Game Walkthrough

Welcome to Pokémon Uranium!
Hopefully the intro sequence caught your interest and you're ready to begin your journey into the
new world of Tandor. Before you begin you might want to head into the options menu and set up
your controls and settings; the default layout is not ideal for everyone. With the newest updates
an FPS slider was added into the options menu so adjust the slider up or down as needed while in
the game to help reduce lag. Occasionally, you may run into bugs, in which case you can report
them using the Bug Report form and ask for help on the Bugs and Errors page. If you have a
more serious problem, you can recover your game from an automatic backup in the
C:\Users\YOURPC\Saved Games\Pokemon Uranium\Backups folder. Keep in mind this makes
only periodic backups, so be sure to save often.
Additionally, if you are the type of person who likes to know the layout of the land before you
begin you can check out the Tandor Map for a breakdown of all the cities, town, routes,
and Pokémon to be covered here.
This guide is not meant to be all-encompassing. Many times there will be a link to a Town, City,
or Route that will provide a map of the area, as well as information on the trainers, items,
Pokémon, and/or gym leaders in the area in lieu of more detailed information. If everything was
covered here it would be too long.
Once you're all set up head down to the next section and prepare to start your journey into the
world of Pokémon!
Moki Town → Gym #1 (Nowtoch City)
Moki Town (Map)
After the opening cinematic sequence you start out in your room in Moki Town. Like all
Pokémon games, the first thing you should do is check your PC for a free Potion. This will help
in the beginning when you are on the move between Pokémon Centers, or your initial fight with
your rival. After removing the potion, head downstairs to meet your Auntie. Trying to leave the
house without speaking to her will trigger the dialogue, "I'd better say goodbye to Auntie first"
so go speak to her to obtain the Running Shoes (lets you set a key to automatically run).

Obtain a Rare Candy from the person in front of the houses above Theo's

After you finish speaking to Auntie, go outside and all the way to the right (the row of houses
opposite of yours) to talk to the person in front of the first house. Doing so will give you a
free Rare Candy! (best to save for later levels). Feel free to explore around a bit, but you won't be
able to enter the grass and leave town until you get your first Pokémon from the Professor so
head north all the way to the Pokémon Research Lab. As you get near the entrance, a kid runs up
behind you and starts to berate you. This is your rival, Theo, so get used to his childish humor
now as it won't improve until much later on. After your brief talk with Theo, go into the
Pokemon Research Lab to be introduced to Professor Bamb'o and take the Pokémon Trainer
Test. The test is just a way to match you with a Starter Pokémon that (theoretically) matches
your play style. If you have a particular preference you can check out the starter Pokémon link
above, or answer the questions to be matched with your appropriate starter.

Theo and Cameron's House
After you both receive your Pokémon, Theo challenges you to a battle (surprise!). You should be
able to win this battle, as you have the type advantage; if you lose, the game will continue
regardless (the dialogue will be different for that sequence though). Following your first battle,
return to town and enter the house beside the breakable rocks on the east side of town that lead to
Route 3. This is Theo's house and his dad, Cameron, will speak to you about the battle you just
had. Afterward, he hands both you and Theo a PokéPod. This device has a region map, music
player, and a phone you can use to re-battle trainers and get important calls.
From here, exit the house and go all the way to the left to see Theo and Professor Bamb'o at the
grass near the town exit leading to Kevlar Town. Approach and he will go through the
introduction to catching Pokémon with you, as well as give you the Pokédex and some Poké
Balls. Be sure to check back with him every now and then as you fill up your Pokédex for
rewards. You can see what the rewards are Here.
Route 1 (Map)

so it would be a good idea to battle them to toughen up your Pokémon. which you can access later. Along the way you will no doubt have noticed a house to the west of a small stream. Additionally. multiple times in order to strengthen your Pokémon before heading onward. there is a girl in front of the Pokémon Center who will give you a tour of it if you feel so inclined (she gives you 5 Oran Berries for listening). Inside lives a fisherman who informs you he will only give you an Old Rod (used to catch Water-type Pokémon) after you beat the Nowtoch City Gym. There is no gym here. The area also has a few trainers. If you need to. so keep that in mind when you return through this route later. Kevlar Town (Map) Bike Repair Shop where you receive your first bike after you find the bike wheel Once you exit Route 1 you'll be in Kevlar Town. . Rich Boy Mawuli. Further in is the Pokémon Center where you can battle a trainer. For now you cannot use it. Pay attention as she explains some of the cool features such as Online Battles. The items here include Potions. Virtual Training. so move on. and the GTS. This is a good time to catch your first Pokémon aside from your starter. As you enter the town. grab them if you want some. the house directly on your left holds the bicycle shop where you can get a bicycle from later.Remember to come back here after your first badge for the old rod Continue west and you'll be on Route 1. and Antidotes. but there are a few places of note. your Auntie back in Moki Town will heal your Pokémon for you as well. a Rare Candy.

