Issue #29

What Are We Simulating?
Spring 2011

It has long been argued gaming, i.e., sub-systems 2. Reconnaissance
that wargames in any form of almost any set of rules,
Here’s an area that most
are not very realistic com- and try to determine if
gamers tend to ignore. The
pared to an actual battle. games are doing a good
game usually starts with
This is true up to a point in enough job of at least at-
everything on the board
that there is no way to tempting to get it right on
and all of the units are seen
simulate the stress, blood, the tabletop. True, this
by everyone playing. Re-
dying soldiers, and ever kind of exercise can be
con units are just extra
changing situations with subjective, but hopefully it
pieces to be used in the
miniatures, rules, or card- will give everyone some-
main line of battle. In real-
board counters. Lately, thing to think about the
ity, recon forces have one
however, this has become next time they break out
of the most vital roles in an
an excuse by many to ex- their favorite set of rules!
army. Determining the
plain away why certain
1. Unit Organization enemy’s strength, choosing
games don’t have for ex-
routes that the army can
ample, command and con- How many games have you

easily navigate and deploy
played or seen played
from, spotting ambushes,
where the starting units are
and feeding the command-
under strength? Probably
ers information as the bat-
not many. Yet, if you go
tle develops. How many
through many orders of
times have you played in a
battle, books, etc., you see
game where reconnais-
that probably 95% of units
sance was important? My
Warning Order

were under strength. Time
guess would be not many if
after time, however, we’re
any at all.
treated to full strength Ti-
ger battalions on the East- 3. Movement
ern Front in 1945, French
One of the first things I do
battalions at 100% strength
trol, unusual stats for vehi- when I open up a set of
in the fall battles of 1813,
cles or units, systems that rules is look at the move-
and Iraqi battalions over-
seem more fantasy than ment rules. If they have a
flowing with vehicles and
real world, and more. Af- chart with standard move-
personnel during the open-
ter all, it’s only a game, ment rates it won’t cause
ing of Operation Desert
right? If it’s a game, then me to not consider them,
Storm. Next time you try a
who needs realism on the but I kind of wince. Mov-
game, forego the usual
tabletop and why take the ing combat formations in
points set up and give play-
effort to simulate things usually unfamiliar terrain is
ers some under strength
that will just slow down not something that can be
units and tell them to do
gamers in the end? boiled down into everyone
their best. Their reactions
moves a set distance.
should be pretty interest-
This article will look at Keeping units in line and
several important facets of organized was difficult at

Inside this issue:
Special points of interest:
BKC2 Battle Report 4
 Several battle reports including BKC2,
GMT’s Combat Commander System 6 General de Brigade, and Father Tilly.
WMA 3rd Annual Tournament 8  3rd Annual WFHGS WMA tournament.
Father Tilly Rules Review 11
 Boardgame and rules reviews.
General de Brigade Battle Report 14
 Regular features and an editorial.
Editorial-More Ancients Rules? 21
 GMT’s Fighting Formations review.
Fighting Formations Review 23

choosing there’s hardly any artillery at all! Most extra points! Fortifications and engineer- the wrong formations to cross certain game systems have rules for spotting. lery as being only able to fire at a specific experienced to poke their Yet. reinforcements are sent up. but most Everyone wants to be right up front in the order to cross it and then back to line games have some kind of direct fire action and usually in most group games afterwards? Will vehicles need to back- (arrows. army run away! This leads to the com- turn instead of knowing exactly where which is a great idea. the “fight to the last man” or Now here’s a game mechanic that’s modern rules where only about half of a bloodbath type battles where more than wrong in so many games it might be eas- unit fires as most of the 50% of an army ier to just list those who are on the right unit is under cover. etc. then artillery and Bayonet. that makes creating a one size fits all movement. particularly for horse & musket rules where things don’t get really bad 4. so far too many WW2 and modern games have 7. Engineering WW2 and modern ies usually fired at areas and in this in- When you read military era combat most stance From Valmy to Waterloo por- history you often come attacks stall out trayed this the best I’ve ever seen. Morale well for the most part. but are they too much host of other issues that can prevent eve. which again Some rules have gam. most gamers think it’s using them? time. having think and react front of their units and a few bad die rolls. Empire. 20% casualties. Now ask yourself. armor. and Age 8. ing are essential parts of combat opera- kinds of terrain.. that can be drastically improved. Reserves Some game systems solve this by very little if any artillery! This is strange Again. but if the list goes on. capabilities command that is posted as a reserve. that the action starts as soon as possible. bunkers.. concentrated fire.) then artillery batteries tar- prepared positions. You want nothing to do with being assigned a stream up ahead like? Is it difficult can argue about the statistics.What Are We Simulating (cont. discipline in the ranks. engineers (often referred to as pioneers as you play? (cont. minefields. of Eagles do a but you rarely see a This is a tricky issue as different periods good job of system for dealing with have wildly varying troop types. Basically. until half of an army has been destroyed. gamers being gamers. and a whole shifting fire.. Fire & nism built in that works Fury. How many artillery should have different targeting on the tabletop? Most rules just have times do you see that in the games that and area effects.) system that works. artillery batter. you’re playing at a level under that. late starters..) best in the horse & musket era and then When you move into the modern age the well) as a bunch of troops that are better you have the problem of commanders problem is exactly the opposite. no one wants makes gamers ers put smoke out in to spend hours setting up a game. then watching their almost every they suffer penalties in future turns. kind of advantage for using them. you don’t estimates I’ve seen go as high as 80%! last time that you saw a game where there find out how difficult the terrain is until were reserves on the tabletop? If you you get there. and tions through time. as if that unit has suffered the wrath heads into beehives. too much of a hassle to deal with. or is too very common. they handle artillery on the whole pretty work to paint and read the rules about ryone moving at the same rate all the well. 6. training. randomizing the break down of fire etc. Direct Fire have seen some. Also. bridge to cross? etc. this is accept- unit.22) Page 3 N E W S L E T T ER T I T L E . I think this is an monly used 50% break point in most your units will be in three turns! area. bonus points for any set of WW2 or In reality. namely than average. If across battles that feature after taking 15- you’re playing a game where each unit is entrenchments. morale system virtually impossible. then any kind of engineering or fortifications then the next attack goes in. musketry. 3)having randomized move- since artillery in WW2 accounted for well been won or lost through the use of re- ment distances such as 6 “ +1D6. etc. etc. too was lost were not track. throughout history battles have (cont. able in most of the gaming gods and is being targeted wargames rules. Also. What’s that systems that most rules get right. or in over half of the total casualties and some serves. Most gamers I know thinking during a game. that cost interpreting orders differently. but not quite elite. So why do we rarely see brought in. everything is deployed in long lines so track to a automatic weapons. and air support are geting specific units is acceptable. a brigade (Age of Eagles. However. on p. Volley & trenches. ground? Will I need to change to open of certain weapons. I applaud games that have 5. when was the some like Chef de Battalion. then you are clearly one anything like that which keeps gamers Now here’s at least one area in gaming of the lucky few. on p. In as punishment! In reality. Artillery games. It would be nice to see more rules reward Games like Several systems have a gamers for taking reserves or giving some Battles For “first fire” type mecha. most rules show artil- afraid to act.

