Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Template

Topic: Cause and Effect Grade Level: 1st BYU-I Student Name: Nicolette Call
Lesson Type: Performance Level: Group Size:
#_______in a series New Material Isolated Below On Above Whole Small Individual
Re-teaching Review
Ask and answer questions about key details in a text.
SL.1.1 Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about grade 1 topics and texts with peers and adults in small and larger
Curricular objective/s: Students will be able to correctly identify and write the cause and effect of a story or prompt provided on a piece of paper.

Curricular assessment: Students will correctly write a cause and effect statement on a piece of paper, then identify which is the cause and which is
the effect on another students’ prompt.
Language objective: Students will discuss and correctly label whether a given statement is cause or effect with their table group.

Language assessment: I will walk around as the students are discussing their scenarios and listen to their conversations.
Vocabulary terms and definitions:
Cause: make (something, typically something bad) happen.
Effect: a change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause
Materials: Timer, 22 Pirate cause/effect prompts for game, 5 pirate cause/effect matches per table group, whiteboard, tape, glue, blanket, water
bottle, notebook, pencil, paper, bucket

Accommodations: Provide individual help for Cruze while he writes his individual prompt. Allow students who need additional support a partner to discuss and
help as they decipher the difference between cause and effect
Behavioral Expectations: Students will sit quietly Transitions: Dismiss by table from the Keva to their Fast Finishers: Fast finishers can help those at their
and respectfully on the Keva until it is time to desks. Once they finish their turn in the game, sit table group with their cause and effects
move. They should not be touching their neighbors back on their spot on the Keva.
while playing the games, and should only speak
encouraging words while rooting for their team.
Attention Signal (Regain Student Focus): 1, 2, Material Management: The student at the front of Grouping: Table Groups , Boys and Girls
3…eyes on me….1, 2…eyes on you. the line will be given the papers, then they will pass
Raise my hand and wait for them to raise their them down the line. Other papers will be on the
hands. desks before the students return from recess
Time Sequence of Lesson Materials
5 minutes Orientation (Anticipatory Set, Attention Grabber, Gain Attention, Hook): Split class into two teams, one of boys and one of girls. Pirate
Have the students line up on opposite sides of the whiteboard and behind the taped line. Hand the first person in line a stack of Cause/Effect
prompts, and have them take on and pass it down the line so everyone receives a prompt. While they are handing out the Prompt,
prompts, write two categories on the board, one that says Cause, and one that says Effect. Tell the students to read the paper whiteboard,
they are given, and decide whether it is a cause or an effect. The timer will be set for 1 minute and when I say go, the first person tape, timer
on each team will run to the board and put their paper in the category it belongs. They will then run back to the next player, tag
their hand so they can go, then sit back in their spot on the Keva and can cheer their team on. Once the minute is up, we will see
which team was able to get through the most of their prompts. Students will then all sit back at their spot on the Keva.

3 minutes Accessing Prior Knowledge: What is a cause? Answer: what makes something happen. What is the effect? Answer: What happens
Pick a few of the prompts taped to the board and ask if it’s cause or effect and why. Pick 2 causes and 2 effects.

10 Input & Modeling (Sequential step-by-step instruction): Blanket, Water
minutes bottle,
1. Set a blanket on the floor notebook,
2. Put the water bottle, notebook, and pencil on top of the blanket. pencil, A Boat
3. Ask the students what they think is going to happen. Disappears
4. Pretend to be the wind, and pull the blanket out from under the objects, causing them to fall over. Story
5. Ask the students what happened.
6. What was the cause in this situation? What was the effect?
7. Read “A Boat Disappears” to the students
8. Ask what they think is going to happen
9. After the story ask what was the cause and what was the effect?

1 minute Check for understanding: How can you tell what the cause is and what the effect is? Effect is what happens beCAUSE of the

7 minutes Guided practice: Each group will be dismissed to their table where there will be a bag full of the Pirate Cause and Effect prompts. Pirate Cause
Students should turns these prompts over so they can’t see them, and arrange them around the table so everyone can reach and Effect
them. They will play a matching game, starting with the person whose name has a first letter closest to “A”, then going to their Prompts, glue
right. Once someone has made a match, that person can use the glue and create a linked chain with the matches. Each match can
be added onto the chain until all the matches have been found. Once a group is finished, they should put their glue away, then
put their hands on their heads while the other groups finish. The teacher will be walking around to assist if the groups are stuck.
2 minutes Closure/Summary: Play the “Cause and Effect rap” Cause and
Reiterate that the cause is the why and the effect is the what Effect video,
6 minutes Independent practice: Students will write their own cause and effect scenario. After they write their scenario, they will crumple Paper, pencil,
up their piece of paper, and throw it around the room. Each student will then find another paper, enwrap it and identify on the bucket
paper which is the cause and which is the effect. Once they have done this, they will crumple up the paper again and throw it into
the bucket the teacher will be holding.

1 minute To be collected: The Cause and Effect “snowballs”