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Build on Synergy

SAE has been successfully contribute in many EPC projects of various industrial sectors. Engagement with Chiyoda Corporation (an international integrated EPC company.Suluh Ardhi Engineering 1 Company Profile Company Profile 2 . focusing in energy & environment sector. SAE . SAE at a Glance Established in 14 February 2008 by integration and crystallization a group of expertise having more than 25 Years of experiences. such as: LNG. SAE is ready to promote “green” technology to make ‘Suluh Ardhi Engineering’ means to engineer something (a Plant) on earth for better life – Build on Synergy. ISO. SAE always strictly implement the local and international standard (SMK3. to elucidate ‘Ardhi’ from the Javanese word ‘Ardi’: Mountain. and Power Plants. (Arabic ‘Ardhi’: Earth) aspects. Lantern. ) means ‘Clear’ or ‘Bright’. Land. having more than 65 Years of world- wide experiences) in year 2012 will blow-up our confidence to be a global EPC business player/partner. to illuminate. (in Japanese ‘sae’. Combination of hundreds local experienced professional of SAE and thousands global expertise of Chiyoda will form mutual synergy to perform a reliable and desirable solution to our clients/ customer and deliver more added-value to all of stake-holders. During that period. and OHSAS) to meet all of clients/customer requirements and stake- holder expectations. In the spirit of continual improvements. Being part of the world community concerning to environmental ‘Suluh’: Torch. Earth. better place to life as our driving force beyond our establishment SAE (in Javanese ‘sae’) means ‘Good’. Petrochemical.Suluh Ardhi Engineering SAE . and engagement with Chiyoda Corporation. Oil & Gas.

regional and global • To deliver the Product on time within Courtesy of RasGas Company Limited market. safety CORPORATE VALUE health-environment. Integrity Courtesy of Qatargas Operating Limited • Improving a sustainable EPC business as per clients/customer requirements and delivering more added value as InnoCreative per stake-holder expectations.Suluh Ardhi Engineering 3 Company Profile . meets or surpasses international standards at a competitive price. Vision Our Become a world-class EPC company Commitments • To ensure that our clients feel Mission completely comfortable in working with our teams. budget and meet the specifications as described on the contracts with • Being ideal long-term partner to provide EPC commitment to safety awareness business solutions. • Building strong competency in EPC Business to enable services for various clients/ • To offer high quality design that customer. and clean environment • Implementing an appropriate code/ manual procedures to ensure that all of products and services meet to the requirements/standard of quality. • Building strong competitiveness and high reputation in local. Transparency Teamwork Courtesy of Qatargas Operating Limited Winning Spirit Respecful Excellency SAE .

timely mannered but still with optimum pricing. 14th February 2008 in safe.“FEED of Cassava Based Bio-Ethanol Plant” Being member of Chiyoda group and keep maintaining its local contents. SAE believes that solid synergy between global networks and experiences. an International Integrated Engineering Company.Suluh Ardhi Engineering SAE . combined with strong local professionals. high quality. will enable us to deliver reliable solution • SAE Established in Jakarta.“Ethylene Vaporizer” 2008 • 1st engineering service contract award . Milestone Global Network On June-2012. SAE became a member of Chiyoda Group.Suluh Ardhi Engineering 5 Company Profile Company Profile 6 . SAE . 2013 • IOMS (Integrated Operation Management System) development is started • Mini LNG Development (by SAE & Chiyoda own technology) is launched CGH Chiyoda Global Headquarter 2012 • SAE become member of Chiyoda Group • ISO 14001:2004 (Environment) Certified (WQA) for EPC Operation 2011 • Various EPC projects with the accumulated value over than 100 MMUSD is awarded to SAE 2010 • ISO 9001:2008 (QA) and OHSAS 8001:2007 (HSE) Certified (WQA) for EPC Operation 2009 • 1st EPC contract award .

