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SUBMITTED TO: Ms Raheela Rauf


Group Members
Muhammad Ali Siddiq
Muhammad Ayaz Ashraf
Muhammad Mudassar Husain
Muhammad Rizwan Sulaiman
Muhammad Murtaza Ejaz Khan

MBA 1st (Morning)
Dated: April 27, 2010

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April 27, 2010

Ms. Raheela
National University of Modern Languages
Awana-e-Iqbal, Lahore


Dear Ms

We are submitting the report related to the marketing activities performed by Packages
Limited due on April 27, 2010.
This report includes the company introduction, different market offerings, Rose Petal a
unique product, market segmentation, target market, the marketing tools used by the
company, market orientation and BCG approach applied on Rose Petal.
We have followed all the directions received but as a human being negligence’s happen
from every person so please approve our little struggle in that competitive environment.



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We are greatly thankful to the Marketing Manager of Packages Limited Athar R. We are also thankful to the Muhammad Arif a respected employee of Packages Limited who make possible for us to visit different departments of Packages Limited which helped to boost up our knowledge level regarding Packages Limited. THANKS TO ALL Page 4 of 35 .Seekers ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This report includes the different marketing practices performed by Packages Limited for the promotion of Rose Petal tissue. This report is the result of the efforts made by the members of our group. Raheela who gave us the true knowledge of Marketing and enabled us to understand the complex topics and their application in practical life. We especially thank to our respected teacher Ms. Butt who helped us in preparing this project by giving the maximum possible information about Rose Petal and Packages Ltd.

4. Rose Petal is using functional Page 5 of 35 . Rose Petal is such a unique product which is offered by the Packages Limited in different brands in order to satisfy the needs of various consumers. To give values to the target customers Package Limited uses marketing tools. which instantly get the great reputation among the consumers. Packages Limited has a vast distribution channel (Wholesaler Channel. adult. Want for a Hygienic Product was raised for cleanliness which can be used and disposed a after one use. For the promotion of Rose Petal Packages Limited perform different activities as well as make the promotion through different campaigns. The manufacturing of Rose Petal was started in 1982 fulfilling the needs of consumer hygienic problems.  Geographic Segmentation  Demographic Factors  Psychographic Factors Packages Ltd is a dynamic type of organization which always tries to adopt new strategies in their Consumer Products Division (CPD) to capture its non-frequent tissue users (consumers) and to serve its frequent tissue users (customers). Packages Limited gave the solution of that problem in form of Rose Petal tissue. Since 1982 the Packages Limited has a joint venture in Tetra Pak Pakistan Limited with Tetra Pak International to manufacture paper for liquid food packaging and to sell Tetra Pak packaging equipment. The target market of Rose Petal consists on every age of consumer. and Territory Officers) by which the Rose Petal is delivered to its actual consumers.94 million as a joint venture between the Ali group and Akerlund & Rausing of Sweden.Seekers EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Package limited was established in 1956 by the result of joint venture between the Ali Group of Pakistan and Akerlund & Rausing of Sweden which was the leading paper converter in Europe. Packages Limited to its consumer market provides qualitative worth full and low price tissues in form of Rose Petal to promote profitable customer relationship. They targeted children. Packages Limited started operating in May 1957 with a paid up capital of Rs. Packages Limited is the only company which provides a long range of packaging problem’s solution. Packages Limited provides a long range of product lines for the consumers as well as to the industrialists. The market segmentation of Rose Petal is based upon different methodologies. youth and veterans by providing a long range of tissues. Retailers Channel.

The introduction of Rose Petal was derived form the need of such material which can be used for cleanliness purposes. The Rose Petal is purely based on marketing concept. However Rose Petal is following three concepts:  The Product Concept  The Selling Concept  The Societal Marketing Concept Rose Petal is famous among the customers due to its quality as well as favorable price. Rose Petal is going to hold the 80% market share of tissue in Pakistan. Packages Limited detects the needs of the people through a survey and introduced a solution. Packages Limited has started the advertising campaign by saying “Rose Petal Na Hota to Phir Kaya Hota”. Packages Limited deals with different Micro and Macro environmental elements with great efficiency. Packages Limited of his consumer product of Rose Petal Tissue lies in the star position due to his greater market share as well as its growth rate also shows positive fluctuations Packages Limited is committed to protect the environment because they realized that we are living in that world which has limited resources so that is why we make every effort to make sustainable development a reality.Seekers promotion campaign as they are relying on functional positioning statement. Page 6 of 35 .