this was high on every- the Tigers as they moved to attack the one’s list. More Russian forces road. The Russians try and force the issue. -34/85s deployed near the village next to moved up the T-34/85 battalion and tried the hill. The first two turns tempt was a complete German disaster. The Ger- consisted of an infantry battalion en.BKC2: East Front Counterattack This scenario was actually played to make room on the road for the incom- twice on the same night as the first at. The Germans had two is entrenched up there with a T-34/76 mor battalion towards the bend in the batteries of 105mm artillery and a nebel- battalion in support. towards the bend in the road. ing reinforcements. There were also two batteries of 122mm artillery and a battery of BM-13 rocket launchers avail- able for support. The Germans had a mixed kampfgruppe consisting of a panzer- grenadier battalion in halftracks. More Russians were arriving. After a few turns only two T- one was a disaster for the Germans. and if the Germans didn’t get mov- This time the Germans got off to ing quickly they would be unable to The initial forces for the Russians a good start with their armor moving punch through the defenses. Three more T-34 battalions. so when the time The Germans positioned their Stugs came to choose a game for the next regu- to cover the road and protect the flank of lar gaming night. and they hill. quickly out of the large open areas and mans deployed to make one last attack to trenched on a hill with a battalion of six T towards the objectives. and a battalion of mo- torized infantry would be rolled for each turn to see if they showed up. The Tigers and the lone showed up early. only four turns! We reset the sce- nario and tried again. The Russians moved one ar- pany of PZ-IVHs. of the board and begin their attack. but the has seized a bridgehead across a river in mixed armor battalion made good time the East Prussia region in early 1945. saw average command rolls for the Ger- so we set it up and tried again! We had a mans and below average command rolls lot of fun with the BKC2 game on the for the Russians. they had great die king Tiger began to move to attack the rolls for their commanders. The are crossing and will soon be able to enter engage the Stugs. A nebelwerfer attack devi- trated artillery fire in a number of ated right into where the motorized rifle places. The panzergrenadiers got bogged The premise is that a Russian force down approaching the village. The action began with the Stugs and We actually had the chance to the T-34/76s on the village outskirts slug- play two games of this as the first ging it out. and a third was delayed Germans would enter the road at the edge the battlefield. how- ever. and a mixed panzer battalion with a company of Panthers and a com- Page 4 WARNING ORDER . an assault gun company with Stug-IVs. but came under flanking fire from were able to bring down concen- the village. a heavy tank company of two Tigers and one King Tiger. a second battalion moved up to werfer battery available for support. The Rus- sians had some say in where the rein- forcements would arrive and they could delay them for a turn to have them arrive at a different location. At this than 50% of them remaining after point the game was pretty even. a SU-85 regiment. day after Thanksgiving. but all four Stugs were All of the Russian reinforcements knocked out. to be able to enter closer to the hill. All of this resulted in a mas- battalion was on the road in the village sacre of the German forces with less and knocked out several units. 34s were burning. hill. which They have fortified a hill overlooking the would see most of the critical action in pontoon bridges and an infantry battalion the game.

such one wanted to actually move around the continue the attack. Just a thought. German artillery began to pound broke through and could have won.. few bad command rolls. A the King Tiger were both finally knocked the area as well and the PZIV-Hs maneu. ISSUE #29 Page 5 . Russian armor had arrived just in vered to pour more fire into the Russian and concentrated Russian fire had de- time to defeat that part of the attack and position. -34/85 battalion was pretty much The Germans never could never All attention now turned to the bend I in knocked out for all intensive purposes really get rolling or string together a se- the road near the village where a T-34/85 and the Germans had created an opening. a few blunders. The game ended as a target. and five PZ-IVHs to was the ability of “groups” of units. especially for armies like the Rus- and began moving towards the road in an Russian victory. the Panthers moved closer on the hill. After a few turns the Russian T feated the German attack. The panzergrenadiers mans only had the panzergrenadier battal. This happened Finally. eral moments where the Germans almost battlefield coordination. After looking at the a battalion of six T-34s to gang up and all bend and get shot at! remaining defenses. The game did bring up one not be moved. out. the hill was still holding. momentum. ries of commands in one turn to gain the battalion had hunkered down and could The problem was that now the Ger. a few SU-85s. remnants of the mech infantry too often and seemed a bit unrealistic to and despite one Panther being knocked battalion in the village. the infantry battalion fire at one German unit. Several decided that the Germans would have to want to fire more than three units at one panzergrenadier stands then dismounted call off the attack. sians and Italians who had issues with effort to put pressure on the Russian ar.. We’re thinking of having out the rest returned fire and the T-34/85 and about a dozen T-34s still left.) On the German far left the Tigers and mor. but there had been sev. concern about the BKC system and that could not venture out in the open and no ion. it was some kind of “coordination roll” if you battalion was soon in trouble. one Panther. many of us. despite losses.BKC2: East Front Counterattack (cont.

ing stats in regards to morale and com- Stalingrad. terrain markers. bazookas. items such as radios. New game as everything is done through the Guinea and Resistance. mand range. mul- who can’t devote every waking second to tiple card decks. Move. Add this are fans. When Squad firepower or get several units in position The Combat Commander leader first appeared it boxed games come with a lot of created quite the sensation components in them. Yaquinto had Close plain about in this area. but once play Commander series in that there is not a begins you get the hang of it pretty vehicle in sight. and then weapon crews to increase their firepower. can issue orders to more MMP’s Squad Leader and would like to go in this direc. Combat Commander: card has an action such as Ambush. The rules are broken down into nu- Blitz type games from numerous compa. Fire. or small mortars. three decks of 60+ cards isn’t just a game. and more that can be used in certain represents four soldiers in the game. as Recover. number of supplements. another situations. and soon to be coming out. Leaders have vary- Pacific. and more. there are no actual “dice” in the mandy. which to a degree point where you don’t need to refer to the product quality. which covers card draw. has spawned a boxed sequel. artillery. it’s a each. partisan operations. too many viable options if you were into GMT products and there is little to com- this type of game.. The versial subject in regards to the Combat rules may look daunting. there is a well put together in the game and that’s because there are index that can quickly lead you to any no vehicles! Yes. and what are while if on a recon mission you would Page 6 N E W S L E T T ER T I T L E . a hex with a letter and number in seven men in a hex. Leaders can WW2 tactical combat was game concepts so that the command multiple units and depending Avalon Hill’s and later. when it first came out and at that time no they are called. player’s posture in the scenario. how does it work. making them one of the eminent wargame for cle will try to explain the basic driving forces in the game. or Fate cards as The counters represent leaders. Yes. it has. this is the most contro- rules that you need during a game. The smaller counters are light or man- Combat. i. Obviously. ASL narios.. merous sections that cover the cards. Spray soldiers on a counter then that counter Europe. The number one knew whether it would really take off command or order that can be given such of soldiers depicted on the counter are or not. For ex- and now. These can be assigned to squads and/or counters. Attack- So. This Combat Commander: Med. etc. similarities to ASL? This arti. two counter sheets.e. than just one hex. right hand of cards can unleash a lot of (ASL). HMGs. Then came Combat Commander from the rest covering exceptions and special GMT Games and now a lot has changed. reader can determine if they upon their stats. cuts down the number of extra rules and rules that often. if there are four The basic game. 75mm infantry guns. A good leader with the Advanced Squad Leader tion. a playbook with sce- planted by ASL. after almost three ample. or anti-tank guns Fortunately. hundreds of counters. the series The number of cards each player can has enjoyed great success and continues keep in his hand depends upon the to grow. it is THE WW2 tactical game by together with the other boxed games and which all others are measured and to its the supplements and soon you have a detractors it is just too much for those stack of mats. The scenarios are quickly and the game starts flowing to the nies. and way of life! For those who around a dozen or so maps. Each card has a type of squads. You soon figure out that extra scenarios. Nor. what is it all ing will usually let you keep up to six about. and over a hundred sce- it. Well. but nothing to rival ASL in terms of strictly infantry affairs. Fire. complexity that vehicles would bring to the basic rules are only a few pages with the game. etc. and in a big way. sections that go over what each order/ You will quickly notice that there are no action can do. setting up a scenario. The central part of the game revolves I gave this game a very positive review around the card deck. Finally. narios! The components are the usual For a long time there really weren’t high quality that everyone now expects of to launch an assault on an objective. panzerfausts. plus each just what it shows. and weapons teams. there have been several Panzer portable weapons such as LMGs. each card also has an is critical as you can only have up to boxed set called Combat Commander: event. and two dice that represent a die roll.GMT’s Combat Commander Game Series For a long time the pre. and several supplements covering it. the Med box has the decades it has been sup- rulebook. and more. is this game for you. paratroop operations.

