Sports day role 2016 Staff 2016 Role description

Long Jump Boys Mark and Jose Lead event for all year categories. Officiate event, call any fouls; record scores and submit results. Event guide and simple
Long Jump Girls Keilah and Ruth officiating rules will be provided. Once events have been concluded, please return the score sheet to Stacie and the results
desk where you will be assigned another role.
Nerf Throw (Boys) Burhan and Duncan
Nerf throw (Girls) Samante and Sylvia
Hammer (Boys) Shukri and Ed
Hammer (Girls) Jill and Narvin
Tug of War x 2 Patrick, Burhan, Shukri
River Crossing x 2 Jill, Samante and Ruth
Starter(s) Matt and Stacie Commence all track events. Ensure pace and timing of activities kept. Aid with disqualifications where necessary.
Timekeepers x1 Ian Wong Record times for all track events. Provide ‘time and placement recorder’ with time if fastest time recorded.
Scorer/Placement recorder (House order 1-4) Wen Hong Record (hard and soft copy) scores and top- ‘record’ times of students for track events.
Video adjudicator Use ipad to record the finish line during the sprint races to settle any disputes. Your decision is final.
Placement judges x 4 Sarah B, Angelina, Mabel & Alissa Provide students with placement cards (1-4) on finishing of track events.
To be the judge and jury of any disputes. To ensure all scoring and placements are accurate. To liaise with the video
Chief of arbitration Mike McDonough adjudicator.
Hand out the correct medals to winners and escort medal winners to the podium for photos. Escort non medal winners to the
Medals distribution and winners chaperone Meenalochani & Daniel stands.
Relay changeover judges Mike, Stacie, Patrick To judge illegal change-overs
Announcer Zailan Announce line-up/programme schedule. Ensure that students go to ‘pre-race wait area’ on time. Liaise with pre-race area and
pre-race coordinator.

Pre- race coordinator Iwan Pekerti
Located at pre-race tent - Ensure students know their correct lanes on track. Inform Salam of missing students for races.
Pre-race waiting area Deepashani and Stella To organise students into houses ready for each event. Set up equipment on track for obstacle relay. Liaise with Salam.
Relay organisers All track people Oraganise year relay teams before events start.
House race organiser Dragon - Caroline To be loactied in the grandstand. This role requires you to ensure that all of the participants in your house know what time
Griffin - Helena their race is and when to go down to the competitors starting area. Liaise with Salam.
Pegasus - Phoebe
Phoenix - Megala

Area Supervisors 1 - Stadium entrance/exit track side See Wen Ensure students are kept in the stands and do not wander to places they are prohibited to go. Issue toilet passes as necessary.
Area Supervisors 2 - Stadium entrance/exit at top of Ensure no students exit to the back of the stands at any time. Assist student supervisors / house support in coordinating food
stands Chia Yin Mooi and drinks from 10.30am (located at the top of the stand)
Student supervisors and House Support
Phoenix Darren Assist house captains in ensuring students go to their events on time. Support students within the house where necessary.
Griffin Anurtha Ensure students remain within their house areas and are acting appropriately. Distribute food and drink from 10.30am
(located at the top of the stands).
Pegasus Neka
Dragon Hasliza
Emcee(s) Zailan & Yong Wai Kurn Intro/MC event
Score updaters; race announcers

First aid Ruby To assist and deal with any casualties/injuries. To be on standby at the finish line, especially during the long distance races.
Student Shadow Nameeta Shadow/support SEN students
Parent liaison/VIP ushers Pei Shee Parent ushers at the start/end of the day - to escort parents to their seating areas. To ensure all staff are located in their
allocated areas. To ensure activities are running in a smooth and ordily manor and deal with any issues if they arise.

Entry and exit points Mr Cheah and his team
To ensure only parents, teachers and students are allowed entry to the stadium. To maintain order and security throughout
Registers and Lunch
Attendence Ju Yit and Admin team Registers distribution and collation
Food Distribution of food and water
All Homeroom / form teachers Take your homeroom/form registers at the start of the day on arrival. This will take place in the foyer upon student arrival to
Registers ensure we have an accurate record of all on site in the morning. All students must register on arrival.