Steven Batchelor

Professional Experience
Cloud Software LLC (
1155 W Rio Salado Parkway B, Suite 104, Tempe, AZ 85281
August 2015 – August 2016
Developed custom salesforce solutions for clients including:

 Batching trigger logic
 Pushing change sets between sandboxes and production

 Visualforce and Lighting pages
 Dashboards and reports

 Workflows and process builder
 Migrating data using talend and data loader

 Did extensive work with Lightning components.

 Salesforce Communities

Developed a java heroku application that used heroku connect to stream objects from salesforce and
perform calculations on huge amounts of data to simulate how well orders would be handled by providers.
Additionally, it would perform callouts to Map Quest to determine the nearest providers. It would then
return a list of the top providers for those simulation orders.

Developed a custom solution using Papa Parse to allow the client to upload/download CSV files which are
converted to json and upserted to salesforce.

Developed a suite of lighting components used across multiple clients.

Technologies used:

 Postgresql  Talend
 PGAdmin3  VisualVM
 Hibernate ORM  Papa Parse
 Java  Aura/Lightning
 Heroku

Pc Onsite (
21410 N 19th Ave #200, Phoenix, AZ 85027
March 2015 – July 2015
Maintained/repaired a custom CMS for clients:

 Rewrote broken stored procedures and SQL jobs.
 Decompiled binaries on the server using JetBrains dotPeek, fixed various issues, and added the
code to SVN source control.

 Merged fragmented parts of the site into the main project.
 Worked with code that was written in both C# and Visual Basic.
 Rewrote hundreds of syncfusion financial reports.

 Fixed server issues such as backups which would over fill the server and improperly configured
file permissions.
Maintained the billing system for sister company (Active Digital Signage):
 Fixed issues with the GUI mainly using jQuery/javascript
 Insured compatibility across various platforms and browsers.

 Updated several telerik reports.

 Rewrote the automated billing system which used concord payment processing.

 Did extensive work with Lightning components.

 Salesforce Communities

Catalyst Fire (
Cary, NC 27606, United States
September 2014 – March 2015
NetFORUM integrations for non-profit associations.

 Worked on the development and deployment of for the National Association of
 Did front end development for iCar's new site.

 Created an installer for Catalyst Fire's Flashpoint API and upgraded its stored procedures.
Technologies used:  Sitecore
 NetFORUM  Kendo UI
 Javascript/jQuery  Microsoft SQL
 Microsoft MVC  Plastic SCM
 C#

Open Source Experience

Development of an open source game engine and the accompanying site.
 Ragdoll physics  Per-Pixel motion blur
 Skeletal animation  Simulated iris effect

 HDR lighting  Automated builds on GIT push.
 Automatic bone mesh construction
Technologies used:
 C++  Assimp
 OpenGL  Bullet Physics
 GLSL  LAMP stack
 HLSL  Amazon Web Services.
 CG Toolkit  Git
 FFMPEG  Cmake

Assisted with development

 Added cmake build script

 Fixed compatibility issues with older versions of Visual Studio

 Cleaned up implementations of the glfxGetProgramName and glfxGetProgramCount methods.

 Worked on implementing techniques and passes
Technologies used:  Flex
 CMake  AST data structures
 Bison  Lexical analysis

Made improvements to help with syntax completion through the use of clang/ctags, gdb, and cmake

Technologies used:
 Vim
 Perl
 Clang

GTCC - Computer Programming ( 2011-2014 )
WTCC - Computer Programming ( Fall 2014 )

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1