15 3 MISSION VISION AND OBJECTIVE 16 Mission Statement ----------------------------------------------. 16 4 MARKETING STRATEGY 17 Market Segmentation ------------------------------------------. 19 Page 7 of 35 . 13 2 ROSE PETAL 14 Want For a Hygienic Product ------------------------------------. 14 Brand Target Group ------------------------------------. 17 Market Targeted ---------------------------------------------------. 16 Vision Statement ----------------------------------------------. 11 Industry Covered --------------------------------------------. 18 5 MARKETING MIX 19 Product ---------------------------------------------------------------. 10 The Bullah Shah Paper Mill --------------------------------. 05 Ch1 1 INTRODUCTION& SUMMARY 09 Packages Ltd Introduction------------------------------------. 13 Corporate Structure ------------------------------------------. 12 Division of Packages Ltd ---------------------------------. 09 Organization Culture ------------------------------------.Seekers TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary --------------------------------------------. 14 Introduction of Rose Petal -------------------------------------.

22 Business Marketing Channel-------------------------------------. 27 Product Actual Value--------------------------------------------.Seekers Price -------------------------------------------------------------------. 24 The Societal Marketing Concept--------------------------------. 28 Micro Environment----------------------------------------------. 22 Channels for Consumer Products--------------------------------. 25 7 BCG ANALYSIS 26 Star -----------------------------------------------------------------. 31 CONCLUSION Page 8 of 35 . 23 6 MARKET ORIENTATION 24 The Product Concept----------------------------------------------. 27 9 MARKET ENVIRONMENT 28 Marketing Environment-----------------------------------------. 20 Internal Factors --------------------------------------------------. 23 Rose Petal Promotion Strategy ----------------------------------. 26 8 CUSTOMER RELATION MANAGEMENT 27 8 Consumer Perceived Value-------------------------------------. 24 The Marketing Concept-------------------------------------------. 21 Distribution channel --------------------------------------------. 20 External Factors --------------------------------------------------. 22 Consumer Marketing Channel-----------------------------------. 29 Macro Environment----------------------------------------------. 19 Factors Affecting the Price -----------------------------------.

Packages Limited started operating in May 1957 with a paid up capital of Rs. At the initial stages the company started its business operations in Lahore with the production of packaging cartons for different industries. machinery.94 million as a joint venture between the Ali group and Akerlund & Rausing of Sweden. 4. The purpose of establishing the Packages Limited was only to fulfill the packaging requirements of the Pakistan industry for that at the initial the Ali group of Pakistan went to the Sweden for the purchasing of packaging paper where they get the idea to install a paper production plant in Pakistan. At first the Swedish experts came to Pakistan for the initial workings of the company.  Lahore  Karachi  Islamabad Page 9 of 35 . Packages Limited is working in different cities of the Pakistan. and also training to the Pakistanis.Seekers Packages Limited Introduction Package limited was established in 1956 by the result of joint venture between the Ali Group of Pakistan and Akerlund & Rausing of Sweden which was the leading paper converter in Europe. For the accomplishment of that idea Ali group invests their capital while their partners provide the techniques.

Packages Limited is the only company which provides a long range of packaging problem’s solution. processes and materials in packaging industry. Packages Limited has maintained a long-time credit rating of AA. Organization’s Culture Here are some key elements of Packages culture:  Openness and speech freedom. A package limited is listed on all the stock exchange in Pakistan. Packages Limited has a very strong realization that sending its professionals to international trade fairs and exhibitions to get an update of new technology.  Fostering innovation. Packages Limited also having a main competitive edge over its competitors which is not only providing the superior values to its customers but also to its workers by considering the importance of the real strength of Man Power.  Promoting individual growth. Packages Limited is the market leader in the production of sophisticated and higher packaging products. Page 10 of 35 . Packages Limited provides a long range of product lines for the consumers as well as to the industrialists. Packages Limited has made different joint ventures and business alliances with some of the world's biggest names which reflect their forward-looking strategy of continuously improving customer value through improvements in productivity.  Rewarding initiative and performance.Seekers Since 1982 the Packages Limited has a joint venture in Tetra Pak Pakistan Limited with Tetra Pak International to manufacture paper for liquid food packaging and to sell Tetra Pak packaging equipment.  Technological advancement  Updating learning and skills  Teamwork  Mannerism and punctuality.

the company’s production capacity will increased from 100.000 metric tones per years. The estimated cost of the expansion/relocation project was approximately $250 million. This project was aimed the following purposes:  Establishing a new pulp and paper plant in Kasur  Relocating the existing pulp and paper production facilities from Lahore to the new Plant  Allowing the company to increase the production of higher margin printing and writing paper products  Enhancement of converting lines and tissues lines in the existing plant With the new and relocated facilities.Seekers The Bulleh Shah Paper Mill.Another Milestone Recently the Packages Limited was planed to expand its business operations through establishing a new paper manufacturing plant by the name of “The Bulleh Shah Project” which is located in Kasur 50km away from the present location of Packages Limited in Lahore covering the 300 acre area. in which the equity contribution was approximately $75 million in the form of $50 million through right shares issued in 2005 and internal cash generation $25 million. Page 11 of 35 .000 metric tones per years to 300.