HP recovery. forcing you to take Passage Cave. go straight into Passage Cave from the bottom route. This route is a rocky mountain pass which offers two routes north from Kevlar Town to Nowtoch City.Berry Boutique where you can receive EV reducing berries Another important thing to mention about Kevlar Town is the Berry Boutique. The overland route is initially blocked by a rockslide. head north. etc. Passage Cave (Map) . you can later buy berries that can reduce a Pokèmon's EV. you may double back and explore the mountain pass. Lastly. Route 2 (Map) Passage Cave After you finish exploring Kevlar town. once you obtain the HM04 (Strength) you can return to Kevlar Town and push the boulders on the far left of the Pokémon Center to do the Crying Boy Sidequest. but after you reach Nowtoch City (and defeat Maria at the Nowtoch City Gym). It is directly behind the PokéMart. and talking to the girl inside gives you a couple of free berries (status effects.). For now. Although not available now.

go to the southeast part of town (very bottom right house) and use it to let yourself into her home. Nowtoch City (Map) Nowtoch City Subway Nowtoch City is a high-rise city and houses a number of residents. so leave it for now. but he cannot be accessed until later in the game. the Gym Leader. Unfortunately. which acts as a fast mode of transit between Tandor. Take the time to catch some Pokémon here and train up a bit. Once he gives you the key to Maria's house. you can visit the Ranger Station in the far east of town to get a few healing items for free. In order to battle this gym. Go through Passage Cave and you'll eventually end up in Nowtoch City. you will find a building labeled 'Subway'. Additionally. you first need to go all the way north to visit the gym and talk to the rather odd fellow who guards it. as well as talk to some of the Rangers.Don't forget the free Revive near the exit! Passage Cave is a dark and winding cave that connects Kevlar Town to Nowtoch City. and talk to the Name Rater. Finally. Once you obtain the HM03 Surf you can return to this cave to obtain TM76 (Stealth Rock) as well as a Sableyeite which can be used to mega-evolve Sableye once you beat the 8th Gym. A hiker near the exit will give you a Revive. It's worth exploring and catching the Pokémon game references. This city is also home to Maria. since you may need it. This is also home to a Move Tutor. you cannot access this yet. Be sure to pick up the Escape Rope on your left as you enter. After disturbing her she races off to the gym and you can finally head to the Nowtoch City Gym and battle her for . as well as to pick up a few TMs. who battles with Normal-type Pokèmon. which you may need during the tough gym battle coming up.

retrace your steps back to the top of the path and use Rock Smash to take the new route around. you can obtain the Old Rod when you go back down to Moki Town. You will battle a few trainers. Once that is done. Don't forget to get the Old Rod! Once you enter. check your Pokédex. but briefly take a detour back to the Fisherman's house on this route and get the Old Rod first. While not necessary to do this. Returning to Moki Town → Gym #2 (Burole Town) Route 2 → Moki Town (Map) After defeating Theo and gaining HM06 (Rock Smash). plus a Rare Candy! Follow the path back to Moki Town and Professor Bamb'o will take you back to his lab to congratulate you on your first badge. Route 3 (Map) . it gives extra trainers to battle. Once obtained.the Normal Badge! The Pokémon she uses are between level 10-12. we can now use a shortcut to bypass Passage Cave and return to Kevlar Town. head back down to Kevlar Town and back onto Route 1. which will help you in the long run. go directly south all the way down until you enter Route 2. Might be worth trading if you catch one. but once you get to the rocks a Ranger will appear and heroically get some Pokémon to clear them for you. a person in a high-rise of Nowtoch City will trade a Baashaun for a Fortog. While in Nowtoch City. If at this point you don't have a Pokémon who can learn Rock Smash. Be sure to heal at the Pokémon Center right afterwords as once you try to leave the city Theo will battle you. Once you beat him you will obtain HM06 (Rock Smash)! Remember that after you beat Maria. go back and catch one that can. so make sure you are at a high enough level to compete. you'll notice you can now use Rock Smash to take a new path down. and tell you to head east for the next gym. Furthermore.

backtrack a little and go south down the stairs to the beach. and TM49 (Snatch) if you want to look for them on this route. Welcome to Burole Town! There are a few things to do here. and talking to the citizens about how backwards and of touch people from your town are (No. Route 4 → Gym #3 (Bealbeach City) Route 4 (Map) . Davern. Once you obtained the Rare Candy. including going to the upper floor of the training school and fighting the students for a Nugget to sell. There is a Water Stone. Once you beat the gym be sure to stock up on some Pokéballs as there are some Pokémon you can catch up ahead at Comet Cave. fights with Pokémon from caves. Work your way up this route and you'll eventually end up in Burole Town. whose Pokémon range from level 15-16. but in order to proceed in this one you must use Rock Smash to break the rocks around the gym until you find the bright gem. Once you're done looking around. Line yourself up with the door and go directly down for another Rare Candy. the gym leader here. which hosts our next gym! Burole Town (Map) Your prize TM is a powerful Fighting attack worth teaching to your Pokemon for type coverage. Be prepared. talk to people and see). Once you have it.Way to Route 3 from Moki Town Use Rock Smash on the rocks and head on to Route 3. Stardust. head north and into the cave which serves as the gym. really. Ignore the stairs for now and continue going east until you reach a house. unlock the pillars blocking access to Davern. Once you reach a sign right outside of Moki Town look to the right of it in the grass for TM19 (Giga Drain). You'll find some trainers in here to battle like every gym.

