Exercises: Definition phase

Exercise 1

Which analysis techniques are commonly used within the scope of a problem analysis?

Exercise 2

What are the three major target components?

Exercise 3

Which of the following target formulations are correctly formulated based on their characteristics?


The software MS Project must be installed.
The desired functionalities of the shop solution shall
include: product catalogue including ordering options,
service facilities, special offers, contact and exchange
A multi media CD-ROM must be produced by the date
of the trade fair.
At the exhibition stand no flyers shall be distributed.
Because of cost concerns the erection of the exhibition
stand shall not be undertaken by a professional stand
The flyer shall be delivered direct to the trade fair in a
batch of 3000.

Exercise 4 Which properties shall the target formulation feature? Please mark neat motivating verifiable solution neutral relaxed positive achievable formatted not interpretable Exercise 5 Which indications does the project order form contain as a rule? Please mark Milestones Status report Minutes Project targets Project budget Photo documentation Mailing list Main tasks Costs plan Project organisation Contract conditions .

The requirements specification book contains all requirements of the project initiator with respect to targets. The requirements specification book describes what is to be produced and for what. The functional and performance specifications document contains the technical Implementation. The requirements specification book is compiled by the project initiator and describes the demand profile of the project members.Exercise 6 Which statements do apply? Please mark The requirements specification book describes how the tasks of the project must be processed. . The functional and performance specifications document describes the customer demands. The functional and performance specifications document is part of the project file and documents the project results. delivery and performance extent. The functional and performance specifications document defines how and with what the requirements of the specification book shall be realised.

Exercise 7 Which variants of the project organisation are meant by the following scenarios? Influenced Matrix Pure project project project organi. In consultation with the departmental heads you may access co-workers. including hardware and software is to be installed. Training in-house co-workers must also be conducted. You are responsible for the training concept and the selection of external training achievements. As project leader you have the task to give EDP-training in the section of personnel development for the different departments of the business. As project leader you are required to establish an independent project organisation. organi. plan. . With regard to the specifications of the departmental heads you may access the personnel of the different speciality departments. organi- sation: sation: sation: As IT administrator you are assigned for the project leadership for the preparation of the 2008 business report. You must coordinate the layout design. For a large customer's order form the building industry a new EDP system. For this measure the business organisation shall be supplemented with an additional entity ''Advanced Training EDP'' for a period of 2 years. organise and supervise the project. the setting and printing as well as the content-related design.

Exercise 8 Which criteria are to be considered at the choice of the project team? Please mark Availability Ability to deal with conflict Technical know-how Mode of operation Appearance Resilience Integration ability Sense of family Sense of responsibility Enthusiasm Exercise 9 Which items on the agenda are to be dealt with at the kick-off meeting? Please mark Content related coordination of the project work Introduction of the planning instruments Introduction of the project order Introduction of the project organisation Presentation of the enterprises of the sub-contractors Agreement on the rules of the game Introduction of the participants Introduction of the controlling tasks Agreement services of the secretariat Agreement on the rough time planning Compilation of the project order Allocation of roles and main tasks Introduction and coordination of the project targets .

Exercise 10 Which tasks are to be settled during the definition phase of a project? Please mark Moderation of workshops Conduct analysis of causes Compile project target definition Detailed term and milestone planning Detailed structure of the work packages Conduct kick-off meeting Have project order approved Compile detailed cost planning Conduct analysis of starting position Establish project organisation Compile status reports .