Virtual Volumes
Technical Deep Dive
Rawlinson Rivera, VMware, Inc
Suzy Visvanathan, VMware, Inc

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1 Virtual Volumes: Introduction

2 High level Architecture

3 Data path

4 Managing Storage Capacity

5 Ensuring SLOs through policies

6 VM Objects – Virtual Volumes

7 Data Services

8 Making the transition to Virtual Volumes

9 Learn more


Goals of Virtual Volumes

• Ability to express application
(VM/VMDK) granular data
• Provide easy on-demand
Capacity provisioning
VI admin • Compliance Monitoring
• Ability to get most out of the
storage system

• Easy Capacity management
• Meet VM SLOs
• Access Control and Security
Storage admin


called Virtual Volumes.High Level Architecture Overview Storage Policy • No FileSystem Capacity Performance • ESX manages Array through Data Availability VASA (vSphere APIs for Storage Protection Awareness) APIs. PE PE stored natively on the Storage Containers. Security vSphere • Arrays are logically partitioned Virtual Volumes into containers. Protocol Endpoint (PE) Snapshot • Data Services are offloaded to Replication the array • Managed through storage policy- Deduplication based management framework Encryption CONFIDENTIAL 10 . called Storage Containers VASA Provider • VM disks. • IO from ESX to array is addressed through an access Published Capabilities point called. Storage Policy-Based Mgmt.

VASA Provider (VP) Characteristics • Software component developed by Storage Array Vendors • ESX and vCenter Server connect to VASA Virtual Volumes Provider • Provides Storage awareness services VASA Provider • Single VASA Provider can manager multiple arrays • Supports VASA APIs exported by ESX • VASA Provider can be implemented within the array’s management server or firmware • Responsible for creating Virtual Volumes CONFIDENTIAL 11 .

Data Path .

Protocol Endpoints (PE) Why Protocol Endpoints? • Separate the access points from the storage itself Virtual Volumes • Can have fewer access points PE VASA Provider What are Protocol Endpoints? • Access points that enables communication between ESXi hosts and storage array systems. • Part of the physical storage fabric • Created by Storage administrators CONFIDENTIAL 13 .

iSCSI Virtual Volumes .Protocol Endpoints (PE) Scope of Protocol Endpoints • Compatible with all SAN and NAS Protocols: . FC . NFS v3 . FCoE PE iSCSI/NFS VASA Provider • A Protocol Endpoint can support any one of the protocols at a given time • Existing multi-path policies and NFS topology requirements can be applied to the PE CONFIDENTIAL 14 .

Protocol Endpoints (PE) Protocol Endpoint discovery process • SCSI PEs are discovered during an ESX rescan Virtual Volumes • NFS PEs are maintained as IP addresses or file paths • ESX will identify PE and maintain all PE iSCSI/NFS VASA Provider discovered PEs in a database. CONFIDENTIAL 15 .

Managing Storage Capacity .

Storage Container (SC) What are Storage Containers? • Logical storage constructs for grouping of virtual volumes. Virtual Volumes • Setup by Storage administrators • Capacity is based on physical storage capacity • Logically partition or isolate VMs with diverse storage needs and requirement • Minimum one storage container per array • Maximum depends on the array • A single Storage Container can be simultaneously accessed via multiple Protocol Endpoints CONFIDENTIAL 17 .

Storage Containers (SC) Storage Container Discovery Process • Storage admin sets up Storage Container vCenter with desired capacity Virtual Volumes • Desired Capabilities are applied to the Storage Containers VASA Provider • VASA Provider discovers Storage Container and reports to vCenter • Any new VMs that are created will subsequently be provisioned in the Snapshot Replication Storage Container CONFIDENTIAL 18 .

• Managed by In-band FileSystem commands CONFIDENTIAL 19 .Differences between Storage Containers and LUNs • Size based on array capacity Storage Containers • Max number of SCs depend only on the array ability • Size of SC can be extended • Can distinguish heterogeneous capabilities for different VMs (Virtual Volumes) provisioned in that SC • Managed by VASA APIs LUN • Fixed size • Fixed size mandates more number of LUNs • Needs a FileSystem • Can only apply homogeneous capability on all VMs (VMDKs) provisioned in that LUN.

Storage Container (SC) Do I still need to create Datastores? vSphere Datastore Storage Container CONFIDENTIAL 20 .

Storage policies Storage Container (SC) vSphere Web Client Datastore What do the Admins see? Storage Container Storage Management UI Storage capabilities CONFIDENTIAL 22 .

Ensuring SLOs through Policies .

Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) – Array Capabilities Storage Policy-Based Mgmt. Virtual Volumes APIs Publish Capabilities • Array based features and data services • Defines what an Array can CV offer CV • Advertised to ESX through VASA APIs CV Storage admin CONFIDENTIAL 24 .