stock up on Pokéballs before you go! Before you go inside. Theo will drag you inside and you won't be able to backtrack until later. up towards Comet Cave collecting TM42 (Facade). STOP: Once you get close enough to Comet Cave. There is a wild Terlard to be caught here if you wish to do so. dragging you inside. This is a great opportunity for you to level your Pokémon. If not. you can do it at another time when it is more convenient to you. Doing so will give you the bicycle which is much faster than running shoes. as Theo will automatically heal all of your Pokémon after each double battle. TM08 (Bulk Up). .Bike Wheel on Route 4 Once you beat Davern and get your second badge (congratulations!) you'll want to go east out of town and continue onto Route 4 briefly. you'll have to backtrack all the way to Kevlar Town to trade it in at the Bicycle Shop. Comet Cave (Map) Entrance to Comet Cave Head back to Comet Cave and you'll find Theo talking to a man blocking the road. TM10 (Hidden Power). Battle your way north. He explains that the cave is too dangerous to go alone and takes you as his cave buddy. If you want to use a bike. and a Thunderstone along the way. across the bridge. All Pokémon encounters while with Theo in here are double battles. go east from the stairs leading up to Comet Cave and go down to the beach to grab the Bike Wheel.

Don't worry about going into the lab for now. who you can either defeat or capture. but it is the main artery between West and East Tandor. Once you're done exploring. who will reward you if you can bring him the Pokémon he wants to see. In order to catch the thief they give you the PST. backtrack and head into Rochfale Town. once he is dealt with you can continue out of the cave. Rochfale Town is just up the path and to the left through the building. First. You can find TM62 (Silver Wind). but it requires you to know Strength so it is unavailable to you for now (See: Fossil Sidequest). which apparently had a break in. go west and you'll be brought to the lab. Route 5 (Map) Fossil Cave on Route 5 Route 5 is a relatively short area. Once you're done exploring and battling. Down on the beach you will find a cave entrance that actually connects back to Comet Cave. and a Soothe Bell. but on the other side of the water that was seen at the entrance. and Dusk Stone before you go down the ladder) At the end you will encounter a wild Terlard.Continue through the cave (don't forget the HP Up. a device that allows you to converse with certain Pokémon. To get to East Tandor you would need to Surf from here later on. This leads to a pair of fossils. Either way. PP Up. the game will automatically port you to it via Professor Bamb'o once you go west out of the city. and there is very little to see here save for a few things of note. Go west out of the city and you'll find a flock of . among other items. The second is Professor Cypress's Lab. sleepy town. TM21 (Frustration). Rochfale Town (Map) Cypress' Pokémon Lab Rochfale Town is a quiet. in one of the houses is a Pokémon Enthusiast.

Defeat them and head into the cave to find Garlikid. it would be a good idea to return to the Pokémon Center and heal as you have another route to go through which is Route 6 to the west (go west past where the Owten were blocking your way before) . there is a Rare Candy on a tree stump on the NE top corner of the route. Rochfale Tunnel (Map) Rochfale Tunnel is a short connector between route 6 and Bealbeach City. you will find a gatehouse guarded by security officers who inform you the route to Legen Town is closed due to construction. but it has quite a few trainers and items to pick up along the way including TM43 (Secret Power).Owten blocking your way. Once you head west and reach the end of the route. and exit the cave to find all the lab people congratulating you on a job well done. Your only choice is to head north towards Bealbeach City. In particular. so you won't spend too long inside. . Defeat his Pokémon. Go north and into Rochfale Tunnel. so keep an eye out. Professor Bamb'o gives you the Exp. collect TM41 (Torment). Furthermore. TM40 (Aerial Ace). thus forcing you to head north. but otherwise continue through to Route 7. and TM67 (Recycle). Head north and you'll find more Owten with annoyingly similar dialogue that wish to battle you. Route 7 (Map) . At this point. Share before flying off. It's a very short connector. There are some Pokémon to catch and trainers to battle. Route 6 (Map) Rare Candy Route 6 Route 6 is not terribly long. the self proclaimed 'Pokémon Hero'.

Rest House on Route 7 Route 7 is a fairly linear route. a sun stone. talk to the man for a Super Repel. Take your time exploring the area. This is your first introduction to Nuclear-type Pokémon. challenge the Bealbeach City Gym! The way to the leader is fairly straightforward. Otherwise. with a few interesting places. See Nuclear Plant Epsilon for full details on how to complete this quest. as it's interesting to try to piece together part of the story of Uranium. then head east to the house. it's time to head to Pokemon Rangers HQ in Bealbeach to see your father! Just go east from the casino to find it. Beware.. Theo is standing on the bridge far north of the rest house waiting to battle you. The ship is just south of Bealbeach on the right dock. but it also has a Casino. Of course. the Tandor Ranger Union. they have a tendency to disobey their trainers. Once you return. but are relatively powerful glass cannons. it has the Bealbeach City Gym. Kellyn. which has a lady who will heal your Pokémon for you. a cutscene will play once you leave Bealbeach City. so once you step outside of the cave. For now. run by Cali. he gives you the task of going to the Nuclear Power Plant and helping out.. who uses beach Pokémon. Boat to Power Plant Epsilon After talking to your father. and a fire stone. After you finally receive your third badge. but there are wild Pokémon in the sand as well as various trainers about. being sure to collect the items along the way including TM11 (Sunny Day). Bealbeach City (Map) Bealbeach City is the city furthest north on West Tandor. Much more feral. just go east all the way up to Bealbeach City. just follow the stairs down and fight the trainers. After you're done exploring. and the Bealbeach Department Store. head north an up into Bealbeach City. Along the way you will find a cave that holds a PP UP and some grass if you want to catch some Pokémon. . Make sure you are fully healed! Once you come to a portion with two bridges on either side ignore the west as it has a ship that will take you to Nuclear Plant Epsilon that is not accessible to you presently. Head on up the route.

