Good morning


You promised to call back yesterday but as usual I am not surprised that you did not.

2. As a matter of fact I have vowed that I will not exchange any message with you for reasons
best known to me and for the I don’t care attitude you have been showing since the time God
brought us together. You have display high level of insincerity and you take pleasure from
telling lies at your age. If I may ask you, what will be your reaction assuming I am the one
exhibiting the type of character you are showing. Certainly you would have stopped having
anything to do with me. If truly you believed in your Bible and the preaching of Jesus Christ do
you think your prayers can be answered with this type of unholy behavior full of deceitfulness,
disrespect, lies and lack of human feelings? Your character did not command any professional
respect and leaves much in doubt about you as a person and your qualification.

3. I want you to recall that there was never a time I called you to be assisted when this project
was awarded to you barely a year and Four months ago. I know how much I have assisted you
morally and professionally to see to the successful completion of the project. I must be
emphatic, telling you that I regret knowing you because your intention towards me is a threat
to my record. I should however let you know that God is the best of all judges.

4. Your complaint has always being that OTUNBA took money from you. Only God knows
what is hidden but for sure I know you are a blatant lier. There is no way OTUNBA will not
know the details of what has been expended on this project when the time comes for final
analysis. The total amount of money expended on the project you are handling is just about
N20M to date as detailed below:

(i) Pole Fabrication - N7,650,000.00

(ii) Fittings - N5,049,000.00

(iii) Labour/Other civil work - N6,250,000.00

(iv) Industrial Cable - N 300,000.00


Though it may be a bitter lesson for me but I am sure I will overcome it. 5.” 6. TODAY is within our control to change the recorded bad deeds of YESTERDAY. Don’t you have the fear of God in you? Why are you deceiving yourself that you are a follower of “Jesus Christ” when in actual sense you did not follow his doctrine? Today you are selling a land worth of 800M. 7. while TOMORROW will judge our today and thereafter we can tell whether or not the end has justify the means. Please for God’s sake. and yet you are playing on my intelligence as if I don’t know my right from left. are you not ashamed of telling lies? Don’t you know that you are dealing with someone that is endowed by God with natural sense of thinking and high level of perceptions? “YESTERDAY has gone beyond our reach. next tomorrow you want to take overdraft from the Bank. My worry is all about you because you are holding the “FOUR ACES” today but do you know what TOMORROW has in stock for you? . tomorrow you have been given a draft. because I meant no evil to you. I want you to know that the present situation will surely pass away. Your company has been paid roughly the sum of N126m.