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Our steady sales. Market sizes and trends certainly impact sales. Komatsu’s consolidated European equipment sales. Decreases in the demand for both construction and utility equipment in Europe began in the year 2000. we’re positioned even better to give you the machines and services that you need to prosper and grow your business. A company’s commitment and strength is always most apparent at times when market economies diminish. but we believe that the real factors that drive our organization’s success are the initiatives to make our machines and services better. as well as us. And now that market trends are improving. indicating a trend towards a market recovery. Since then. including the way that they are delivered to our customers. development and introduction of new European machines. We believe that this is a result of the high degree of market acceptance of the dozens of new and innovative machines that we have introduced during this period. Yoshinori Komamura President & Managing Director . a steady climb has been seen. The latest data and market indications are that our market has stabilised and that marginal growth will be seen through the end of the year 2005.Volume 6 N°2 3 KOMATSU Times 2003 was a year in which we began to see a market recovery that is is certain to positively impact you. across all product lines. has remained reasonably steady over the past few years. and consolidation and expansion of customer support over the past three years all add up to show our total commitment to Europe and its people. I am pleased to share the news that our industry is now showing signs of recovery from downward trends that began at the end of 1999. In spite of these market fluctuations. bottoming out in the final quarter of 2002.

and is Sweden’s largest kiln. Germany and Russia. by Nordkalk. Finland. a Finnish investor group. On this island. By heating limestone (calcium through several acquisitions. to provide limestone that has the ideal the Pargas limestone quarry in Finland. It boasts 36 locations The Storungs quarry is an open well as in environmental conservation in eight countries. Poland. loaded on dump trucks by hydraulic and pulp factories. is owned subsidiary of the Partek Group. the . Gotland hauled to a crushing plant to provide currently its biggest location in Island is situated in the centre of the the right-sized stones to feed the Finland. Estonia. the largest for use in kilns. operations in the early 1980s.652°F) in a vertical kiln. people and had a 252 million euro steel. lies the largest limestone quarry in Scandinavia. The products are used in the destinations around the Baltic Sea. which is owned the leading producer of high-quality. Sweden.300 Europe. Nordkalk was a wholly 60. and started operations in Lappeenranta. specifically: Finland.000 inhabitants. Oy Ab. pit quarry where well-defined and and agriculture. 900°C (1. selected limestone rocks are blasted The story of Nordkalk began in 1898 at Lithuania. A deposit of limestone in Storungs on chemical and physical characteristics the product of which was burned Gotland Island in Sweden. Norway. Nordkalk was incorporated into Nordkalk’s excavators and wheel loaders. pulp and paper industries. The limestone on the limestone-based products in northern island is shipped from there to several The company employs roughly 1. headquartered in Pargas. as turnover in 2002.[ Customer Profile ] Nordkalk — Fleet of Komatsu machinery sets to work at the Nordkalk limestone quarry — — by Dirk Billen — N ordkalk Corporation. The blasted rocks are and sold to paper mills. Until rural municipality with roughly carbonate) to a temperature over early 2003. but is currently owned by NK-Holding in Storungs. By 1910. and grew internationally Baltic Sea. ironworks deposit in the Nordic countries.

a PC300-3. The actual Komatsu operations. trucks. Komatsu’s distributor for Sweden. Several times each year.9 U. a with a full repair and maintenance best service and fully understand their HD605. SMAC and Komatsu have a close 5. HD465-5. Storungs machinery and ordered two WA700-1 loading crushed limestone . Nordkalk updated their (SMAC). that ensures Nordkalk’s production and a SK07J-2 skid steer loader.5 million tonnes (4. wheel loader. Volume 6 N°2 5 KOMATSU Times HD605-5.5 and four HD465-5 dump contract and availability guarantee needs. a PC1250-7 including component and parts lime (calcium oxide) and carbon hydraulic excavator and a WA700-3 inventories as well as full-time repair dioxide. Product engineers at countries. With the new fleet. base to 4. After crushing and screening. to customers. SMA Construction AB In 2003. a PC1000-1 and a the Storungs quarry are operating Storungs operation to guarantee the PC1100SP-6 hydraulic excavator. PC1100SP-6 HD465-5 and HD605-5 PC1100SP-6 excavator loading and WA380-5 in operation at the Storungs quarry blasted limestone onto HD465-5 limestone is transformed into quick HD605-7 dump trucks.S. SMAC’s tons) per year at Storungs. provides all on-site backup. at a fixed cost. a WA470-3 and two WA700-1 wheel All of the Komatsu machines at working relationship with the Nordkalk loaders. Nordkalk Nordkalk’s quarry at Storungs has managers and Nordkalk management is also making use of Komatsu been operating with a Komatsu fleet at Storungs hold meetings to discuss machines at other locations in various since 1994. equipment used comprises: a WA380. their and maintenance personnel to look the quick lime is ready for transport plan is to increase their production after the equipment. a WB97S-2 backhoe loader.

