Synonyms for GAT General (NTS Test

GAT Synonyms
Word Synonym Meaning
Abberration Anomaly Irregularity, deviation
Charlatan Quack Fraud
Indolent Laziness Indolent means "Laziness"
Redundant Unnecessary Redundant means "Unnecessary"
Entice Attract Entice means "Attract".
Abrogate Revoke Cancel, abolish
Occlude obstruct block, close
Asperity Rudeness Rough behavior

Antonyms for GAT General (NTS Test):
GAT Antonyms
Word Antonym Meaning
Friend Foe Foe means enemy.
Diffident Confident Diffident means shyness
Enervate Energize Enervate means "to weaken"
Euphony means pleasant sound, and Cacophony means
Euphony Cacophony
Prolix Pithy Prolix means wordy, and pithy means "to the point"
Enmity Friendship Enmity means "being an enemy"
Foment means "to incite", and Quash means "to
Foment Quash
Abet Hinder Abet means "to assist", and Hinder means "to deter".
Undermine means "to weaken", and Bolster means
Undermine Bolster
"make stronger".
Scad means "large amount", and Dearth means
Scad Dearth
Quixotic means "Idealistic", and Pragmatic means
Quixotic Pragmatic

All Types of GAT Analogies:

What are Analogies?

In Analogy Questions, candidates are required to recognize the same relation
between the pair of words (in given options) to the given pair of words (in capital
For Example:


A. conundrum : obvious

B. ameliorate : improve

C. education : improvement

D. affect : effect

Consensus means agreement. So the relation between them is "same meaning
(synonym)". Similarly, the relation between ameliorate and improve is also "same
meaning (synonym)". Since, ameliorate means improve. Hence, (B) is an analogy to
given pair of words (in capital letters).
Synonyms Definition / Meaning
RATIOCINATE : THINK Ratiocinate means Think (Relation between them is "synonyms"
DISAVOW : DENY Disavow means Deny
ENIGMA : MYSTERY Enigma means Mystery
HAPLESS : UNLUCKY Hapless means Unlucky
Antonyms Definition / Meaning
ODIUM : INFATUATION Odium means Hate, and Infatuation means Love (Both are antonym)
FEEBLE : STRONG Feeble means weak. Feeble and Strong are antonym
GENIAL : UNFRIENDLY Genial means Friendly
INCHOATE : MATURE Inchoate means Beginner, and Mature means Experienced
SPURIOUS : AUTHENTIC Spurious means Fake
Worker : Tool Definition / Meaning
PAINTER : BRUSH A painter uses a brush
REAPER : SICKLE A reaper uses a sickle to cut the grain
CARPENTER : VISE A carpenter uses a vise to hold the object being work on
CARPENTER : SAW A carpenter also uses a saw to cut wood
Less extreme : More extreme Definition / Meaning

LUKEWARM : BOILING Lukewarm is less extreme than boiling
GAT General Word Choice Sample Questions:

1. It is expected that the assembly will _________ these treaties.

A. force

B. ratify

C. notify

D. signify

E. check

2. Oil is mostly _________ by trucks in Pakistan.

A. transfer

B. transmit

C. transport

D. travel

E. deliver

3. Bus _________ are going to increase.

A. fees

B. rates

C. bills

D. credits

E. fares

4. Pakistani __________ met his counterpart in London.

A. console

B. counsel

org and ___________ the data against level of tests. University professors visit the website www. C. allusion B. councel D. You are wearing an army's uniform. His believe that he could do this. A. fiction B. friction 6. council 5. faction C. illusion C. A. fraction D. is his __________. but the __________ is missing. addict 7. epic B. A. delusion D. consul E. epoch C. depict E. A. fallacy E.sheir. epithet D. epaulet 8. epicure E. inform . Children like to watch science __________ movies.

appraise C. let C. more 10. none B. permitted D. A. but B. asked . commended 9. no E. allowed B. and have E. are D. apprise D. Octopuses have not only large brains __________ also a well-developed nervous system. We did not have __________ questions for the lecturer. any C. amended E. The manager __________ everyone go home an hour early on Friday afternoon. B. or 11. got E. A. and C. A. some D.

on C. in B. to B. already B. A. still C. towards . with 13. out C. out from D.12. 2010. A. Saad is travelling __________ the school. looking E. Bilal is not receiving the call. for D. from E. Bilal is getting __________ the car. A. out through E. He is __________ at work. out of B. yet D. no longer 14. A. He came in Karachi __________ August 14. outside 15.

and enjoy 17. unpredictable . total of E. offensive C. in spite C. We cannot predict whether he will go on a picnic or not. C. off D. deletirious B. They went __________ the rain. A. sum of D. number of B. under D. I was surprised by the large __________ people who came. A. feckless D. A. amount of C. through E. He is so __________ . because the city is highly __________ . some of 18. capricious 19. We cannot say anything about law and order situation in this city. despite B. None of these 16. avoiding E. A.

