Academic credability of sources

sources Credibility justification
1 2-3 It is one of the
public internet
person can edit
an article in
Wikipedia, but
references are
mentioned and
most of these
sources are
academically valid
which are wtitten
by researchers
&/or experts.
2 1 It is considered as
psychology-2794908 a public internet
source .The
references are
not valid.The
language is
simple and easy
.The writters are
not specialists.

3 4 It is considered as
a scholarly
website for
industrial &
psychology .The
writers of the site
are experts and
members in
APA .However the
references are
not cited.The
used language
terms.The site
targets students

pdf a scholarly online source as the domain is (ed).The authers are references are cited. 5 It is considered as psych-report. & researchers.apa. 5 Book is needed . The language is full of specialized terms focusing on students & researchers . 4 https://www.