Nicolette Call

Second Grade
Cultures and Traditions
Global Perspectives

Social ELA Vocabulary Concepts/ Teaching Strategies Assessment
Studies Standard Terms Essential Material Used of Students
Standard, & Questions
Goal & Objective
Day Goal 5.1: RI.2.4 cultures Neighbor- -Map of Word Wall Have the
One 2.SS.5.1.1 Determin traditions hoods in North Four students
Compare e the multiple North America Square draw a map
neighborh meaning perspectives American -“Great of their
oods/com of words Society/w American neighbor-
munities and hat do Cities” hood.
in various phrases in typical video
parts of a text American -
the world. relevant neighbor- flashcard
to a grade hoods s of
2 topic or look like? vocab.

Day Goal 5.1: RI.2.2 cultures Neighbor- -World ReQuest Show
Two 2.SS.5.1.1 Identify traditions hoods in Map Synthesizi pictures of
Compare the main multiple South -Pictures ng South
neighborh topic of a perspectives American of south Word Wall America
oods/com Multi- Society/w American and ask
munities paragraph hat do communi where they
in various text as typical ties think the
parts of well as South - pictures
the world. the focus American are, on the
of specific neighbor- map. Have
paragraph hoods the
s within look like? students
the text write down
Day Goal 5.1: RL.2.1 Ask -cultures Neighbor- -pictures Journal Show the
Three 2.SS.5.1.1 and - traditions hoods in of Word Wall same
Compare answer -multiple Eurpoean European pictures
neighborh such perspectives Society/w communi from
oods/com questions hat do ties. yesterday
munities as who, typical -Paper to see what
in various what, European and the children
parts of where, neighbor- crayons remember.
the world. when, hoods for the Have them
Nicolette Call
Second Grade
Cultures and Traditions
Global Perspectives

why, and look like? children draw a
how to to draw pictures of
demonstr their own something
ate version that is in
understan Europe.
ding of
key details
in a text.
Day Goal 5.1: RI.2.7 cultures Neighbor- - PAVE Have the
Four 2.SS.5.1.1 Explain traditions hoods in matching Word Wall children
Compare how multiple Asian game of write down
neighborh specific perspectives Society/w different what they
oods/com images hat do communi think Asian
munities (e.g., a typical ties communitie
in various diagram Asian around s look like.
parts of showing neighbor- the
the world. how a hoods world.
machine look like?
to and
clarify a
Day Goal 5.1: CCRA.W.2. cultures Traditions Examples Journaling Have the
Five 2.SS.5.1.2 2 Write traditions in of Word Wall children
Compare informativ multiple America/ traditions write in a
traditions e/explana perspectives What we have journal all
practiced tory texts kinds of in the
in other to traditions America. traditions
parts of examine do we see -personal they have
the world. and in belonging in their
convey America? of the homes.
complex traditions
ideas and I grew up
informatio with.
n clearly
Nicolette Call
Second Grade
Cultures and Traditions
Global Perspectives

on, and
analysis of
Day Goal 5.1: CCRA.W.2. cultures Traditions Show Graphic Have
Six 2.SS.5.1.2 3 Write traditions in videos of Organizer students
Compare narratives multiple India/Diffe Indian Word Wall build a
traditions to develop perspectives rent attire, cultures, Synthesizi graphic
practiced real or food, including ng organizer,
in other imagined language the Holi with
parts of experienc Festival. different
the world. es or -bring categories
events spices for each
using they use country
effective in Indian we’re
technique, Cuisine discussing.
well- for them Have fill out
chosen to smell. all they
details, know about
and well- Indian
structured Culture.
Day Goal 5.1: CCRA.L.2. cultures Traditions -Bring Word Wall Have the
Seven 2.SS.5.1.2 2 traditions in South different Graphic children fill
Compare Demonstr multiple America/f types of Organizer out the
traditions ate perspectives ood, clothing Asking South
practiced command attire, they may Questions America
in other of the language wear in part of the
parts of conventio South graphic
the world. ns of America, organizer
standard especially based on
English during what has
capitalizati parades. been
on, -Basic taught that
punctuati Spanish day.
on, and words.
Day Goal 5.1: CCRA.SL.2 cultures Traditions -Show Word Wall Have
Eight 2.SS.5.1.2 .1Prepare traditions in pictures PAVE students
Compare for and multiple Europe/fo of attire Concept research
Nicolette Call
Second Grade
Cultures and Traditions
Global Perspectives

traditions participat perspectives od, European Mapping different
practiced e language, s wear, countries in
in other effectively attire dependin Europe,
parts of in a range g on the then share
the world. of country with the
conversati they are class.
ons and in.
collaborati -Map of
ons with Europe
diverse -
partners, Compute
building rs for
on others‟ research
ideas and
their own
Day Goal 5.1: CCRA.W.2. cultures Traditions -Different Graphic Have
Nine 2.SS.5.1.2 9 Draw traditions in cultures organizer children fill
Compare evidence multiple Asia/food, within Word Wall out graphic
traditions from perspectives attire, the Asian Synthesizi organizer
practiced literary or language culture. ng they
in other informatio Stress Asking created on
parts of nal texts how Questions a piece of
the world. to support there are paper
analysis, many about the
reflection, types of Asian
and Asians country and
research. -Map of all they
Asia know about
-pictures it. Then
of food have each
write a
about Asia,
and switch
with a
Nicolette Call
Second Grade
Cultures and Traditions
Global Perspectives

answer the
Day Goal 5.1: CCRA.W.2. cultures Cultural -Have Show and Have
Ten 2.SS.5.1.2 7 Conduct traditions Day/comp each Tell students
Compare short as multiple arison of student ReQuest answer
traditions well as perspectives the bring in a Synthesizi questions
practiced more different different ng that have to
in other sustained cultures type of Making do with
parts of research we have food Connectio every
the world. projects learned from ns culture and
based on about/ different tradition
focused What are countries. they have
questions, the -If a learned
demonstr difference student is about to
ating s? of a assess their
understan different knowledge
ding of culture, of previous
the have days. Ask
subject them where each
under bring country is
somethin on the
g from map, ask
their them to
home. write one
from each

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