Juan Carlos Classroom Management Plan

The Juan Carlos class room management plan is a very effective plan for the kindergarten
classroom environment. The students understood the procedure clearly and the majority of them had no
problem adhering to the procedures.

Here is a list of the rule:

1. Making Good Choices
2. Following Directions
3. Using Positive Words
4. Learning From Mistakes
5. Show Compassion
6. Handling Disappointment
7. Paying Attention
8. Respecting Personal Space
9. Getting the Teachers Attention
10. Telling the Truth

Each of these focus on developing a social skill needed for classroom survival. It covers many of the
procedures a teacher needs to have and does it in a child friendly way. If a child chooses to break one of
these rules they get one warning and then get sent to re-focus. A re-focus is simply a piece of paper with
pictures of Juan Carlos that represent his rules. The child would right their name on the paper and circle
the one they forgot. Then they place it on the teacher’s desk and return to the class. This has been very
effective for almost all of my students. Re-focus is a great way to make sure the teacher doesn’t fall into
the power struggle with the child.
The Classroom Map is Located in the Framework Binder