Angelina Olivia Torres

728 Sprig Way, Los Banos. CA. 93635
(209) 675 - 5960

I will like to gain experience and skills in the educational field as a Head Preschool Teacher.
I would like to get a Head Preschool Teacher position so I may be able to engage with children in unique
activities. I can prepare them for a successful kindergarten transition and create a welcoming environment that
will influence a positive partnership between staff and families. It is my purpose to work with a collaborative team
of educators, families, and community members to provide a safe, inter active learning environment, while
working with all the preschool staff to support our children’s lifelong success.

 Bilingual as I can read and write Spanish fluently
 Respectful, Responsible, and Leadership skills
 Loyal, honest, and always having a positive attitude
 Motivated for personal growth, as having perfect attendance
 Interact with children and adults in an effective manner.
 Knowledgeable in preparing proper activities with or without co- workers, ability to cooperate well with others.
 Ability to train other staff, college students and parent volunteers in routine and instructional strategies as daily
Head Preschool Teacher- Volta Elementary August 2016- Current
Job Duties: to provide a welcoming and safe environment for children and partnership with teachers, staff and
families for the benefit of creating a great transitional kindergarten experience.
Associate Preschool Teacher- HME Preschool August 2009 -2016
Job Duties: I provide development and instruction activities for children in a child care and development
program; as supervise Preschool Assistant Permit holders and Preschool Instructional Aides. Familiar with DRDP’S,
ECERS, CLASS, Frog Street, Aries, IEP’s, SST’s and completing lesson plans as implementing them with a reason
and connecting them with the Preschool learning foundations as DRDP’S and ELD. Class management when
Lead Teacher is absent. Capable of completing all DRDP’S in DRDP’s Tech as printing out the summaries and
then having a parent-teacher conference.
School Age Teacher- Yellow Brick Road Preschool and Day Care June 2015 – 2016
Job Duties: I provide child care for children who need help to finish their homework, as prepared activities to
entertain them and teach them with a theme. I give them rules and help them gain more knowledge in which
ever topic they are engage with.
Bilingual Instructional Aide- WUES Preschool August 2007 - 2009
Job Duties: Under immediate supervision, to perform a variety of routine instructional tasks and to do related
work as required. Develop and maintain effective relationship with children. Work well with others, patient, and
always showing courtesy. Communicate and exchange information effectively both orally and in writing. I am
familiar with taking anecdotal, running records to complete DRDP’S, and ECERS.
 Currently have a Child Development Master Teacher Permit
 Currently have a Child Development Associate Permit
 Attending Fresno Pacific University (Spring 2016 – Winter 2017)
o Completed 24 ECD Units
 Merced College (Fall 2007- Spring 2015)
o Certificates
 Family in Crisis Specialization
 Early Intervention Assistance Specialization
o Completed 37 units in Child Development/ Completed 57 units in General Education
 Completed more than 35 hours of professional growth
o Certificates of Completion enclosed on portfolio
 High School Diploma – Los Banos HS 2005
 Available upon request