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So the common the boiler. is good energy management. bushings etc. NRV NRV 3 Pump Mode: Condensate is pumped to the feedwater tank. this pressure is not always enough to lift the The most important aspect of condensate is its heat content. Water at This is the heat saved by taking away from the economic benefit of condensate return. temperature corresponding to steam (and condensate) pressure. 4Uses inexpensive steam. no cavitation. Condensate in Condensate in the controller opens the steam inlet and closes the exhaust. the steam used is very little. exhaust is open. as condensate is water that a plant has already treated (pre-treatment. which have their own maintenance needs. if recovered. Steamline Condensate Recovery Pump Systems Technical Data sheet WHY RECOVER CONDENSATE? Finally. Since possible. it uses expensive electricity. and the pump body returns to atmospheric pressure. Temp Conventionally. 180°C which radiates heat to the atmosphere. This pushes the water in the pump. if multiple Feed water supplied at 95-100°C needs less energy to go to an traps discharge to a common line. As the condensate level in the pump falls. valves. Therefore. Controller Exhaust Exhaust The steam inlet is closed. more fuel as shown in the figure below. as seen in figure m. Ambient water supplied at 30°C will use more heat. This results in a reduction of heat lost through blowdown. the controller closes the steam inlet valve. Steam rushes in. Further.e. pressurising the pump to the steam pressure. practice is to collect condensate in a tank and pump it back to ie.the pump needs to be switched On and Water at 100°C Steam Off based on the water level in the condensate collection tank. However. leaking seals. it represents a work and liberating heat. Hence. The pump also Water at needs protection from dry running. Most of all.only the pressure exerted by the steam is used as a Steam inlet Steam inlet motive force. OPERATING PRINCIPLE 1 Filling Mode: Condensate fills by gravity flow into the pump. the float rises towards the H position. The water cannot flow back from the inlet (due to the NRV). the float descends Exhaust Exhaust towards position L. pre-piped package for easy installation FEATURES OF STEAMLINE 4Electronic Condensate flow totaliser included CONDENSATE RECOVERY PUMP SYSTEMS 4Widest range of steam-operated pumps in the market . impeller wear or motor problems 4Only one moving part (SS float) increases reliability 4Superior build quality and rugged construction 4Pre-wired. oxygen removed. and L L opens the exhaust valve. 30°C recovering condensate All these issues can be resolved by a Steamline Condensate Heat Recovery Pump System. Note that the steam is not used up to pump (closed) (open) the water . scale/corrosion inhibitors. The volume (open) (closed) of water between H and L is a constant and is used to totalise H H Condensate in the quantity of condensate returned. an electrical pump is used. condensate is typically of better quality than normal make-up sources. Condensate is steam that has condensed as a result of doing pumped and evaporated to steam i. impellers. and the cycle repeats. As soon as this happens. (steam) and relatively pure compared to most water supplies. but this has many 10 barg special requirements . As condensate Steam inlet Steam inlet fills. a mechanical pump. Being condensed water vapour valuable investment that can be utilised over. air or gas to work 4Supplied complete with receiver. a fluctuating back pressure operating pressure of 10 barg and temperature of 180°C inside can cause malfunction of some of the traps. distilled). To Feedtank 4 Transition to Filling Mode: As soon as the float reaches position L. recovering and reusing condensate whenever condensate is an excellent source of feedwater. and has many moving parts 100°C such as bearings. so no back pressure (open) (closed) is seen by the condensate entering the pump. (closed) (open) H H 2 Transition to Pump Mode: As the float reaches position H. The small quantity of steam in the pump is exhausted. condensate back to the boiler feed tank. boiler water cycles of concentration can be increased HOW IS IT DONE? and blowdown amounts can be reduced with its use. the positive gravity head enables the condensate to start filling into the pump. it gets pushed out (or pumped) L L through the condensate outlet. The high temperartures of condensate cause cavitation in the pumps. accessories 4Negligible steam consumption 4Zero Maintenance. The condensate will be at the saturation pressures. which Condensate is discharged from steam using equipment through reduces the amount of heat (fuel) required to maintain operating steam traps. the boiler house.

