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Peter J Mellalieu

Left: Norske Skog Tasman newsprint mill, Kawerau.
Cover: Thomas Alva Edison holding a creativity-inspiring steel ball; Inventor of the
electricity distribution industry and the industrial research laboratory; Founding
entrepreneur of General Electric Corporation (GEC).



Course Handbook
Measure what is measurable, and make
measurable what is not so.
Galileo Galilei

BSNS 7350
Operations Management

Lecturer: !! Peter J MELLALIEU
Office:! ! OAKRIDGE 054-1012
Phone:! ! 815 4321 Extension 8108
Mobile:! ! 021 42 0118 (Preferred)
Email:! !

Department of Management and Marketing
Bachelor of Business
Unitec Institute of Technology



Figure 1.1 Unitec staff

1. What is the aim of this
2. What can I learn from
previous students?
3. Who can help me be
successful with my study?
4. What assessments must I
5. What resources are available
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Unitec staff are usually happy to discuss with you how to achieve success in your studies and life on campus.

All businesses must satisfy customers and deliver products to This course is explores the principles and techniques to assist
customers efficiently. The manner in which delivery is man- the focus on efficiency improvement. The course builds upon
aged must match the organisation’s strategy to ensure busi- BSNS 6350 Business Process Improvement with a particular
ness success. Senior management must fully support the strat- focus on applying your learning to investigate and solve a
egy and business philosophy adopted. Furthermore, it is nec- practical problem for a business client.
essary to coordinate the organisation’s activities with those
operations of other organisations, such as suppliers and dis- Welcome to Unitec BSNS 7350 Operations Management.


and technology planning. environmental sustainability. J. (2015). Applied workplace learning in operations management at Unitec New Zealand. services. Welcome Interactive 1.1 Introducing BSNS 7350 Operations Man- The aims of this course are agement To enable you to investigate methods. Emerging global trends and opportunities in the operations management professions and disciplines will also be considered for relevance to your interests and career ambitions. and procedures for managing planned co-ordination of operations" To develop you as professional operations managers capable of 5 . P. technol- ogy transfer. new venture creation. or risk mitigation. systems. Auckland: MyndSurfers/Department of Management & Marketing. and leading successfully a significant operations-related programme of productivity enhancement. Unitec Institute of Technology.1 present a brief snapshot of the elements of BSNS 7350. business growth. To achieve these aims you will work in a team to identify effective solutions for ad- dressing a specific operations management challenge facing a real company as your client. Source: Mellalieu.1. The video Interactive 1. Retrieved from https://www. The prime focus will be on achieving world-class competitiveness in medium and small enterprise from New Zealand in the manufacturing.

Watch the video Interactive 1. Take note of their advice on how to succeed in the class and team Source: https://www.2 discussing previous students’ experience of BSNS 7350 Operations 6 .2.2 Advice from previous students Previous graduates of the class remark that the class is both different. Advice from previous graduates Interactive 1. but immensely valuable for their professional and career development. challenging.

Ext 8811 Student Loans & Allowances Administrators Jacky Brodie or pacific@unitec.3. Tel 815 Tel. B28 Tel. 815 4321 Ext 8611 Ken Newlands — Programme Leader (Deputy)— BBus. Ext Tel. Ext Unitec Library Front Desk. Interactive 1. Ext 8131 jmarriott@unitec. DipProfAcc. 815 4321 Ex mkempin@unitec. Tel. 054-1012. 8244 Nadesa Goundar Programme Leader —NZDipBus Tel. Tel 8154321 ext Manjula Kambalapuram Programme Administrator . Programme Leader — BBus. Office :Oakridge ment of Management & Marketing Tel. Tel. 815 4321 Ext 8108 pmellalieu@unitec. Liz Rainsbury Head of Department: Accounting & Finance. Associate Professor. 815 4321. Course Tutor: Dr. UBS Tel 021 42 815 4321. +64 9 Alastair Emerson Programme Leader — Dip Mgt/. 815 4321. Pukenga B171 Tel.Learning Support Centre. Tel. Key Staff Key Contacts Support Centre / Counselling Service. Ext 8803.6. Te Puna Ako . 815 4321. Jeff Marriott. 815 Ngaire Molyneux Lecturer/Maori Advisor Tel. DipMgt/ Programme Leader – MBus. Ext 8635. 815 4321. 815 4321. Peter Mellalieu. Ext 8622. 815 4185 7061 knewlands@unitec. Ext 7097 Ed Collective at Unitec (Formerly USU) contacted@edcollective. Lecturer Depart. Tel. 815 4321 Ext 7490 or DD 8155400 Ext 7248 or 8160 Sukesh Malama Solomona Lecturer/Pacific Advisor. Learning and Research. Head of Department: Management & Marketing Maia Māori Development Staff. 815 Pacific Centre for Teaching. ssukumaran@unitec. Ext 7030 815 ngoundart@unitec. 815 2949 Maura Kempin. 815 4321. erainsbury@unitec. 815 4321 Ext 7093 (DoMM).ac. Ext 7 .

the charac- teristics of world class production and service operations. mitigation. quality management. services. communications. Course descriptor: Learning outcomes Course title Operations Management Evaluate the particular challenges of leading and improving operations in New Course number: BSNS 7350 1. and/or operations management line function Course aims: drawing on the student's particular technical and leadership strengths. on achieving world-class competitiveness in medium and small enterprise from and project management. systems and procedures for managing planned co-ordination of operations and the global impact on firms in New Zea. global trends and opportunities in the operations management professions and dis- ciplines will also be considered for relevance to the student's interests and career ambitions. especially within the context of achieving world-class competitive Main programme: Bachelor of Business performance in the manufacturing. 8 . services and/or structures. Restrictions: APMG 7350 Design integrated operations management solutions to operations issues that both Compulsory/elective: Compulsory (Management Ops 4. and risk mitigation. of an operations strategic plan. The prime focus will be The scope of the course excludes supply chain management. These topics are covered in depth in other courses con- New Zealand in the manufacturing. resilience. products. Learning time: Design. and leading successfully a significant operations-related programme of productivity enhancement. and technology sectors. Level: 7 Evaluate and design solutions using contemporary and emerging information. Process Improvement and corporate social responsibility. services.4. safety. present. new venture creation. business growth. technology Course scope and exclusions: analytical models transfer. 39 111 150 Practise and reflect on the art and science of leading a productivity improvement 6 team. and other technologies to manage and improve selected operations processes. planning. Credits 15 2. Pre-requisites: BBus: BSNS 6350 Business Process Improvement Identify the comparative costs and benefits of operations solutions for risk Co-requisites: DMgt: BSNS 6350 Business 3. programme for improving operations processes and strategies in a New Zealand- Lecturer contact hours Non-contact hours Total hours based enterprise to enhance its world-class performance. and improving flexibility. Topics/Content outline: land. environmental sustainability. and defend a detailed project plan for leading a significant 5. Zealand. support current operations while enhancing the enterprise's future competitive stream) strategy and sustainability. environmental sustainability. To enable students to investigate methods. Integration of previous and new learning through the use of case studies. and technology sectors. consultancy investigation. The steps and decisions To develop students as professional operations managers capable of investigating. process. Emerging ducted by the Unitec Department of Management.

Final Draft Report Provisional Proofreading and Analysis and Project Execution Creativity.5 % Objectives 7. Guest lectures will be arranged where possible.5 % Evaluation Achievement" Personal "Artefact" Summaries (x 3) management Client Report Writing Journaling 7.5 % 15 % Oral Presentation Negotiation of Technical Team Harmony .3 Pre-Requisite Assessment Professional Competences Team Project Team Contribution Personal and Personal and Technical Writing Technical Outputs by Peer Evaluation Professional Insight Technical expertise Project Management Team Achievement Professional 30 % Communications 25 % 25 % 20 % Reflection Client Project Peer Ranking by Final Reflective Technical Final Report Conduct "Team Professional and Executive Operations Identification of Formal Technical Reflective Team Output 7. and Class 5% Assessment 20% inquiry and Project Plan with Client Communication Collaboration Case Study Team Leadership.3 Overview of course assignments ised. with Client and Final Project Milestones Informal Technical investigation and Inclusion.5 % 15 % Weekly and Event.5 % 5% Copyediting Debate Enterprise Project Delivery Peer Marking of (Formal Report Formal Technical and Oral Writing Presentation) Client Project Team and Project Evaluation Data Management Download from the course Moodle.Learning and teaching approaches A mixture of in-class 9 . The principal mode of learn- Team-based ing is through a Team Based Consultancy Project (TBC) with an external client. BSNS 7350 tive 1. video clips. or http://tinyurl. An Consultancy Project for Competencies Operations Management overview of the TBC and its relation to other course elements is presented in Interac. Peer Reviews of Peer critique of Development of Net Grade for driven Reflective Formal Writing Consultancy Formal Oral Emotional Final Draft Report Project Scope and Team Input "Project Outputs" Journal (x3) Practice Presentation Intelligence 2. lectures. and 2.5 % Criteria 12. class exercises will be util- Interactive 1.

is available in Interactive Introduction to Business Process Improvement at Retrieved from https://dl.Co-requisite infographic and video An infographic and video explaining the pre/co-requisite course aims. J. Unitec Institute of Technology.pre/co-requisite course [Video] Mellalieu. (2013).4 Introduction to Business Process Improvement at Business Process player Mellalieu. (2013). P. BSNS 6350 Interactive 1. Unitec . [video] Retrieved from http://www.pdf Source: http://www. J. Introduction to Business Process Improvement at Unitec [Info- graphic] 10 .

