Steampunk Life

Chapter 1 - the beginning

My name is Kayona A. Ward – Lloyd I live in Crimson Blue Aether, Hellmastia, on 302
Lamikey Ave with My mom Rashida Lloyd, My Sister Danaie Lloyd, and My Grandma
Carol W. Tate – Lloyd I am 16 years old and this is my journal/story.

5:00 AM Early Monday Morning September 1 4016

It was an early Monday morning I had just woken up It was Monday I was a junior at
my school so that meant that a ton of work is going to be dumped on me. As I got up, I
swung my legs over the side of my bed and slipped on my red house shoes, I then stood
up and stretched out my body and my wings. Afterwards I shuffled groggily over to
my big dresser and pulled out a pair of Black jeans, a smooth red tank top, a string
laced corset, some black ankle socks, and a pair of mid fore legged buckled boots.

After pulling out my clothes for school I laid them down on my bed, in which I Fixed up
nicely beforehand, and grabbed my red towel then I headed to the bathroom, put on a
shower cap, and hopped in the shower as I washed up I thought to myself ‘How's today
going to go? I hope I do not have to deal with that thot from resource room Jesus Christ
I hope not or we are going to have some serious problems’.

Once I finished showering I stepped out the bathroom, went back in my room, and dried
off my body and wings. when I was dry I pulled on my clothes and shoes next brushed
out my semi – long hair into a ponytail and walked back to the bathroom to brushed
my teeth I didn’t bother washing my face because I did that in the shower already.

6:30 AM Monday Morning September 1 4016

When I was done, I went back in my room again and grabbed my backpack and my
satchel, placed my watch on my right wrist while my bands are on my left. Lastly I
grabbed my black hoodie and stepped out the underground home that my family and I
lived in the sensor locked the door behind me as I shut it.

Upon stepping out, I stretched my wings, as the shadows and blood elements streamed
from them, outward towards the sky from then I took a running start and jumped 5
feet high while my wings gave a mighty flap making me shoot upwards flying. While
flying I spotted my best friend Autumn M. Cleveland leaving her underground house.

Me: (shouting) Sup Kitten!
Autumn: (shouting) Hi Bloodspill!

Bloodspill is the name I want change it too when I get older and I’m by myself and
Kitten is Autumn’s nickname because when she “mew’s” she sounds like an actual
kitten anyway Autumn’s a year older than me and we’ve already been friends for over
three years meaning me and autumn met at high school. Nonetheless, Kitten Flew up
to me on purple translucent butterfly wings.

Me: How is it going Kitten?

Autumn: I feel excited about today even though Kira is starting shit with me again.

Me: Wait you mean Kira as in Nick’s friend?

Autumn: Yes, she is being real bitch.

Me: Of Course, she is! I mean when she has not been.

Autumn: Pretty Much Bloodspill

Me: You know I never could figure out some people’s reasoning to bully others in the
first place.

7:00 AM Monday Morning September 1 4016

It took a while but we arrived on time thankfully. Upon arriving, we land in front of
the door leading into the air-conditioned school we also made sure fold our wings in
when going inside autumn’s wings bent downward and flattened close to her body.
While we waited the principal of our building, which was biotechnology, now our school
branches into three different schools, which are biotech, zoology, and Aero, was keeping
watch of the students so to make sure no one was cutting the lines.

Autumn and I along with most of our group of friends are in the zoology building.

7:30 AM Monday Morning September 1 4016

It’s been 30 minutes and we are still waiting in line to have our bags checked and go
through the metal detector meaning I am now thoroughly annoyed at the slowness of
the security at the checkpoint and that myself and everyone else who’s still waiting is
going to be late to class.
Autumn: This is probably the slowest Monday ever

Me: I will agree with you on that one love

After a little while longer, it was finally our turn and surprisingly everyone is still
down here in the lunchroom. I checked my Samsung 101 cell phone and come to find out
it’s only 7:30 so we have 20 more minutes till we all go upstairs mind you the school is
four stories high so that’s a lot of F’ing stairs and my first class is US History which is
on – well crap I where my classes even are ‘shit’.

