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2017 08:47

Letter of Motivation

I would like to apply for a Master’s degree in “Automotive software Engineering” from University of
Chemnitz. I have completed a degree of Bachelors of Engineering in Mechatronics from Air University,
Islamabad Pakistan. My past experiences with the academia and its fertile learning environment,
subsequent professional work and exploring practical applications of engineering have stimulated me to
pursue Master research in your university.
The most endearing feature of Mechatronics Engineering is its rich amalgamation of Computer
Programming, Digital logic Design, Micro Controllers, Embedded Systems and Control System Design.
My first introduction to Mechatronics Engineering came in higher secondary school with Rehabilitation
of Mechatronics as a vocational subject. What appealed to me most was its role in bridging the gap,
between the abstract and the manifested. As a step forward, I joined the Mechatronics Engineering
Program at Air University in Pakistan.
During the program, I studied a course of Computer Programming in which I learned to do programming
in visual C++ and completed a semester project by developing a game using graphic. I played with
physical electronics components and dabbled with digital logic design in the Electronics lab. This coupled
with courses like, Operating Systems that deal with running the hardware, fueled my interest in systems
engineering, which I would like to call platform engineering. In the latter years I played with
microprocessors, like the x86 family, Micro Controllers like PIC and learn programming in Assembly, C
language. I completed the projects involving direct machine programming to simulate robots. Latter I
studied a course Path planning; in that course I learned different techniques of finding optimal path and
development of algorithms along with working of FPGA. This led me to a course of embedded systems
with the induction of Verilog language. Moreover I have studied a course of Industrial Mechatronics that
helps me to learn the programming of Programmable logic controllers. In the final year, I took Robotics
as an elective Course. In this course I studied fundamentals of robots, model designing of robots in solid
works, signal interpretation of different sensors to microcontroller for the purpose of auto motion,
catering to user specifications. Advanced Control Systems was my second elective course. In this course,
I learned different techniques and methods to design stable systems.
My regular and optional courses helped me a lot in completing my final year project. My final year
project was based on Unmanned Ground vehicle; the basic purpose of this project was surveillance. It is a
track based design which can alter rough terrains and climb obstacles of 8 cm and can move on a slope of
40 degrees. It is divided in to two main streams, the controller and Robot. We used RF modules for the
means of communication and proximity sensors to detect the nearby object. The controllers were used for
decision making after detecting the signals from the sensors. The controller helped to control motion of
the robot by transmitting signals and Robot on the other end interprets those signals to change the course
of its motion. There was camera and LCD which helped to observe the motion of Robot if it moves away
from the naked eye.
After my graduation, I realized it was an initial phase of my research. I started doing a job to analyze
practical applications and joined a private firm which was designing commercial HVAC units. I was hired
as a production engineer. During my job I observed different applications of HVAC like, chillers, air
handling units and automated machines running in the production line with fine stability which inspired
me to explore further. I started my research for German universities, as Germany is considered very
advance in research and technology. Free education and best possible research environment in Germany
pushes me to go for the distance and purse higher education.

were instrumental in laying the foundation and providing enough motivation to pursue research.2017 08:47 The four well spent academic years. I feel that I have chosen the right program. I will look forward to hear from you in the future. The attractive course outline propelled me to apply in this university and begin my research work. The foundation courses of Mechatronics engineering and my past working experience provided me in depth knowledge and encourage me to continue my studies in “Automotive Software Engineering” “Automotive Software Engineering” has the capacity to overcome the old technologies as it is concerned with machine programming and Communication modules. The advancement of research and technology in this area helps in every aspects of modern life. The increase in the usage of automotive module in majority application is the impetus for me to do research in this area. . time efficient and low-power automotive systems that will help in the improvement of human life.01. Onlinedatei vom 08. I would like to base my research on designing optimal. With my drive for pursing this course and my academic credentials. My ambition is to continue my research up to doctorate level and help to break down the barriers in the development of automotive systems. cost-effective.