5 14 Summaries) evaluation TOTAL 100 Team Contribution by 1b 25 Peer Evaluation Provisional 1b.2 15 2.5 13 Technical writing (Peer reviews of Executive 1. then you will fail the course as a whole. Assessment Assessment breakdown and due dates Component Week Id Weight Nature of assessment Sub-weight Learning Id due Id Weighting Nature of assessment outcomes Team Consultancy 1a 25 Team Consultancy Project (Report and oral all Project: Outputs 1a 25 presentation) Draft report 1a.5 14 and personal ‘essay’ Technical writing Executive Summaries of 3.2 15 4.1 5 4 WARNING!!! You are required to submit ALL assignments. 7 4 15 Summaries (x 2) TOTAL 100 100 Semester-Specific dates of classes and assignments are here.1 0 10 Team Contribution by Peer Evaluation all 1b 25 Oral presentation with 1a.2 5 11 client 2 20 Professional Reflective Learning Journal Peer critique of draft report 1a.3 5 12 3 15 Technical writing (Executive Summaries) Final Report 1a. 4. 5 3 15 Case Analyses(x 2) Peer reviews of Executive 4.5 7.1.5 5 on peer evaluation Final reflective professional 2b 12.1. 3. 11 .2 20 14 COMPLETE assignment. Professional and 2 20 personal insight Action Plan and Reflection 2a 7. 4.5. Failure to submit an assignment will result in FAILURE of the course. 5 4 15 Client project conduct 1a. If you fail to resubmit an IN- Final 1b.4 7. 3.

3 Technical writing 4 Peer Review 15% 15% 2 Professional Insight 1b Team Contribution 20% 25% 1a Team Project 25% 12 . These standards are presented on the course e-learning site in these sections: Course assignment assessment policy Mandatory written and oral communication standards General information Assessment Breakdown The specifications and assessment rubrics for all assignments are detailed on the course e-learning site. Assignment assessment policy All assignments submitted for this course are required to conform to the course as- signment assessment policies and standards.

Risk management: You may submit and replace DRAFT versions of your assignment prior to your final submission. Semester-specific calendar and assignment due dates for 2016-1 BSNS 7350 Operations Management Electronic submission DATE for Assignments: On the date specified for the class session. and reading schedule Course topics . Submitting drafts is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Submission TIME: Submit before 10 am on the day class commences. https://moodle. Topics. and Turnitin assignment submis- sion times are presented on the course eLearning site.php?id=546.1 Peer review 22-Mar 4 Peer Evaluation of of management/graduate-diploma-in-business-operations-management/operations-management Semester 1 Ass 1b: Team Peer Ass 2: Ass 3 & 4: Date Week Agenda Ass 1a: Team Project Evaluation Professional Insight Technical Writing Assignment 1 Ass 2: Journaling 1-Mar 1 Introduction commences: Team commences building Case Discussion: Ass 3. All Peer Reviews of written assignments are conducted through the Turnitin system.1 Revision 1: 15-Mar 3 ICP Ass 1b.2 Revision 1: KT .1 Action Plan Case Discusion: Ass 3.1 ICP team contribution Easter Break 29-Mar 5 (Commences 25 Mar) Ass 1b.unitec.1: Draft: Inner 8-Mar 2 Inner City Paints City Paints (ICP) (ICP) Ass content. CANNOT!!.2: Draft: Kelly 5-Apr 6 and Reflection on Kelly Tarlton (KT) Tarlton (KT) Peer Evaluation 12-Apr 7 13 Ass 3. Teaching locations and times available on the Unitec main website here: http://www. CANNOT!!! be admitted into the Turnitin Peer Evaluation system.6.1: Provisional Ass 4.unitec. semester-specific dates of classes. See access codes and password on the page ‘Turnitin Registration’ All feedback and marks for written assignments are provided through the Turnitin system. Late assignments cannot!.nz/course/info. ALL assignments must be submitted on-line to

Krenus. Ireland.. K. John Wiley & Sons.pearsoned. J.. Excel Models for Business and Operations Management [online e- book]. & Render. & Render. Manalo. Melbourne: Oxford University (2011). B. http://unitec.. Essential Academic Skills (2nd ed. Operations Management: [Global eBook Instant Ac- cess Edition] (11e ed. L. interactive features) Heizer.. (2009).eblib. B. Pearson Education. Operations Management: Sustainability and Supply Chain Management [Global Edition] (11th Recommended texts Barlow. New Zealand eBook version available here: (cheaper. http://www.). E. (2013). J. & Pointon. (2006).. The business of writing: Writ- ten communication skills for business students (3rd ed. Wong-Toi. 14 . Learning resources Prescribed text & Bartlett-Trafford. B.).).7. North Shore. J. J. L.).aspx?p=241134 Turner. (2014).. Students are required to access Unitec e-learning Moodle site and the internet for materials relevant to this course. NZ: Pearson Prentice Hall. Pearson Education.

! ! http://libguides.9. Te Puna Ako.4. Learning Support Centre 815 4321 Extn 8611
 Building 180.  Phone: ! ! ! Front Desk ! (09) 815 4185 Contact the Student Issues Advocates for independent watch the video Use Unitec library . For contact de- Email: ! ! ! library@unitec. Monday to Friday. ! Use a citation management system such as Endnote or Zotero to manage their database of reading. ! ! !
 Web address: ! !  Friday. Gate 4. ! ! ! Mt Albert campus Access the Unitec Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle internet site for materials and communications relevant to this course.  Visit the Pacific Centre for Teaching.00am . Use Unitec Library online databases How to access library assistance How to gain excellent marks in assignments Main Library Do you want to improve your assignments and grades? Building 110. ! Mt Albert campus
 You could: Monday to Thursday.30pm Visit Te Puno Ako or Maia for learning advice and support.4.Online resources Student Learning Support Centre (Te Puna Ako) Students are required to Te Puna Ako.unitec.30pm
 ! ! ! ! Evenings by arrangement Moodle Course BSNS 7350: https://moodle. Learning and Research.unitec. The Turnitin course access code and password is provided in In- teractive 1.00am .zotero.00am . and see Interactive 2.all prescribed texts and reference texts are placed on Interactive To make the best use of the Learning Support Centre. See Study Guides: The Unitec Study ToolBox http://libguides.00pm
 Talk with your lecturer or programme director. course reserve for your emergency use.unitec. ! ! 8. visit
 Weekends.php?id=546 Mt Albert campus
 Use 15 .nz tails and more information.30am .com to submit written components forming parts of all Phone ! ! ! +64 9 815 4321 ext 8611 Web address.5.

5 Make the best use of the Learning Support Centre. Te Puna Ako Available from: 16 .Interactive

Carrington Road Overview 1. What are my responsibilities as a student? 4.SECTION 2 General Figure 1. What are Unitec’s obligations to me? 5. What are Unitec’s rules and policies that are relevant to me? "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.2 Campus view from Gate 4." Socrates 17 . Must I attend class? 2. Who is the course lecturer? 3.

all studio sessions are compulsory. Skim read the relevant chapters prior to the relevant class. Follow up classes by reading fully the chapters indicated in the section: Topics. Studio sessions will be the primary time discussions will be held about the assess- ments. Accord- ingly. Prepare questions and/or case examples you would like to discuss drawn from recent news events. Email your team and tutor in advance if you cannot attend. Please ensure that before coming to the studio sessions that you are prepared. con- tent and reading schedule 18 .1. Contact sessions: Studios and conduct Your learning experience assumes that you will attend class contact studios to clar- ify assignment requirements and to participate in extending the learning you gain from the section: Topics and Content Outline: Reading Schedule. Section 4.

