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Questions 1 - 5 A
Is the information in these sentences true (T), false (F) or not given (NG)?

In the last twenty years or so a new kind of novel has appeared on the shelves of many bookshops.
Now known as'Chic Lif this new genre is extremely popular, as can be seen by the number of books
that appear on the bestseller lists. The books are usually aimed at young womenr often single, irt
their mid-twenties to early thirties. The success of the books can also be seen by the number that
have been turned into films or TV programmes such as Bridget lones's Diary and Sex and the City.
Most of the books have a similar theme. The main character is a woman in her early twenties to
thirties. The plot revolves around her personal life, her struggle in her professional life (she is often a
moderately successful woman working in publishing, advertising or the fashion industry) and her
obsession with her appearance. Most of the women seem to spend a lot of time shopping and
talking about men!
It has been suggested that such books are popular as they are a safe substitute for spending time
on real relationships and the demands of modern living. Whatever the reason, it looks as if Chic Lit is
here to stay, at least for the time beingl

1. Many Chic Lit novels are bestsellers. Üt f I Ne
2, Chic Lit books are written by young women. f ¡6 fUC
3" Chic Lit novels are often based on films. T /e NG
4. In the novels the maín characters think a lot about their looks. el f I ft¡C
5. Chic Lit helps unsuccessful women fuel happier. @ f ¡ fVC
Questions 6 - 10
For questions 11-20 answer the questions. Yes/No questions. Wh*questions

1, What has appeared on the shelves of many bookshops in the last twenty years?
A ne* r<i,n¿t yrpVe I eax d w Kurrw ü¡ fcl^,c
7. What is'Chic Lít?
ilu'llt,+w ,o)e,nr€ ir lory poru/or* boxs *,< woa/// ním¿d o-/- y-arq! wo*t^.
B. What's the plot about?
tho noh cln*r-r/or ¡S o *or^* ¿u{*er^ zo *^/ g, yrrro."flr¿ ,/of tvo/reJ
q'rvuvtcl ld't
g. who's the main character of these new kind of books? fl¡so""l l'h^

10. Why are'Chic Lit' books so popular?

lt h¡4 bó«s *., F"Nd át lrev ,-"L a gák
h¿r.', t-,-Sserf<d J4.w* srrc*l
Xb¡'fihl< ¡* ry*,r{r,g /a*n o, ,e*/ ,-/aAon sú)pr ,*.( lfu dr*".f of
nnoa{-r* |fui¿g .


* *rth 10. How did the writer feel when he saw Juno? {¿(ú'*S 0o.1.'.W.. If you like this kind of film then this is certainly one not to miss. In which two films is the acting particularly good? *//v t».r 2.10 Answer the guestions 6.*r( th. Da-r. t<.y}qrfo-.5 Match the films to the questions. Which film is likely to make people cry? -lh. She decides she's too young to look after a child and so tries to finC a couple who can adopt her baby. Atone¡nenf is another film based on a book..r* o. fantasy and horror all in oñe.Í Questions 6 . Unlike a lot of love stories this one certainly doesn't have a happy ending. WhyisTheDarkKnightdífficulttoclassify? .o A02 Questions 1.¡ty )t alo.rrE< *vt wde hur. The story revolves around two main characters. The Dark Kníghtis quite an amazing film with stunning special effects and some great acting" It's a bit difficult to classify the film as it's a mixture of action. .r¡/rrAt.t 4! rLfone ru. The star of the film has got to be Heath Ledger who plays the loker. especially as this film does end happily. ¿rqX{ n*r" fü:ru)^ifr'- q Is the film Juno for children z 4t¿ & r/.'t¿ Qt*nt)e-. gangster.71{. Why is Atonement a different love story? !¿.Í a rte. lif. q rylx of oo/r*nrSo. The story is about a girl who gets pregnant by her best friend... WhatisThe Kite Runnerabout? rrac< (he. Ledger was nominated for an Oscar for this performance and itt easy to see why. cLl20L7 . Juno is a romantic comedy aimed at a teen audience. Itt a love story but one where things tend to go wrong. Which film doesn't fit into one category? fl.e of * ttad h:s{-f^¿t d . 1. Which film does the writer recommend? 4 *fu) A ?ane.Jarl aili*** 7.n)< . When I saw the film I laughed a lot and left the cinema feeling good. Cecilia (ptayed by Keira Knightley) and Robbie (James McAvoy).tng fuwtr-JryinT 8.*_ =rr*. Afghanistan to his return around twenty yeais later to try and find his childhood friend. The Kite Ranner is a filrn based on a book of the same name. The acting is superb and the story races along. The story ís quite moving and i wouldn't be surprised to see a few tears at the end. INTENSIVE PROGRAM iiilÁ.< kn¡b t+ f 5.r¿.*ont 4.r. In which two films are people looking for somebody? l. one . l¿-h ú*tnen 3. It traces the life of a young Arnir from his tife of kíte-fighting tournaments in Kabul.yo.

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