The Packages Limited is involved in the business operations in the main industries of Pakistan. Page 12 of 35 .  Also in 1993. The name of this project was Tri-Pack Films Limited. with an annual capacity of 12500 tones.  In 1995. the Company agreed to form a joint venture with equity participation from Coates Lorilleux. a joint venture agreement was signed with “Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan” for the manufacture of polypropylene films at the industrial estate in Hattar.  Soap Industry  Shoe Industry  Tissue Industry  Tea Industry  Tobacco Industry  Food Industry  Sweets & Confectioneries Since 1957. Packages has been producing inks for its own consumption. Packages Limited was the first company which used wheat straw as a raw material in paper and board manufacture. Punjab. NWFP. an agreement was signed with UHDE of Germany to setup a plant for the manufacture of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). near Lahore.  In 1996. an environmentally friendly bleaching chemical. a joint venture agreement was signed with Print care (Ceylon) Limited for the production of flexible packaging in Sri Lanka.Seekers Industries Covered Packages Limited is playing a vital role in the development and research of Packaging Industry and has successful in bringing new innovations in that industry. In 1993. world’s second largest printing ink manufacturer to produce inks for Packages Limited and the general market.

pulp and other forms of raw material.wide. The Consumer Products Division. which manufactures off-the-shelf branded consumer products.Seekers Divisions of Packages Limited Packages limited provide superior packaging facilities to the main industries in Pakistan. Page 13 of 35 . shipping containers and flexible packaging materials to individuals and businesses world. Under the packaging division they are involved in carton business. There are three divisions of Packages limited Corporate Structure The Paper and Board Division manufactures paper and board by using the raw material as wood. Packages Limited is the only company offering a wide range of packaging to its customers. they also engaged in corruwal business unit as well as having a flexible business unit in order to fulfill the flexible packaging needs of the customers. The Packaging Division in which they convert the paper into the finished form according to the customers wants. Packages Limited not only provides the packaging solutions but also provides the printed cartons.

Packages Limited gave the solution in form of Rose Petal tissues to its customers at low prices which can be disposed off after one use. Rose Petal launched a well conceived ad campaign. which are  Rose Petal Rumaal  Rose Petal Vanity  Rose Petal Perfumed Facial Carton Revitalized  Rose Petal Itar  Rose Petal Party Pack-White  Rose Petal Hi-jeen Paper Towels Rose Petal Rumaal Revitalized Page 14 of 35 . with that name Packages Limited win the title of first company who makes the introduction of tissue in paper industry in Pakistan by which the Packages Limited introduced so many brands of tissues.Seekers Want For a Hygienic Product There were cleanliness and unhygienic issues raised in the country by which people were suffering with different diseases and this was causing a high alarming situation in form of high rate of infected persons. The manufacturing of Rose Petal was started in 1982 fulfilling the needs of consumer hygienic problems. Introduction of Rose Petal In the field of consumer products. The Handkerchiefs were not useable after two or three times by which it was not possible to make a regular use of handkerchiefs. Packages Limited is also enjoying a great name in which one of the consumer products is “Rose Petal” Tissues. Rose Petal is offering in different brands by the Packages Limited. People were not holding any material which could be disposed off after one use. In February 2005. “Rose Petal Na Hota to Kaya Hota?” This campaign has an emotional and rational appeal which was plasticized on different TV channels and print publications. which instantly get the great reputation among the consumers.

Seekers BRAND TARGET GROUP Page 15 of 35 .