An attendance register will be taken at the start and end of each class to moni- tor the attendance of each student for administrative purposes. Cell phones are not permitted to be on.  Email the tutor and your team beforehand if you have to miss a class. Read the relevant chapters (at least) the night be- fore lectures. 19 . during class time and must only be done so during break times or by prior lecturer agreement. a manda- tory requirement in the business environment. consideration may be taken into account of stu- dents who do not regularly attend lectures and team meetings. Prepare questions and/or case examples you would like to dis- cuss.   Our lecture sessions should be fun and interactive. Lecture attendance and conduct Unitec is required BY NZ LAW to record and report to the immigration department on the attendance of any student present in New Zealand under a Student Visa. if you are attending Unitec on a Stu- dent Visa you are expected to attend all lectures. to participate in any discussion and debate. and wel- come. or used. of course. guest lecturers and in class group activities and discus- sions are designed to enhance student learning and experience. You will be rated on the quantity and quality of your contribution to your team’s assignments.2. ALL students are strongly encouraged to attend every session as a range of differing subject matter. Class meetings will include discussion about the assessments and assignments. Therefore. Lecture sessions for all students will be the primary time for coaching and dis- cussions. Your team will expect to check in with your progress on team tasks prior to and af- ter the formal component of the class session. We want to hear your views! In grading all assessments. Please ensure that before coming to the lecture sessions and tuto- rials that you are prepared. Please feel free. Team work is an essential component of this class. Punctuality is an important courtesy for lecturers and students and is. We expect you to be up to date on current industry developments.

Good communicators All students should obtain a free copy of the “BBus Student Handbook” which in- Provide you with useful feedback on your performance cludes information on: Responsive to your learning needs Lectures and Conduct Qualifications that are credible and portable Academic Dishonesty A quality education in a climate of continuous improvement Online Enrolment Accurate information about your programme Attendance Policy (International and Domestic) Assessment that is fair. Uncollected Assessments. Extensions) The opportunity to evaluate courses and teaching in confidence Exams ( On Unitec’s eLearn site. “Your Guide to Unitec’s Rules and Policies” Respect the rights of your fellow students and Unitec staff Provide useful feedback to courses and teaching to assist us in improving our programmes and services. Presentation. valid and timely Assignments (Format. Unitec and BBus policies and procedures Unitec’s commitment and expectations of students Unitec is committed to providing you with: Unitec guidelines on policies and procedures Lecturers who are well prepared and organised Please read the policies specific to the Bachelor of Business in conjunction with the Display a thorough knowledge of their subject Unitec publication. Referencing. 20 . full potential.cfm Participate actively in group work and other learning activities associated Bachelor of Business Homepage with their programme. Reconsid. Submission. eration) Special Assessment Consideration (SAC) We expect students to: Results These documents are available on Moodle and via Unitec’s main site: Be punctual and reliable in attendance Unitec rules and policies: Be well organised and prepared for each class http://www.unitec. Special Consideration Applications) A learning environment that is safe and one that enables you to achieve your Assessment (Collection of Assessments. Moodle Abide by Unitec statutes and regulations Be committed to your own learning policies_home.

In 2000. eco-innovation. Auckland. The Flanders-based company was located near his family’s 17th century Huguenot roots as silk-weavers in a north-east French village. Course tutor Mihi Ko Tongariro te maunga Ko Waikato te awa Ko Huguenot te iwi Ko Geering te rangatira Ko Mellalieu te hapū Ko Pukawa te marae Ko Boeing te waka Ko Kaiako Jean-Pierre ahau About Associate Professor Peter MELLALIEU teaches innovation. and management at Mas- sey University (Manawatu). Taupo. later studying biotechnology. MPubPol. strategic thinking. BTech(Hons). sailing. new venture development. Learner. 21 . friends. Returning to the Manawatu in 1987. and ‘wealth from green’ at Unitec Institute of Technology. Activation. and skiing with family. and Auckland. and learning partners around Tongariro. After university graduation he worked in Wellington as an industrial scientist imple- menting novel Decision Support Systems for long-range strategic development in several agribusiness sectors including the New Zealand dairy industry. he organised a conference on the theme Peter J MELLALIEU.4. Ideation. eco-enterprise. He grew up in the Wai- kato. PhD. Malaloy. in the Champagne producing region of Alsace-Lorraine. This conference lead to his current re- StrengthsQuest Talents: Strategy. He spends many happy hours walking. Peter commenced his tertiary academic teach- ing career at Massey University. Peter worked in Belgium in an entrepreneurial new venture information technology (CAD/CAM) systems company. Intellection. singing. search interests in education for sustainability. industrial engineering. Later. Peter emigrated from the United Kingdom in the mid-1960s. CertIwiEnvMgt ‘strategies for sustainability and success’ in which he engaged thought leader theolo- gian Sir Lloyd Geering as keynote speaker. and eco-magination.

You are encouraged to make an appointment by phone or email to avoid this possible occurrence. offence is not Skype:!! myndsurfer Unitec:! Staff directory Appointments and communications with course tutor For an appointment with the with course Publications:!http://unitec. All efforts will be made to accommodate your request for an appointment. You may attempt to text or phone this lecturer between the hours of 8:00 am and 9:00 pm 24/ Journal:! http://pogus. please avoid text abbreviation language. Location: https://goo. 22 . or phone at least 24 hours in advance. an appointment may not be appropriate or possible. please email. plz dnt uz txt.Contact Department of Management and Marketing Faculty of Creative Industries & Business Unitec Institute of Technology Carrington If you “drop in” for an unconfirmed appointment while the lecturer is busy with other duties. Mt Albert.academia. All requests for an appointment will be confirmed prior to any ap- text.  Please ensure your written communications use formal business English. That is. Auckland Office:! ! OAKRIDGE 054-1012 Mobile: ! 021 42 0118 (Preferred) Interactive LinkedIn:! http://www. In these instances.6 Peter Mellalieu’s Office at Oakridge 054 Phone:! 815 4321 Extension 8108 Email:!! pmellalieu@unitec.

I know of no shortcuts. 23 . When not writing or rewriting.” 2007) ‘hand-holding’ by your manager. read. CHAPTER 2 Assignment guidelines Writing and success Write. Source: (“An- nual Report 2007: Carbon Finance for directly to an employer’s clients without Sustainable Develop- ment. enable your work to be presented port. King Feedback from employers informs Unitec that you can DOUBLE your entry-level salary in a management position through possessing writing and oral communication standards that Example of a cover page for a formal re. Rewrite. Larry L.

1 Students collaborating to write a report Overview 1. What is a typical assessment rubric for a Formal Report? 5. What is the six-trait rubric for professional writing? 24 . What are the requirements for a Formal Technical Report 2. How can I improve my professional writing to meet the requirements of this class? 4.SECTION 1 Written reports Figure 2. What are the requirements for an Executive Summary? 3.

Interactive requirements and purpose of the report) 2. clusions.5. 1.1 shows a typical assessment rubric for a Formal Technical Re- analyse data. Provide examples of calculations) port. Table of Contents List of Illustrations (i.) nitin site.0 Background (who is the audience/client for the report. References Appendices Appendix A Appendix B 25 .unitec. Include examples Abbreviations and Glossary of your 4. what work has already been signment submission times are presented here. The EXACT rubric for each specific assignment will be detailed in the As- signment Specification for that assignment. overview of report) Submit your report through http://Turnitin.) ments for which are detailed in Interactive 2. and on the course eLearning done on related projects by others?) site. See http://www. Present succinct con- Formal writing is required to meet a high professional standard. See Interactive 2. https://moodle. analysis and discussion in the format of a For- mal Technical Report with Executive Summary. Use appropriate analytical frameworks to Interactive 2. 6. tion to be conducted. Note any limitations of the study and areas for future investigation.0 Discussion (Discuss the implications of your results in relation to the client’s All Formal Reports are required to include an Executive Summary.zotero. See Required Sections below.3 5.0 Recommendations (On the basis of your summary and what Use a citation management system such as Endnote or Zotero to manage the actions do you recommend the client/audience should implement?) literature your find from web searches. 5. Turnitin access codes. Report Title Page State all assumptions and estimates that you use. Semester-Specific dates of classes and as. Acknowledgements Submit copies of spreadsheets used in your calculations as Appendixes to your reports.Assignment requirements Formal Technical Report: Required sequence of sections Unitec Assignment Cover Sheet Report your recommendations.0 Results (Present the data immediately before class on 2.e. Executive Summary (Further details here) Use additional resources where necessary to aid your discussions.php?id=546 and the course Tur- 3.0 Investigation Method (how was/will be the study carried out in practice. the require.0 Conclusions (Summarise the key results and discussion. Figures and Tables) Ensure you show all workings and formulae for calculations.7. research databases and other relevant theory and principles.0 Introduction (what is the purpose of the investigation. where is the investiga- the due date.