003 X (150 X 1. to get an Horiz.5+0.1 X height in metres) barg PH = frictional losses in horizontal travel = (loss of 0. Selection Table Max. for motive air/gas 20% 1.5 471 860 1405 2105 3655 5120 9895 10994 12368 1. if any. If the motive pressure is not supplied by steam.20 So. we calculate the total length of pipe.5 bar g (given) 60% 1.1) = 1. L = Horizontal length X 1. go down to a Motive steam pressure of 5 barg. then the capacity of the pump increases by a factor as 1.5 bar g press. we can see that CRPS40 is the best pump for our needs.2. Vertical lift required = 15 m 4.495 barg = 0.5 575 1050 1695 2475 4275 5985 9691 10767 12113 .3 barg for a Condensate Feed Water Tank pressurized line /tank /deaerator ) Receiver PM = Motive pressure of steam or air PV Vertical Lift in The motive force of steam/air (PM) must overcome this back PM metres pressure and lift the condensate to the boiler feed-tank. air / gas. and PH then add 10% to this for valves and fittings online. PV = pressure because of vertical head of water = (0. multiplying Capacity multiplying factors Motive press. From the selection table below.5 2. This is the sum of vertical head.5 barg PH = 0. Total Back pressure (PV+PH+PFWT) = (1.5 barg Now. (not as crow flies but actual PFWT ie. select the correct pump for these parameters from the selection table below.1) = 0. Motive steam available = Steam at 5 bar g (PM ) shown below: 2.(PV + PH + PFWT) > 0. PM .5 1.5 barg 40% 1. On the left.5 barg EXAMPLE. Feedwater tank is pressurized at 0. Travel in metres equivalent length of pipe.5 barg and look for a condensate load of 1500 kg/hr.5 556 1015 1625 2500 4245 5950 12015 13350 15018 3. Horizontal travel = 150 m % Back Capacity 5. frictional losses through the pipes and existing back pressures. UNDERSTANDING BACK PRESSURE The condensate pump has to pump against a back pressure at Total Back pressure = (PV + PH + PFWT) the outlet. given or calculated ¾ Back pressure at the outlet against which the pump has to lift Out of all the above parameters.003 barg/m of horizontal travel) For horizontal travel. Where.1 length) PFWT = pressure if any in the boiler feed water tank (0 if tank is atmospheric or typically 0. Condensate load = 1500 kg/hr 3.5 600 1095 1825 2700 4485 6280 12396 13773 15495 5 2.0 466 850 1405 2240 3865 5400 7500 8330 9375 1.5+0.15 70% 1. vs. factor First.2-0.5 500 910 1715 2525 4315 6040 9800 10890 12250 1. we calculate total back pressure.04 PV = (15 X 0. Steamline Condensate Recovery Pump Systems Technical Data sheet SIZING AND SELECTION The Steamline CRPS is selected based on the following: ¾ The motive pressure of steam available ¾ The condensate load. choose the correct back pressure . Eq. but a pressurized Let us take an example to illustrate sizing. Capacity in kg/hr Motive Steam Total Back Pressure Pressure CRPS15 CRPS25 CRPS40 CRPS50 CRPS80 CRPS90 CRPS100 CRPS120 CRPS150 (in barg) (in barg) 0.5)= 2. for selection purposes we only need to calculate the back pressure against which our pump has to lift condensate.08 PFWT= 0.

No. Part Material 1 Pump Body Fabricated steel IS3589 2 Receiver Fabricated steel IS3589 3 Piping MS IS1239 4 Flanges CS to ASTM A 105 5 NRV’s Wafer Type SS 316 6 Float Assly SS 304 7 Probe enclosure Cast Aluminium 8 On . Steamline Condensate Recovery Pump Systems Technical Data sheet MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Operating Parameters Inputs Design Pressure 10 kg/cm2 g Instrument Air supply @ 4-6 kg/cm²g Design Temperature 180°C Motive steam / Air Pressure @ 2-7 kg/cm²g Capacity Range 500 kg/hr 6 -digit Condensate Flow Totaliser Power 240 VAC.0 ampere. .off Valve SS 304 9 Steam Inlet Valve SS 105 10 Controller Polycarbonate $aving$ ü Saving in fuel as feed water temperature is increased (6°C rise = 1% increase in boiler efficiency) ü Saving in fuel as blowdown loss is reduced Besides hydrotests and ü Saving of water treatment chemicals and processes pneumatic tests. 50/60 Hz. 5 x 20 mm Flow Totaliser Protection rating IP 20 Solenoid Valves Protection rating IP 65 Controller Protection rating IP 65 Probe enclosure Protection rating IP 65 Control Card Enclosure Poly-carbonate Cast Al w-proof to IP 65 or Ex-proof to Gr IIA. IIB or IIC Ambient Temperature 0 to 50°C Materials S. 1A Protection Class Fuse: 1. each and every Steamline CRPS is ü Saving of the water itself functionally tested in the ü Saving in Power when replacing electrical pump factory for 72 hours on our ü By recovering condensate you also reduce load on unique test-rig before being effluent plant and effluent treatment cost shipped to you.

Steamline Condensate Recovery Pump Systems Technical Data sheet SCHEMATIC DRAWING CRPS 15/ 25/ 40/ 50/ 80/ 90 Cond Inlets Receiver to Condensate Steam Steam Vent Overflow (BSP) to Receiver Pump Inlet Pump Outlet Inlet Exhaust A B C D E F G CRPS 15 2 X 25NB 25NB 15NB 15NB 15NB 25NB 15NB CRPS 25 2 X 50NB 25NB 25NB 15NB 15NB 25NB 25NB CRPS 40 2 X 50NB 40NB 50NB 15NB 15NB 50NB 25NB CRPS 50 2 X 50NB 50NB 50NB 15NB 15NB 50NB 25NB CRPS 80 2 X 50NB 80NB 50NB 15NB 15NB 50NB 25NB CRPS 90 2 X 50NB 100NB 80NB 25NB 25NB 50NB 25NB 900mm 450mm A A F G Overflow FRONT VIEW SIDE VIEW Receiver Controller Flow Totaliser Valve E 1680mm D Strainer Pump Body B C Condensate Condensate Inlet Outlet .

Steamline reserves the right to upgrade or modify any specifications without prior notice. 1999-2011. . please refer to our website www.steamline. For the latest revision. Ó or contact your local Steamline Sales Engineer. All rights reserved. Steamline Condensate Recovery Pump Systems Technical Data sheet SCHEMATIC DRAWING CRPS 100/ 120/ 150 Cond Inlets Receiver to Condensate Steam Steam Vent Overflow (BSP) to Receiver Pump Inlet Pump Outlet Inlet Exhaust A B C D E F G CRPS 100 1 X 100NB 100NB 100NB 25NB 40NB 50NB 50NB CRPS 120 1 X 150NB 150NB 100NB 40NB 50NB 50NB 50NB CRPS 150 1 X 150NB 150NB 150NB 40NB 50NB 50NB 50NB 1260 A F G Over Flow FRONT VIEW Receiver Butterfly Drain Valve Controller Flow Totaliser 2150 Steam Inlet D Strainer E Exhaust Pump Body B C NRV Drain NRV In the interest of continuous product development.

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