Just as I was thinking about how screwed I was I had spotted Dr.watson and donning
his large blue Eagle wings I quickly walked to him my wings twitched in worry as I

Me: Hey Dr. Watson Do you know where these classes are I forgot.

I showed him my schedule I always kept.

Dr. Watson: That is fine your first period class is over there

He pointed across the bridge to a classroom ‘Room I-KLN duly noted’

Dr. Watson: Your Second period room is upstairs room number H214, the third is the
next floor up after your second class and is room H301 and your last period is on this
floor room H113 okay?

Me: Okay thanks sir!

Dr. Watson: No problem

I headed to Class knowing that as soon I enter the room I will obtain a horrid headache
due that one group of boys in the back that is always hellishly loud. I received a ‘hello’
from Mr. Corriea and in response; I complimented him about his wings.

As I sat down in my seat I immediately took out my laptop and got straight to work on
my as assignment.

8:30 AM Monday Morning September 1 4016

I finally was done with my first period class when I made it to the third floor I met up
with Kiki donning her flame wings
Me: Sup Kiki

Kiki: Sup Kayona what’s going on?

Me: Nothing much.

Kiki: Ok

I proceed towards my most hated class actually ‘hate’ is an understatement I
absolutely despise the class and somewhat the teacher for she’s no help at all the class is
geometry and the teacher is named Ms.Leong she sports a pair of brown owl wings.

I gave an annoyed wing twitch at the sight of Ms. Leong while I kept my composure
and face calm and laid - back as I usually am. I grabbed the warm up for today and sat
down next to my friend Maloney She had pure white swan wings. I sent a quick ‘Hello’
Maloney’s way and proceed to try doing the warm up. To be honest I never understood
geometry I’ve tried but failed so after a while I would either copy or not do all the work
only answering what I could on multiple assignments from time to time I try to do all
the work on my own.

Heh I admit it though I far too stubborn to ask for a tutor. However, I do ask the
teacher for help but as I said the woman is of no help whatsoever but whatever. I
looked behind me at one of my closer friends Shekeena, she wore her pair of purple
Butterfly wings well, She had her headphone as did I yet I had one fore I was going to
ask her If I could copy her work.

I called out to Shekeena but She obviously couldn’t hear me but it was worth a try
Unfortunately this kid Sheronion was starting to get loud again which was my cue to
put my other earbud in so I wouldn’t Hear his obnoxious shout which he did for no
reason. I was working on the class work until the bell rung opting for Shekeena to stand
in front of my desk waiting for me. While she waited for me I poked, her left earbud
with the tip of my right wing signaling for her take it out so I could speak to her.

Me: Shekeena can I copy your notes and work please?

Shekeena: Ok give it back to me on Monday then

I had finished packing my belongings and walked off with Shekeena to third period,
which was Genetics with Ms. Kushnir Genetics, was one of the classes I liked next to
having resource room. When we made it to the top of the stairs, we parted ways giving
each other a quick ‘See you later’ to one another. I walked into class greeting Ms.
Kushnir whose feathers were somewhat fluffed up in slight annoyance to those talking
when she is trying to get started and to those who do not belong in this class.

Ms. Kushnir Greeted me back whilst quickly and effectively silencing everyone due
flapping a gust of wind at everyone with her orange hawk wings.

After the class had quieted down, we started the lesson.

10:30 AM Monday Morning September 1 4016

I sighed as tedious as the lesson was I could understand it enough try to end up with a
decent score at least. While I was I work autumn had walked in wanting talk to or as
in her words towards the teacher borrow me for a few seconds I expected this to say the
least as she tends to do this every day that said she was able to convince Ms. Kushnir to
let her ‘borrow me’. Outside the classroom Autumn had ask me to help her with from
the U.S.History in return she was going to bring an extra copy of the work so I could
have a free first period tomorrow.

I entered the classroom and asked Ms. Kushnir for permission to have Autumn in the
classroom so that I may help her with the work she had and luckily, Ms. Kushnir said it
was fine as long as no disruptions were mad and that I got my work done. In only four
minutes, Autumn arrived with her work and her belongings with her. Autumn took a
seat beside me and we both got to work while we were working I got Autumn to
understand U.S.History a little more so she would need less help.

