Use of computer simulations for injection

mould design
(CH4263 - Polymer Engineering & Mould Design)

NAME : W.A.P Bhanuka
INDEX NO : 120057A
DATE OF SUB : 07/04/2017

Advances in computer technology have led to an increasingly favorable power to cost ratio for computers. from medicine to toys. Mould design and fabrication is a costly and high technology process because it uses science-based computer-aided engineering (CAE) software to analyse and simulate the plastic parts. from bridge building to sports. Making a mistake can cause an ill-fitting mould at the final assembly and also make the plastic product out of tolerance and be rejected by the customer. . Plastic is now used in almost every application. computer-aided design (CAD) software to design the complicated plastic product and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to do the programming fabrication to run the computer numeric control (CNC) for milling or latch. Injection mould design procedure To start up a new mould design. number of cavities and selection of the mould base. So this advantageous and costly technology will improve productivity and process consistency. product outlook design. for this fast growing industry. from transportation to packing. ranging from household articles to space travel. Thus.o computer-aided engineering (CAE) is the assistant to process and calculate the plastic material flow inside the injection moulding. Following diagram shows the mould designer's chart. correct shrinkage of the material. new technologies are vital to ensure that this technology reaches perfection. the designer should know some important points to avoid some mistakes before going further Le. injection moulding is a process that forms the plastic into a desired shape by melting the plastic material and forcing the plastic material under pressure into the mould cavity. The shape of the plastic that is desired is achieved by cooling in thermoplastic or by chemical reaction for thermosetting. material usage. Generally. S.Introduction Tool and die fabrication in plastic injection process with new technologies is one of the world's fastest growing industries now a day.

In the plastic industry. the gate is considered the portion of the moulded piece that allows the molten resin to flow the runner or from the sprue into the cavity. It should be large enough for suitable fill rate and small enough to seal off and prevent backflow or over packing. Procedure diagram for Part Advisor simulation In injection and transfer moulding. CAD/CAM has emerged to the point where it now shows the promise of being one of the most significant technological advances of the century. The gate may be the same size and shape as the runner. CAD/CAM is enabling the creative energies of plastic part and mould designers to be spent in producing better designs in a shorter time period rather than in doing repetitive mould design tasks. . but generally it is much smaller. There is an optimum gate size.

this means it can enhance quality in the mould design by reducing in the number of errors. structural stress and contraction and so on so that the designers can change the unreasonable design and obtain the best technological conditions of plastic molding according to the analysis results to ensure the best quality plastic parts Flowchart of injection parts CAD/CAE/CAM . SolidWorks software is used as a platform for modeling and die design of plastic parts to realize the parametric modeling of plastic parts. and forecasts warp.Advantages of CAD/CAM in Mould Design  CAD/CAM technologies are normally used for the numerically controlled machining technology to fabrication for the moulds and also its ability to create three-dimensional product models in the data base and to generate automatically. Application of CAD/CAM in Mould Design CAD / CAE /CAM System Process of Injection Molding Parts. Plastic parts’ CAE uses Moldflow software’s MPI module.  Easy for users to redefine for part geometry. mold structure design and so on. by which simulation analysis is carried on in the entire injection molding process. parting. including the computation of the best gate location and the simulation of filling and cooling proc esses etc.  CAD/CAM used in the repetitive and routine tasks of mould making will enhance the quality of work life for those skilled mould makers by providing more challenge and job satisfaction.  CAD/CAM can help designers to speed up design for the plastic part and mould design process and reduce the long lead-time. CAD/CAE/CAM system flow of injection molding is shown in following figure.

After the injection parts solid modeling has been completed in the SolidWorks software. and then mold is designed by IMOLD plug-in. Injection Mould CAD SolidWorks software is taken as design platform for the injection mold. . SolidWorks software is outstanding three dimensional design software based on the Windows platform. and to create slide top block and other structures. and then import the MasterCAM software to realize the numerical control simulation processing by a dedicated data interface Mastercam Direct or the IGES format. By realizing injection molding parts’ mould-parting. and cutting tool’s processing path is verified and numerical control processing program NC code is provided with the software’s simulation processing function. Firstly. the third stage is to create a trough cavity and drawing and so on. the injection molding analysis can be carried on. When the plastic trademark the appropriate injection molding temperature. Plastic products modeling process The three-dimensional mold assembly diagram. to add mold and casting system. which provides the engineers with simulation results to instruct its inspection change the design and ensure the success rate of test mode. The entire design process is divided into three stages. and can quickly and easily create complex shapes entity by using parametrization and the characteristic modelling technology. the injection molding pressure and the injection molding machine are set in Moldflow. the 3D solid plastic parts were designed by using SolidWorks software’s powerful parametric modeling function. The first stage is to process the part mode. and create the cavity / core by mould-parting tools. with good data conversion capabilities and high conversion rate.The reasonable toolpaths of cavity and core are designed based on MasterCAM software’s milling module. the second stage is to make structural design. the cavity surface and core surfaces can be created in the SolidWorks software. product information will be converted to STL format file and output to Moldflow software. CAD / CAE /CAM System’s Data Conversion of Injection Molding Parts.

the melt flow rate and V / P conversion can clearly be seen. Warp analysis aims to predict the product’s warp degree in the process of forming and to analyze the reason. filling degree. According to the simulation results. After simulation of cutting process has achieved satisfying results. the grid condition needs to be examined before analysis and the unit which has effects on calculation results needs to be modified. process parameters are reasonable or not. Choose grid type Fusion (surface mesh). In order to ensure the accuracy of analysis. . The CAE analysis shows that the design of plastic parts meets the quality requirements. From the progress of filling state. gating system.Injection Mould CAE Pre-processing The plastic parts model created in SolidWorks is imported into Moldflow in STL file format and meshed. melt’s flow behavior information in the whole cavity can be obtained to determine whether the mold structure. and the injection control and the speed/pressure control are set to automatic. Rough machining uses 15mm milling cutter and finish machining uses 8mm ball-end-milling cutter. and then transmitted to the CNC machine tool to process parts. Molding process parameters including melting temperature and mold temperature maximum injection pressure. set the grid unit length and then generate the model grid. NC program of the cavity and the core are generated by the post processing. Loop wall temperature distribution chart The simulation processing effect chart of the cavity and core Injection Mould CAM After injection analysis have been finished. the cavity parts and the core parts produced by SolidWorks parting are imported into MasterCAM software by a dedicated data interface Mastercam Direct or IGES format. The toolpaths of cavity and heart are set respectively in Mastercam. Injection Molding Simulation and Analysis is done for Filling analysis can simulate the whole process from the beginning of the plastic melt into the cavity to the cavity full of plastic melt. pressure and clamping force. the correlation time. and then machined roughly and finishly in two steps with parallel milling mode.

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