B. A 11. baleful 20. A. dangerous D. B 2. He pursue research just as an amateur scientist. running for D. B . A 6. B 12. B 9. indifferent to B. enamoured of C. B 7. volatile C. C 3. B 10. struggling for ANSWERS 1. E 4. He is __________ fame and money. D 5. B 13. E 8.

Different aptitude tests including GRE. irregularity. Antonyms. difficult to understand. GAT.14. Summary Completion etc. IELTS. Analogies. test English Vocabulary in the form of Synonyms. Aberration Unusual and unacceptable. you can go back on that point by clicking "back button" on your web browser (Internet Explorer. B 15. Besides. B 20. Word Choice. deviation from standard. deep Accumulation Gather.). Abstruse Hidden. TOEFL etc. B 16. If you are coming from practice test to check meaning (definition) of a word. A English Vocabulary List with defination/ meaning and sentences. collect Acrimonious Angry and bitter feelings / words Affection Love Affront To insult . For example. Learn vocabulary and get command on Ennglish Reading Comprehension. Find English Vocabulary list here. A 17. He was not normal at that time. A 18. English Reading Comprehension depends on your vocabulary power. D 19. oddness. Safari etc. Sentence Completion. His act was aberrational. Opera. NOTE: This website contains different English Practice Tests. Firefox. Google Chrome. GMAT.

there is anomaly in supply. Not willing to obey something Arrogant Behaving in a proudy way. distant Archipelago A group of islands. that is unpleasant for others. A man ordered 5kg rice. Likely to be successful. Promising Baleful Harmful and damaging Beget To make sth happen.Aggravate To make worse Alleviate To make sth less severe. Few islands make archipelago. So. Synonym: Ease Ameliorate Improve Amenable Agreeable Anomaly Irregularity. but the shopkeeper sent 4kg. Apart Away. separate. For example. Considering oneself superior than others Auspicious Favorable. cause to exist Bevy Large group Brook Tolerate Cacophony . Argumentative A person who argues.

cautious. saying as it is. Synonym: Cajole Congnizant Aware Compliant (1) Willing or ready to obey. uncertain Carnivorous Any animal that eats meat Cautious Careful in what you say or do Chary Not taking risks. deep Confront To face Conjoin Join together Consensus Agreement . Synonym: Submissive. difficult to understand. Synonym: Wary Chide To criticize or blame somebody because they have done something wrong Coax Deceive. noise Cajole Deceive. (2) Agreement Concealed Hidden. Synonym: Coax Candid Honest.A mixture of unpleasant sounds. (2) A candid photo is one that is taken without knowledge of the person Capricious Shaky.

committee Counsel (1). Lawyer on behalf of somebody Crestfallen Sad and disappointed Curtail To limit something OR to shorten something Deleterious harmful and damaging Demise Death Deteriorate To become worse.Console to give comfort or sympathy to somebody who is unhappy or disappointed Consul A government official who is the representative of his/her country in a foreign city Contraction becoming smaller Council Ruling body. Antonym: Improve Detraction Making something less good/enjoyable/important Disavow Deny Distraction Disturbance Doctrine Established belief . advice (2).

place or thing that is mysterious and difficult to understand. Scholarly learned Euphony Pleasant sounds Evanescent Disappearing quickly. fleeting Evasive Wordy. short lived.Doting Liking/Loving something very much Elected Drawn from many sources. wisely chosen Elated Very happy and excited Eminent Famous Enamoured Liking something a lot Enigma A person. Riddle Entail To involve something that cannot be avoided Erudite Deeply learned. using too much words than necessary Exigent Urgent Fallow Not used Feckless Careless . Mystery. Not up to the point.