(2014. Use modern numerals (1. Retrieved from http://books. Inno- vation & chaos . 2. iv.tumblr. http://tinyurl. Guidance for writing a formal technical cal-report Turner.. Source: Assessment rubric for a TYPICAL formal techni. (2014. Source: Assessment Rubric for Operations Management Investigative Report. Peter Mellalieu’s GoogleDrive. & Pointon. (2011). May 27). May 22).). K. 26 . J. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.2: Mellalieu. Retrieved from http://pogus.. Ireland.. ii. Guidance on completing each section of a Formal Report is explained in detail in cal report Interactive 2. L. in search of optimality.html?id=TRyC ZwEACAAJ&redir_esc=y Pagination Use Roman numerals (i. P. v… x) commencing from the Table of Contents (page i) through to the Abbreviations section. 3 … 100) commencing from the Executive Summary (Page 1). J.. Krenus.. This rubric explains precisely where you will earn marks for each component of a typical formal technical report assignment. iii. Contents of each section of a Formal Report Interactive 2. Essential Academic Skills (2nd ed. L.

Summarise how efficient. Who should do what by when? What further investigations should be conducted? 1.. Ch.. Overview. (2014. Problem: Define the issues that the paper addresses.. The audience for an executive summary is precisely what the name indicates: execu- tives and managers. J.  An Executive Summary may optionally contain brief summaries of tables and fig- ures presented in greater detail in the full report or appendices. effective. and Key Recommendations. in search of optimality.3 27 . fundamental princi- ples. p. and appropriate is the pro- posed solution compared with (a) the next best alternative (b) doing nothing Source: Mellalieu. and how the solution solves the problem. The issues may be prob- lems.tumblr.. see In- teractive 2. opportunities.Interactive 2.2 Guidance for writing a formal technical report Executive summary Your report must include an Executive Summary. For examples and guidance and guidance to writing an Executive Summary. 145):
 Situation (Introduction): Provide context information. P. IMPLEMENT the ‘linear’ laboratory layout. NOTE that the next best alternative is . Investigation method: The method(s) that were used to conduct the study and investigate the costs and benefits of alternative solutions to the issue(s). May 22). work. 2. Recommendations: Give suggestions for implementation or future http://pogus. or challenges faced by the enterprise described briefly in the ‘Situation’ paragraph(s). Findings. illustrated in Figure 3. Scope.. technical report. Innovation & chaos . An Executive summary IS NOT AN INTRODUCTION!!!! It is a self-contained document that includes Purpose. Guidance for writing a formal (c) continuing current practice (d) other alternatives. 7. NOTE that if Celestial Chocolates adopts the new biscuit chocolate then the recommended laboratory layout is. Here is a scaffold of an Executive Summary that you may adapt freely (based on my implementation of Turner et al. Evaluation: Provide a summary of evidence for how well the solution solves the problem.. Solution: Describe the solution – its key characteristics.2….

Assignments that fail to reach the required minimum standard of writing will be re- turned for re-writing. Exemplars and guidance for teractive 2.3 Guidance for writing an executive summary Formal written language quality The quality of your communication is a CRUCIAL requirement for your success in this course . Assistance to improve your professional writing and approach to assign- in search of optimality. or tutor View the resources available at Study Guides: The Unitec Study ToolBox http://libguides... This style of Eng- lish is termed ‘Global English’. P.unitec. and word choice. (2013. J..5. paragraphing. Furthermore. The figure specifies the criteria used to assess your writing quality. and your future career. for this course you are expected to write in a style suitable for an inter- national business audience for whom English is a second language. for instance. Interactive 2. Accordingly. ments http://pogus. Feedback from employers and recruitment consultants informs Unitec that you can DOUBLE your entry-level salary in a man- agement position through possessing writing and oral communication standards that enable your work to be presented directly to an employer’s clients without ‘hand-holding’ by your Review the videos Interactive 2. Innovation & chaos . Discuss your draft writing with members of your project team.. October 3).tumblr. all of your assignment writing is assessed according to the Figure ‘Six- trait method’.5 writing a technical executive summary and report. The resources in Interactive 2.6 Schedule and attend a workshop or personal coaching session provided by the Unitec Student Support Centre Prior to attending the Unitec Student Support Centre watch this video to en- sure you are best prepared: Interactive 28 . You will receive no additional marks if you are required to re- submit.Interactive 2.. learning clus- explain some of the special writing features your tutor requires: Global English.4. Get your assignment “write” first time! Further details are explained in In- Source: Mellalieu.

in search of optimality.. Innovation & chaos . P.4 The six-trait rubric for assessing professional writing Interactive 2. October 3). Retrieved from http://tinyurl. Retrieved from http://pogus. Unitec Institute of Technology. How can we incentivise our students to develop an appropriate professional writing style? My policy and practice. Assessment Rubric for Professional requirements for this 29 . (2013. P. These guidelines provide resources to ensure you meet the writing Source: Mellalieu. Language: Six-Trait Method for Evaluating Writing Quality (Ver 1. J. J. (2013.5) (pdf).com/sixtrait Source: Mellalieu. July 25).5 Required formal written language quality guide- quality lines Many written assignments in this course are assessed against the six-trait rubric.tumblr.Interactive 2.

M. Source: Mellalieu.. Developing professional management for team-based projects: Introducing Zotero. November 18).com/post/67325245170 30 .. http://pogus. Information Source: Lim. in search of Retrieved from http://pogus.7 Information management for team- based projects: Introducing Zotero Peter Mellalieu and Mary Lim explain how to improve your writing through the six aspects that contribute to professional writing quality.tumblr. (2013.Interactive 2. J. Innovation & chaos .6 How to improve your writing using the six trait rubric Interactive 2. writing using the six trait rubric [video]. & optimality. P. P. March 11). (2015.tumblr.

or penalised? Overview If your team members rate your contribution highly. then from your participation in a team project that delivers several you may achieve a zero mark for your team contribution outputs. if you free-load or disrupt the team's achievement. mark. and how can I use it? 3. then you could achieve 100 per cent for your team contribution. How can the differing contributions of team members to a project be rewarded fairly through academic grades? 2. each team member contributes a different mark. capability.2 A project team makes its oral presentation Overview 1. What is the Team Contribution Calculator. In con- A proportion of the marks you earn in this course are gained trast. How can weakly performing team members be encouraged to contribute to team performance . This topic explains and provides ment enables you to rate the contribution of each of your the Team Contribution Calculator spreadsheet that your team team members relative to their contribution to the team's per- will use to calculate each team member’s Team Contribution formance. Accordingly. if your team delivers poor results for in amount of effort to the team's output depending on their am- your Team Assignments then you will also achieve a lower bition.SECTION 2 Team Contribution Figure 2. this assign- Team Contribution mark. Typically. and commitment. Furthermore. 31 .

Unitec Institute of Technology. be delegated to a member of another team. The tutor will then add in the marks for your team assignment outputs to calculate the final contribution for INPUT BY TEAM MEMBER: Your on-time attendance and contribution to each team member. Anonymity or transparency of rating data INPUT THROUGH CLASS ATTENDANCE: Your on-time attendance at class. Once your member inclusion. such as grades for: This video demonstrates how the Team Contribution Calculator spreadsheet func- tions. the peer rating component of the spreadsheet to Moodle. Preparation for team meetings. Each of the team members’ rankings are input Your individual Team Contribution mark is based on these measures and factors: to a spreadsheet your team uses to determines the mark to be allocated for each team member. phone calls.Release Version 3. TEAM RESULTS: The mark determined by the tutor for your team’s Team As. INPUT BY TEAM MEMBER TEAM HARMONY AND ENGAGEMENT: Activities you take to promote ef- fective team communication.3 Source data for calculations [Spreadsheet]. Team Contribution Calculator . You DO NOT need to wait until the tutor has assessed the final Team peer rating Factors used to determine the Team Contribution The following items are determined by each team member rating the relative contri- mark bution of every other team member. These outputs typically include: Download the Team Contribution Calculator Excel (TCC) spreadsheet here:  Mellalieu. The Team Contribution Calculator spreadsheet signment outputs. P. positive working climate. Prompt response to communi- cations such as messages.dropboxusercontent. Quality of output delivered in support of the Team Project assignment specifications. Interactive 2. team meetings. The tutor DOES NOT expect to see every team member rated with OUTPUT ACHIEVEMENT: Your personal on-time delivery of outputs and the same score. and plans. One team member should be delegated to enter each students' ratings into the as recorded by the course tutor.3% 20copy. emails. your initiative. involvement. relationship building. and TEAM HARMONY AND ENGAGEMENT enterprise. Typically this includes the first 4 weeks of the spreadsheet.8 Team Project Proposal Team Project Workshop or Oral Presentation Assignment Final Report Feedback on Final Report and conduct of project from client 32 . please upload and team member free-loading. team dysfunction. innovation. overcoming team conflict. To preserve the anonymity of your ratings. The following items are determined from the course tutor’s records: https://dl. strategies. May 13). team has completed all work associated with your Team Assignment. (2013. the task of data entry may semester up to the point of the submission of your team’s project proposal. OUTPUT ACHIEVEMENT LEADERSHIP AND ENTERPRISE: Actions you take to inspire and direct the LEADERSHIP AND ENTERPRISE. team's goals. promises made to your team.xls TEAM RESULTS from all assignment outputs generated by the team. creativity.

