To make our vehicle safe to operate, we require in depth knowledge and understanding of the

vehicle itself and the environment it will operate.

Road conditions

The vehicle will be operating on asphalt. The vehicle traction will vary depending on the degree of
moisture and roughness of the road surface. For good balance between traction and resistance, the
tyres must have treaded pattern.

Driver awareness

Our vehicle will be sharing the road with other vehicles. Our car is not enclosed by vehicle body
unlike many other prototypes. This gives the driver excellent visibility by having an open top.


Our vehicle have lateral wheel base of xx at the front. The front wheels have negative camber. As a
result, it does not flip over easily.

Structural integrity from crash

While it was not possible to perform crash test, our vehicle have a chassis significantly bigger than
those of our competitors. The frame itself enclose the driver from all direction in case of impact.