will get extended or have their own sup- events. morale number and if the attacker’s value enough to keep me busy for which can see both sides is higher the defender is broken and if it years to come! I think GMT rushing to gain objectives is lower there is no result. playing some in- Combat is that are already available. but this The cards are bad run of cards can is a good step in the EVERYTHING slow momentum or right direction and it will in the game. The one thing Stalingrad set and the The nationality about Combat Normandy pack. etc. possibly kits with a few counters.GMT’s Combat Commander Game Series (cont. campaigns. but these are for the player who was ahead in victory marked with a red TIME heading that really two different games. random airstrike or course and there are sniper attack. and add their map has objective hexes printed on it. should make its own starter that only matter to their using a card for a Fire order. One of the other major differ- hit that the game can end at any time. A reinforcements. There are also several cards arise from some gamers. Stalin- and year will also Commander is that grad also introduced a determine how it is not boring! A campaign system where many cards you text book assault players can run through can discard each with a dozen units a series of scenarios and turn from only a can go badly if sev. ISSUE 1 Page 7 . ing to make quick decisions. It should be noted here that each each individual gamer prefers. comparisons to ASL will game is over and then nothing goes right the cards. Yes. If you enjoy in victory points is critical as every time to player using cards. and die rolls are all made through Naturally. especially if number of units and tables that let the players pick the you use the full ASL rulebook. All a defender placing a hidden minefield can be interesting to see if these campaigns orders. This is probably the biggest difference. Some of these will be card. made starter kits). determining which hexes random ring theme in this game and I’ve seen plements in the future. and small card decks game interesting and very if it triggers an event or a sniper will to get more people interested random. but firepower plus Personally. then you can Commander can be picked up quickly upon the generate a force. and even small scenar- you pick a erators I have ever seen. but CC does not. I like the CC system and I there are markers that can be assigned or any weapons to hope it grows.) only get five. ASL has points and they end up losing.. This is another another card for an action to increase the map or two. known to both players. long time. etc. then you will enjoy this game. maps. Combat (depending nationalities and the year. I think what adds value to the system ences is that ASL will take some reading is not just the large number of scenarios (OK. a lot of reading). which is the type of gamer who likes adding up player’s deck to be reshuffled. and finished in under two hours once the leader’s com- which gives the players almost an infinite players become familiar with how things mand value and number of scenarios that they can play work. and trying to vances. Once you to manage. number of die rolls to generate combat. VOLUME 1. particularly the long. two pages of method of keeping the firepower. If you’re advances the turn marker and allows the vehicles. then you may have you are a defender or ahead in the game in CC things proceed quickly from player problems with this system. need- you run out of cards the turn marker ad. In the end it comes down to what the Fire card) with. actions. death marker on the turn track. ASL has combat factors and moving units to get important as getting through the deck if a strict and long sequence of play while the perfect 3:1 attack. then rules. As many 5 cards for one attack! The deck can be The supplements that gamers can attest. disrupt the best plans. few to possibly eral break due to a You can modify these of the entire hand. it’s too bad that vehi- randomly chosen that lists the value of a die roll on a cles can’t be added into the games. which have come out so far have start playing Combat Com- forces the action and there’s very little if some great scenarios in mander you’re hooked for a any down time for the players. Chaos is a recur. ASL uses a large trying to get yourself out of mess. However. then draws a plus the random scenario often you only know what card for the die roll that is added to the generator that there is they are worth to you. but any defensive modifiers. force another card draw and you just used in the system. them. keep the same forces. but those hexes. but the games troductory scenarios (that’s why they pretty easy as come with one of the best scenario gen. once you cut down pretty fast in this game. a side.. things happen such as airstrikes or sniper some wild swings where it looks like the attacks. The defender takes into account there’s so many scenarios. then a card for a die roll. There are charts ios can take several hours. posture. but the cards in CC provide make do with the worst the system can will end as each scenario has a sudden constant chaos that the players must learn hand you. You don’t know when the game events.

Each player was allowed usually gets everyone ready to play in Hittites won their first game in their two 1. 1st Seleucids Dave hem award given to the 2nd Normans Gary player who caused the most casualties during 3rd Hittites Mark their three games. The goal Friday night games. new territories added. and one to get three games in under 5 hours speed Indians lost all three games! The Seleu- commander skill. Points are calcu- in from the edge of the lated.3rd Annual WFHGS Warmaster Ancients Tournament cavalry and plenty of cross. This gives everyone 12 is of the essence! The games continue cids and Normans had a titanic battle -16 units and some choices to make in until one side reaches its break point. bow units. When the terms of setting up their army. This year we held it on De- armies you wouldn’t ordi- cember 31st which started with breakfast. The Seleucids of With this kind of strict time limit it course featured a mass of does make creating a tactical plan of bat- pikes. one unit skill. The Normans won and a unit of elephants. All of us find The Hittites had more units this quite refreshing and more often than than previous years. first two matches. This schedule. The Seleucids proved to be particu- tion of plenty of infantry. which ended the tournament. tories received or taken. Hittites. It was to be done by 5pm so that everyone also brings up interesting could go to their New Year’s Eve obliga- tactical considerations tions! This year featured armies of such as how to stop Normans. their first two as well. and Indians. but it worked out well! The next game. so we have the tournament is a great the capacity to use a full day to run the way to match up against tournament. narily see in our regular followed by the tournament. the first units roll to move. Then. so either off of work or school. working of armies between games. which not the original plan goes out the window gave them the obvious advan- by the second or third turn! tage in numbers. painting we may be able to do a medieval Players can only adjust tournament as we’ve been building forces their forces based on terri. some armies board and we alternate get changed slightly. larly nasty this day and easily won their several average cavalry units. for the Crusades. so there is no wholesale re- Page 8 N E W S L E T T ER T I T L E . units or being able to add We’ll set up a fourth tournament at new ones according to the end of this year and if everyone keeps which territory was rolled. casualties are added up for both dust settled here were the results: The Normans went with hard hitting sides as at the end of the tournament there is a special Master of May. Many of us are historical opponents. charging Norman nights The tournament consists of three with Hittite light chariots! rounds where we try to finish each game Each side starts 30cm in 90 minutes or less. three territories (these gen- under 5 minutes and when you’re trying year history of participating and my poor erate extra troops). my Indians went with a combina. Finally. After 4th Indians Matt that new territories are rolled for and both players Dave also won the Master of Mayhem can readjust their forces to award by inflicting the most casualties reflect the loss of certain during the tournament. Seleucids. which set up a showdown that wasn’t planned in the During our For the last three year our club has WMA games throughout run a Warmaster Ancients tournament the year we usually go for over the Christmas break. then it’s on to the the placing of units during set up. but decided to try a tle pretty challenging! Each player needs new tactic of parceling out the to set up on the fly so to speak and come elephants individually instead up with some kind of plan quickly before of using them in one big unit.000 points.

and Indians. VOLUME 1. There was also a prize given out to the player that caused the most casualties in terms of points for the tournament. Normans. ISSUE 1 Page 9 . Each player was able to play three games and each game was only ended when one side reached their break point. Hit- tites. The 10mm armies that were used were Seleucids.) Several shots from the 3rd Annual WFHGS Warmaster Ancients Tournament.3rd Annual WFHGS Warmaster Ancients Tournament (cont.