 From Week 4 onwards . Managing (reducing) stress enables you to focus more pro- ductively on the many competing tasks you are pursuing. or Unitec's professional support serv- http://pogus. from from your team. just before the 'break for study'. May 14). this part of the semester is especially challenging as you juggle several commitments: Interactive 2. P. Managing stress also re- duces the risks of making silly mistakes in your work and relationships. it is productive for teams to ensure that all team members are willing and able to contribute towards the team's objectives. Retrieved May Ask for a change in the commitments you have promised. However. Many teams go through a dysfunctional 'storming' process prior to establishing productive norms and performing to achieve agreed commitments.a team IS NOT required to carry free-riders. ensure your team members are aware of changes in your circumstances. relying on other team members to do their work. 2013. the majority of a team may find that one or two members appear to be 'free-riding'.
 However.8 Explaining the Team Contribution Calculator Assignments due for other courses The Team Assignment New life circumstances. That is. Ask for assistance: either 13. in search of optimality. Due process for managing your team's 'free-riders' In other courses. accommodation change Family commitments Planning a few days' vacation Information overload Your first challenge is to manage your personal stress . (Overview). Innovation & chaos . (2013. other students in the class...and/or help reduce your team members' stress. Managing an under-performing team member Manage workload and stress As you near the middle of the semester (around weeks 4 to 5). some of your team members will have discussed team develop- ment ices.
 33 .  Source: Mellalieu. such as a job or career change. Team Contribution Calculator Second.

racial or any other form of harassment exclude the alleged 'free-rider(s)'). Valuing equity and diversity also means creating an environment free from: 3. The tutor will speak to the excluded student during a scheduled class break and the techniques advocated in Turner. The free-rider should be warned at least 24 hours prior to the team's intention Discrimination based on membership in a social or cultural group. consensus.
 7. to meet to discuss excluding a team member.there are many sides to each of 2. If a team member fails on three 'strikes' of any from Nobody is one-dimensional . highly productive. working and learning environment.). If you see or experience any of these behaviours. minimise the prospect of disruptive. The vote to exclude should be at least 2/3 majority of the remaining team mem- bers. It's these differences that make Unitec such a truly unique work and cludes: study environment . Bullying 5.  http://www. Should the student arrive in class. 34 . If you have not received an acknowledgement of your message from the Tutor. text. Ensure you are familiar with Unitec's policy on equity and diversity. If the student arrives late.  Equity and diversity and Unitec 1. one that encourages and values difference and embraces diverse perspectives. community outcomes. ter Peer Feedback in Carr et al (2005). such as plagiarism. Failing to deliver agreed commitments by the due date/time agreed with the team. Krenus. the team can prepare to vote to exclude the free-rider. phone. may provide an opportunity for the student to relocate to another team. (n. innovative. and. We are all responsible for cultivating an environment that recognises the value in our differences and uses them to achieve the best possible educational. tivity. Failing to attend a meeting or rehearsal of the team. members of the team should request and en- Accordingly. Exclusionary behaviour 4. flexible and equitable submitted in a timely manner before the scheduled See Bibliography below.d. I STRONGLY REC. A 'strike' in- us so unique. you can seek confidential help and 6. business and Submitting unsuitable or unprofessional material. The tutor MUST be advised of a team's intention to consider excluding a team Unfair treatment member. (2009) or the chap. Ireland. walk up DISCRETELY to the tutor and member: advise him of the arrival of the student. To ensure 'fair and due process'. ('Remaining' means the team members voting to Sexual. Committing acts of Academic Dishonesty. 2015. & Pointon. a team that suspects it is carrying a free-riders may choose to exclude sure the tutor relocates the excluded student to a distant part of the classroom to the free-rider from their group. The final decision must be communicated to the course tutor by email and by advice. ensure you meet the tutor to advise him of the situation immediately prior to the class commencement. and bursting with crea- Failing to respond to communications (by email. from below. Sometimes there are circumstances of which a team may not be aware. etc). The 'three strike-out' rule. inappropriate or harassing behaviors as de- OMMEND you adopt the following protocol before you formally exclude a team tailed below.vibrant. phone. ideally. Retrieved February 13. That's what makes the following. unless an apology is Harnessing the benefits of diversity requires an inclusive.unitec. The team should first attempt to manage the performance of the free-rider using 8. presented Source: Equity and diversity at Unitec.

Retrieved February ensure you record and communicate: Student Disciplinary Statute Date.). when. Progress review against project plan Mismatch of team member ambitions One cause of frustration amongst team members may be that team members have Minutes: record of decisions made and actions to be undertaken by whom.8.unitec. whilst others a C pass. a team should consider a regular policies/complaints review of each team members' workloads and other factors that may impinge on a team member's ability to contribute. (n. the achievement of the team's goals. An adjustment to team members' mark is made when the tutor applies the Team Contribution Calculator as part of the Course Assessment process. A large team also has the option to split into two smaller teams. from In general. Interactive 2. early departure). by different ambitions regarding the target grade they are seeking for the assignment. Retrieved September 14. The entire team must AGREE in a timely manner that the less ambitious members will get. http://www. from for presentation and discussion at the meeting.). To enact this agreement. information to be prepared 2014.d.unitec. sharing the topics due for presentation at the there should be a written agreement for- warded to the Presentation Judges and tutor on or before the team's presentation. (n. Academic Integrity Policy Countering Harassment Policy Productive meeting procedure Ensure you follow correct meeting procedure at your formal scheduled meetings. 2015. attending the meeting incompletely (late arrival. it is appropriate for the team's leadership to con. team members SHOULD ensure they are acquainted with the risks to policies/unitec-policies Names of those required to attend. The foregoing are available from: Unitec Consequently. Agenda: Meeting objective. time. Reason for sider allocating a lesser amount of work to the person who is satisfied with a lower absence. A team of ONE is entirely permissible!
 35 . Formal apology provided prior to the meeting? grade.Relevant Unitec policies include Risk management See: Complaints. Some may seek an A+. Student Complaints Resolution Policy As per Interactive 2. topics for discussion. 
 Record of attendance and apologies: Names of those team members absent or If a mismatch in ambition occurs.d. and location of meeting.

S. Keldsen.-a). (n. Krenus. Write Procedures for Results! Retrieved from http://www. Retrieved February 13.d.unitec. (n.) Complaints. 2015. Retrieved February 13. K. B.unitec. Australia: Oxford University Press.unitec.-b). Mass. 2015. D.. The Team Learning Assistant policies/unitec-policies Inputs Outputs Unitec policies.d. C. 2015. 149 – 174).9 Process diagram for effective meetings Turner. L. from http://www... Z. & Wakefield.unitec. May 13). Boston.html 36 . ( CAPA policies/unitec-policies policies/complaints Complaints and policies. (2005). S.. Retrieved from http://www. Retrieved February 13... Bibliography 2014. E. Collaborative learning: Work- ing in groups.). & Pointon. ( In Essential Academic Skills (Revised. pp. 2015. from http://www. Melbourne. Ireland. Retrieved from policies Processes Equity and diversity at Unitec.d. Miller.d. Unitec J. from http://www.: McGraw Hill Irwin. from (n. Retrieved September 14. Interactive 2. Herman. P. Retrieved February 13. (2005. from http://www. (2009).). L.

and/or operations management line function drawing on the student's particular technical and leadership strengths. consultancy investigation. 37 . present. and defend a detailed project plan for leading a significant programme for improving operations processes and strategies in a New Zealand- based enterprise to enhance its performance to world- class benchmarks. Practice and reflect on the art and science of leading a productivity improvement team.CHAPTER 3 Assignment 1: Team Project Design.

2 5 11 team.5 13 through the progress of the project.3 5 12 The assignment is designed as a series of stages or milestones. Project: Outputs Assignment 1b: Half a student's mark will be determined by an anonymous Draft report 1a. Client project conduct 1a.8 Peer critique of draft report 1a.5 7. which is explained in Interactive 2. These milestones en- able your team to gain constructive feedback from your client and class members Final Report 1a.4 7.2 20 14 38 .5 14 evaluation Team Contribution by 1b 25 Peer Evaluation Provisional 1b. The mark will be determined by the 'Team Contribution Calculator' client method. Component Week of which: Id Weight Nature of assessment Sub-weight Id due Assignment 1a: Half of the mark awarded to each student will arise from the Team Consultancy 1a 25 mark awarded for the project outputs.Assignment contribution weight The Team-Based Consultancy Project comprises one-half of your course assessment.1 0 10 peer rating. from 0 to 100. rated by the other team members of the project Oral presentation with 1a.1 5 4 Final 1b.