After a short travel west you come to the Tandor Luxury Cruise (Travel in style!). asks if you're ok. After the battle.Bealbeach City → Gym #4 (Vinoville Town) Route 7 (Map) Head south out of Bealbeach City and the screen will shake briefly. Route 7 path to Tandor Luxury Cruise (Nuclear Gyarados) Head south from Bealbeach City and in front of the pier you used to take a boat to the Nuclear Power Plant you will see a Ranger who is in a battle with a Nuclear Pokémon and requests your help. Give the sailor your ticket and you're on your way to Vinoville Town! Tandor Luxury Cruise (Map) Tandor Luxury Cruise . and promptly joins your party As you cross the bridge. Your father hands you a BB Ferry Ticket and instructs you to head south a short ways and west across the dock to the Ferry that will take you across the lake to Vinoville Town. head west along the beach and you will find a small wooden bridge upon which you will be ambushed by two Nuclear Corsola. A cutscene shows that another Nuclear Power Plant exploded and harmful waves of radiation are coming towards the area. After helping. Rangers will come up behind you warning about an emergency. a wild nuclear Gyarados attacks and the ranger promptly abandons you. After your encounter a Ranger comes up behind you. the Ranger comes back to apologize and tells you to continue west along the wooden dock to the boat.

so go around and heads toward the Vinoville Town gate. and inside is a PC to switch Pokémon. head slightly east towards a lone house (Ripley's House). From here go through the wheat field and head north up the path. but it's worth it to fight all of them to train up for the upcoming gym as well as picking up TM32 (Double Team) from the old woman in the cabin next to Theo's. Ripley's House . There are not many trainers on the boat. so battle everyone you wish to before battling him! On the Luxury Cruise there are a few trainers to battle . Route 8 (Map) Good Rod on Route 8 After exiting the cruise. At the top head west towards town (making sure to battle trainers along the way for experience). though. you can go up the stairs to talk to the Captain and give him a back rub. Also. The area essentially goes in a big counter- clockwise circle.but first head to the room on the far right to heal your Pokémon. take the path south and west to the fisherman's house. It might be worth your time talking to the nurse in the cabin beside yours for the Quick Claw as well. the house holds a woman who will heal your Pokemon. you will be on Route 8. Before you go inside. Talking to the fisherman will get you the Good Rod. From the dock.Battling Theo in the far left room will end your cruise.

Take care of anything pending there first! Once you finish exploring town head to the far north-west of town and enter the Vinoville Gym. changing your computer clock to night. Once you beat the Vinoville Gym you will be forced to leave the town until much later in the game. though. If you do not want to do it now. Vinoville town (Map) Vinoville Gym Vinoville Town is a very peaceful looking area that has its own church. The trick to this gym is to hit the switches and follow the path as it lights up across to the next platform. be sure to check out the bookcases in there for some interesting text on various faith in the region. Completing this will earn you the Pokémon S51. This will make it night-time in game and allow you to complete this side-quest. . you can come back here later and finish it. Be sure to do it before you beat the Vinoville gym. The leader here is Sheldon. Directly south of the church under the archways is another easy-to-miss Rare Candy. After you finish this side-quest head west through the gate and into Vinoville Town. or it will be a long time before you can return. If it is not night time you can also accomplish this by closing the game.Inside Ripley's House is a woman who is too tired to talk in the day. and restarting the game. but if you visit her at night she will tell you about strange crop circles appearing in their fields and ask you to investigate. and he specializes in steel type Pokémon. but make sure you listen to the priest's sermon inside the church for a Rare Candy. Also. Feel free to explore the area.