This game is not for everyone and Combat is similar to much of the EFS breathtaking work of game development. with the Army The EFS system. then a 10 sided die is rolled. NKVD The Crimea box comes packed with troops which compound Russian retreats. but color codes for movement factors. the mix. but it system in that it is detailed and not over is a rewarding game system. which gives gamers an wasted on these smaller maps. The rule dresses doctrine sides is extremely challenging and it will book and the play issues for each side. tables. Page 10 N E W S L E T T ER T I T L E . Russians. etc. The East- Group Center/Typhoon remake coming something that you want for your first ern Front is huge. interesting look into operations on this cards. There is only one 22 x Just by looking at the turn sequence coastal flotillas. then the defender has a chance to year and for more games in the series is covered in detail. charts. plunge and purchased Kiev to plenty of smaller scenarios. armored trains. For the The incredible thing. and sustaining any which will end up covering all of Russian hobby. getting replacements up next and then on to new volumes wargame or to introduce others into the forward is difficult. etc. far Russian reinforcements. four counter and how it ad- Trying to coordinate actions for both sheets. I’m looking This is definitely one of the least in one or two easy steps. but here it attack. the their motorized and modified naval non-motorized In summary. There’s even a sepa. well play are both in set up attacks. Replacements. the German tional retreat orders which also adds into was eagerly awaiting Crimea and Romanian drives to Kerch. rocket artillery. you usually do not see in other wargames. up charts so that you can play several of rules come to the forefront here. the grasp the system and the little nuances the Crimea spe. and more that about the Eastern Front in WW2. These then air units can arrive which can lead to Rostov. but too many Typhoon. and full color. however. With the first four com. however. Yes. militia. forces together in bad to say about this game. and the Results range from step losses to retreats did not disappoint. East Front aficionado this is nirvana! other games in the series. Not only do you get use reaction movement to move motor- which will someday include Stalingrad. then move the rest of their forces. I amphibious operations. cific rules. ple cards with pieces of the map and set like supply that are glossed over in most units that you only read about in books. diction rules. Germans can move that it entails. Units declare an forward to the AGC/Typhoon reprint this known East Front campaigns. to move their mo. plus for the operations. there are a lot of units in operations are almost a separate game these games! Not only do you get the within the game. siege of Sevastapol. are all kinds of small units such as ar- which is what sets EFS apart. etc. (which I could afford!). se- the smaller scenarios without setting up trucks and wagons moving supply to the quence of play. plus the air and naval and larger. NKVD battal. Things Detailed maps of the operational areas. take a few scenarios for players to fully book which has For example. The sequence of play for one turn kind of attack or defense is difficult for for the critical 1941-42 period. the fifth volume in the cover the initial German attacks air to air combat. are few combats each turn. inter- flak units. Without doctrine enforced through the rules. scenarios. while for the Axis forces there artillery support. reaction. Units are alone will make many gamers cringe as both sides. how replacements are the full map. Crimea. mored trains. there are multi. such as Army Group North. then have combat. East Front Series a few years be linked to Kiev to Rostov and Then artillery for both sides is checked to ago when I decided to take the Army Group South. is like torized forces first. . but you get see if it can support the units involved. generally divisions and brigades for the there can be a lot of steps.. the set up effective attacks. and it is a front. are all covered in naval forces individual ships for cruisers plenty of detail. etc. which the Russians have plenty of game play with a campaign is a nice touch.. game and multiple scenarios. while illustrated and laid out rulebooks.then anti-aircraft fire. is not step losses can be devastating. series. There more. across the Tarter Ditch. and far.. you do need to dedicate some time. For the and examples of the same phase to money you get quality components.. supply trucks. ZAP units which provide The EFS system will teach you a lot ions.Barbarossa: Crimea Board Game Review I became a convert to GMT’s the full campaign game which can ized forces to the location of the attack. The series it covers Operation Barbarossa in on the map you get with the game! results don’t seem too dramatic and there volumes. the Russian Units can also receive no retreat or addi- manding huge prices on Ebay. There are different regular infantry and armor counters. with additional loses for armor or if the rate scenario (with map and set up card) attacker is going up against fortifications For those unfamiliar with the EFS for the siege of Odessa which isn’t even if an asterisk accompanies the result. engineering are regiments and battalions. and it Russian counterattacks. lots of goodies. No amount of space is front neither side will be able to launch handled. there’s really nothing rules. supply. and you must be thinking 34 map that shows the entire Crimea and you can see how detailed the system is about supplies and road nets each turn.

FOGR. A rolled two sixes and B none. so now we’ve built up of crisis in a game! but B only one. five threes. with both years War in 25mm scale and it of these features on the card can sides needed a 4+ to hit. then determining their modifiers These range from deployment to adding a to hit. The rules of 5 or higher a hit. production quality of Black Powder or For shooting each type of weapon has a Are there problems? Flames of War with hordes of pretty factor. but nothing seemed to really liked. alry. and they will would need to roll 12 D6 with any score the Father Tilly Yahoo be addressed here. The above are small. but it modifiers and rules in interesting concepts. so say for example you are using Yes. rect! with your forces that you would have natives. I like and hopefully more people will get numbers of them per leader. is unusual (very large bases). flip back and forth during your first few use of what are called War Each four kills results in the loss of a games. Both sides will use that turn. Side a rolled two fours. and a few other alter. are the most innovative parts of the rules. Artillery has maximums of how too colorful. action and it’s easy to start a cascade of Movement is fairly standard with ios. This is an two fives. but as long Combat is also unique with both sides leased) that list events and different ef. Yes. but deciding so that ‘s two more hits to B. as each player’s forces are based the adding up the number of figures that are fects that leaders can use during a turn. and a unit of cav- The rules themselves feature a nice. three fives. which is group to help with this are good value for the the distance to the target. but it pike/shot units. In the end many command actions their side on the rules to use is always the A causes three hits and B one. Depending upon a the results by matching hit numbers. and a campaign system was recently units that start to fall back. etc. B forces for a several player rolled three fives and A two. two fours. If you’re thinking that melee critical at times. does take some getting use to. The art work on the war tokens is Tokens. can be very hard to get them back into ern conflicts.Father Tilly Rules Review One of our club members interesting concept. then work through a few turns. but the supplements do you first move up within 4 inches of an be my suggestion to players that are just contain specific rules for the different enemy and then on the following turn getting into Father Tilly. Start with a few periods of the war. In the above combat ex- a few of the supplements. The lowest biggest challenge for us! We then roll to see if the hits are converted number goes first. particularly three ones. costs command actions. it takes a situation. However. army details. Are there some 12 figures that is 15 inches away you one and published it on issues? Yes. the text is a challenge. the basing card sized versions were recently re. same you should be OK. fighting. see- Father Tilly by Stephen Danes along with so if you bid 2 for example. works out. You then roll for damage to strange places which will cause you to The first of these are the see how many hits translate into kills. one got interested in the Thirty the deployment process. the Swedish War. If you FOGR. two twos. is a a factor of 3 and maximum range of 24 info that you need to run a workable set of rules for an interesting inches. ISSUE 1 Page 11 . you will ing a rout. four 3s. When units rout it multiple supplements that cover the East. VOLUME 1. etc. scenar. changing Morale is based upon unit quality and jump out at us. If some unique ideas to this set of rules that leader’s quality you can hold varying side A rolls three 2s. however. initiative be determining how terrain were great. No big deal. and some four. Then someone ordered formation. The reference sheet pictures on glossy paper you won’t get it some type of arquebus/musket which has contains only some of the here. so it will take players awhile to most gamers and they contain what I feel are expecting something similar to the figure out how to make everything work. rallying. but you may not be able ample a side that suffers kills has to roll Father Tilly covers the Thirty Years to do much! War tokens can help with morale. here’s how it naturally infected several oth.. come in real handy during times would end up. designated rates plus 1D6 for most cases. so that’s a hit to B. then side B rolls a copy and try them out. so that’s a Each turn both sides bid for game. and no sixes. ers. Both sides then roll off with usu. meaning that trying to read rectangles (although playing many casualties it can cause per turn. an artillery piece. What you do get. Finally. which can result in a push back War in a basic set of rules along with this by adding additional initiatives to a and additional kills. ers. sides’ turn. maybe a unit of skirmish- more. and a lot move into contact. This Shooting and hand to hand combat full color cover with black and white text is much different than playing WECW or are where the big changes will be for inside along with a few images. 5x3 is 15. There are money and have several few turns to get the hang of it. These are small figure. and two sixes. Having the figures and hit to A. which can be looked at the 30YW variant for into kills. but sometimes dice in melee to additional dice for cer- ally large numbers of dice and compare annoying problems. then modified for things like losses. probably go first. there are tain morale checks. I created a new period. released. There is no need to buy the The only big change from most rules is We’ve played several smaller games supplements as the rules will be sufficient that charges are a two step process where to get a feel for the rules and that would to set up a game. If you are firing on a target with game. Movement. but you may need WECW in several issues of Wargames could go for awhile you would be cor- to bid so low that you can’t do everything Illustrated.