. a company that continuously enhances its superior technological competence to provide innovative solutions to cater to customer needs. . . Vision and Objectives Position our self to be a regional player of quality packaging. while learning from their feedback to set even higher standards for our products. management and employees represent and continuously strive far. system and human resources to effectively meet the challenges every new dawn brings. and rewards initiative and performance. technology. Page 16 of 35 ... paper & paperboard & consumer products. service.Seekers Mission Statement of Packages Limited TO BE…. which the shareholders.. promotes individual growth. Develop relationship with all of our stakeholders based on sustainable cooperation. updating ethical values. To improve on contemporary measures including cost. a market leader by providing quality products and superior service to our customers. and market opportunities to achieve profitable growth while providing fair returns to its shareholders.. a company which combines its people... speed of delivery and mobilization and keep investing in technology. . quality.. . a company that endeavors to set the highest standards in corporate ethics in serving the society... a company that attracts and retains outstanding people by creating a culture that fosters openness and innovation. management systems..

Sindh. Income: Rs. Personality: Quality conscious. buying attitudes & buying practices.W. Suburban Demographic Factors Demographic factors are very important for Packages Limited and it targets consumers having the following characteristics: Age: 10 years and above.Seekers Market Segmentation Packages Limited consists of buyers. Province: Punjab.F. It considers the following: Social class: Middle class & then they stretch Up and down. N. Gender: Male and female. Lifestyle: Achievers and strivers. health Conscious and hygiene Conscious people Page 17 of 35 . and buyers differ in one or more ways. Its customers may differ in their wants. locations. Density: Urban. But exclusively it is targeting the following sectors: Country: Pakistan.P. Packages Limited may divide large heterogeneous markets into smaller segments Geographic Segmentation In Geographic segmentation Packages Limited may find its customers all over the country. So in order to meet the all wants of its customers.5000 and above Psychographic Factors Packages Limited is very much concerned about the psychographic factors of consumers. resources.

tissues paper at Packages limited is manufactured at paper & board mill in reel form. It is producing a wide variety of consumers products like tissues. it was decided that the industrial sales division will also look after the affairs of consumer products. the other brands in tissues is “tulip tissues”.e. In 1981 company entered consumer products.the distribution function of the consumer products were handed over to TETRA PAK but in 1986. packing & selling. The CPD of Packages limited deals with the consumers products. a firm must look at three factors: segment size and growth. Now from April 1994. This division performs the activity of selling products to the ultimate consumer. Apart from rose petal. Packages Limited is a dynamic type of organization which always tries to adopt new strategies in their Consumer Products Division (CPD) to capture its non-frequent tissue users (consumers) and to serve its frequent tissue users (customers). the raw material that is tissues paper is imported from Scotland. toiletries etc. this division is to totally separated from industrial products division and follows its own policies. tissues reels are cut individual tissues and then packed. Page 18 of 35 . segment structural. Packages Limited is doing un-differentiated marketing for its Rose Petal tissues because the company is focusing all types of classes and is trying to target the whole country. Packages limited established a new division with the name of “consumer product division”. they have started selling imported tissues under the brand name of cottenelle”. It makes its sale plan freely. paper cups. Rose Petal was launched at the right time where no company initiated in taking a step towards this product. The “ROSE PETAL” line of products includes facial tissues. toilet rolls. Company designed a new product i. In beginning. The division has established three sale offices in Karachi. paper cups & plates. In the production hall. What they do is cutting. Lahore & Rawalpindi. Lately. tissues & named it Rose Petal. they started a new sale office in Multan. in 1985. attractiveness and company objectives and resources. a package limited is producing tissues for various companies like a utility storing etc.Seekers Target Market While evaluating different market segments. paper napkins. kitchen rolls.

It is promoting its product with the help of wide range of distributors and many advertisement campaigns. Price is the only factor in marketing mix which can generate revenue while the other three factors represent cost. In the current era companies are playing with the price. Rose Petal is a special designed product under the head of consumer products division of Packages Limited the prices of Rose Petal have been set after a through study of the market.Seekers Marketing Mix The term "Marketing Mix" is used to describe how businesses promote their products and services or how customers learn about a business's products and services. from Rs. Page 19 of 35 .e. PRICING STRATEGY The strategy for setting a product’s price is often changed when the product is part of a product mix.500 and every range has its own target market. Consumers often call the marketing mix "the offering. In this case. Under consumer product it lies in the category of convenience product. For this purpose Packages Limited provided various ranges of tissues under Rose Petal with different prices i.5 to Rs."  Product  Price  Place (Distribution)  Promotion Product Rose petal tissue is a consumer product and is based on the quality oriented strategy where the company is heading towards improvement and awareness of the importance of using tissue papers. Packages Limited has the option that it could reduce the price of its regular pack so that everyone could purchase it but the company knows that once the prices are lower then it is almost impossible to raise them again. People buy it frequently with low involvement in the buying process because the consumer behavior for these tissues is variety seeking. Rose Petal is a fast moving good and a disposable product. Marketing Mix is a combination of marketing tools that are used to satisfy customers and company objectives. the firm looks for asset of price that maximizes the profits on the total product mix. So this is very necessary to make effective pricing strategies to compete in the market in long run. Price is difficult because the various products have related demand and costs and face different degrees of competition.