hit the button again. As you are talking to Theo. Head back to the Tandor Underground. Amatree does not . After the dialogue. talk to the Ranger for a pass. Go in. the Rangers ask you to head to Route 11 to help them combat the Nuclear Pokémon problem from the fallout. but don't enter yet. After getting the Pixel Badge. go east of the subway and enter the door in the wall. These allow you to smash breakable rocks and push boulders respectively without having to teach them to a Pokémon. Head up the path and speak to your father who will ask you to help them combat the Nuclear Pokémon along the route. A useful item if you have the time! Take the subway to Burole Town by speaking to the Ranger in the Subway station to get a ticket. Listen to his sermon and you will obtain yet another Rare Candy. It's not overly hard. you and the townspeople all meet in the Ranger's Station. glance once at the path. Follow the route and fight the Pokémon at the specific points to eventually end up back in the Gate House where Kellyn will give you HM04 (Strength). Just activate the switch. Next. another Nuclear Plant explodes and the Rangers give you a ride to Legen Town and safety. This is the home of the Tinker. and you can travel back and forth between cities now! Route 11 is northeast of the Super Training Tent (looks like a dojo). who will give you the Boxing Gloves and Power Gloves.Once you get to the final platform. a Ranger will approach you as you exit the gym and inform you that Theo is waiting for you at the entrance to the town. but it can trip you up if you aren't paying attention. and heading down the stairs and selecting Burole Town as the destination. Look to the north-west of it to see a bald man standing outside of a house. Legen Town → Gym #5 (Amatree Town) Once you are carried safely to Legen Town. See: Fossil Sidequest Note: At this point you could visit the Daycare Center on Route 9 to start breeding Pokémon as well as obtain a Lucky Egg from the woman inside to increase EXP to the Pokémon holding it. you need to activate the switch on the left and the right to activate the path to the gym leader. and follow it for each switch. Legen Town Tandor Underground The Tandor Underground is now available. Note: At this point you could get a fossil through Route 5.

and you'll end up in Amatree Town. There are many trees here with berries that can be gathered. In the southwest corner is the trading post. The berries you collected around Route 10 can be used to trade here. Go down the stairs and use Strength on the boulders there to access Route 10 (Baykal Forest) and head onward to Amatree Town. head east through the Gate House and head up the route until you see some stairs leading down on your left (past the bridge). follow the path again. the Anthell. which trades in berries instead of currency. but the path continues to the left and across the bridge. Follow the path. After exiting the station. At the top left corner of town is a house with a red roof. He'll hand you Bug Spray that can be used to get past the army of Pokèmon that was blocking your way earlier. Bugs blocking path to deeper Anthell Amatree Town is a reserved. Head to the north part of town and talk to the man under the green arch to discover the gym leader hasn't returned from the forest so it's up to you to go and find him. Follow the path west (fighting the various trainers you meet here) and head out the north part of the cave. closed off section of the region where there is no electricity (though you'll still see Wii's and such around). Sometimes it's hard to see. Grab the Jungle's Crown on the stump and return to the cave.have PCs with which to access your Pokémon storage so make sure you gather your party before you go. be sure to grab them as you go through. Note: At the end of this section you'll fight the Seikamater . Follow the route and enter the cave. You'll come back here in a bit so. If you look to the west you'll see an army of bug Pokémon blocking your path. for now just head south down the cave and outside.The Bug Queen . especially at night. so don't waste your PokéBalls! . go through the cave.which cannot be caught. where you can heal your Pokèmon.

which allows you to use Surf outside of battle! Now. and head up to the gym. At the bottom. Instead of going in Comet Cave though. and head outside of Amatree Town. After exiting back to Route 4. Congrats. Go into town. who will battle you. Go up the path and you will run into Theo. Tiko will teleport you back to outside of Amatree Town. Sponee. there is a southern clearing which leads to another EV Training House. or Tricwe into a Seikamater.move the boulders onto the buttons to open new routes. heal your Pokémon at the lady's house. and once you win will give you HM03 (Surf) Note: At this point. head north towards Comet Cave. Warning: This route has a few trainers and several ninjas you have to battle. go down the stairs and surf across the map. so make sure your Pokémon are healed! Note: There is an EV Training House for the HP stat on this route on the big island in the middle . Amatree Town Gym is a fire-based gym. Use the Bug Spray on them and follow the cave down (drop down the holes). which can be used to evolve a Smore. you'll obtain the Royal Jelly. heal your Pokémon. If you have not done so already. you'll find the Amatree Gym Leader caught in a web. most of the EV Training House are available to you with Surf Route 10 → Route 4 → Route 12 → Gym #6 (Venesi City) Shortcut out of Route 10 Once you've acquired surf from Theo. you now have the Salsa Badge.Tiko trapped in a web Backtrack through Baykal Forest to the section of the cave with the Pokémon blocking the west path. Once you defeat her. and once you free him you are ambushed by Seikamater. surf north from the shore to bypass Comet Cave and end up at the entrance to the Fossil Sidequest cave. this time in the Special Attack stat. then surf east from the shore along Route 12. go ahead and get the fossil within. and the puzzle to get to the gym leader is pretty simple . About halfway back.

