Night Shift Duty

Saturday, February 11th 2017

Name/Age/ Consultant
No Diagnosis Management Complication Transfer
Medrec in charge
P3A0 preterm delivery by extraction version ALM
Mrs. Wiwin/ 29yo/ due to transverse lie on retained second twin;
1. 1591239 spontaneous preterm delivery on first twin
Conservative Premature Contraction HHS
(outside); monochorionic diamniotic
Mrs. Siti M/ 22yo/ G1P0A0 32-33 weeks pregnancy; preterm Preterm premature ALM
2. 1591239 premature rupture of membranes
rupture of membranes

P2A0 term delivery by c-section due to ALM
3. Mrs. Reni/27 y.o/ Cesarean section - EDA
failed oxytocin drip
Mrs. Novi / 16 y.o /
G1P0A0 26-27 weeks of pregnancy; ALM
4. 01/11/2000 Conservative Polyhydramnion HHS
polyhydramnion; premature contraction
Mrs. Imas / 24 y.o/ Outpatient
5. 13/06/1993 G1P0A0 36-37 weeks of pregnancy - clinic HHS
Mrs. Tuti/ 47 y.o/ Solid ovarian tumor; abdominal tuberculosis Resucitation
6. 01/07/1970 under treatment; hematemesis melena; Stabilization of Hypovolemic shock HHS
159133 hypovolemic shock general condition


Hanom Husni Syam. SpOG(K). Chief Resident. SpOG dr. Chandra Garnida . MKes / dr. Consultant in charge. dr.. Andi Rinaldi.