(2) To develop and improve sth Imminent About to happen Impartial Neutral Impecunious Poor. sharpen. short lived Foe Enemy Fond Liking/Loving sb/sth Frightened Afraid. No hope of success or happiness in future Herbivorous Any animal that eats only plants Hone (1) To sharp. penny less Indifferent not interested OR no concern Integrity (1) Honesty (2) Whole. belonging to sb/sth Later At a time in future.Feeble Weak. Not divided Intrinsic Inherent. feeling of fear Gloomy Sad and without hope. Antonym: Earlier . Inefficient Fleeting Disappearing quickly.

stick to his own opinion. Synonym: Gloomy Mulish Not changing opinion/attitude.Levy Government taxes Melancholy A deep feeling of sadness. (2) Innocent and simple Narrate Tell Neophyte Beginner Nepotism Favoritism Obstinate Not changing opinion/attitude. depressed. stick to his own opinion Mystery A person. Lacking knowledge. Enigma. place or thing that is mysterious and difficult to understand. very sad Mercy A kind and forgiving attitude Minatory Threatening Morose Extremely sad. Stubborn Offensive rude and annoying Pragmatic Practical Precede . Riddle Naive (1) Inexperienced.

biased Pillory To criticize sb strongly in public Touchstone Criteria Tractable Easy to deal/control. extremely hungry Skeptical Unbelievable Static Not moving Strut Walk proudly Stubborn Not changing opinion/attitude. not nuetral. stick to his own opinion Stuffed Full Sunninct Concise Partisan Showing support to a person/group/idea. happen before of sth Probity Honesty Ratify to make an agreement officially valid by voting for or signing it Ravenous Starving. Easily handled Tranquil Quite and peaceful Transient .Before.

cautious. Disappearing quickly. doctor C. and you are responsible for his actions Vow a formal and serious promise Wary Not taking risks. fleeting Trepidation Fear Urbane Wise Vacous Stupid Vindictive Trying to harm sb Volatile Changing easily/suddenly Vouch To say that somebody will behave well. scientist D. A. The board was amazed to see such an outstanding research by a mere __________ . short lived. businessman E. doctorate student B. Synonym: Chary GAT Sentence Completion Sample Questions: 1. amateur .

justify. gratuitous 4. customs. humanitarian. trial balance . the primary reasons behind it were __________ rather than __________ . obtain B. suppress. customs. posting B. procure E. redirect. A. I have managed to __________ the tickets.2. humanitarian C. Though the act was humane. customs. dormant E. recognize C. economic B. unrecognized B. Instead of a long line. belittle. A. develop. economic. A. publish 5. humanitarian D. In the Middle Ages. promise 3. specious D. protect D. A. economic E. returning prisoners in exchange for money became common instead of putting to death. The principal asked teachers to discover and __________ each student's __________ talents. The accountant's __________ of the account was discovered by the auditor. intrinsic C.

1. Candidates also use polls to help determine which issues they need to (4)__________ and which they should ignore. know 2. D 5. audit ANSWERS 1. embezzlement D. B 4. A. Candidates for public office use them to (1)__________ their chances of winning and help them decide whether to run. A. Candidates will sometimes commission private polls and leak favorable results to the press to try to (5)__________ opinion. C GAT General Summary Completion Sample Questions: Polls can be used in different ways. B 3. assess D. use . casting E. Once this decision is made. access B. polls provide information that helps candidates (2)__________ limited campaign resources to those groups in the population that support them or might be (3)__________ to do so. direct B. C. E 2. excess C. information E.

advance E. None of these 5. get 3. A. egoist E. rectified E. manipulate E. emphasize C. alienate D. think D. A. A. obtained C. eminent D. persuaded 4. enervate ANSWERS . C. made B. embezzled B. moved D. extrapolate C. patronage B.

which produce supernovae. and their velocities range upward to within a two-hundredth of the speed of light. On the order of 25 novae occur in our galaxy every year. It appears that every dwarf nova – and perhaps every nova – is a member of a pair of stars. The two stars are so close together that they revolve around a point that lies barely outside the surface of the larger star. extreme brightness B. speed of rotation D. distance from Earth E. About 100 dwarf novae are known altogether. probably destroys a star completely. In these smaller explosions the star loses only a minute fraction of its mass and survives to explode again. D GAT General Reading Comprehension Sample Questions: The explosion of a star is an awesome event. E 4. A 3. 1. Astrophysicists are fairly well satisfied that they can account for the explosions of supernovae. The last new star of this sort that could be observed clearly from the Northern Hemisphere appeared in 1946. 1. The novae and dwarf novae have presented more of a puzzle. Within our galaxy of roughly 100 billion stars the last supernova was observed in 1604. but only two or three are near enough to be observed. however. loss of mass C. According to the passage. our observations of nova are hampered by their A. C 2. From recent investigations that have provided important new information about these two classes of exploding star. The most violent of these cataclysms. Much smaller explosions. If the exploding star is in a nearby part of the galaxy. occur quite frequently. As a result the period of rotation is usually only a few hours. B 5. tremendous violence . the picture that emerges is quite astonishing. it may create a “new star” that was not previously visible to the naked eye. giving rise to what astronomers call novae and dwarf novae.