head north to try your hand at the Venesi City Gym. as well as a Move Expert. You can return to him at any time to heal your Pokémon. . you have to either Surf through the route. In order to return to West Tandor. Then. catch Ratsy in the back alley. find the Eevee House and get an Eevee. Fairy. He can be fought multiple times. surf back up to Maskara Island and head back towards the cave that was blocked off. It holds the infamous Tipsy Tancoon Pub. Route 13 is a relatively short route that connects to both Venesi City and Silverport Town. head south and Surf to reach Venesi City. Note: Be sure to battle Theo before you enter the Labyrinth. Once you land at the end of the route. with unique architecture and construction that makes it look different than many other cities. For now. This cave is known as The Labyrinth and will connect you to Silverport Town later on. and fitting this theme. including Psychic. and Ghost types. you can hire a boat back to Bealbeach City from the bottom southwest corner of Venesi City for 500. or learn about the legends of the Legendary Pokémon from an old man in a house in the northwest of the city. not all in the gym is as it seems. At the bottom of the bridge. a Move Deleter. find the sleeping girl (Sidequests). Once you finish exploring the city. and a Move Tutor. Work your way around and cross the bridge. talk to the Doctor to heal all your Pokémon before heading into Route 13. The trainers here use illusionist Pokémon. so take the opportunity to raise your Pokémon's levels before continuing. and several sea vessels around the city. Remember. Besides the gym. or take a boat from Venesi City or Silverport Town when you unlock it. a large opera theater/gym.Be Aware: Once you cross this route you are in East Tandor. be sure to take a left to get TM02 (Dragon Claw). you can visit the Tipsy Tancoon Pub for some Pokémon battles. head right until you are eventually in front of a cave. Venesi City is a very large city. Congratulations on beating your sixth gym and getting the Drama badge! Labyrinth → Silverport → Lanthanite Cave → Route 16 → Gym #7 (Snowbank Town) Once you obtain the Drama badge.

allow a certain Pokémon to mega-evolve during battle. get on the water and Surf north. Go in and the old lady will heal your Pokémon while her husband will give you a Lava Cookie. A short surf south is another EV Training House that trains in Special Defense. The path east holds the Pokémon Linkite if you didn't catch the one when you first entered. head east. Afterwards. a path going east. surf east and return to land. you'll come to an intersection with a path going south. The path north is our exit. From the entrance.Labyrinth Cave Map Once you've defeated Theo. surf up the path. and a couple of trainers. Before you exit this cave it's worth going out of your way for a few items (especially since Mega Evolution is coming soon!). Hold onto this item for now. head north into The Labyrinth. Here you will find Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball. Surfing west from this point (and going inside the room) will get you the Baariettite. so exit the cave for now and end up on Route 15. Surf north a bit until you reach the rest house. Surf all the way north and you'll find yourself in Silverport Town. but at the cost of HP per attack. You'll find the Life Orb. It's a held item that boosts the power of moves. this item allows a Baariette to Mega-Evolve. and a path going north. Now. when held. an EV Training House. boots the power of super-effective moves by 20%. Surfing behind the cave will get you Drain Punch. when held. which you cannot get until you learn Dive. In particular. so head north to another intersection. and directly east on the next shallow is an Eviolite. This section holds the Gold Fossil. On the shallows NE of the house is TM24 (Thunderbolt). Route 15 is a linear surf up to Silverport Town. and exit to the last portion of the cave. because you have to beat the next gym first to unlock its use! Surf back on the water and go to the second north section by surfing east a bit. . Next to the rest house is a sailor who will give you the Super Rod. This is one of the Mega Evolution stones that. Following this path. Continuing a few feet north will get you the Expert Belt which. The path south simply loops backwards and holds a few trainers to battle. but holds a rest house.

. Otherwise. left. right. right. Starting from the beginning. Solve the puzzle and move onto the next puzzle. left. Follow the path east until you reach some stairs. so make sure you heal your Pokèmon if you are doing this side quest! See Garlikid Sidequest for more. left. Lanthanite and a rest stop before hitting the road up to Snowport and its gym! Explore around town a bit. you don't have access to him yet. when you get the Waterfall HM. head east at the intersection and you'll arrive at your first ice puzzle. The path to the north leads into another section of Lanthanite Cave that holds several items. Note: Visiting the Larkspur Pokémon Research Lab here will cause you to get ambushed on your way up to Snowbank Town. right. as well as the way to the Legendary Lanthan. Once you've done all you want to do in Silverport. down. down. you can get another evolution stone here. down.Silverport Town is a small coastal town sitting at the foot of Mt. Second Puzzle Follow the path all the way around and you'll arrive at the second ice puzzle. However. including PP Up and Potions. go up. Later on. head north and into Lanthanite Cave. left. up. down. but for now just head up and out of the cave onto Route 16. so it's only a detour for a few items. up. up. First Puzzle Route 16 is a snowy route that holds several trainers and a few ice puzzles to pass through.

there is a NeverMeltIce on the top left corner of the puzzle. up. In addition. Third Puzzle The third puzzle isn't really a puzzle at all. These moves are:  Fire Fang  Ice Fang  Thunder Fang  Poison Fang  Crunch  Super Fang In addition. the house beside the Pokémon Center has a woman inside complaining about a cold. Before heading there though. There is a hidden Moon Stone that can be obtained from the solo rock just south of the first rock you slide into. where you'll meet Theo and take the gym challenge. Once you exit the puzzle.right. but not least. then north to exit this part. Simply slide east. If you have a Pokémon that knows Overheat. right to complete the second puzzle. head north to the Pokémon Gym. there are a few things to do first: In the house beside the PokéMart is a dentist who will teach your Pokémon a move requiring strong teeth (if they can learn it) for 5. head north up the stairs and head east to the gate house that leads you into Snowbank Town. The item in the center of the ice can not be reached in the current version of the game. Last.000. she will give you a Dawn Stone. in the big house east of the Pokémon Center is a woman who will give you a whopping 3 Rare Candies! When you're done exploring the town. . Snowbank Town is a small town with a large temple that serves as the gym to its north.