Virtual Volumes APIs Sample Default Profile for (6090a058-cd89-ffe3-87763007db37] .capabilities Disk Types Disk Encryption Dedupe Replication Snapshot Storage admin CONFIDENTIAL 25 . Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) – Array Capabilities Storage Policy-Based Mgmt.

Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) – VM Policies CONFIDENTIAL 26 .

Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) CONFIDENTIAL 27 .

Virtual Volumes .VM Objects .

Virtual Volumes – An Introduction • Virtual Volumes vSphere Web Client View – Virtual machine objects stored natively on the array storage containers. – No Filesystem on-disk formatting required CONFIG • There are five different types of recognized Virtual Volumes: – Config-VVol – Metadata – Data-VVol – VMDKs DATA – Mem-VVol – Snapshots vvol – Swap-VVol – Swap files SWAP – Other-VVol – Vendor solution specific MEM CONFIDENTIAL 29 .

Storage policies Virtual Volumes Datastores Virtual Machines vSphere Web Client What do the admins need to Storage Management UI Storage Container get familiar with? VVol VVol VVol Virtual Volumes Storage capabilities CONFIDENTIAL 30 .

the secondary ID is the file path VVol • M:M Relationship between VVol and PE CONFIDENTIAL 32 .Virtual Volumes – Bind requests • IO path is established through a VASA Bind request Virtual Volumes • VASA Provider does two things upon receiving a Bind request Bind • Returns a PE ID to which the VVol is bound • A unique secondary ID to be used for IO PE between the bound VVol and PE VASA Provider • For SCSI. the secondary ID is the secondary LUN ID VVol • For NAS.

Data Services .

• A maximum of 32 snapshot are supported for fast clones Unmanaged Snapshot . Managed Snapshot .vSphere Snapshots • Offloaded to Array • Copy on write image of a Virtual Volume • Two type of snapshots supported: – Managed Snapshot – Managed by ESX. CONFIDENTIAL 35 .Array – Unmanaged Snapshot – Managed by the storage array.

Piecing It All Together .

Virtual Volumes – The New De-facto Storage Paradigm Storage Policy-Based Mgmt. vSphere Virtual Volumes VASA Provider PE PE Capabilities CONFIDENTIAL 37 .

Making the Transition to Virtual Volumes .

Support by Broad Ecosystem Makes Transition Smooth And Many More… More than 20 Partners Virtual VVOL Announcing Volumes in Partners GA Beta CONFIDENTIAL 39 .

.Learn More…..

VVols and SPBM in Nimble – Architecture Overview vCenter ESXi ESXi Nimble Storage Array Group CONFIDENTIAL 42 .



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VMware. STO1965 Virtual Volumes Technical Deep Dive Rawlinson Rivera. Inc . VMware. Inc Suzy Visvanathan.


Unmanaged Snapshot . instantly provisioning application images. and so on • Two type of snapshots supported: – Managed Snapshot – Managed by ESX • A maximum of 32 snapshot are supported for fast clones – Unmanaged Snapshot – Manage by the storage array • Maximum snapshot dictated by the storage array CONFIDENTIAL 51 .vSphere Snapshots • Snapshots are a point in time copy on write image of a Virtual Volume with a different ID from the original • Virtual Volumes snapshots are useful in the contexts of creating: – a quiesced copy for backup or archival purposes.Array creating a test and rollback environment for applications. Managed Snapshot .

progress update 1 or the profile specified progress update N vasa vendor • ESXi hosts guarantee not to issue any I/O to provider the source or destination virtual volumes ready during fast clone operations create acknowledge • Fast‐clones are similar to the snapshot operation with a few differences: – There are no revert operations vvol Read only to based VVol allowed – Space-efficient DATA CONFIDENTIAL 52 . performed exclusively on Workflow VMDKs – performed on the same storage container using prepared for snap the storage profile of the original virtual volume.Fast Clone • Fast‐clones are an out‐of‐band space efficient Fast clone Snapshot cloning operations.

Storage Policy vmware vSphere R Based Management – Array Capabilities Web Client General Name Description Capability sets Sample_Default_Profile for (6090a058-cd.capabilities Disk Types Disk Encryption Dedupe Replication CONFIDENTIAL 53 . Default capability profile for storage Default Profiles container Connectivity with Hosts Protocol Endpoints Sample Default Profile for (6090a058-cd89-ffe3-87763007db37] ..

VAAI vs VVol vSphere Admins vSphere Admins 1 clone VM from VVol container to 1 clone VM from VVol container to different VVol container different VVol container 2 vSphere vSphere 2 always attempt default 3 operation with VASA API primitives offload to array offload to array 1 default fail back 2 vmkernel data mover uses VAAI primitives for cloning operation If default operations fails VAAI API cloning operation primitives are used 3 SC-A SC-B SC-A SC-B vendor native clone utilized with VASA primitives Fully VAAI & VASA APIs Compatible Array Fully VAAI & VASA APIs Compatible Array CONFIDENTIAL 54 .