Price is an important tool in marketing mix that the company uses to achieve its marketing goal. Economic Factors When setting prices. the customer is highly satisfied or delighted.Seekers FACTORS AFFECTING WHILE SETTING ROSE PETAL’S PRICE INTERNAL FACTORS Marketing Mix Strategy Customer satisfaction depends on product’s price performance relative to buyer’s expectation. If price of a product decreases to his expectations. They set prices to keep the loyalty and support of consumer and to avoid government interventions. Economic conditions can have strong impact on the firm’s pricing strategies. deflation and depression affects the pricing decisions because they affect both consumer perception for the product’s price and value and the cost of producing a product. Price decisions must be coordinated with the other 3 Ps. TYPES OF COST TOTAL COST= FIXED + VARIABLE COST COST EXTERNAL FACTORS Packages Limited is enjoying monopoly for last 24 years so this is another reason for charging higher prices as compared to secondary competitors. Economic factor such as boom or recession. They are the pioneers and the market leaders in the tissue market with providing quality product. the company also considered a number of other factors in its external environment. If product’s prices increase short expectation. the customer dissatisfied. Marketing Objectives According to the brand manager of Rose Petal the market share of Rose petal has reached its current maximum profit position. In Target Costing first they start with the idea of setting the price then they get the actual cost and after that they ensure what price should be settled. If the price match’s with the expectations. then consumer is satisfied. Page 20 of 35 .

Rose Petal is using direct marketing channel where the company is directly dealing with the client. This is the reason why Rose Petal is available in huge stores as well as small retail stores.Seekers Increase in Taxes If the Government increases the tax rates for short run. When the seller allows only certain outlets to carry its products. Many producer and wholesalers like to develop exclusive channel for their products.  Business Marketing Channel  Consumer Marketing Channel Business Marketing Channel For the business Clients. Page 21 of 35 . The proper distribution channel of products of a company is important for its existence. Consumer Marketing Channel For the consumer marketing. Below the Rose petal has mention about the type of customer with whom the company deals by using two channels. distributors and ultimate consumers which make the distribution setup. Distribution Channel Rose petal has made the best distribution channel so that the product could reach to all of the consumers. retailer so that the product can reach all parts of the market efficiently. DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY The network made by the Packages Limited consists upon its suppliers. Due to this they take direct order from them and design tissues according to the will of the client. the company is using indirect marketing channel where it has added intermediary parties like wholesaler. this strategy called exclusive distribution. the distribution is very important because of its aggressive demand in the market. then that change highly affects the price of Rose Petal tissue. In case of Rose Petal.

Levels of Distribution Intensity Intensive Intensive distribution means distributing a product to as many retail outlets as possible. Page 22 of 35 . The effectiveness of strategy depends on more than how much money has been put into it. A strategy is simply a careful plan. public relation. personal selling. Effectiveness results from the thoroughness of planning and the consistency with which activities have been carry out. Rose Petal distribution is very intensive.Seekers Channels for Consumer Products Wholesaler Channel Rose petal has a huge wholesale set up. Territory Officers Rose petal has territory officers which controls the distribution set ups effectively. Short-term incentive to encourage the purchases of product. and direct-marketing tools that the Packages Limited uses to persuasively communicate customer value and build customer relationship. ROSE PETAL PROMOTION STRATEGY The specific blend of advertising. Promotion is an ongoing process that requires much planning. Every region has its own territory officer. Retailers Channel Mostly retailers buy the product from wholesalers and some retailers directly buy from company and then the consumer buys from them. They have approximately more than 300 wholesalers and are from big city to a small town in Pakistan. As it is consumer convenience product so customers’ convenience comes first and the company’s aim is to provide the good at the door step of the consumers. sales promotion. Sales Promotion Rose petal is convincing as new consumer believes that Rose Petal is the best brand in the market. Rose Petal gives immense importance to this so that’s why their distribution channel is spread like roots of a tree.

