1. Look at this notice board. Then listen to three conversations. Who is speaking in
each conversation? Write the number of the conversation

a) Charge nurse ______, _______
b) Ward sister __________
c) Staff nurse ________
d) Healthcare assistant ___________
e) Students nurse __________


Student nurse : Excuse me. Thanks very much. (4) _______ you Ward Sister Kennedy? Sister : No. 3. Healthcare assistant : I (9) ___________ a healthcare assistant. She (8) ___________ in Ward B. Yes. I need a little help. I (1) ___________ Staff Nurse Mike Davies (2) _____________ you the change nurse? Sonya : Hi. I (10) __________ a student nurse.Complete these conversations with the correct form of be. (6) __________ she in Ward C? Sister : No. OK. What do you need? PART B . she (7) ___________. sorry. Mike : Hello. I’m Sonya Chaudhry. 2. I (3) ___________. Student nurse : Excuse me. I need a healthcare assistant. Student nurse : Oh! Sorry about that. Healthcare assistant : No problem. Can I help you? Student nurse : Hi. Student nurse : Oh. Where are you from? Sonya : I’m from India. Sonya. Mike : Nice to meet you. I (5) __________ not. 1.

Hi. Introduce yourselves. Are you from (partner’s country) B: Yes. I’m (your name). SPEAKING Work in pairs. I’m a (n) (your job title). a (n) your job title). too! . B: Nice to meet you. My name’s (your name). (partner’s name).Complete this text with the correct present simple form of the verbs in brackets. B: Hello. really nice to meet you. A. I am! And you? Where are you from? A: I’m from (your country). Use this model to help you. A: Hi.