our commitments in safe manner. Oil & Gas. So.LETTER FROM Organization Chart PRESIDENT DIRECTOR As one of the leading Oil & Gas Gas EPC Company in the world) EPC Contractor in Indonesia. 3 Vice President Director Refinery. By strong commitment and more their technical support and high dedication to pursue the client’s knowledge sharing. on-schedule. SAE will deliver all of In-line with the national & global Products & Services effectively and economic growth. 4 President Director Temmy M. SAE always efficiently. Fertilizer. satisfaction. such as: LNG. Sutono Widarta. Yanuar 5 Supply Chain Management By powerful combination of all expertise and experience as Director our human capital. than 25 years of experiences. will surely busting- always uphold the philosophy to up our coverage of services provide supreme services to our widely and completely by getting clients.down is continuously exploring limitless the golden history in energy possibilities through development & environment sectors by our and innovation. in order to deliver strong synergy & harmony. SAE let us together to write . Director SAE . high quality.” Didiek Bawono 1 Business Development Director Suparno 2 Corporate Service Director Our experts and professionals have been involved in building Mitsuya Ogawa a broad range of major Plants. strive to improve capabilities Our team is consisting of local through innovation in order to Indonesian experts in Engineering– become a world class EPC Procurement–Construction especially Contractor and eager to deliver in the Oil & Gas Industry with more all stakeholders’ expectation. Power Plant and other Sutono Widarta Industries. Embracement of SAE and Chiyoda President Director Corporation (one of the largest oil & Human Capital “Human Capital is Our Strength” Directors “Combination of local Indonesian experts from SAE with the global experienced professionals from Chiyoda will make ideal synergy to harmonize energy & environmental sectors. SAE is ready to deliver any product & Sulaiman Firdaus service to meet our client’s requirements and stake-holder 6 Technology & Engineering expectations.Suluh Ardhi Engineering 1 2 3 4 5 6 Company Profile 8 . Petrochemical. SAE in Year-2012. and optimum price.

IOMS (Integrated Operation Management System) has developed • Conceptual Studies • Engineering • Advanced Analysis & Simulation and established. Infrastructures. Others other) SAE Integrated IT System Line of Services IOMS Integrated TPMS and Individual/Properiatary Operation & System & Software Planning Phase EPC Phase Maintenance Phase HOMS Individual/ Proprietary TPMS System & Software • Master Planning • Front End Engineering Design • O&M Consulting To integrate our Operation Management System. Oil Refineries. Mini LNG. Safety and Environment Management System Oil & Gas Loading and Unloading Terminals) • Information and Technology Management System ISO 9001:2008. • Health. • Technology Selection • Construction • Technology Development • Commissioning SAE . and our Client expectation. ISO 14001:2004. OHSAS 18001:2007 Petrochemicals (Synthetic Fertilizers. Coal Processing) Power Generation Power Plants (Power Plants) General Industries We keep working on reaching and maintaining full compliance with National and International Standards to meet (General Industries.Suluh Ardhi Egineering SAE . Monomers. TPMS (Total Project • Feasibility Studies • Procurement • Expansion & Revamping Management System) and Individual/Proprietary System & Software. and Petrochemical Polymers) Mining Process Mining (Metal and Mining.Management System Business Fields Continuously improving the management systems which include: Oil & Gas Value Chain • Quality Management System (Gas Processing.Suluh Ardhi Engineering 9 Company Profile Company Profile 10 . This integration are among HOMS (Home Office Management System).

sae-engineering.Indonesia P. Suite # 7-02 Cilandak Commercial Estate Jl. 62-21 .780 3339 (Hunting) F.780 3359 E. Courtesy of Qatargas Operating Company Limited Courtesy of Sakhalin Energy Investment Company PT. Suluh Ardhi Engineering (SAE) Garden Centre Building . info@sae-engineering. Raya Cilandak KKO Jakarta 12560 .com .com www. 62-21 .