left. From the starting position on the map. Check out Mega Evolution before you enter! Snowbank Town Gym is rougher than your usual gym. The second trial merely involves you finding your way through the maze of rocks. down. Now head up and face the first Acolyte. as the gym leader will give you its Mega Stone. Note: If you fail any of these trials you must do them *all* again so be sure to save often and heal up between rooms! The first trial involves moving boulders around using Strength. left. left. so just work your way over until you reach the second Acolyte. right. go left. so make sure your Pokémon are fully healed and ready to go. then move the center boulder. right. up. It's pretty self explanatory. and you are sent to the beginning of the room. you must complete 5 trials with Theo. up. up. down. One misstep. as it requires you to follow a hidden path. left. up. .STOP: Beating this gym allows you to use Mega Evolution. In order to challenge the gym leader. then touch it again to follow it using your memory. Make sure you bring a Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution. then move the boulder on the far right up. down (at this point jumping across the rocks) down. down. Touch the button and watch once for the path to light up. Just like the Vinoville Gym. left. you have to navigate an invisible path with a device on the side to briefly skim light across the path. Third Trial Ice Puzzle The third trial involves a little more skill. Now you should be able to face your third Acolyte! The fourth trial is a bit difficult. Use Strength on the very left boulder and move it up. At any point you can speak to the Acolyte and reset a room. and then the center boulder over. You have to solve two sets of ice-slide puzzles to get to the acolyte here. This is probably the most difficult (at least for some) trial in this selection. left. left.

Once you start the battle you must make do with only your Pokémon! Once you beat him. There is a catch here: No items allowed. as well as give you HM08 (Dive). then 1 step to the south. From here backtrack to Silveport Town.  To solve the first puzzle start by going 2 steps north. Second Puzzle (Fourth Trial)  To solve the second puzzle start by going 3 steps to the north. then go 4 steps west. then 1 step to the south. then 2 steps to the west. who specializes in Dragon and Ice type Pokémon. but can be used an infinite amount of times! Return to Silverport Town → Venesi City → Route 14 → Gym #8 (Tsukinami Village) Now it's time to head back south and onward to Tsukinami Village for your last gym battle! Head back to the entrance to Snowbank Town and Professor Bamb'o will upgrade your Pokédex. Then go forward and face the Acolyte! The fifth trial requires you to simply head north up the stairs and fight the fifth Acolyte. and finish with 2 steps north. Once you're ready. then finish up by taking 3 steps to the north. he gives you the Mega Bracelet. Vaeryn. then 3 steps to the north. Although he says you need to go to Angelure Town he actually means Tsukinami Village as it was replaced by the latter when the game was released. then go 2 steps north. you are lead into a room with a route to the gym leader and a teleporter that will take you back to the entrance. then 3 steps to the north. continue with 3 steps to the east. then go 2 steps north. This is a difficult battle so make sure your Pokémon are tough enough. Warning: Directly after the battle with the gym leader Theo challenges you to a battle. where there is a boat . then 4 steps to the east. then 2 steps to the east. talk to the Acolyte again and you will face the gym leader. then 2 steps to the east. which allows selective Pokémon to use Mega Evolution in battle! He will also give you a free Mega Stone for an eligible Pokémon of your choice in your party. then 6 steps to the west. Head down to the small beach. then go 1 step east . These Mega Evolutions can only be used once per battle. so be prepared! Once you beat him. It is advisable to do this! The trials will not reset as you have completed them.

and getting in the water from the pathway beside it. a heart scale. breaking the coral down underwater gives a chance at obtaining a shard (yellow. at one of the dive spots (when you're underwater) you can surface to an island with a bell on it. Once you go as far south as possible and surface. This bell serves no purpose now. Start by going up to the Pokémon Center. Note: At this point you could go and obtain the Gold Fossil in The Labyrinth Surf Spot toward Tsukinami VillageFrom Venesi City From Venesi City you will be surfing east and south to Tsukinami and diving underwater so make sure you have a Pokémon who has learned the newly acquired Dive ability. but after becoming the Champion you can return here to fight Pokémon trainer Paul for a Syrentideite stone (one of the Mega Evolution stones). Bell Island (Come back after becoming Champion!) This is Route 14 and it includes a few notable things. or green). Surf east and dive at either dark water spot to go deep underwater. you will realize he is actually a pirate and you will battle him. Afterwords. Soon. you'll need it. red. Also. or a damp rock.captain waiting at the wooden port. . you'll be attacked by two pirates (one of them is your old friend Jack from before). healing your Pokémon. surf all the way over to Tsukinami Village (Your last gym!). Once defeated. First. the real captain will come and offer to take you to Venesi City.