Packages Limited has started the advertising campaign by saying “Rose Petal Na Hota to Phir Kaya Hota”. Newspaper and Magazine. Budget Decision Rose petal is using most logical budget setting method as it first set its goals to be accomplished and then estimate its cost of performing these tasks. Rose Petal also advertises his product in different channels like Radio. Media Decision It is necessary that every company should advertise to promote their product for adopting this strategy. Choosing a Message Rose Petal is using functional promotion campaign as they are relying on functional positioning statement. TV. Page 23 of 35 .Seekers Public Relation Buyer readiness stage Rose Petal build good relation with the various public by obtaining favorable publicity.

This concept is one of the oldest orientations that guide the sellers. This introduction not only ends here but the Packages Limited launches the different brands of tissues (Tulip & Panda) according to the customers need. Rose Petal should focus on improving production and distribution efficiency. Packages Limited detects the needs of the people through a survey and introduced a solution to that problem in form of Rose Petal tissue which can be disposed off after one use. Marketing Concept Packages Limited in his consumer product of Rose Petal also shows the application of Marketing Concept. Page 24 of 35 . these interest conflict. Therefore.Seekers MARKETING ORIENTATION Marketing management of Packages Limited wants to design strategies that will build profitable relationships with target consumers. the organization. and society? Often. There are five alternative concepts under which organization design and carry out their marketing strategies:  Production Concept  Marketing Concept  Societal Marketing Concept “However Rose Petal is following three concepts” Production Concept In Production Concept company makes the product in bulk form because every consumer will easy consume that product at affordable price. But what philosophy should guide these marketing strategies? What weight should be given to the interest of customers. Before the introduction of Rose Petal there was a need of such material which can be used for Cleanliness Purposes.

Rose Petal Party Pack-White Party Pack-White was successfully launched in November 2008. Packages Limited is also following the Societal Marketing concept as the authority of Rose Petal Tissues has installed an environmental plant worth 10 millions for air purification and has run effective earth quake relief campaigns at the disaster of 8th October. This was launched against the requirements of the consumers who want good quality as well as low price tissues in different events like wedding. The product (Rose Petal Tissues) itself is designed for the human long term welfare i. Societal Marketing Concept The Societal Marketing Concept holds that marketing strategy should deliver value to customers in a way that maintains both the consumers and the society’s well-being. This product provides the convenience of carriage and usage.e. Page 25 of 35 .Seekers Rose Petal Rumaal In the brand name of Rose Petal this product was launched to fulfill the needs of the customers who want to carry the Rose Petal tissue in their pockets in the daily activities. 2005. good health. Rose Petal Attar This addition in the wet tissue range of Rose Petal is introduced for consumers who prefer non-alcoholic perfumes. birthdays. Rose Petal Vanity Vanity is the position for the female consumers requiring instant wiping solution at their dressing table.

Rose Petal is famous among the customers due to its quality as well as favorable price. Rose Petal is going to hold the 80% market share of tissue in Pakistan.Seekers Boston Consultant Group Analysis of Rose Petal Position of Rose Petal in the BCG Packages Limited in its Consumer Product of Rose Petal lies in the Star position. Star Packages Limited of his consumer product of Rose Petal Tissue lies in the star position due to his greater market share as well as its growth rate also shows positive fluctuations. Page 26 of 35 . The most of the status enjoyed by the Rose Petal is due to holding the position of First introduced Tissue in Pakistan.

Packages Limited not only provides the qualitative Rose Petal tissue but also at low price. like A Lucky Draw activity under the theme of “Rose Petal Bhar Dey Ghar Khushion Say” was conducted in February. By the statement “Consumer First” they give first preference to the interest of the consumers that if one consumers will be satisfied it will be converted into a number of consumers 1+1=11. Washing Machines. Consumer Perceived Value A consumer perceived value shows his perceptions regarding the product that what he can get from that product. efficient working. Page 27 of 35 . Consumers shows a high Loyalty level which is in form of 80% market share of Rose Petal. Product Actual Value In every period Rose Petal has shown greater strength then the consumers Perceived Value. 2009. Packages Limited always tries to capture the intention of the consumers also retaining the old consumers. Digital Cameras etc. affordability. were presented to the lucky winners. It ranks highest in variety of attributes such as quality. The perceptions might be related with the quality price. reliability. A variety of electrical appliances comprising of LCD TVs. consistency. Packages Limited perform different activities for making good relations and retaining the consumers. I Pods. durability. familiarity. Refrigerators. accessibility and availability.Seekers Creating Customer Relation Management Customer First 1+1=11 The consumers of Rose Petal tissue show a positive trust.