In practice it is much infantry units.Father Tilly Playtest Battle Report After playing a few very small games WECW before. side was exchanging fire. but when you multiply that to hold up and by a large number of figures it begins to rally. although ever. after add up after awhile! (cont. but both several rounds. is after that it got to be almost second na- concentrate on that even for a ture. but not causing decided to keep it ing of using too much damage.13) Page 12 N E W S L E T T ER T I T L E . The artillery unit then got off a few their commands. in effect cancelling out ers. then roll a number artillery piece and a unit of skirmishers. of D6s for each figure that is eligible to Side B had two units of cavalry. Both quicker than trying to explain it here. The difference in combat factors they were able was only one. was done to even out things as Side B As noted in the review. routing them and pursuing the center. two of us determined that we of the armies of this period. Each side played a number of war the loss of a figure. infantry in the center and skirmishers to eran cavalry of Side A crushed the oppos- screen the flanks of the cavalry towards Side B now tried to get two of its ing cavalry. went off the Here’s where the veteran status began to board. In Father Tilly melee prises here as many of us had played maneuvered to the right and tried to con- can go on for tact the enemy skirmishers. such as too small! The shooting and large possible melee. One them off the board. These numbers are then compared infantry. with the skirmishers pressing out with just four other players farther in front. but everyone could should note. action. On the far flank the other tokens. It took a few turns for small so that this system everyone to get the firing system. are not the moves of the typical stuff seen cavalry meant in most rules! that units were in contact by turn two. which we learned then on the following turn it can press the during the game. of each being veteran. three infantry units into the fight. By the end of turn 3 each players. Both sides advanced towards each game. so at least the players basically a turn and a half there was now of Father Tilly to get used to the rules and were somewhat aware of the capabilities a hostile cavalry unit to the rear of Side concepts. So. The dice that represent After explaining the rules and the war hits that are left are then rolled to trans- tokens. units as ours and understand was. then we set up our forces. we proceeded to the deployment late into kills with four kills resulting in phase. three of fight. In Side A had two units of cavalry and Father Tilly when a unit charges it moves two units of pike/shot infantry. damaging one of the pike and shot learn the rules. The victorious cavalry pursued Side B’s center infantry unit then the defeated became involved in a multi-turn firefight cavalry until it with the veteran infantry unit of side A. This attack using the charge procedure. is a big advantage. two cavalry units prepared to get into the sides went with cavalry on the flanks. but then pay off. There weren’t too many sur. but not before but when things getting off a few parting shots! Both start going bad sides then got into a firefight that went for on side they several turns with the pike & shot unit really go bad! coming off the worst for it. game with few shots. and one small unit of skirmish- to each other. on p. a 6x4 that some of the table is WAY systems. and that other. combat is would have a third infantry unit and in unusual in that you figure out the combat retrospect it more than made up for being factor of the units involved (usually a 5 or outnumbered! Side A also had a small 6 is needed for a hit). B’s forces! were ready to give it a go as a group The one thing that we did learn. opposing hits. times the skirmishers fled. We who are think. In the first melee of the night the vet. how. with one to within four inches of the enemy unit.

if your side desperately needs to go first and you bid low. then if you have 12-15 units on your side your only going to be able to issue two commands. and what oblique move. fol- the game is good for players who have lowed by several exchanges of pistol fire had a few games under their belt. things in the rules can be a challenge and unit. There are several turns in sections for terrain time consuming placement. could times before finally get the reference be added. and didn’t know about our do properly! More bloody melee with melee pretty well examples of play. The third Side B in. For example. This means that there will be a lot of sitting around by several players. melee. we felt sive. pressions were needs to be reworked and an index added. breaking. more table space. What fol. unpredictable artillery. would be described as ment) which cost unit characteristics. card posted in the Yahoo Group On the far flank the cavalry clash files section as the one that comes with resulted in both sides breaking off. The other major concern is the rulebook cavalry unit ap. however. your first few games. throw needed up at the some units on the front where their board. that in After a few sics and not use many of these additional the end everyone had a fun evening. etc. so the given orders and their objectives/ and wild swings of fortune for both sides. the Side B unit tive. and using the war to. system would definitely take more time and I believe would be great for two player games. positions tracked on a map. proaching from the generally posi. Everyone fortunately the author is very responsive decided to charge was able to figure on the Father Tilly Yahoo group. so their side dearly as it’s not a game where they were badly you show up. Finding the veteran infantry out the war to. we kept having things pop up that we lowed was a fairly shooting. for a first game that we would stick to the ba. VOLUME 1. This again re- for those just learning to play. pre-made rosters of command- forced back several You do need to ers and units for quick games. a good set of rules for this period. explaining the rules. i. game was called at that point. did. going to give it another go with more bad for a first attempt. which isn’t kens. However. and using the full Using the full set-up and command command system next time.Father Tilly Playtest (cont. movement. but not and then counterattacks. We keep coming up with questions and rear. and then shooting. maybe a flow chart for the Side B unit after a few turns.e. the setup. The command system can also battle felt like a 30YW/ECW fight with was in huge trouble as several units were get much more involved. we If you can stick with it and get through we had spent about four hours with the determined to just focus on movement. I’m still not entirely sold that it is a game for more than two play- ers as the initiative bidding system is hard to get it to work properly in a four or more player game. ISSUE 1 Page 13 .) Battle Report With a enemy Overall im. stats for the wheels (there is no generals. with units being the push of pike. Father Tilly was designed to be a fantry unit over there couldn’t get around game where both sides have spent some the cavalry melee so they had to spend time preparing for the game. a 2. which is what we have been deci. Again. We’re playing about seven turns. kens. It needs to be said.. sulted in both sides breaking off followed by more pistol fire. Overall. threatened to the front and flank. units. The more turns it was looking as if Side B features. then start play- numbers could ing. Father Tilly can be set up.