12:30 AM Monday afternoon September 1 4016

Finally third period was over and it was time for lunch autumn was already set and
heading out the door hurriedly to go catch or meet up with her boyfriend before
making it groups lunch table at the bottom floor I quickly packed up my own
belongings before walking out only to have my nose booped by Shekeena’s Butterfly

I reeled my head back slightly and looked up a tiny bit at Shekeena who was only a
couple of inches taller than I was. In retaliation of booping my nose I tickled her ear
with the tip of my feathered wings. now that think about it I never said what type of
wings they’re what most would call the typical ‘angel’ wings but they’re not ‘angel’
wings they just have the look of them they are actually Trumpeter Swans wings mixed
with eagle wings and Peregrine falcon wings which is why they have the ‘angel wings’
look to them.
Anyway, after my retaliation Julia came up behind us and gave us both a simple ‘hi’
before proceeding to go beside Shekeena while we walked down to the cafeteria.

When we got, downstairs Autumn was already in the lunch line with her boyfriend I
sighed ‘Typical Autumn’ I thought to myself soon enough though Shekeena voiced my
exact thought I agreed with her. We continued to our lunch table where we placed
down our stuff Julia went the ‘lunch of the day’ line and Shekeena went along with her
I on the other hand went to the ‘Burger/Cheeseburger and Hotdog’ Line.

After we got our lunch we sat down at the table and ate our lunch whilst chatting
about random crap Autumn however as soon as she finished her lunch she got up and
walked over to her boyfriend. She came back with the person so he could sit with us
which unfortunately cued Autumn and Julia to playfully (in my case annoyingly)
throw stuff at each other with the occasional balled up square paper towels.

When Lunch was over we grabbed our belongings headed off to class, Shekeena and
Julia had Gym, which tripled as Combat class and Flight class so they stayed on the
first floor. Autumn had to go to the second floor for Algebra class and I had to go to the
first floor due to having resource room. Both me and Autumn flew up to the bridge
quickly so as to not get caught, It was against the rule in our school to fly inside unless
you’re in gym and fortunately we didn’t get caught that and the teachers also do the
same thing whenever the stairs are too crowded and/or when the elevator is full.

Upon landing on the bridge, we parted and went our separate ways. I arrived at my
last period class on time as usual and sat at my seat, pulled out my laptop, plugged in
my phone, and worked for just about thirty minutes when my friend Jeanette walked
in wearing her black wings.

I said a Quick ‘Hello’ and went back to work.

2:10 PM Monday afternoon September 1 4016

It was the end of the school day, I was on my way home, and I met with my sister Aicis
along the way so we flew home together.

When we arrived, it was twenty-nine minutes after two. I landed in front of the
underground house, I folded in my wings and walked up to the down slanting door and
let the Iris/retina scan me while using the Voice Recognition to quietly speak the house
password and using my left wing for the wing scanner all at the same time. This takes
only about twenty seconds after the door unlocks. We walk in and head straight for our
bedrooms, which are decent, sizes making it big enough to hold all our belongings.

When I entered my room I lightly tossed my bag next to my desk which sat in the
corner of my room and plopped onto my bed with my wings sprawled on my sides I
sighed in exhaustion I heard Aicis flop down in her bed next door, being as me and my
sisters rooms are right beside each other. I laid on my bed for a while before getting up
and waltzing over to my desk I turned on the light hanging over my desk, grabbed my
homework from my bag, and started working on it.

It was twenty five minutes after two when I finished my work I got up and left my
room to go get something to eat I went to go check on Aicis to see if she wanted
anything. However when I entered her, not before knocking of course, she was not in
their though Shrugging my shoulders I closed the door, turned away, and went in the
kitchen. When I got in the kitchen, I opened the Fridge, pulled out a carton of milk, and
grabbed some honey to put in it whilst also grabbing three Kiwis to eat.

After I went back in my room and went to sleep.

8:33 AM Saturday afternoon November 22, 4016

I was listening to Starset – My Demons on my phone when I felt heavy footsteps outside
my room I got curiously and peeked out of before proceeding to step out and look up
and down the hallway I quickly caught sight of my mom walking down to room, her
wings drooped with slight exhaustion.