without endangering the health of its employees. health and safety regulations. improve effluent and waste management. 3. 4. Develop plans and procedures and provide resources to successfully implement this policy and for dealing effectively with any emergency. which every employee is expected to uphold and implement. 6. 2. This policy shall be reviewed as and when required for betterment of the same. These and other environmental concerns are exemplified in our environmental policy. as is economically and practically possible.Seekers MARKETING ENVIRONMENT Packages are committed to protect the environment because they realized that we are living in that world which has limited resources so that is why we make every effort to make sustainable development a reality. Some of our objectives are to increase recycling rates. its customers and the public. Provide environmental. Page 28 of 35 . Save raw materials including energy and water. Minimize its environmental impact. Ensure that all its activities comply with national environmental. The numerous projects and plants implemented in and around our site bear sample testimony to our dedication. avoid waste. and reduce water loss. Ensure that all its present and future activities are conducted safely. to other individuals and to environment. ENVIRONMENT HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY 1. health and safety training to all employees and other relevant persons to enable them to carry out their duties safely without causing harm to themselves. 7. 5.

e. They are direct consumers (Individuals). Its consumer product is easier and comfortable of the indoor and outdoor of daily life. France is the supplier of perfumes. The Company deals with government customers like Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).E and Afghanistan. As Rose Petal is a FMCG so it is easily available at retail stores in different place. business customers. It deals with various business customers and. Avari Hotel. wheat straw and perfumes.Seekers MICRO ENVIRONMENT The Company Packages Limited is the leading company in the Pakistan who has provided the premium packaging facility to the individuals and business sector in Pakistan.C. The countries that supply wood pulp to Packages Limited are Sweden and Europe.e. Suppliers The ingredients for manufacturing Rose Petal tissues are wood. pulp. Market Intermediaries Packages Limited has a very strong selling & distribution setup through the country which it is providing its products in the market. The Company deals with ultimate consumers who consumes their product on regular basis and buys them from different shopping outlets. and Pizza Hut & McDonalds.A. U. Punjab. International customers of Packages Limited (Rose Petal tissues) are Sri Lanka. It has its own approximately 300 distributors who distribute its product in the local market all over Pakistan. Wheat straw is acquired from local market i. They also deal with Pharmaceutical Companies such as Fazal Din & Sons. Customers There are four main types of customers that come under Packages Limited target market. As far as Rose Petal is concerned it takes all these four as its target customer i. government customer and international customer. manufacture tissue papers for them such as food chains like P. Page 29 of 35 .

There are many entities that are being affected by the existence of Packages Limited Different types of Publics are discussed as under. Fay.Seekers Competitors Competitors are either direct or indirect. handkerchiefs. Finance Public There are different banks and financial institutions that are associated with the dealings of Packages Limited the financial publics of Packages Limited are the Banks as they provide financial support to the company for the payment of salaries to their employees. Jasmine. napkins and other substitutes for cleaning. The secondary competitors of Packages Limited are Flying. Packages Limited in respect of Rose Petal tissues are the pioneers and the market leaders as they acquire 80-85% of the tissue market share so that’s why they don’t have any primary competitor but China is a threat in the future if it supplies cheaper tissue papers in the market. Primary or secondary. A package in respect of Rose Petal tissues is one of the leading companies in Pakistan for producing quality tissues. Following are the banks who deal with Packages Limited:  ABN Amro Bank  Faysal Bank Limited  Habib Bank Limited  Muslim Commercial Bank Limited  The French & International Bank  Standard Chartered Bank  PICIC Commercial Bank  IGI Investment Bank Limited  IGI Insurance Limited Page 30 of 35 .e. Public A Public is any group that has an actual or potential interest in or impact on an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives. Direct competitors we have further two categories i. for receiving of payments from importers & in doing financial dealings with its suppliers. Moveeta and Softex because they only acquire 15-20 % of the market share and are not unto the level of Packages Limited The indirect competitors of Packages Limited are the companies who manufacture towels.

They facilitate them by providing subsidized food. radio and internet and print media comprises of newspapers. magazines and brochures. hoardings and radio and is spending huge capital on them. billboards.e.T. T. Electronic media comprises of television. Packages Limited is the regular and a huge tax payer company in Pakistan. cable TV which is very effective and cost reducing.e. allowances and handsome salary Packages. Internal Public The employees of Packages Limited are its internal publics. Packages Limited relies on marketing to create customer interest and is engaged in consistent use of advertising to help meet marketing objectives. The Company advertises its Rose Petal tissues through its media publics i. entertainment facilities.S. bonuses.T (General Sale Tax) to the Government of Pakistan. Government Public Every company producing FMCGs has to pay the 19.g. Page 31 of 35 . This includes regularly developing advertising campaigns which the company designs for recalling of its brand in the market. they can submit their Utility bills in the bank. A company can make its product popular among consumers by advertising it either through print media or through electronic media. General Public The residents in the surroundings of Packages Limited are their general publics and as PICIC Commercial bank is inside the company so it is providing banking facility to them e. Now the company has chosen a new medium for promotion of its product i. magazines. Government then generates its huge part of revenue from the G.V commercials.S.Seekers There are many other banks and financial institutions which have interest with the growth and different activities performed by Packages Limited Media Public Today is the world of media has become a very effective tool for the success or failure of any product. Rose Petal’s advertising campaigns are very huge.5% of G.

