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Sponsorship Campaigns

Sponsorship campaigns are the most commonly used tools by companies that desire to

market their products to a broader audience. Sponsorships campaigns, mainly in sporting

activities, when effectively planned provides the company with an opportunity to be ranked

higher than their contenders through created awareness as well as realize advanced profit

margins. In this paper, I will be critically discussing the steps that I will follow in planning a

sponsorship campaign for Coca Cola.

Outlining clear objectives prior to venturing into a sponsorship forms the pillar for the

success of the entire process. Although a well-established and renowned company, Coca Cola

should consider identifying the goals of the intended sponsorship and their potential returns-

whether it is growing product awareness, product affinity or boosting brand loyalty. In the plan, I

would conduct an extensive market research to ensure that the message reaches the targeted

groups in the best way. According to Smolianov and Shilbury (2005) objective setting in a

sponsorship campaigns rules the process by means of increasing exposure, enhancing processing

and improving the campaign’s communication impact.

The next step would be identifying the underlying equitable opportunity by analyzing

what can be owned or achieved through the sponsorship. This involves clearly understanding

one’s target audience in all dimensions (Rosen and Minsky, 2011). Coca Cola should consider

investigating approaches that can be used to get their consumers closer in a way they can easily

keep track of them. For example, Coca Cola can sponsor activities such as premier leagues

where people gather in large numbers. In such congregations, the company should strive to

inspire the audience to consume their products while enjoying their activity, most importantly
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without interrupting the experience. Such is an opportunity to significantly increase brand loyalty

and affinity.

Assessing the sponsorship partners is also an ideal step to realizing a successful

sponsorship campaign. Rosen and Minsky (2011) argues that partnership are very effective for

sponsorship campaigns, however it is important to access the kind of partners available since

alignment with companies or properties that have different goals translates to failure. For

example, since people enjoy taking snacks during activities such as football matches and

Olympics, Coca Cola should consider partnering with a fast food company such as McDonalds

to provide a better experience to their audience.

Extending the sponsorship campaign to various platforms also acts as a crucial step in

conducting a successful sponsorship campaigns. According to Foley (2013), successful sponsors

consider digitizing their sponsorship plans in order to advanced their reach. With the rapid

developments in technology, this would be an ideal step for Coca Cola to achieve maximum

growth as a part of the inclusive market activation. Such strategy should comprise actions such

as creating websites, mobile applications and digital media campaigns. Also, the company can

employ webcasting as a means of attending to the global market as well as building added worth

for the sponsorship investment.

Eventually, I would conduct a market research to capture data and evaluate the outcome

of the sponsorship campaign. Clear objectives and a well-drawn plan are anticipated to provide

opportunities for evaluation, assessment and optimization of the outcomes. Thus, the step allows

for quantification and improvement of the campaigns towards a forward movement (Rosen and

Minsky, 2011).
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The success of sponsorship campaigns primarily depends on the actions taken during

implementation of the discussed steps. When performed properly, the latter relatively offers a

great business experience rather than mere affinity for the company’s products. Thus, it is

undoubtedly true that by adhering to the outlined strategic plan Coca Cola can be able to trigger

consumer’s behaviours as well as motivate new customers to try their products.
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