The benefits of tax amnesty for our country

Assalamua’laikum wr. wb.

As we know, Indonesian President Joko Widodo launched the tax amnesty program on
Friday (01/07) during a speech in front of hundreds of businessmen and officials at Indonesia's
tax office headquarters in Jakarta. The tax amnesty program is a strategy to boost state tax
income by (temporarily) granting amnesty as well as offering attractive incentives to (former)
tax evaders. In return, the tax dodgers have to declare and (if wanted) repatriate their offshore
assets into Indonesia.

The tax amnesty program of Indonesia is designed to run for nine months (from July
2016 to March 2017) and is targeted to cause the repatriation of trillions of rupiah worth of
offshore assets into Indonesia, Southeast Asia's largest economy. The Indonesian government
stated it would like to see the repatriation of IDR 1,000 trillion (approx. USD $76 billion) that is
currently stashed in offshore tax havens by Indonesians. In total, the government assumes that
some IDR 4,000 trillion is secretly stashed abroad.

According to President Widodo, the tax amnesty program is an important tool to resolve
Indonesia's ongoing tax issues (namely low tax revenue) and to boost the economy as a whole
as the government is able to generate much-needed funds that can be used to invest in the
structural development of Indonesia (such as infrastructure and social development).
Infrastructure development, for example, is estimated to require some IDR 4,900 trillion
(approx. USD $371 billion) worth of funds in the years ahead.

The first phase of Indonesia’s tax amnesty, which tens of thousands joined on the final
days, collected 97.2 trillion rupiah ($7.45 billion) in revenue to help cover the government’s
fiscal deficit, Finance Ministry data showed on Saturday. Government officials set a target of
collecting 165 trillion rupiah in revenue. The first-phase total reported on Saturday is 59
percent of that figure.

So, what is the benefit of this tax amnesty program ?

There are 3 sides who will get the benefits of the tax amnesty. The company, the
government, and the folk.

2. . if you follow the tax amnesty. Free checking/examination Every report that you do will not through tax examnation and tax crime investigations. it would not apply. Removal of Administrative Sanctions If you are late in paying the taxes. the company will gets : 1. So you could do instead of reporting without fear? 3. there will be penalties that will be imposed on you. But.From the tax amnesty program. Elimination of tax debt In a brief explanation. your tax debt will be cleared by the government.

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