there was simply the matter of congestion. held and forced the attackers back. then the lied.Allied Defense General de Brigade Battle Report Yet another scenario set in the Spring right of the Prussian held village. Poland. The large number of bat- talions coming onto the board to attack at one or two points took some time to sort out. a charge-countercharge type of situation plus Russia. The French you have and end up using the for some. including me. and Austria are al. re- In this instance several Prussian bri- grouped. The huge problem for the When the attack came it was on sev. etc. was de- feated. there’s little cavalry. I think we like the 1813 the Prussian supports waiting behind the period as you get to use almost every village. clear a bit of space for one of part wide open. where thing! the Prussians were the weakest. a line across the center of the board. looked around like no one was going to stop this attack! Battalion upon battalion of infantry. The first attack towards the vil- the troops in the center of the board are lage in the center was met with murder- ous fire from the Prussian defenders which drove the initial attack back. Allies is that the left flank is for the most eral fronts with a great deal of support in however. some additional units in support behind gap in the defense.. The French attack towards the village on the Prussian right met some initial success. that see-sawed for several turns. driving back the Prussian skirmishers and scoring some hits on the Prussian artillery battery in support of the skirmishers. on p. the French cavalry brigades to deploy and When the first French column at. The Prussian infantry the villages.15) The French columns then swung to the tering. The French side brought up more battalions and commenced a fire- fight on three sides of the village with artillery coming up as fast as it could. the French had two major obstacles to overcome at the start of the game. might be an early night! sians rolled very poorly. attack in the center of the board. and depth. the Allied players. so you can take almost any figures French were forced back. Second. but with limited cavalry. meaning that Additional Russian forces would be en. brought up artillery and cavalry. one square routed and was (cont. there was a meandering stream near the French entry areas that proved to be a substantial obstacle and it took the French forces several turns to Page 14 N E W S L E T T ER T I T L E . Prussia. then charge into two Prussian battalions tacks went in and drove the Prussian that hastily formed square. supported by artillery. The French defenders back. The Prussians have The critical moment came when three taken up strong positions in and around French battalions charged a large Prus- cross it and then get organized for an both villages. with sian battalion deployed in line to cover a attack. and the multiple brigades of cavalry were still stacked up waiting to come on! However. liberally supplied with artil- lery. It did. but not for the first few hours. When the French came onto the board. it looked like it cav rolled extremely well and the Prus- pretty exposed with minimal support. First. The French pulled back. These columns got caught up in kind of unit from Saxony. gades are holding two villages roughly in then surged forward again. at- of 1813 and this time using the General tempting to flank the village and engage de Brigade rules.

and French were locked in a life and time! Not only that. with the French completely out yet again. but to completely flank and help the village defenders. it was a long and tense strug- of the table! them up as well.Allied Defense (cont. well underway. Russian able to take two of the three objectives rest of the brigade to falter and fall back. death struggle with Russian reinforce. Sax. 14) run down. in the Allied defenses right in the center the other French cavalry brigades. sought to exploit their advantage three nights. The reversed. from p. causing the center village was open. Then. ments that had moved up to anchor the had just hung on at several points during gade to not only falter. ISSUE 1 Page 15 . now seeing the end in that took around 10 hours to play over resumed its position in the center. cavalry moving up as reinforcements with the forces that they had. most inopportune times! The Prussians ond attack and causing the French bri. defeating a sec. but they were at the center refused to budge. but the of the picture on the Prussian right. By this time the French were French had plenty of chances. plating a withdrawal from one of the vil- up to division level! Now the tables were sault the village. On the Prussian left the Poles. However. The French players rolled and finish the Prussians off. tying Overall. fast running out of options. By this time one of the gle with several wild swings of fortune Prussian infantry brigades had rallied and The French. When the initial deployment and having to cross the Russians moved up their cavalry and stream took too long and left the cavalry The French cavalry did charge and consolidated the crossroads position it unable to get into the fight until it was wipe out a Prussian artillery battery and was clear that the French would be un. At this All of a sudden there was a massive gap closed the gap and began a melee with point it was declared an Allied victory. for a brief moment the rear side of the VOLUME 1.) General de Brigade Battle Report (cont. sight. The the game and at one time were contem- fall apart which triggered a chain reaction French again tried to bombard then as. something like ten snake eyes in that the one solitary Prussian battalion in the ons. but were thrown back lages to shorten the defensive line.

S. the German player can WW2 games. exchanges. offensively and defensively. a lot. the suc. with re. troversial aspects of the new WW2 and ing. player zine before about how I loved many. but there’s nothing there that is a few times I am now lukewarm about the going to completely befuddle someone remaining games and probably won’t buy playing their first wargame. and needs to capture three contiguous save some each turn to attack lone U. Offset- (the Fire & Movement series) and a set of ting that. IGOUGO turn sequence. and ward to take as many victory first turn. Golan. imagine my excitement when I This leads me to one of the more con- need to prevent these things from happen- found out that Decision Games. but not at this level. However. artillery and they needed to be positioned worked maps. after having tried this bit longer. They also re. They can be used ANYWHERE on the Leipzig. Aachen there was a 22 x 34 map. and more. cations near Aachen. Ger. The U. First. There are a have Battle For Germany. I still quickly to bring on the U. and a lot of potential. The map is a big im. you can’t advance after ranging from 3 to 10 in Well. I to find or sell for a high price on Ebay. and trol. port fire system and how did the game go provement on the old SPI maps from the to press with the wrong set up for half the 70s and the counters have improved as U. Arnhem. The problem? such as Arnhem. few exciting parts to the game such as the Chikamauga. If you can’t do this in a ber of turns the game lasts by one) and war with the Koreas. going to remake a lot of the old games in The game system uses a standard In the old games there were units for their new folio series! Yes. the artillery. results tables which aren’t very bloody. cessor to SPI. and meatgrinder. The initial about the only way to mortars. player player praying for certain numbers on the you can keep a game to under needs to seize Aachen and a die roll to kill off German units to make 3 hours. The folder rushes in to cut off Aachen and threaten attention spans. The rest of the game games that can be set up the game into a WW1 style (probably more than 50%) is the U. A new wargamer might take a system. 2nd Armored and to race for. mored to penetrate the West Wall fortifi- Page 16 N E W S L E T T ER T I T L E . the breakout of the 2nd Ar- Golan from that era. leased a few new titles such as a future hexes of the West Wall to unleash the units (each one eliminated cuts the num- war between India and Pakistan. plus a 2nd Armored.S. ACW battles. forces need to banging their head against a wall and the SPI folio and quad games penetrate the fortifications praying for exchanges to clear out sec- from the 70s. but it doesn’t work. judging by Aachen. another. tions of the fortifications.S.Aachen by Decision Games Game Review I’ve written in this maga. announced that they were modern folio system rules. What could possibly The problem here is the Each side gets a number go wrong? fortifications and that of “support” markers. units? I think if they had kept the well. a sheet game. has artwork or images on the front and the victory hexes on the far side of the details about the game on the back. quickly. and the old SPI quad/folio combat to support.S.S. I’m in the middle about this map. player has no I can see this being done for corps or of these games that have been either hard chance. victory while the Germans just So. What follows next is the U. the fortifications! combat. double sided counters. tems for the rules. interesting of double sided counters.S. zones of con. series of road exit hexes for a holes. artillery. They locations as possible before mored (IF it gets unleashed) and German were and still are great little German reinforcements turn counterattacks. which is strength which represent let’s go over the good news. aircraft.S. For Overall. they were going to come with new sys. releases for the folio series contained get the Germans out of etc. The U. several of the North Africa The 30th Infantry begins its attack board! In fact.. however.S. are fun to play. various units on the board. game at the bottom of the map (get the don’t know whether the designers errata as the set up in the game is com. is the mediocre sup- exclusive rules.S. Good looking map. plus bringing back many 2nd Armored the U. 30th Infantry Division and 3rd Ar- nitely save a game like this. Not so here. the series rules situation. In fact. The 3rd Armored begins the theater level assets. that can be added to many games that came out in the 70s. Both sets of rules are easy to digest original artillery units this game would and an experienced gamer can be set up have been a keeper and I would be look- and playing probably inside of 15-20 ing forward to buying every game in the minutes. Decision Games is reasonable amount of time there’s no hope for an exchange! to be commended on the size and scope need to finish the game as without the of this project. thought they were being clever or trying The folio series is basically a game pletely wrong for the 3rd Armored!) and to appeal to today’s gamers with short inside of an 11 x 17 folder. Maybe Decision will reprint the artillery units and change the system back Aachen portrays the attempt by the to what it used to be? That would defi- U.