Technological Environment A very different and latest technology is used by Rose Petal to enhance its tissue papers. which is not harmful for society Page 32 of 35 . The main economic force affecting Rose Petal in its marketing is the problem of income level of individuals.Seekers MACRO ENVIRONMENT Demography Demography is the study of human population in terms of size. It provides different sizes of tissues in different ranges and prices for people belonging to different classes. Packages Limited launched Rose Petal tissues in 1982. Economic Environment The economic environment is the important factors that effect consumer’s purchasing power and spending patterns. gender. They are using a 10 color machine for the production of its tissues whereas other companies use 6 color machines in tissue making. And for the Rose Petal Pocket is the best for the students and working people who can carry this pack in their pockets. race and other statistics. Rose Petal offers different ranges of tissues in different sizes having a price range which is affordable by every individual whether he is a consumer or a business customer. For example Alldays Party Pack and Alldays Premium Tissues are suitable for the middle and lowed income range people. which targeted one segment of the whole population of Pakistan. age location. The Rummal tissue pack is the best example of it. Due to different income levels of Pakistani people. Packages Limited in respect of Rose Petal Tissues is a very dynamic type of company which believes to review the demographic factors of Pakistan. Although the overall technology of Rose Petal tissues is up to the mark but the company wants to enhance the product and increase its production to meet the aggressive demand of the market so that’s why they are shifting their plant in Kasur. Cultural Environment People grow up in the different society so its values and beliefs are different to another. The target market of the Packages Limited (Rose Petal Tissues) is the middle class but they also emphasize on others.

All tissue ranges and their taxes offered by Packages Limited are launched after the prior permission of Govt of Pakistan but the political factors can affect the company in many ways in future. To facilitate them the company provides tissues at low prices and in attractive packaging. The Rose Petal tissues are beneficial for society as they are providing a great solution for hygienic issues. benefits. agencies and pressure groups. User Status Regular user of Rose Petal tissues.Seekers because their objectives are to increase recycling rates. govt. The company might be nationalized as per Government decision and Packages is the 1st company in Pakistan who pay the sale taxes in 1985. New taxes might be imposed and subsidy given can be taken back. improve affluent and waste management and reduce water loss. the ex users of the other products of company and the heavy users like the caterers and different business buyers comes under user status of Packages Limited User Rates The target for Rose Petal is heavy users. These societal concerns are exemplified in the Policies of Packages Limited where every employer is expected to uphold and implement them. readiness stages & attitude towards product is very important for companies which the company considers as follows: Benefits Majority of Pakistani people are poor and they need maximum satisfaction in anything they buy. Page 33 of 35 . Emphasizes on Consumer Buying Behaviors Occasions. Political Environment Political environment consists of laws. loyalty status. user rates. So Packages Limited provides benefit to such consumers by giving them quantity with quality. user status.

Page 34 of 35 .Seekers Loyalty status Loyalty status of people is very strong for Rose Petal tissue papers because they have the monopoly and are providing the best quality which no other company can compete in the market Readiness status As Packages Limited is targeting the whole country so here some people have awareness of tissue usage and mostly have not because of high illiteracy rate in the country. To inform the customers Packages Limited is running its advertising campaigns on huge level and is an also arranging health seminar with doctors.

The purpose of establishment of the Packages Limited was to fulfill the packaging needs of the Pakistan Industry.Seekers Conclusion Packages Limited is the only company which provides a complete range of packaging solutions to its business customers. Packages are committed to protect the environment because they realized that we are living in that world which has limited resources. Page 35 of 35 . Packages Limited follows the policy 1+1=11 its mean they give superior values to their consumers through a well organized application of marketing tools. Packages Limited launched such a unique product by the name of “Rose Petal” tissue when the people were suffering from different diseases and requiring the solution in form of a Hygienic Product for cleanliness which can be used and disposed off after one use.