he takes competitors’ machines with application support. every machine is thoroughly checked Q. large-class I’m involved in field evaluation of new over when pushing it to the limit? and special application machine large-class machines. He demonstrates Komatsu environment that was a virtual mud Q. Off the line. yes… especially A. The excavator. My most embarrassing moment was retouching. expert driver Michael Flamme — by Marc Blondeel — M ichael Flamme works for Komatsu’s German distribution asked if they had any job openings for drivers. I was really impressed with its Q. not yet. How much of your time is spent machines for customers at private bath when the clutch broke down. Part of the time. I was so impressed with the A. I was taking it through its paces in an facility. Never. And field salesmen. demonstrating moment? cosmetic… cleaning and a bit of paint free. What was your most embarrassing only extra service that’s needed is stability and the fact that it was leakage. assists and advises Komatsu’s product 40% of my time. . Do your demo machines require A. Q. How did you become employed to a new machine. After each demonstration. How long does it take you to get to really know a new machine? Q. mud in front of the customer. and providing customers A. Q. Do you train new operators when routine maintenance on your demo their performance to help ensure you’re not demonstrating? machines? Komatsu’s top competitive positioning in European markets. It’s really just a matter of getting used to new features A. Have you ever tipped a machine engineers by testing new. In fact. articulated dump truck for a customer. Michael sometimes takes the microphone and tells audiences about the machines as another driver takes them through their paces. Komatsu machines are with Komatsu? and taking it to its limits. his operating quarrying machines. Do you look after the operator’s through their paces. Do you ever get stage fright? doing this. No it’s not practical for me to do him regarding his background. All machines. A. We have a workshop with a crew job and some of his experiences as an of technicians that are dedicated to expert driver. machine that I contacted Komatsu and when I was demonstrating a HA250 [ Expert Driver Michael Flamme ] At trade fairs. except utility more service because you’re pushing machines. working for Komatsu. Q. I rented a Komatsu PC210-3 without any mechanical damage. The rest of the time. comparing Q. It only takes a few hours to get used them to the limit? Q. No. this. I had demonstrating? product demonstrations and at major to abandon the truck jumping into the trade fairs across Europe. supporting our prototypes in actual field tests. A. He also A. We interviewed A. designed to be pushed to the limit A. Demonstrating takes up about 30. The rest is history. What range of machines do you and cleaned. demonstrate? Q.

This is mostly done pushing mostly wheel loaders to their limits. Who is the most important person that you know of that has been in your audience? A. The most famous celebrity that I know of was Gerhard Schroeder during the ground-breaking ceremony at Expo 2000 in Hanover. Experimenting yes. handling a range of weights while our product engineers measure the results. Do you practice or experiment when you’re not demonstrating? A.Volume 6 N°2 7 KOMATSU Times Q. Everyone in each of my audiences is important. Q. Knowing the limits of the machine and having a great sense of balance are definitely assets .