a scientist who specializes in dream technology. Speaking to her results in her leaving right away to Venesi City to the sleeping girls house. In the next room over is Fennel. At the top NW corner is a museum. If not. you'll want to visit the house on the far right corner of the town as it houses training dojo where you can complete the Ninja Reunion Sidequest. The Tsukinami Gym is led by Hinata and Kaito and works a little differently than the other gyms. the stand with the balls is of most interest because the heavy balls they sell help tremendously for catching bigger Pokémon. and in the middle are a bunch of stores selling balls. and rare delicacy's. including the upcoming Legendary Pokémon. You don't need to do it now. (See: Sidequests for more information) . Lastly. Warning: This gym has had bugs so make sure that when you enter the first area the black bar appears at the top of your screen showing the number of white/black tiles and when you step on them you only activate one at a time. battle items. immediately after. but after you complete it you can return there to battle an unlimited number of times and raise Pokémon EV's for free. respectively.Tsukinami Village Dojo Tsukinami Village is home to two ninja clans and a couple of places worth visiting before the gym. but are light and dark themed. Gym 3rd Pattern (Yours may vary) . visiting the hotel has a girl and her mother in the far left room where showing her a Minicorn will prompt her to give you a Kiricornite (one of the mega-evolution stones). exit the gym and re-enter. First. Once you're done exploring. head up to the Tsukinami Village Gym. The Pokémon used here are of no specific type. Of those three. To beat them you have to either start with Hinata or Kaito and beat that individual and the other.

To solve the puzzles. Nuclear Plant Omicron → Nuclear Plant Zeta → Victory Road → Championship Once you get dropped off you are at Nuclear Plant Omicron. Note: You will need Strength and Surf to Navigate Victory Road! Route to Victory Road (Pokèmon Championship) . The goal is to make some sort of pattern on the floor that it wants. If at any point you are low on health. make the number of black and white tiles equal in each area by walking on them. So. speak to the nurse at the entrance to heal your Pokémon. Use the numbers as a guide and try to get them as close together as possible. From here they will transport you to the hazard zone so equip the suit and follow the Nuclear Plant Zeta guide to finish this section or simply follow the order of events yourself.Before that. Once you beat both Hinata and Kaito. Stepping on a white tile turns it black. Once you complete the area you will be teleported back to Bealbeach Ranger HQ.turning them back to normal. This area is very short and consists of you battling several sets of nuclear Pokémon attacking the Rangers. though. This appears to change on every game-load so the pictures serve only as examples. Defeat all the Pokémon and trigger the cutscene with CURIE and Urayne as the Nuclear Plant explodes. After the scenes here. Turns out the Hazma helps to clear the radiation from a Pokémon . you will get a call from Professor Bamb'o and subsequently will hear sirens go off as the Rangers evacuate Tsukinami Village and fly you to Nuclear Plant Omicron. After the discussion he hints that you may want to go downstairs and see what they found. You'll have to walk around and figure out the pattern for each section. exit Bealbeach City going south and return to the west dock (Where the Tandor Luxury Cruise was). Once back at Bealbeach Ranger HQ. and vice versa. if you have any Nuclear Pokémon you can take them here and return them to normal if you wish. or arrived with low health. Be sure to catch a Hazma while you are here. Shortly after he will give you a ride to the Ranger Station's Bealbeach HQ. you must solve the gym puzzles. After this cutscene you'll obtain HM02 (Fly) from Professor Bamb'o. go upstairs and talk to your father.

Once you arrive head south to the gate station and head towards Victory Road. either take the transit back to Legen town or use your new ability to fly there. and a volcano section (Mt. you will appear back in Moki Town at your house. holding the Uranium Core. This road has multiple sections including an outdoor area. The way this works is different to the typical Pokémon Leagues. Just follow the path around and you'll eventually end up at the cave entrance as depicted in the picture. .Victory Road Cave Entrance CURIE and Gamma Urayne After all is done.0. Once you beat 4 of them. it will not be saved in the PC. Note: In version 1. Theo forfeits the match. Take the time to explore around here a while as it does hold some good items and trainers. you begin the Championship Match. you will once again fight CURIE but this time with Gamma Urayne. However. Nuclear Actan is catchable.1. After successfully navigating Victory Road. After they are defeated. upon the first time here instead of fighting Theo you will fight Actan who was corrupted by CURIE and Urayne. with Actan aiding you during the fight. Go downstairs. The path towards the Cave Entrance is pretty easy to navigate. you will be at the Championship Site. Actan returns to its lair and you become Tandor Champion! Urayne then pleads with the player to travel with them and joins you in its Alpha Form. However. Actan). and read the letter on the table from Tsukinami Village. See Actan's Trivia. After your battle with Actan. Once you start you will draw from a pool of the 8 previous gym leaders you battled as well as some other trainers. After entering the Hall of Fame and the credits. a cave section.

you could capture Actan and Lanthan . Afterwards.Note: The Letter from Tsukinami quest has currently not been implemented. Legendary Pokémon. head over to Theo's house and you will obtain HM07 (Waterfall) End Game See: Sidequests. or do any of the numerous side quests such as the Ninja Reunion Sidequest. gathering the Mega Evolution stones. First.The Legendary Pokémon. Mega Evolution. you could complete your PokéDex or even challenge the Pokémon Championship a second time! . or the Crying Boy Sidequest. Gold Fossil Once you have become Tandor Champion and completed the game you have a few things to do if you want. Otherwise.