Category of statistical Test using suitable measurement of scale

S.No Name of the Type of No. of Measurement Measurement
test Test variables scale of First scale of
variable Second
1 t test for single Parametric One Ordinal or -
mean Scale
2 t test for Parametric Two Nominal – Ordinal
difference of Two Groups or
two means Scale
sample t test)
3 Paired t test Parametric Two - with Ordinal Ordinal
(Dependent Equal or or
Sample) weightage Scale Scale
4 One way Parametric Two Nominal – Ordinal
ANOVA More than or
Two Groups Scale
5 Chi-square test Non- One Nominal -
for Goodness Parametric
of fit
6 Chi-square Non- Two Nominal Nominal
test for Parametric
7 Correlation Parametric Two Scale Scale
8 Rank Non- Two Ordinal Ordinal
Correlation Parametric
9 Mann-Whitney Non- Two Nominal – Ordinal
U test Parametric Two Groups or
10 Wilcoxon Sign Non- Two - with Ordinal Ordinal
Rank Test Parametric equal or or
weightage Scale Scale
11 Krushkal Non- Two Nominal – Ordinal
Wallis test Parametric More than or
Two Groups Scale
12 Friedman test Non- More than Ordinal
Parametric Two or
with equal Scale