Form for Provisional Acceptance of International Student by Shaanxi Normal

University Professor

申请人姓名 学习专业
Muhammad Afzal Road and Bridge Engineering
Applicant’s Name Major

拟安排授课语言 □汉语 Chinese 拟录取学生类别 □硕士生(MA/MS)
Language of Instruction □英语 English Category(Level of Study) □博士生(PH.D)

拟安排学习时间 年 月 至 年 月
Duration of Study Year 2017 Month Sep. to 2019 Year Month July

教授意见(Professor’s Comment):

Muhammad Afzal Has Strong background in Civil Engineering. He is familiar with
some engineering tools and have taken part in several projects. He is applicable to
pursue MS degree of Shaanxi Normal University.

教授姓名(Name of Professor):(Wang Hong) 签名(Signature): 日期(Date) :

教授所属学院: 电话Tel.:13568860662
College: School of Civil Engineering 电子邮箱

Note:This form is filled by professors of Shaanxi Normal University according to their knowledge of the
applicant. It cannot be used as an official letter of admission from Shaanxi Normal University but can be
taken as a supplementary part of the application materials for the study at Shaanxi Normal University