I turn and head outside the house and sit on top of the little mountain our house resides
under I stayed there for a while enjoying the outside breeze eventually I got the urge to
fly so I went and notified my family I was going for a fly around the area. After I went
back outside unfurled my wings and took off. While flying around the neighborhood I
spotted Ricardo, Kiki, and Jackie hanging out at Flighta Park. I dived down a bit until
I was a few meters above before turning upright and landing on my feet in front of the

Me: Hey, guys what’s up?

Ricardo: Oh Nothing Much Kayona

Jackie: Hey Kayona!

10:40 AM Saturday afternoon November 22, 4016
Me, Kiki, Jackie, And Ricardo were hanging out relaxing on the picnic tables here
within the park when Kiki spoke up.

Kiki: Hey Guys want to flight practicing at Race Track? Y’know since we’ll be racing
as a group at the Relay for Life held at school next year.

Me: Yeah I’m up for it!

Ricardo: I guess I can go for few quick Races~

Jackie: Hell Yeah Let’s Go!

That said we took off towards the Racetrack. I was the first to make it there Kiki and
Jackie were second and Ricardo was last to meet us there. When we were all together
we lined ourselves up at the starting line with our wings positioned Skyward. When
positioned we all counted down from four.

Ricardo: Four

Jackie: Three

Kiki: Two

Me: One

Kiki, Jackie, Ricardo, and me: GO!

We took off and first Ricardo surprisingly was in the lead but the girls and I were
quickly gaining on him. Ricardo notice this and tried to increase his speed but Kiki,
Jackie, and I easily over took him with Jackie now being in the lead. Kiki and I steered
upwards above Jackie and dived directly in front her. With Kiki now in the lead Kiki
had a smirk on her face as we was five miles from finish line. I not wanting to lose the
little contest we were have, increased my speed, easily over took her, and won the race.

When the other two caught up with us, they were out of breath and sweating. Ricardo
was sweating the hardest between him and Jackie. We went a few more rounds of race
before we all headed home.
Chapter 2 – juniors

11:25 AM Thursday afternoon June 1, 4017

Ah ~ junior year supposedly a great year since your closer to graduating.
Unfortunately, it’s not, it just means I’m going to hear a lot more drama around the
School and in the classes. Currently I’m taking English 11, Gym (Finally!), Capstone, and
lastly due to completing one of my required courses I get to take Digital Design! Great
Right? Ha almost.

So Far there’s only been more workloads and every student including myself are being
put under extreme pressure and stress 24/7, so there’s that. Moreover, juniors don’t get
even get an appreciation day only seniors get that. The only reasonable academic
appreciation day is teacher appreciation day that’s a reasonable school day.
Nevertheless, enough about me being salty about what the seniors get. If there’s one
thing, good about being a junior its junior ring dance and in my opinion the highlight
of that event was the food. After the ring dance, you get to go on a short vacation

However, that dance was then this is now and currently I’m dealing with some
capstone work in which Autumn was kind of lacking to give me a bit of help with her
Excuse being that she had no laptop. Although I thought, it was funny how she had
somehow ended up with a defect laptop as the device refused to work for her and no
one else. Me being myself, I would let her use my old ACR tablet to do her work.

Even then, she still lacked in putting in work for the semester long project because she
spent more time texting her boyfriend and joking around. I eventually would
constantly remind her to do some work. After a while, I gave up and shouldered the
majority of the work.

12:55 PM Thursday afternoon June 1, 4017

It was last period and I was in my Digital Design class working on edumino an Open-
source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic
objects. Yes I did look up its description don’t be surprised. The project involved making
three Aether LED lights light up as easy as it sounds it’s not especially if you’re new to
the program lucky for me I’ve always worked with electronics since five. The project
involved using a USB wire to connect to the laptop, an edumino onu, three resistors,
three jumper wires, and three Aether LED Lights.
After a while, I finished said project under fifteen minutes. After I was done, I had put
away the equipment into the box it came in and gave it back to my teacher Mr. Weiss.
When I gave back the equipment I sat down, opened up Shout Out, and messaged Kiki,
she responded and we collaborated on a story for the rest of the class Aka the end of the

2: 10 PM Thursday afternoon June 1, 4017

It was the end of class and the day. We packed our things and headed