1 Productivity Improvements at The Pallet enterprise to enhance its performance to world-class benchmarks. Unitec Institute of Technology. Previous assignments Previous students have conducted investigations including: Productivity improvements for The Pallet Company .Assignment mission Design. (Learning Out- Company come 5). P. Experiencing operations management. Whilst conducting this assignment you will also insights from your experience as part of your Assignment 3: Professional Reflective Learning Journal. You should commence writing entries into your journal from the first week of class.1 Improvements to production scheduling at LSG Sky Chefs An improved approach to inventory management of paint at VIP Packaging  Corporate Social Responsibility and Shareholder Engagement at Kiwi Rail Improvements to waitress scheduling and customer service in a casino opera- tion Inventory and logistics planning to meet Best Buy’s growth strategy Operational improvement strategies for Rio Kitchen Theobroma St Luke Operational Report Source: Mellalieu. Auckland: MyndSurfers/Department of Management & Marketing. present. J. and defend a detailed project plan for leading a significant pro- gramme for improving operations processes and strategies in a New Zealand-based Interactive 3. (2015).See Interactive 39 .youtube. Retrieved from https://www.

undertook. ments.Workload and planning Assignment Milestones You will present regular updates of your team's progress on a fortnightly basis I anticipate the team will present its penultimate technical report including Execu.7. Interactive 2. hours. See. Your team will also include this Outline of the Team Consultancy Project. Agarwal. Given the assessment weight is 50 per cent of the course. Consequently. presented in Interactive 1.5.2. (2010) Established procedures for sharing information and maintaining the confiden- tiality of sensitive information. Ensure that each meeting follows a well-structured planning. and other technical experts relevant to the project you execution. clude the client organisation. Here is a guideline to the milestones that you should incor- tive Summary with an oral presentation around week 10 or 11. ject. See Interactive 2. critical feedback into the Final Report you submit to your client. & Bloom. Review the advice from previous students. as per the generic agenda. Consider using Zotero to maintain a shared research literature database. van Reenen.9. Identified the requirements for achieving world-class performance in the con- text of a New Zealand based small-medium enterprise. I would anticipate your posal template planning a project requiring 250 . I anticipate that the aver- age student seeking to gain a B grade for the assignment will contribute 50 to 75 Selection of teams. for a team of five students. The audience WILL in. Semester breaks and public holidays are excluded: you Following your presentation you have 2 weeks to respond to the feedback from the have extra time! Follow this link for Semester-Specific dates of classes and assign- audience to include in your team's final report document. Milestone Week 3: Identified the process of engagement with your potential client (See section below for suggestions) Identified several potential client organisations that you can approach as candi- dates for the assignment. porate into your team’s project plan. for in- stance Green. Interactive 1. Note that the designation ‘Week’ refers to Unitec teaching term weeks. and follow-up process. 40 . throughout the semester. This time Review an example of a typical BSNS 7350 Operations Management team pro- allowance and project timeframe should be made clear to your client. One member of YOUR team will also be tasked to review critically the draft reports Milestone Week 1-2: of at least two other Project Team’s Draft report. presented in Interactive 3. Identification of possible client sites and projects from within students’ own places of employment Expected input of time Nomination of Team Project Leaders.350 hours over a twelve week period. Students seeking a higher grade would expect to provide a greater and/or Create a team project overview slideshow eg using the Google Consulting Pro- smarter input.1.

D. tive peer review in class by other teams. ie a case document similar to the cases we have discussed in class. Literature Review half complete. PeerMark of Final Drafts completed by ALL teams to all teams. Your Literature Revierw com- mal technical report. Team organization structure and responsibilities.tumblr. sched. (2002). An Final Draft Report uploaded to Turnitin for Peermark review by other teams. plan. Outlined a project plan for the remainder of the project. Issues. Purpose. resource availabilities. Guidance for writing a for- Author(s) of Literature Review identified. dertake. Draft Report Template includes the following COMPLETED sections: Introduc- tion. Milestone Week 10: taking. Milestone Week 5: Milestone Week 12  Presentation to client of of detailed Project Plan and Draft Report Template. Handouts and copy of Final Draft report presented to Client. Identified and discussed with your client a range of candidate productivity Progress results on results of investigations presented for critical and construc- improvement projects. Background cial Topic or Negotiated Studies. Milestone Week 6 Milestone Week 14 Confirmation from client of project scope. May 22). Documented the 'Case Notes' describing the company. Identified issues for which you require assistance from the tutor and others. Final Report submitted to Client and Course Tutor. Team conducts peer evaluation of contribution by team members Submit Reflective Essay Celebrate 41 . Investigation Method. exemplary case format is Kirkwood. Ongoing field visits to client. Project Plan... Client completes evaluation of project conduct ule of meetings.. Retrieved ponent could be submitted as fulfilling the requirements for the Level 7 Spe- from http://pogus. Innovation & chaos . Note. Risk management. The plan will establish clear milestones and responsibilities for the team members. & Ruwhiu. J. in search of optimality. Milestone Week 11: You will conduct a peer review with your team members to ensure that a fair Oral Presentation to client and class. and the contexts to the productivity improvement project(s) you are considering under. Guidelines for documenting your Formal Report are specified in the 'Ad- vanced' section of: Mellalieu. P. its industry. Literature Review incorporated into Final Draft. Appendix Milestone Week 13 A: Company and Industry Case Notes. J. from which you will ultimately select one project to un. (2014. and balanced contribution to the team’s performance is likely to occur.Milestone Week 4:  Milestone Weeks 7-9 And Study Break Identified a client and negotiated the terms of access to the site and data.

Conduct desk research to establish the context of the company. or challenges that emerge throughout dents. and the results of Desk research means find out from library research as much as you can about your analyses. safety.duke. over a ten week period. in which each team member will contribute approximately 50 . prior to visiting the company. who will be the principal source of contact between the company and consulting team. the company. Agree on a shortlist of 1-3 topics for investigation. this person may be a member of the student team. Brainstorm possible areas for conducting the investigation. the project comprises a team of five final year operations management stu- How you will manage any risks. For example a generic approach to this consultancy-like assignment might be: tial client. etc. Discus ethical. Here is a useful first start: organisation Consulting Services for Small Businesses. and how many times. crises. and review your meetings. conduct.). See Interactive 2. When you would like to meet with the company. etc (ie as per the milestones detailed above. How you will maintain confidentiality of company Even though you might not yet have a client organisation to approach. (n. the timing. your team should develop a 'process of engagement' to guide your working with your poten.Developing a process of Relevant literature for a consultancy engagement engagement with a client I suggest you do some literature searching on how to conduct a consultancy engage- ment.fuqua. environmental risk factors associated with the project. its industry.) How you will plan. and how they will be managed. meetings etc should be addressed by the team.75 hours the project relationship.d. Duke Fuqua Client Consulting Prac- ticum from  http://www. Agree on the consulting team's principal Client Relationship Manager. 42 . and competition. Agree on a Company Liaison Person to whom inquiries for data. project options How you will explain what your project is about. Your 'process of engagement' outlines: Identify the client company and gain agreement for a first meeting to explore How you will approach your client.9. What information you might require from the company First visit Who you might wish to speak with (eg in terms of roles and positions within the company. and availability of your resources ie. Clarify the scope of the project. In some cases.

Ensure the Company Liaison Person is provided with full contact details for the course tutor .. the Chatham House Rule Further data collection. and vice versa. you should regard ALL INFORMATION supplied by students and com- Ensure the company client/audience(s) for the draft and final reports and oral panies as Personal. taking in corrections and responses to questions raised at the 'Oral Presentation' and peer review by other teams of your Draft Report.   presentation is clearly identified. photographs.. primary and secondary research. Read about the Chatham House Rule here:  Subsequent visits http://www. Commercial sensitivity: Second visit Presentation of detailed project plan to client.chathamhouse. In Ad hoc inquiries to company. discussions held in class with are presumed to be held under the Chatham House Peer review of project progress with members of other teams and class. 43 . Submission of Final Report document. Presentation of Draft Report and recommendations. To facilitate productive sharing of ideas and insights amongst class members. interviews. including oral defence with client and tutors. analyses. Private and/or Commercially Sensitive. all Conduct investigations. rule.