speeches. I guarantee that 17 attacks. coln’s cabinet. revisionist history. inter. Pulitzer prize winning you will be surprised at the level of time to clearly explain the goals. I wouldn’t call this and the search plans they used that day. and him keep the North moving forward. His early life. dent. and the multiple B- how the aircraft were stowed on board actual battle. which are interesting in their the carriers.S. Authors eration. but usually or thought you were familiar with selves but to try to further their own po- from the military history side of him from reading Civil War books litical ambitions! Again. Shattered Sword Book Review After reading this book I eration.Team of Rivals Book Review The American Civil War has in the 1840s and 50s. ence. and plans each man had throughout has written a new book. Bates. all took different paths towards book then moves into a second phase ing up to him eventually becoming Presi- the nomination and these are explored in where the war is being fought and Lin. I four men. or just as Japanese ship logs. their political careers. political intrigue for a country fighting world they would have been hung in the for its life is beautifully brought into fo. things are just getting I thought the portrayal of Lincoln The first part of the book focuses on started with his nomination! From there throughout the book was of extraordinary the four men who would compete for the he convinces his rivals to take jobs in his interest to me.S. The thought the book did a good job of build- Lincoln. The book covers the PBY night tor- change how you view the Battle of Mid- pedo attack which is rarely mentioned The book is full of diagrams showing way. It was refresh- views with the participants. attacks finally come a about what happened that fateful day. and way ever again. Team jobs. The book then spends a good deal of time is spent explaining that will never be able to watch good deal of time going over the the Japanese CAP was not out of posi- the movie Midway the same planning and wargaming of the op. One of the more shocking things fascinating detail. influ- author Doris Kearns Goodwin detail given here. you will learn so many things that you own right. A series of appendixes includes an unlucky. Chase. and compar. the men regarding the issues of slavery goes over several of their most famous This wasn’t always successful and the and of African-Americans. In today’s speeches. coalition that saved the Union. media. sembled and the operation begins. Fortunately. but in their day and age they were Naturally. looking at the U. These Cabinet and this is where the country life and then his entrance into politics. and begins to move towards Civil War. times and there is a long set up to the attack from Midway. never knew about this battle that it is well detailed look at Japanese air operations The first part of the book provides some worth your time. carriers is covered as well as the operations from the U. incompetent. The writing style is a bit dry at anywhere. the emphasis is on Lincoln. the Japanese reaction to them. which shows the phy are given new life that all lead they were all working against each other. Finally. they craft a fascinating look at the battle Overall. and political philoso. There is Jonathan Parshall and An. interesting look at whether or not the plain old bad guys. political side of the American up to the fateful day of the nomina. an incredible chapter just on the Japanese thony Tully have written an damage control efforts on the three carri- Now this is where most books astounding book covering the ers. the fleets are as. champions of the anti-slavery movement! but you learn a great deal about the era and what the political landscape was like I’ve always been fascinated by reading Long. However. commanders who were running the op- VOLUME 1. the Japanese strikes on the about Midway begin to focus on Japanese side of the events U. but a detailed look moil of the Japanese military and the When the U. this book will definitely we all thought we knew everything about. side of operations. Finally. tion. the combined SBD and B-26 things like Japanese AA effectiveness. the island from the Marines. The main battle begins with a craft were positioned on that fateful day. the author takes the war. By focusing on his early Republican nomination of 1860. tion. Sometimes it seems that of Rivals. and where the ships and air.S. but in the end they were able to create a Civil War as seen from Lin. cus. Seward. interesting insight into the political tur. Japanese landing forces could have taken ing to see that very few pages are spent ing what has been written previously. Even if books where a country is facing doom always been one of my favorite you’ve read biographies of Lincoln and yet certain people can’t help them- periods of history. side and leading up to and during the options that the Japanese had at that the Japanese are portrayed as either Battle of Midway. which attacks were successful.S. Using point. but highly recommended. Goodwin covers their coln must trust his former rivals to help that the book brings out is the views of early lives. ISSUE 1 Page 17 . the Civil War.

speed of play linked to how much work wracking. This could be a skirmish woods. nerve added in for period flavor. signer or gamemaster goes in with the even though everyone can idea. Or. this ruins the game and leaves eve- game.. ran for our club based upon the Rus- enjoy a well run hidden movement game. We called aren’t paying attention in tracking their two outcomes. many of to- which the gamer thinks it’s the only way trying to prevent a NATO submarine day’s “hidden” mecha- a scenario can be played or they are try.Memoirs of a Miniature & Board Wargamer Pt. but it is a true gaming experience and what they were trying to do. Either everything the attack as we had lost a company of Mum and Sharp Practice use “blinds”. When you finish attack and ran into more ruin it quickly is when some players the game you will be left with one of opposition. attack and started taking ryone with a bad taste in their mouth for night fighting. I’ve partici. casualties. so I thought I would share some Dragon teams! How embarrassing! already deployed on the thoughts on the subject. curred during a game of Enola’s Combat Japan. (getting to the action faster). plus he knew Ocean. They’ve been hidden movement are got through. and come up visibility-yes. and that it doesn’t Commander back in the mid 80’s. clearly see where the fig- game this week with hidden movement!” poon scenario where three Russian ures are at on the board. when some players simply cheat! things hidden it was worth or. A great example of gamers who need to get their game in how hidden movement can Another good hidden movement under two hours. works and players have a great time. showed us the NATO forces. I Ain’t Been Shot. guy setting up the game had obviously transports. It was tense. or any of another hun. sians seizing the Kurile Islands from Some may argue that it’s too much work. My commanders ing to run all of the hidden movement! Fun or More Work? and I looked over the terrain which was Then there are those games that all of If you’ve been in the hobby for basically a long road run- us have experienced where things start probably longer than five years at ning past two villages. Every- Warsaw Pact armored battalion with a to play in some of the games I’ve de- one afterwards expressed what a great mech infantry company in support trying scribed above. Page 18 N E W S L E T T ER T I T L E . guys at? Over the last few years there have been a few attempts to incorporate some With hidden movement. complex visibility rules. trying to penetrate the screen and ing gimmicks. three War. patience. but they’re not true hid- that work really well with did sink two of the Russian subs and den movement games. it’s usually a mechanism by submarines and some air assets were To me. The each side. really affect a game and experience is a Harpoon campaign I Hopefully everyone can someday give you a real life per. etc. I was the LA class sub that most are merely gam- as possible. I section) very well.S. and took about five hours. one TOW team and two forcements that show up years. a hidden. First. spent long hours agonizing over maps. The game went for several idea what their forces are. and patches of get to the main part of the game. across a large section of the Pacific up against an enemy when you have no terrain. spective on things oc. everyone would love to do a Another good game was a Har. or armor and destroyed one U. The other thing that can dred gaming topics. then shifted the future games. They con- there’s the Ambush rule in Flames of pated in some good and some not so good sisted of three APCs. I don’t think any scenario de. attack against an amphibious landing nisms suffer from the fact ing to keep a surprise hidden for as long in Norway. 16 Hidden Movement: to force its way through a sector defended time they had. This involved over 100 aircraft on takes too much time. stream with a bridge. It’s my hum. two jeeps. ancing. it stuck with me to this day board or they have very about how good games with hidden First. it Where were those NATO was a total abject failure. numerous ships. or fun and despite the work in keeping again without success. Natu- movement. You may ble opinion that the games after about five hours of hard work I still enjoy them. M113 in which are oval shaped cut outs which the game bogs down as it’s just too much return! It was at this time that the referee represent where some figs might be and work for not enough game. point bal- went into them. Rather. Not the most fun game in the world. and more spread I’m merely stating that it can be fun to go spent a ton of time setting up the forces. sev- everyone votes to “un-hide” the figs to ticipate in a game that features hidden eral farms. forces get revealed too soon. “Hey. Both sides with a plan to achieve your mission. However. is no in-between result. Still others use cards to add rein- hidden movement games over the last 35 infantry squads. there really In the end we were forced to call off hidden movement. you need to the rules (particularly the sections on months and there were numerous clashes use recon assets. but it left me frazzled try- by strong NATO forces. do anything to make the game more fun. We launched our rally. submarines. gamers usually skip this between opposing forces. choppers. movement could be if you work at it. or whatever else to suit today’s but a good gaming experience. reinforcements. know that this is asking a lot of today’s trying to figure out where the enemy was The scenario placed me in charge of a gamers. but it becomes such a chore that some point you will be asked to par. the game was down artillery and tried forces. hunting submarines. sci-fi.

