10 SWOT Analysis:

S trength W eakness

• Insufficient volume of
 Vast domestic market
 Bangladesh stands second
• Lack of customer awareness
among South Asian nations in
• Infrastructure development and
ensuring access to financial
services for its citizens
• ICT platforms and sharing
 new mechanism for money arrangements are inadequate.
create and transaction which
• Pricing and accessibility
catches the mass customers
• Liquidity management
• Training lag of agent

O pportunity T hreat
• Growing economy • Threat of robbery is high
• To achieve growth and equity • The bank charges high fees for
• Get rid of poverty this service, adding
• To attract global market players substantially to the costs of
to our country agents
• To increase the employment and • very difficult to ensure agent
business opportunity banking systems work in the
• To baring more transparency in very remote areas
the system • Agents who are skilled enough

Chapter 5:
support by financing the agro to implement the payment
products system may also be savvy
enough to manipulate it.