Slide Transitions

Transitions specify how each slide displays as the presentation moves from one slide to
the next. Transitions are special visual effects that are applied to a particular slide or
group of slides.
Use Normal view or Slide Sorter view to select the type of transition and specify:
• The sound
• The speed
• When the transition occurs

Set a Transition for an Individual or Group of Slides
1. In Normal or Slide Sorter view, make the appropriate slide active.
To select a group of slides, CTRL + click on each particular slide in the Slide Sorter
view or in the Overview pane of Normal View.

In class, make slide 2 active. It has the bulleted list.
2. On the Animations tab of the Ribbon, in the Transition to This Slide group, click on
the More tool .

A gallery of transitions displays. There are six groups of transitions:
- No transition
- Fades and Dissolves Tip – Apply a Transition to All
- Wipes Slides
- Push and Cover Click on the tool on the
- Stripes and Bars Animation tab after all the transition
- Random selections are made.
3. Use Live Preview to select a transition.
4. Select a Transition Speed:

• Click on the down arrow for .
A list displays.

• Select a speed.
In class, select Slow.

Sometimes a sound is useful to call attention to a particular slide. click on the down arrow at . Keep in mind that for many presentations. 8. This sound will be applied only to the active slide. OPTIONAL: To use this transition on all the slides in this slide show. be sure that only the Advance Slide setting of On Mouse Click is marked. click on . In class. it is best practice to have no sound. 6. To select a sound. Click on the Preview tool to review your choices. 5. On the Slide tab of the Overview pane or in the Slide Sorter view. . Make a selection in the Advance Slide area. Note the transition symbol appears next to each slide. A list of sounds display. note the transition symbol next to slide 2. 9. unless you select the Apply to All tool. Save the changes. A saved sound file may be selected here. 7. again.