BR380JG mobile crusher in Europe. Italy has taken a broader range of equipment that performance and machine control delivery of the first new Komatsu helps T. Having it there from time performing silent crusher that will look for high crushing capacity.G. easy to time. combined with a fully correct sequence – a real convenience on location at the site. The finished product is delivered dealer Mainetti. the BR380JG was a perfect investment to provide BR350JG that it has now replaced. debris whenever the BR380JG is not needed at any other sites to crush first The new BR380JG offers significant class aggregates. automatic crushing process.G. They will need to have the crusher continuously said.G. can be used for building foundations.M. “The BR380JG is an excellent be in every area where customers at this site.G has a large area where the Trivella Guglielmo. there is no was impressed by the BR380JG. depending upon the could use for two specific applications: chose the BR380JG of Komatsu was material that is being crushed. In addition to adjustment.M. looked on-site production of aggregates.M.Volume 6 N°2 9 Mobile Crusher [ First new BR380JG goes to work in Italy ] — by Dirk Legrand — T he company T.r. when Its fully electronic controlled hydraulic high cost of transporting materials in compared to competitors’ machines: drive system allows it to automatically the mountains has been eliminated the ease of crusher setting and high start up all work functions in the because the aggregates are now made performance. This pay off in a short time with its high operations and maintenance.M..5-ton PC15R-8. more than twenty other Komatsu lock cylinder mechanism that allows One of the BR380JG’s main applications machines. While this machine is hard at work debris can be stocked. and allows T. businesses such as demolition and the It has one of the largest treatment The management at T. dealers in Italy. Hydraulic steering and The BR380JG’s second application is All of these machines were delivered a high travel speed make it easy the crushing of debris from demolition and are fully serviced by the local to relocate the machine. During the first days of production.G. based on its extra added value in di Valtellina Sondrio. for this function is economy.I.M.. improvements over the proven model . as required. Scavi S.G.G.M. the BR380JG from the discharge side. and time-saver. He in Italy. It is crushing granite stone. and crushing their favourable experience with equipped with Komatsu’s original bear demolition debris.M.G. This also facilitates the for construction works.’s confidence in the quality removal of clogged foreign material advantage of the BR380JG for T. to crush demolition production levels and low cost”. in association with undercarriage is the same as used in a wide range of base materials that Pancotti. in the mountainous area of Berbenno Based on this usage. of Komatsu products. The offered additional advantages. capacities in its class: 50 to 240 for a mobile jaw crusher that they One of the main reasons that T. Because convenience. The main T. manager of T. Mr T.G. one of the most important on Komatsu’s hydraulic excavators. assisting parts availability and servicing roads and civil construction. up to clearance with a simple one-touch from a riverbed to make aggregates five 34-ton PC340s. mostly excavators ranging the operator to change the discharge is crushing granite stone at the job site from a 1.M. and the works.M. tons per hour. is sufficient. more will follow. to expand into new functions. mobility.

Its performance was then with MHI. This factory versions of the PC750-6. This is done whether it’s a managing director of this MHI plant. did not have the physical conditions and because the local Komatsu needed to carry out all of the tests dealer “Schlüter für Baumaschinen” to Komatsu’s demanding standards. between backhoe and loading shovel material are quarried and processed applications. PC750 — by Michael Flamme — shovel [ Proof of performance in Germany ] An essential step before introduction each year at this site. Therefore. its excavator manufacturing facility both the loading shovel and backhoe Hartstein-Industrie AG (MHI) in Hanau. this loading shovel was Schlüter managed the local machine disassembled for transport. Successful tests: Loading dumpers in four loading cycles The successful tests of the new 80 ton Komatsu PC750SE-6 started September 2003.-Ing. completely new model. About 500. Komatsu factories for the first time. services omatsu recently moved the pro. went on the search for a suitable test quarry.000 tonnes of in recent years. shipped assembly and adjustments. Loading Shovel from Japan. and reassembled company maintains a close relationship K for testing. is a specialist in mining equipment. a specialist in large machines. The produced. Fixed raised cabs at Komatsu dealer Schlüter Baumaschinen from Erwitte. to Komatsu A single base machine is used to build Komatsu customer Mitteldeutsche UK. evaluated and verified under actual and full service contracts duction of its 80-tonne PC750SE-6 working conditions. The MHI was chosen because they had plenty UK plant and its surrounding countryside of experience with Komatsu machines. providing machines. . The rock is used of every new Komatsu model is a to produce frost protective coatings comprehensive test of the first machine and stone chips for track gravel. is Dr. There are Germany agreed to test the machine had already been manufacturing PC750 slight differences in the hydraulics in their Winterberg-Hildfeld dolerite excavators in a backhoe configuration because of different functions quarry. or a proven and other quarries. in the north of England. Jürgen model that is being built in one of the Aretz. The to a German quarry.