Retrieved from http://pogus. This SEPARATION of duties is intended to ensure: vation & chaos . P. see the 'Advanced' guidance here: Interactive 2. here. or then I STRONGLY SUGGEST that there should be a SEPARATION of duties and responsibilities for the role of Team Leader and Client Relationship Manager in Mellalieu.. in search of optimality. and the aims of the Client Organisation (repre- sented by the team's Client Relationship Manager). May 22).2 and Interactive 2.Team roles and The avoidance of a conflict of interest between the aims of the team (repre- cal-report sented by the Team Leader). If a member of your team is employed by a company to which you are consulting. J. A reduction in the risk of overburdening one person with overall team leader- ship and client relationship. Final Report Format Review the guidance for writing Technical reports in the ‘Written Reports’ section of ment this handbook. Guidance for writing a formal technical report.tumblr. (2014..3. In particular. Inno- your team. This separation of roles would be sensible in ALL teams! 44 .

based learning student. full-time employee. 45 . https://docs. (2015). Your Team Contribution is calculated using the method explained in this handbook section: ‘Team Contribution’ The interim (draft) report and oral presentation were 3 useful to the client and delivered in a professional Rubric for Oral Presentation manner. The rubric for the Oral Presentation with the client is shown in Interactive 3.1. Figure 3. The client would consider employing at least one A link to an on-line version of this rubric is here: (additional) member of the project team as either a 6 part-time employee. Auckland: Unitec Institute of Technology. The rubric is similar to the generic rubric shown in Interactive 2. Please name the student(s).com/spreadsheets/d/12d8ZZs-4EUQ0sxEjjZKvefVQXau060D tzzQgXIH340Y/edit?usp=sharing The client would engage a Unitec Operations 7 Management project team for a future project assignment with the company. J. The final report was written in a professional style that 5 met the client's normal standards and practice. Figure 3. The client will also be invited to make comments in support of their The final report provided valuable insight and/or Rubric for Client Project Conduct Evaluation 4 actionable recommendations for the client. The team's project objectives and project plan were 2 communicated and negotiated with the client in Rubric for Team Contribution advance of pursuing the project. professional manner. P. the client's collaboration with the Unitec Operations Management project team provided 8 worthwhile value and insights through a professionally-conducted relationship. includ- ing examples of good practice. areas for improvement. between Your final report will be assessed against the assessment rubric shown for the assign.1 Client project conduct evaluation Assessment Rubrics Q ATTRIBUTE SCORE Rubric for Draft and Final Reports The communications. or industry- Mellalieu. Overall. The team’s client will be asked to complete the Client Project Conduct Evaluation form. Check the rubric shown on Turnitin for the precise rubric that applies to this assign- ment.1. formal and informal. Client feedback evaluation for Unitec Operations Manage- ment BSNS 7350. 1 the client and the Unitec team were conducted in a ment on Turnitin.

average. 3: Good 1: An effort Team work 5:Excellent 3: Evident most of time 1:Some evident The score ranges between 0 and 40 marks. Own words. 1 = to little or no extent 2 = to some extent but below a normal professional standard TOC P a g e 27 3= to a normal. Clear speaking 5:Very clear and audible 3: All clear and audible 1: Most members mostly clear Non-verbal 5: Exceptionally high communication 3: Good standard 1: Mostly adequate Visual aids 5: Very effective 3: Good standard 1: Used Logical sequence 5: Logical 3: Logical 1: Attempted Transitions 5: Very smooth 3: Evident 1: Attempted Rapport & 5: Excellent involvement 3: Gained 1: Attempted Timing 5: Appropriate and consistent with topic 3: Mostly appropriate and consistent 1: Difficulties apparent Innovation 5: Clearly evident 3: Effort made 1: Absent Sub-Total: Mark = Level x 6 Presentation Out of 30 CONTENT Purpose of 5: Clearly identified presentation 3: Identified 1: Attempted Topic Focus 5: Direct 3: Mainly 1: An effort made Strategy. logical Comprehensive 5: Overview of presentation. Scoring of client project conduct evaluation The key to the scoring system in Figure 3. 5: Clearly identified sustainability 3: Identified principles 1: Attempted Weighting Relevant information 5: Highly relevant 3: Mostly relevant 1: Little Sub-Total: Content Mark = Level x 6 Out of 30 1 2 QUESTION HANDLING Answers the 5: Completely question 3: Present 1: Attempted Succinct 5: To the point 3: Waffle 1: Evasive Sub-Total: Mark = Level x 4 Questions Out of 20 HANDOUT Lucid 5: Easy to follow.2 Oral presentation rubric Date: Judge: Team Id: Team Name Criteria Levels Speaker 1: Level Speaker 2: Level Speaker 3 Level 5 = to an exceptional. highly professional extent achieved by the best management PRESENTATION Delivery 5: Professional throughout consultancies or in-house staff. Numbered presentation and/or mindmap.Team Presentation Marking Schedule – Oral Presentation 4 = to better than the usual professional or company standard Interactive 3.1: O. Headings. Supplementary detail Layout and 5: Professional. and acceptable professional extent Assessment Rubric . White space Sub-Total: Handout Mark = Level x 4 Out of 20 Key Areas for Improvement Key Areas of Strength TOTAL Sum of Marks 46 Out of 100 .Assignment TWO .

N. 47 . New Zealand: NZ Ministry of Economic Development/University of Technol- ogy Sydney/LSE Centre for Economic Performance. J.. Business case studies in operations management. (2010). Batley (Ed. (2002). D.References Green. Welling- ton. J.. In T. van Reenen. Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter and Under- water World.) l-papers/2011-occasional-papers/11-03-pdf Kirkwood. Management Matters in New Zealand –  How does manufacturing measure up? Findings from the New Zea- land Management Practices and Productivity global benchmarking Retrieved from http://www. & Ruwhiu. R. R.. & Bloom. Agarwal. Auckland: Pearson Education New Zealand.

"Paris 2010 .org/wiki/File:P aris_2010_-_Le_Pens eur. 48 .jpg evaluation of your own performance. the difficulties you tive Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.jpg#mediaviewer/ around those difficulties.Le Pen- seur" by Daniel Stockman .Flickr: especially on issues such as: your Paris 2010 Day 3 . Licensed under Crea.9. and your File:Paris_2010_-_Le _Penseur. CHAPTER 4 Ass 2: Professional Insight On reflection A life not studied is a life not lived James Boswell A reflective journal is designed to help you think deeply about your the strategies you have taken to get media. progress in learning. dia Commons - http://commons.0 via Wikime- encountered in the process of learning.

and areas of improvement.5 14 on Turnitin. and personal ‘essay’ Action Plan and Reflection on peer evaluation The benefits from writing a reflective learning journal In Week 4 you will receive feedback from your team mates about your contribution to the team’s Assignment 1 project. to ensure that no plagiarism has oc- Action Plan and Reflection 2a 7. Discover the methods of learning which suit your own learning style A summative reflective essay that distills key insights from your entire 'learn. observations. yield better understanding of the course material   Final reflective professional and personal ‘essay For your development as a successful and independent learner. you may undertake the assignment by recording in a personal insight Word. an Appendix to the Reflective Essay. you will pre. Id due Your learning journals may be done via your blog on Alternatively. or a handwritten diary. process. Based on the feedback you receive. Gain a clearer picture of your learning progress placing you in a better posi- You are required to submit these TWO components combined as one artifact at the tion to plan your learning. reflective journaling This assignment requires you to produce: helps you: A reflective diary of events. You MUST record the Journal from the beginning of the course on a week-by-week basis. For your or Professional and 2 20 Tumblr.Assignment contribution weight Recording your journal Id Weight Nature of assessment Component Sub-weight Week Thanks to Patrick Dodd for the information in the following sections. Pages. end of the course. you will be required to cut and paste your journal entries and reflective es- on peer evaluation say into a document file and upload that file to Turnitin.  Reflective Journal .com on the due dates listed Final reflective professional 2b 12. and insights related to your partici- Identify your strength and weakness as a learner pation and leadership of course actives including the assignments and course meetings. Reflective Essay. Notice how you can improve your learning in the future ing adventure' of the course and its context. The issues include both areas of strength to be developed further. and whenever some event strikes you as being significant to record 49 . writing a reflective learning journal helps you: pare an Action Plan of SMART goals to address issues identified in the feedback bring together theory and practice.5 5 curred.

How does what I have learned apply to my career in business? How what I have learned relates to my other experiences? How what I have learned helps to explain current events? What implications does it have regarding my learning? What difficulties have I encountered in applying my knowledge in dealing with everyday situations? What would be the causes for those difficulties and how could I overcome them? What has been discussed today in class? What does it mean to me? What do I find difficult in understanding? Why? What do I find difficult in accepting? Why? Could it have been otherwise? 50 . or even as a person.   Prompt questions for your reference The function of prompt questions is to stimulate your reflective thinking. in the right-hand margin What learning experience should I reflect upon? Reflect on your process of learning. You don’t need to answer every one of them in any entry. thoughts and insights that are significant to you as a learner. Record any observations. In fact. you are not supposed to an- swer every one of them in any entry. experience.  Reflect on your process of engaging with your team project. The following figure shows a typical journal entry and feedback provided by a tutor cant to you personally.Guidelines for writing ‘reflectively’ Sample journal This section offers guidelines to making journal entries that are reflective and signifi.

