Innovative Learning Environments in the HUB.

Our Approach to Teaching and Learning in the
collaborative HUB space.

Education has changed markedly over the the last 5 years and ‘looks very
different’ from when we were all at school. While the buildings within the
Hub, for the meantime, have remained the same, changes are very evident
in how children learn and are taught.

Over the last 2 years, we (the teachers) have sought to gain an insight into
innovative learning environments but perhaps more importantly, we have
inquired into the importance of collaborative teaching and learning in order
to prepare ourselves and our learners for the Hub in 2017.

Backed by enormous educational research and Ministry of Education policy, Makauri School has embraced
these changes. We appreciate that these changes are major and that some parents may have concerns
and questions about this approach. These are big changes for our staff as well. Already in Term 1, we’ve
had some excellent constructive feedback, that has assisted us in supporting our learners and enabled us
to refine what we do. It fits well with our mission statement ​“​To build pathways for learning success in
partnership with our community.”​ ​We view it very much as a partnership with you as parents.

We encourage you to come and visit and see for yourselves, the learning environment, having three
​ e urge you to be curious!
teachers, and the use of e-learning and digital technologies in the Hub. W
We invite you to come along to one of our “Cuppa” sessions, to hear about this approach to teaching and

The first “Cuppa” sessions will be in the week beginning 12th June. Two opportunities to have a cuppa and
chat in a small group. ​Monday 12th June from 2.00pm - 3.00pm. And Tuesday 13th June from 5 - 6pm

Why the change to the Innovative Learning Environment?

The majority of New Zealand’s school buildings were built between 1950 and the 1970s. Since then teaching practice
and learning needs have changed significantly. New technologies and building materials allow for new vibrant and well
connected learning spaces. All students deserve to be taught in these new modern learning environments, and benefit
from new teaching methods. The Innovative Learning Environment was introduced in 2010. (Source: Ministry of

As per the Ministry of Education direction, the proposed and
imminent building projects at Makauri School have all been
designed by architects as Innovative Learning Environments. This
refers to the buildings that are currently occupied by the Hub.
(Rooms 1, 2 & 10)

Long gone are the days where students are sitting in the same
place all day every day and doing the same thing with the same
Currently our learning environments of Learning Space B (Room 1), Learning Space U (Room 2), and
Learning Space H (Room 10) have not structurally changed but they are being utilised by all students and
teachers. Behind all of this, are years of thinking and work focused on how learning has changed,
educational research, plus a determined focus on preparing these students for a world that will be vastly
different from the one we know today.

Common query: “Why do things need to change. I went to school and turned out fine…”

There are enormous changes within society and today’s
learners will live in a world which is difficult to imagine. The
emergence of new technologies, and their exponential rate of
development, is dramatically changing the way we live and
work today. Our current students will enter jobs that haven’t
even been thought of yet and they will face a range of
unknown challenges. Children can now learn anywhere,
anytime and from anyone, and are no longer just reliant on
teachers, parents, and the library for information.

It is no longer enough for students to just learn facts and information. To thrive in this changing world, they
need to know how to access knowledge, communicate well, be creative thinkers and collaborate.

Our ​Hub Learner Profile (attached) ​is focused on developing resilient learners who are thinkers,
communicators, self-managers, and collaborators, that will enable them to ​‘Be the best they can be and
better than before.’ ​These learner qualities are the essential and vital skills businesses are looking for.
Please note our focus is not an and/or approach but rather an ​and/and approach, where the traditional
“3R’s” of reading, writing and maths are still the foundation skills of all other learning.

Tim Kirkpatrick, Nic Somerton and Cheryl Johnston 31st May 2017

We are aiming to keep these sessions small in number so that we can get maximum interaction and give
everyone a chance to discuss the HUB with us. We are therefore limiting numbers to each session.
If these two sessions fill quickly we will run further afternoon / evening meetings.

Please complete the slip below and return to a HUB Teacher. We will then confirm the Cuppa Session
you will attend by returning the slip to you. First in, first served!

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I would like to attend the Cuppa Session on Tuesday 13th June from 5-6pm

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