table of students, and the game, which includes short “u” CVC words. The children will each have a spot
Application marker as well. They will roll the dice, and move their marker that amount of spaces. When they land on a
word, they will first say each phoneme in the letter, then blend them to say the whole word. Each person at the
table will have a turn, and continue the process until all of them reach the end spot of the game.
Transitions To transition the children back to Mr. Kincheloe, I will tell them that it’s time to collect the game materials
and put them on a specific desk, then go back to their desks.