Don’t limit yourself to words – diagrams and pictures are ok. don’t just scrab- ble something in the journal. and thoughts. too. 51 . Therefore. feel free to express your ideas. views on both the learning process and the learnt material List the goods and bads. informal piece but how should I write it?”  of writing. opinion. your summative Reflective Essay should be much more professionally crafted in both writing and presentation. Learning Journal Assignment Specification (BSNS 7360 International Business). (2014. your reaction. These tips should give you a lift! Five tips on how to write a journal entry: Write in first person. If you are unsure about how to start. personal. P. March 24). feeling. It’s okay to make minor grammati- cal mistakes if that does not interfere the transmission of ideas. Also. Don’t hesitate to share your personal experience if that helps to illustrate your Five tips on what to write in a journal entry: point. and how to write. fort on what to write. Make advice for yourself and make plan for your learning in the near future   Source Adapted. So don’t put Don’t just throw in events in chronological order too much thoughts about how to write good English. opinions. Writing something truly “reflective” is the most impor- tant part of the process. with appreciation.What do I write in the Reflective Learning Journal? “Now I know what to put in the entry. Start off with whatever in your mind about your learning experience in the course Don’t be too intimidated by English rules. Reflective learning journal writing is very different from academic assignments that you have been writing. instead spend more ef- Describe the meaning of what you learnt in the course. Unitec Institute of Technology. as if you are writing a letter to a friend “I don’t know what to write!” There is no right or wrong answer for a journal entry. A journal entry is a piece of flexible. from: Dodd. strengths and weaknesses you consider you demon- strate in the course of your learning However.

October 12). October 29).com/post/915055044/diep Unitec students Barnes. Reflective essay for IBL [Unitec Industry Based Learn- ing Project Journal]. Unitec Institute of Technology. here. Writing a reflective document: The DIEP frame- work. Reflective essay on APMG8118 – Enterprise Creativity. Journal entry 9: Media work.Further guidance Further examples Mellalieu. June).. June 30). C. May 22). August 7). Space Saving Furniture: Reflective Essay (Reflective ing Project Journal]. Retrieved January 17. (2012. J.Z. Barnes.. A breath of fresh air: The Chronicles of my new life in the new place on the Globe.tumblr. M. T. (2011). D.tumblr. P. Design and Innovation. Innovation & chaos . here Velikanov.dropbox. Retrieved August 7. Exemplary reflective essays A typical diary entry Note: Available only to enrolled students on the course Moodle site. 2012.tumblr. in search of l’excellence. D.Z. H. Innovation and Design). (2012. N.. 2012. Marketing for Fashion. Cut Above’s e-learning strategy: Reflective essay (Reflective Essay submitted in partial fulfillment for BSNS 8118 Enterprise Creativity..pdf Young.. from http://tracey-ibl. 2010. Auckland. June). Marketing for Fashion. Qureshi. (2009. Unitec Institute of Technology. 52 . Essay submitted in partial fulfillment for  BSNS 8118 Enterprise Creativity. (2012. D. (2012. Auckland. (2009. Innova- tion and Design). Unitec Institute of Technology. Retrieved from https://www. Creative Me. http://danni-ibl. Retrieved January 17. The KIDzone marketing adventure [Unitec Industry Based Learn- Vanphavong. ( Innova- tion and Design).tumblr. On-line blog of journal entries and reflective essay Alenepi. from http://danni-ibl. Reflective Essay (Reflective Essay submitted Retrieved from in partial fulfillment for  BSNS 8118 Enterprise Creativity. from Reflective essay written at the conclusion of an Industry Based Learning Project by http://pogus.

CHAPTER 5 Ass 3 & 4: Technical Writing Time is the best editor Put down everything that comes into your head and then you're a writer.1900" by Alfred g 53 . Bowen. without eattle_Daily_Times_n ews_editor_quarters _-_1900. and destroy most of it. Colette in ‘“Casual Chance”. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Com- mons - http://commons.jpg#mediavi ewer/File:Seattle_Dai ly_Times_news_edito r_quarters_-_1900. But an author is one who can judge his own stuff's media. 1964 "Seattle Daily Times news editor quarters .

Inner City Paints (5 marks) Feedback Kelly Tarlton (10 marks) Once the PeerMark process is complete. Specifically. you will have Understand an apply the tutor’s standard for assessing written assignments the opportunity to review. The tutor will assess your revised submission against the assess- ment rubric for the assignment which is located on the Turnitin site. Interactive 2.2 15 2. You will upload this draft assignment to the Turnitin Assign- Case Analyses(x 2) ment Management system. and competitive situation. 7 4 15 Summaries (x 2) In-class case discussion During the case study discussion in class. PeerMarking Once all students have submitted their revised Executive Summaries. you will now assume the role of a class tutor. You will apply both your raw intelligence and rele- Your OWN assignment. The four assignments that you will review include: Method Over the progress of the semester. from amongst all submitted assign- try.2 15 4. its indus. 5 Prior to class.1. You will have proaches of other students in the class. you will write a draft summary of your analysis in the format of an 3 15 Executive Summary. anonymously. sion 1 to Turnitin. you will present and defend your analy- sis and arguments whilst listening to the equally well-considered analyses and argu- This assignment is designed to develop several competencies including your ability ments of your classmates. The case studies are: The rubric that you will employ to assess the four PeerMark assignments is shown here. you will revise your draft Executive Summary and upload Revi- productivity and effectiveness in an enterprise. 4. pro- fessional English.Assignment contribution weight Draft analysis and summary Executive Summaries of 3. a technical description of an enterprise. typically. you will be provided with three (3) case studies. An example of Debate and defend your arguments for proposing specific actions to improve the assessment rubric for an Executive Summary is provided here. ALL the submissions of the students in Compare and contrast your approach to analysis and writing with the ap.1. 54 . vant analytical techniques to identify such factors as: issues/problems/challenges and opportunities for improvement for the enterprise.1. One assignment that you choose yourself. 3. the task of marking and providing feedback to a selection of four (4) assignments. each student will be able to review the feed- back comments and grading against the rubric from the other students who marked their assignment. Peer reviews of Executive 4. persuasive formal. this class. Interactive 5. which the case will be discussed. Your task is to read each study PRIOR to the class in ments. Two assignments randomly allocated by the Turnitin system These case studies are. to: Revision Analyse complex business situations to identify opportunities for improving Following the class. Communicate your analysis and argument in succinct.3.

Completing a realistic and fair assessment that approximately correlates with the standards of the course tutor. No late assignments will be accepted by the Turnitin system for Peer- mark.1. statistical analyses of previous versions of this assignment identify that there is a 30 % correlation between the mark a student allocates for a peermarked assign- ment.2. The mark you allocate to another student IS NOT applied to the mark that student receives for the assignment. A higher correlation is expected for this class due to improvement the tutor has made to the peermark process and and as- signment structure. Critical information: Avoid late assignment submissions! Owing to the technical implementation of the Turnitin submission and PeerMark system. That means. I repeat: It is ESSENTIAL for the fair and correct functioning of the Turnitin Peermark system that you submit your Assign- ment 4 BEFORE the due date and time for the assignment. The prudent Operations Management student will have uploaded a DRAFT version of their assignment at least 24 hours before the deadline!  55 . revision. late assignments CANNOT be admitted into the process. Assignment Guide- Completing the review of all four assignments lines: Written Reports. The due dates for the assignment submission. ALWAYS ensure that you have submitted a draft and revision assignment (Assign- ment 4. and the grade the tutor allocates. Reason: All students will be provided with access to ALL submitted assign- ments within a few hours afters after the deadline for Assignment 4. It is ESSENTIAL for the fair and correct functioning of the Turnitin Peermark sys- tem that you submit your Assignment 4 BEFORE the due date and time for the as- signment. Providing constructive comments on the papers reviewed.Your mark for this assignment You gain higher marks from the tutor for: Guidance to improve your writing and editing Guidance to improve your writing and editing is provided here. 4. 4. Furthermore.3) PRIOR to the due date and time for submission.. Only the tutor’s mark for the assignment applies. including provid- ing specific actions that the assignment writer should pursue in future assign- ment writing tasks. the Turnitin Peermark system WILL NOT allow a student who submits late to view and Peer- mark the assignments of other students. and peermark process are detailed here. a late Assignment 4 submitter could "cheat" the system by viewing other students' submitted work then "improve" their late submission. In other words. How- ever.

com/mxzmbdw 56 .1 Rubric for PeerMarking of other students’ Execu- tive Summary Case Studies Available for view on the course Moodle site.Interactive 5. http://tinyurl.