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May 29, 2017

To whom it may Concern:

I am writing this letter concerning the job openings in your environment as in your educational field. I am deeply
interested in your positions available, and working hard to get all my education to become a Head Preschool Teacher.
I am currently enrolled in Fresno Pacific University, and expecting to finish my cohort in the fall of 2017. I have my
Associate Degree in Child Development and I also have received two Certificates from Merced College which are Family in Crisis
Specialization as Early Intervention Assistance Specialization. I currently have my Master Teacher Preschool Permit, and in the
process to obtain my Preschool Director Permit. I have received many training certificates and with my knowledge I can
guarantee to do my best in everything you will ask me to succeed in. I have work experience in the preschool environment for
more than ten years with only three absences. My previous jobs are seven years as the Associate Preschool Teacher at Henry
Miller State Preschool which I am currently working in the mornings. Two complete school years as an Instructional Aide/Teacher
Assistant at Westside State Preschool; these years I was part of the fantastic five who created the mission and vision of Los
Banos Preschool State Preschool Program. I am also currently working at Yellow Brick Road Preschool and Day Care as a School
Age Teacher in the evenings. I was one year volunteer to assist a LBHS Teacher, as I also had currently volunteered in Los Banos
Nursing Rehab, to assist the nurses in elderly care; I am also planning to volunteer as a Catholic Teacher during the bible camp.
One of my unforgettable moments in these almost nine years in the educational field, was when I was working in
Westside Elementary School District Preschool. On January 13, 2009, my two coworkers had gone to training as the instructional
aide back then that I was… “I was it!” I was the only one in charge, me the instructional aide. At first I have to confess I
was nervous, then the substitutes arrived, but they didn’t know the process, the children didn’t knew who they were, I had to
explain everything as good as I could, and overall it came out to be a good day. I have to say I tried my best and in reward I
achieve a good experience, a good knowledge, of being in charge! And now I know I can do it! This is my passion and what my
career path have lead me to want to be a Lead Preschool Teacher. I know I am capable and I can succeed in everything when
there is faith and courage to do the best of our self. I can provide a safety and health care facility to help every single child in
the classroom to succeed in their life long success. I can manage to help each child with their needs to make them feel
comfortable as to encourage them to continue their education with the best they can give. I have had a lot of good anecdotes
while working with the Los Banos School District State Preschool Program and if you ask any of the people who work in this
program they will clearly tell you about me. People say the people who make a difference and good things once learned will
never be forgotten.
If you have any questions or concerns as are more interested in my knowledge and my other qualifications plus skills,
please feel free to contact me at (209) 675-5960. One more thing is that I am fluently in Spanish, if you prefer talking in
Spanish am also available.
Thank You for your consideration and for your time to read this letter, I’m looking forward to talk to you in the
future. Please don’t hesitate to contact me; I will be waiting for an opportunity, and promise you not to deceive you. Thank You.

Angelina Torres
Angelina Torres