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Types of mobile devices

Function of the mobile devices

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I am currently studying at UiTM Puncak Perdana. business. also emphasizes on the usage and The program also focused on the application of information management of the different categories of records such as management of legal. This programme covers the many facets of managing records and archieves in organisation. Campus UiTM Puncak Perdana M y name is Nur Amira tec Hanis Bt Jawahir. This program hnology in building records system. I’ve been offered to further my studies in Bachelor of Information Science (Hons) Records Management (IM246).IT’s all about ‘‘IT’’ Faculty of Information Management. medical. manuscript. I’m 20 years old and I’m from Penang. Islamic information and architectural P a g e 3 | 13 . engineering. Students are also prepared to preservation of archival materials and archival management of electronic records. Students are exposed with principles and techniques of managing active and inactive record and archival materials.

Mo bi le P a g e 4 | 13 . This programme offers the opportunity to study in depth specific topics relating to records and archival management through the subject of independent study.IT’s all about ‘‘IT’’ records.

IT’s all about ‘‘IT’’ De A mobile device is a computing vic device small enough to hold in your hand. e-book readers. Popular types of mobile devices are smartphones. S M ARt P h o N E P a g e 5 | 13 S .often between 3 and 5 inches. portable and digital media players. the screens on mobile devices are small -. and wearable devices. Because of their es reduced size. digital cameras.

browser. and numerous other P a g e 6 | 13 . an address book.IT’s all about ‘‘IT’’ A smartphone is an Internet-capable phone that usually also includes a calander. a calculator. games. a notepad.

In addition to basic phone capabilities.IT’s all about ‘‘IT’’ apps. many smartphones include these features :  Send and receive email messages and access the web – via Wi-Fi or a mobile data plan  Communicate wirelessly with other devices or computers  Functions as a portable media player  Include a built-in digital camera  Talk directly into the smartphone’s microphone or into a Bluetooth headset that wirelessly communicates with the phone  Conduct live video calls. where the parties can see each other as they speak  Receive GPS signals to determine a user’s current location  Synchronize data and information with a computer or another mobile device A v a r iety of P a g e 7 | 13 .

a continuous motion.IT’s all about ‘‘IT’’ options are available for With other phones. where you use predictive text. Some phones keyboard. Some phones keypad for each letter support a swipe in a word. on on the phone predicts which users enter the word you want. press keys on the screen where you press one using your fingertip or key on the keyboard or a stylus. words by tracing a path Swipe keyboard apps on an on-screen and predictive text save keyboard with their users time when fingertip or stylus from entering text on the one letter to the next in phone. you typing on a press letters on the smartphone. Types of 1) On-screen keyboard 8) Speech to text keyboard 2) Swipe keyboard 7) Virtual keyboard app 3) Mini keyboard DIGItal camERA 6) Portable keyboard 4) Keypad 5) Slide out keyboard mobile device that allows users to take A digital photos and camera is a store the P a g e 8 | 13 . and software keyboard app. Many can phone’s keyboard or display an on-screen keypad.

giving them size and features. by contrast. movies. watch videos. Many can take video in image to be photographed. and television shows. SLR cameras are smartphones and tablets. An SLR camera (single-lens PORTABLE AND DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYERS A portable media player is a mobile device on which you can store. store images on memory lightweight digital camera with cards and enable you to view and lenses built into it and a screen that sometimes edit images directly on displays an approximation of the the camera. Some include a digital P a g e 9 | 13 .IT’s all about ‘‘IT’’ photographed images digitally. Mobile exact replica of the image to be computers and devices. such as photographed. and play or view digital media. view photos. addition to still photos. images for the home or small office user. types of attachments. often much heavier and larger than point- include at least one integrated at and-shoot cameras. Some are and-shoot cameras. Smartphones and other mobile devices often can function as a portable media player. cameras include zoom and shoot cameras and SLR cameras. and even record audio and video. is a smart digital camera also can high-end digital camera that has communicate wirelessly with other interchangeable lenses and uses a devices and can include apps similar mirror to display on its screen an to those on a smartphone. organize. Point. Portable media players enable you to listen to music. Most point-and-shoot digital cameras include point-and. be quite expensive. which range in equipped with GPS. use a built-in point-and-shoot is an affordable and flash. They also can least one integrated digital camera. A reflex camera). provide capability to record the exact acceptable quality photographic location where a photo was taken and then store these details with the photo. with a variety of In addition to cameras built into available lens sizes and other phone sand other devices. A autofocus capability.

A digital media player or streaming media player is a device. An These devices activity tracker is a often wearable device that communicate monitors fitness-related P a g e 10 | 13 . take notes. or e- reader. using Bluetooth. games. search. address book. Most have settings to adjust text size and for various lighting conditions. Three popular mobile computing device types of wearable devices are designed to be warn by a activity trackers. another mobile device. Mobile computers and devices that display text also can function as e-book readers. such as bright sunlight or dim lighting. have a touch screen. newspapers. typically used in a home. Others communicate wirelessly with other devices or computers and enable you to synchronize your digital media with a computer. Portable media players are a mobile type of digital media player. or digital book. An e- book. is an electronic version of a printed book. Some can stream from the Internet. Some users opt for a digital media player instead of subscribing to cable or satellite subscription services to watch television programs. and highlight. readable on computers and other mobile devices. is a mobile device that is used primarily for reading e-books and other digital publications. WEARABLE DEVICE…. that streams digital media from a computer or network to a television. Digital publications include books. and magazines. E-BOOK READERS An e-book reader (short for electronic book reader). Some have a text-to-speech feature. and other apps. where the device speaks the contents of the printed page. enabling users to access video on websites. You use an on-screen keyboard to navigate. and smartglasses. make selections. projector or some other entertainment device. Most e-book reader models can store thousands of books. consumer. A wearable devices or with a mobile device or computer wearable is a small. and are Internet capable with built-in wireless technology. E-book readers are available with an electronic paper black-and-white screen or with a color screen.IT’s all about ‘‘IT’’ camera and also offer a calendar. smartwatches. or cloud storage. E-book readers usually a smaller than tablets but larger than smartphones.

Most include a touch screen. with a web or mobile app on your computer or mobile device to extend the capability of the wearable device. read and send messages. calories consumed. Some smartglasses also include mobile apps. in addition to keeping time. These devices typically sync. access the web. and sleep patterns. heart rate.IT’s all about ‘‘IT’’ activities such as distance walked. For example. A smartwatch is a wearable device that. work with apps such as fitness trackers and GPS. and more. play music. usually wirelessly. pulse. the device wearer could run an app while wearing smartglasses that display flight status information when he or she walks into an airport. Smartglasses. such as fitness trackers and GPS. are wearable head-mounted eyeglass-type devices that enable the user to view information or take photos and videos that are projected to a miniature screen in the user’s field of vision. Users control the device through voice commands or by touching controls on its frame. also called smart eyewear. can communicate wirelessly with a smartphone to make and answer phone calls. P a g e 11 | 13 .

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