. Volume 6 N°2 11 KOMATSU Times various heights are available. The PC750SE-6 loading dolomite crushed Loading a dump truck in four cycles. All measurements showed excellent results and confirmed that the design was correct. the PC750 loaded blasted stone into 40-tonne Komatsu HD405-6 dump trucks. and hydraulic track adjusters. Each machine has to sustain plenty of tests. The new with the drop ball. Design engineers from the Komatsu plant in England planned and performed the quarry test. The machine delivered rapid movements and high performance with low fuel consumption. In its standard version. This 80-tonne excavator shovel with the 331 kW engine is one of the is equipped with a 5. — Introducing The machine was configured with Komatsu’s new European-built PC750 610 mm double grouser shoes. Strain gauges were glued onto sensitive areas such as edges and welds to measure material elongation. This way of testing certainly shows one of the reasons that Komatsu machines have a reputation for reliability. most advanced machines in its class. Peak force values were documented by computers. With its 5. At this test site. load-sensing hydraulics for combined movements. manufacturing of this model has now begun in the UK. A 1200 mm elevation was used in this test machine to provide a suitable view into the dump truck body during loading. Following some fine-tuning. before mass production begins. The cab is equipped with FOPS guard as well as a complete front guard.1 cubic metre shovel and 331 kW low- emission Tier II engine. boom and arm cylinder protection. wherever Komatsu finds the best test location. the PC750SE-6 Loading Shovel includes central lubrication.1 m shovel. it took the PC750SE-6 Loading Shovel just four cycles to load a 40-tonne truck. an electronic engine diagnostic system. This made an excellent contribution to the Loading Shovel — shovel stability of the 80-tonne machine in this quarry application.

This is enhanced precise measurement of machines Machine. performance.41m. rail cant or rail has answered this demand with the and off railroad tracks. Unfortunately. even when led to a predominance of wheeled have been specially modified the upper structure is slewed 90 machines being converted to road/ by Komatsu UK’s Working Gear degrees to the side. ensuring that the machines swing with its very small radius of are perfectly tuned for stability and just 1. The machine rail use. because of the high ground and rubber track shoes instead of Komatsu UK has invested in a unique. Komatsu UK machine has the ability to travel on of rail gradient. and it allows development of the PC128US Rail just alongside them. So there is a steel. using can easily work without obstructing machines cause damage to rail independent retractable drive bogies an adjacent line. PC12 on rai . pressure of the tyres. by the safe operation of the tail stability. These unique machines remains within gauge. [ Komatsu excavators take to the rails in England ] — by Ed Prosser and Simon Saunders — D ifficulties involved in transporting and operating crawler excavators The “US” in the model number designates the machine’s ‘Ultra Short’ The combination of these design features means that the PC128US tail onto rail jobsites in the UK have tail swing. ballast. The rig machine. They are supplied by Komatsu dedicated testing facility to verify demand for an excavator with the distributor Marubeni-Komatsu Ltd. rather than twist to the machine. and the easy access of design is that the PC128US Road/Rail is able to apply any combination a wheeled machine. the stability and lifting performance low ground pressure of a crawler The major advantage of this innovative of the PC128US “railer”. wheeled Division to run on rail tracks.

“The PC128US machines solutions. Commenting on the example of how Komatsu and its allows it to travel in a conventional new machines. PC128US quickly converts to work on their total fleet of Komatsu machines This innovative machine is another rail tracks. the specially equipped of the first 25 excavators. excellent visibility. The use of rubber tracks to almost 300. disruption caused to rail users due to and eliminates the possibility of the line closures. which gives the operator effective and safe solution to track environments. come to expect from Komatsu and In 28 ils England . Mr Eddie O’Sullivan regional Komatsu distributors work way along the rail line without the Director of BCL Rail Services with customers to develop real disturbing the ballast or ground Ltd. whilst eliminating the door provides safe and easy access. Its curved sliding maintenance. Volume 6 N°2 13 KOMATSU Times At the job site. tailored to their needs surface. The machine has a convex will enable BCL to provide a cost and suited to their unique work shaped cab. bringing service of Marubeni-Komatsu”. The PC128US is typical door being hit by a passing train or of the design innovation we have by someone working alongside. said. with the push of BCL Rail Services Ltd is taking delivery supported by the excellent after sales a button.