25 novae and super novae occur in our galaxy every year II. become visible by rotating in its orbit 4.2. occurs 25 times in 1 year C. not previously risen above the horizon E. the star survive to explode again B. II only C. the star devides in two parts . I and II E. III only D. occured 100 billion years ago 3. occured in 1946 D. When novae and dwarf novae occur. occured in 1604 E. occur in result of smaller explosions III. By the term "new star" the author mean one that has A. II and III 5. The production of supernova A. recently gained in mass B. occurs frequently B. I only B. the star destroys completely C. moved from a distant galaxy C. A. only 100 of smaller explosions are known A. become bright enough to strike the eye D. Which from the following statement(s) true about novae and dwarf novae I.

D 2. supernova D. The statement. A 6. D. The period of rotation of the pair of stars is usually only a few hours. because A. novae B. None of these 6. C . pair of stars 7. their speed is equal to the speed of light ANSWERS 1. novae and dwarf novae E. the two stars are very near to each other C. "velocities range upward to within a two-hundredth of the speed of light" is for A. B 5. the star becomes a dwarf novae E. dwarf novae C. they do not have solid outer surface E. C 4. the revolving point is too near D. the one star is so smaller B. D 3. E 7.

Skillful E..GAT-C Number of Questions: 100. None of these 2. Concealed 3. Ravenous . Irregularity D. Normal B. VACOUS A. Showy B. Stupid B. ANOMALY (Click on a word to know its meaning) A. Time allowed: 120 minutes Negative Marking: No SYNONYMS 1. ABSTRUSE A. Truthfulness C.Important Vocabulary for GAT General: GAT HIGH-FREQUENCY WORD LIST Following is the list of GAT General frequently asked words aberration | abstruse | auspicious | cacophony | euphony | eclectic fallow | erudite deteriorate | feckless | evanescent | hone | obstinate aggravate | feeble | vindictivefleeting | vouch | curtail | deletirious capricious | volatile | baleful | indifferent brook | amenable | conjoin integrity | concealed | vacous | arrogant | minatory | touchstone acrimonious | succinct | cajole | Impartial GAT General by NTS (Practice Paper) Sample . Straight C. Evident C. Integrity E. To prove something D.

Uncertain 5. Magnetic C. TOUCHSTONE A. PROBITY A. Carelessness E. Confused 4. Cheating E. Extraordinary 6. Very hard stone B. Peaceful D. None of these 7. Managing B. Arrogant E. D. Liar D. Practical B. Honesty C. Criteria . PRAGMATIC A. MINATORY A. Threatening D. Probability B. Moving C. Dreamer E.

Ratify D. Static D. Momentary E. Comfortable E. Path 8. Friend B. FOE A. Superficial ANTONYMS 11. C. SUCCINCT A. Tranquil C. Fraud 10. Tolerate C. BROOK A. Affection 9. Slowly E. ACRIMONIOUS A. Enemy . Cheap C. Polish E. Bitter B. Enemy D. Concise B. Expensive D. Friend B.

Famous B. Bold 13. Unlucky E. Weak B. Careful C. None of these 15. Careless D. Fraud 12. Quality D. EMINENT A. Happy C. Sorrowful B. FECKLESS A. CONSENSUS A. Foul D. Sad . Confused D. C. None of these 14. Disagreement C. Agreement B. Fail E. Special case E. MELANCHOLY A. Convicted E.

