Being a man

If u r far away

Guess who is near
It may be air
But sure it is here
Someone is dealing, another is cheating
Wait &never be bored
Future is coming on the white horse
Rains was there, rainbow everywhere
Leaves r falling ,flowers r growing
Calling the vague
Guess who is here
Sure it is here

ALIFE ‫احبكم فى هللا‬ . TRUTH is near . but if it is there If u can’t hear sound of others If u can’t feel how it is delicious If u can’t see flower colors Wait U r not depressed U r searching for the truth As truth is Sounds r different Food is delicious Flowers with marvelous colors & Love still …………………………………………….

dimp dump…… Did u hear that before ? Yes.30.Mumy it is ur heart One day he . 20 years before .we were .she . 1 day before. AH.40………….. 10 years before.u .they . Sound of neonats Deep & far . too internal 3 layers underneath Dimp dump . but when?! I can’t remember. NO one can separate us from our mothers EXCEPT if LIFE is FORBBIDEN ! .

”earthquakes r destructive . IT was easy now .Creativity is not a sudden happen Zoom in & be beside me Kjkj morals .how they exist together? LOVE & HATER in the same heart.”mountains r so high strong &great” he said .dynamics &facilities Once upon a time there was a small boy .he was always afraid he tried to be different but he couldn’t.& suddenly he found the key to be brave TRUST UR SELF UR UNDER THE HEAVENS OF GOD. ‫سبحانك ما خلقت هدا‬ ‫باطال‬ . But how can he ensure that? He couldn’t find the answer so he went in his life keeping life to be his guide trying to be faithful &strong reliable believer. HAPPINESS &SADNESS within the same eyes:’. A prisoner is the sign of FREEDOM. A breast sucker is the king of future.

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