onto a personal Cumulative data analysis evaluates These reviews are made viewing user- computer. machine service metres can be monitored. [ Komatsu’s Vehicle Health Monitoring System ] — by Koji Ito — K omatsu’s Vehicle Health Monitoring System (VHMS) provides communication makes it possible for VHMS information to be transmitted makes the evaluation process easier. to advance maintenance control centre and then to the Komatsu and operations. The data transfer in several areas. friendly displays that interpret the machine stop time. the data is then sent maintain optimal machine availability. graphically displayed as machine data to be transmitted via took approximately one hour to be ‘change-over-time’. then be transmitted immediately to of the major components on large customers. The operating downtime. an Orbcomm satellite can be recommended. These recommendations The Orbcomm satellite transmits all of machines. in about ten minutes. designed to reduce repair costs and production schedule. via the Internet. site managers and service engineers. From this centre. enable remedial the Internet and reviewed by Komatsu measured can now be downloaded action before breakdowns occur. This substantially reduces the way that a machine is being used. This system has been planning that suits the job site’s Computer Centre. And in certain and operating method improvements data and present it in a way that regions. to the Komatsu Distributor’s service The VHMS reports vital information by helping to prevent unscheduled team for evaluation. happens almost instantaneously conditions of machines and their Using the VHMS system. Management recommendations can the means to monitor the health without stopping the machine at all. enabling the remote range from advice on proper driving the data down to the Orbcomm data evaluation of the machine’s condition methods. A ‘snapshot’ vhms . The VHMS system enables downloaded health information that previously Trends.

Sudden — gets the most from machine operating data — WA200-5 WA200PT-5 — Komatsu’s new 10 tonne wheel loaders — & — by Marco Maschke — K omatsu’s new WA200-5 and WA200-5PT are designed to provide They’re both standard equipped with Komatsu’s renowned SpaceCab™. spare technologies to help customers get codes that are displayed on the parts and components are easier the most from their machines.4 cubic metres. Finding the causes of breakdowns is an optional payload metre will allow simplified. And eventually. machine’s monitor panel are recorded to forecast. an operating weight in the area of 9. .Volume 6 N°2 15 KOMATSU Times function analyses data from before breakdowns are avoided by This is another example of how and after an event to help resolve monitoring and analysing data trends Komatsu uses leading-edge problems. and municipal works. machine life is extended substantially by ensuring proper operation and Komatsu’s VHMS provides significant maintenance. Needs for service. achieved in machines of this weight class. They’re quiet running.500 kg. And the review of payload data. They have a power output of 92 kW / 123 HP. The WA200-5 is configured as a standard wheel loader. It’s ideal for jobs such as snow clearing. lorry loading. benefits to customers. comfort and economy. levels that have never before been operator’s ear. enabling faster repairs. Fault and event history over time. for future reference. optimally outfitted for earthmoving operations. with a users with an optimal combination of with amenities and operator comfort noise level of just 70 dB(A) at the performance.7 to 2. and bucket capacities that range from 1. The WA200PT-5 is configured with a parallel lifting frame that’s typical of an industrial loader. minimising stop time.

adapt COMBINATION FOR perfectly to every need. thanks to their sophisticated hydraulic sys- tems.com . make Komatsu mini excavators the best.www. Simplicity of operation. Mechelsesteenweg 586 . the ultimate com- bination of technology and experience.Fax: +32 2 252 19 81 . A wide range of models and configurations. together with the possibility of fitting the machines with various attachments.Belgium Tel.: +32 2 255 24 11 .v. means that less-experienced operators can work with maximum efficiency. THE WINNING Komatsu mini excavators.B-1800 Vilvoorde . and often the only solution for many difficult applications.KomatsuEurope. Sturdiness and excel- lent stability guarantee safety and reliability in EVERY MATCH all work conditions. Want to try one? Visit your nearest dealer! Komatsu Europe International n.