Demise D. Biased D. Popular C. CAPRICIOUS A. Impartial D. ENIGMA A. Neophyte E. Stubborn 17. Understood E. Imminent D. Intrinsic B. Nearness 18. Apart E. C. Certain . NEPOTISM A. Happy E. Favoritism C. Postmortem C. Mystery B. Frightened 19. Unknown 16. PARTISAN A. Neutral B. Query B.

disavow : confront 23. C. To face D. To remove ANALOGIES 21. accumulation : narrate E. hope : hone D. feeble : worker E. Confront E. To insult C. Shaky E. later : precede B. VINDICTIVE: MERCY A. Copy 20. evasive : wordy D. feckless : careless B. urbane : naive C. obstinate : tractable 22. transient : fleeting B. elated : happy . AGGRAVATE : ALLEVIATE A. AFFRONT A. Rest D. evanescent : exigent C. DETERIORATE : IMPROVE A. Praise B.

skeptical : trustfulness 24. promise C. bet B. FOND : DOTING A. cajole : coax E. levy : bevy E. I can __________ for his honesty and ability to work hard. transport : transfer 25. C. None of these 27. strut : walk D. means . student : teacher C. Job in this department __________ a lot of hard work. ISLAND : ARCHIPELAGO A. A. classroom : school B. chary : cautious E. vouch D. vow E. doctrine : patient C. A. chide : pillory B. time : search Sentence Completion 26. crestfallen : cognizant D. mean B. brook : building D.

bevy C. by Summary Completion During the later years of the American Revolution. None of these 28. people D. from C. here is too much __________. entails D. taxation 30. curtail E. This account is exempted from __________ charges. Each state distrusted (2)__________ and gave little authority to the central or federal government. A. C. I am afraid __________ cats. with E. sound E. to B. This government (1)__________ severely from a lack of power. contraction 29. A. detraction B. A. the Articles of Confederation government was formed. distraction C. tax B. interest E. The Articles of Confederation (3)__________ a government which could not raise money . levy D. I cannot concentrate. of D.

A. the others E. none of these 32. damaged B. fail D. A. made C. produced B. or force the British out (5)__________ the United States. 31. with the . other B. obtained D. elected E. diminished E. with B. A.(4)__________ taxes. for D. from C. others D. none of these 34. prevent Indian raids. suffered C. to E. none of these 33. the other C. A.

it is often a damaging affront to human dignity and sometimes a catastrophic blow to family life. and perpetuation of conditions which breed racial discrimination in employment and otherwise deny equality of opportunity. diminished resources D. the semiskilled and unskilled. 35. black . The social and economic strains of prolonged underutilization create strong pressures for cost-increasing solutions…. the employment rate E. of Reading Comprehension Read the following passage carefully and answer the given questions Unemployment is an important index of economic slack and lost output. While unemployment is damaging to many. On the side of business. The extra costs include disruption of the careers of young people. the black person. There is another and more subtle cost. from C. Nor is this cost distributed in proportion to ability to bear it. intensifies resistance to technological change and to rationalization of work rules. under capacity 37. it falls most heavily upon all except the A. economic slack and lost output C. prolonged high unemployment leads to “share-the-work” pressures for shorter hours. and underemployed person in a low income rural area who is denied the option of securing more rewarding urban employment…. increased juvenile delinquency. to E. On the side of labor. For the unemployed person. for D. but it is much more than that. 36. A. with B.The concentrated incidence of unemployment among specific groups in the population means far greater costs to society that can be measured simply in hours of involuntary idleness or dollars of income lost. over utilization of capacity B. the older worker. According to the passage. the weakness of markets leads to attempts to raise prices to cover high average overhead casts and to pressures for protection against foreign and domestic competition. It falls most heavily on the young. unemployment is an index of A.

higher social security payments 40. C 2. unskilled D. the death rate 39. restraint against union activity ANSWERS Answers: Synonyms 1. underemployed E. “no fire” policies D. more jobs by having everyone work shorter hours B. B. higher wages to those employed C. juvenile delinquency D. restrictive business practices E. The cost to society of unemployment can be measured by all except A. government action D. cost-cutting solutions E. semiskilled C. E . white middle class 38. protection against imports C. idleness C. a typical business reaction to a recession is to press for A. lost incomes B. disruption of careers E. Serious unemployment leads labor groups to demand A. According to the passage. higher unemployment insurance B.

A 4. A 17. A Answers: Antonyms 11. C 7. B 15. E 24. B 13. E 16. E 22. A 25.3. A 23. A Answers: Anologies 21. B 8. A 5. A 12. B 20. C 18. C . D 19. B 6. B 14. A Answers: Sentence Completion 26. B 10. A 9.

C 30. C 28. C Answers: Summary Completion 31. B 37. A 34. B 32. B 29. B 35. D 33. E 39. B .27. A 40. E 38. E Answers: Reading Comprehension 36.