under the sun. creating ship. colonials. but here you time went on I started to run my own micro-armor. however. I ran into one and elaborate they ended up with massive back drastically. to move on. By this with a really great dungeonmaster that I time. there were too many other candy and soda! After that aren’t dead after all! systems to try out rather than just stick we would start getting set up VOLUME 1. there were lines of teenagers up on the necessities of gam- the game itself. only to re- the boxed sets. Mix etc. sleep three or four hours. and it’s a it seemed like the magic had gone and in This started a five year period shame that I was never able to finish the end most of us gave up RPGs and of doing some kind of RPG that campaign. Last sum- with the preferred venue of wee hours of the morning. our jobs at the local mall. modern naval. or D&D that we tired was Trav- It still seems hard to believe that wherever we worked when we were in eller. it was a game that we ons books that it would spawn a in going to the arcades. modern played was Gamma World. but I were quite a few memorable MERC cam- games at the time. profes- Our evenings would usually start as paigns running at several players houses. The newer games seemed to do We tried other games such as Top weekend. 3am. sci-fi. Coke. as the gamers in my area had no real de. However. we all reached a point where it was time two years straight with multiple cam. Looking back. lar. It segment of the hobby that has and action films. When this GM Twilight 2000 and Star Trek. everyone had miniature One of the most fun RPGs I ever really started to appreciate the game. 15 OK. antagonists.. great time. needed a really good and clever GM. and more. and James Bond. sional jobs. and using your imagination trying to save the world and we had a to set up an evening of fun for your Naturally. loading up on mer. newer ones that came out in the early were some gamers like me zarre creatures. It wasn’t until 1979 don’t think anything ever lasted longer paigns and battles including several large when I got into an ongoing campaign than a month. however. campaigns. As armies for WW1. factory. There more interested in SPI and Avalon Hill and got through a few sessions. so did Gamma World. and more. then get up for The first RPG other than at least once in your gaming life. The biggest thing he had a very elaborate cam- battles with armies of miniatures! that derailed the playing of RPGs paign that was a blast to be was Starfleet Battles.. There were some great games friends. supplements. Star Frontiers. old ICBM to mid 90s that included games like who did basically everything complexes. set out to explore. and twenty-somethings buying three ing.P. but I was was.. and I played my first D&D game back in more. and pizza. What started out as everything for you and everyone was Secret. admit it. Basically. and fighting supernatural be. peat the same thing the next night. kept coming back to D&D. running booze and third party supplements started to shipments. the three basic Dungeons & Drag. then game from about 9pm until sucked into role-playing games. It became D&D 24/7 for about ings in an H. but the actual game play Towards the end we ended up playing 1977 and thought it was fun. starting a family. Runequest. and meeting for dinner at 6pm on These were great times as you would play other obligations took up time previ- a Friday or Saturday night on a Friday or Saturday night until the ously used for gaming. or RPGs as they are now known. so we expanded to play while watching a concert on and possibly the early 80s you got out slowly and surely. radiated and started to play some of the local hobby store where there zones with armies of bi. watching horror never really got into. designing characters and 1920s to being teams of secret agents of role-playing game from that era.Blast From The Past Pt. We ran We kept coming back to RPGs Things changed again when I found a into a western town. Many of us would then go home. Lovecraft setting.well. ISSUE 1 Page 19 . dull. including some that were so which led to the RPG time being cut Fortunately. We did the time soon expanded out playing the game. but we MTV. Gone were the days of everything from gangsters in the into almost every popular type creating maps. As has been stated here before I think come out. especially when the hardbound books that involved superheros. and you basically had seemed that the most fun was made millions of dollars and still my life from the late 70s through about rolling up the characters. D&D was the most popu. School was finished. I was at our local choice being Pizza Hut! M&Ms. We tried several times a lot of MERC along with AD&D. basically doing D&D most of basically going through the motions of Champions. gaming store when the new hard- From there it was a trip to the I think it was the social aspect of the backs for AD&D arrived. 1985! building a universe. exists today. which our I then drifted into Squad Leader and involved in. Even thought there was from that one plain box that had our teens and early twenties. knife in a remote village and sire to get into that side of the hobby. went into boardgames and/or miniatures gaming almost every other to stay. we group played for about three or four lost some of the desire to get into RPGs started out with a spear and years straight. left. Back in the 70s with D&D. battles fought with miniatures. Believe it local grocery store to stock game that was far more important than or not. including RPGs. these mainly being and four books each! Maybe RPGs Of course.

but it’s minimal and Coral Sea and the standard series nothing like playing some of the WW2 Midway. position is and their mission. Java. It is a aircraft and conduct your first air to air or there and have a general idea of where perfect companion to Eastern Fleet in that air to sea combat it gets pretty easy to do they are. one for ships and the other for smaller ships. but where else can you aircraft. They are done in the campaigns) that deal with many ships and hold the Phillipines longer than what standard SWAS format. they do use the Avalanche “bucket Let’s face it. Can you Northern Australia. This is some unless linked to one of the larger testing. scenarios. but the surface combat the Japanese onslaught in December of do get a lot in terms of components and actions are fun to play out. cific rule book fea- of them are there. plotted for task forces. The retail price of the game was Yes. However. Each turn movement is its cousin. Page 20 N E W S L E T T ER T I T L E . but can get tire- puts out. Overall. it is usually referred to. task force orders. the scenarios maps of the South Seas area that cover You also get several operational sce- and operational games that are given here the Philippines. is with scenarios and cam- So what makes this series so popular one of Avalanche Press’ paigns for the specific and/or interesting? To me it is the opera- most popular series. but rather the actual historical situations.. The addition of aircraft. The rules are tional part of the game. are a good introduction to the series and designer’s fault or poor scenario design. It is when playing unplayable systems. 1941 and this game definitely shows that. After that. and Not only that. how they move. WW2 in the pacific. so getting them completed at Sea series. The counter sheets are well done get to use Dutch naval and air units? and feature the Japanese ships done in Also. which rules.Strike South by Avalanche Press Game Review The Second World War There is also a series every counter. Each player very difficult for needs to use all of their available assets to the Allies to win! The game spe- discover where the enemy is. etc. The tactical bat- what you will about the pretty easy once you un- tles with the massive amounts of dice games that Avalanche Press derstand how to write rolling are fun to a point. will up the complexity level real cat and mouse situation. and strikes. There strength? are two counter sheets. Strike South. and narios (or I like to think of them as mini- are interesting to say the least. is pretty easy to di. It’s not the circumstances. transports. as rule booklet and a booklet in an evening could be a challenge. Several actually happened? Can you get badly tiny squares that serve as reference points of these take both maps and use almost needed convoys across the South Seas in for task force orders. essentially when Japan ran wild through just a bit. and and just recently got a pretty good deal on what changes are permissible. which is offset aircraft spread over a wide area. Say game. and it becomes a start of America’s involvement in WW2. the Allies were not ready for $59. how. air- marines. graphics errors. most naval miniatures rules I’ve used over the are covered in of these are minor years! separate games. searching. there is some leading up to that are added on to paperwork involved. The Allies are in vari. sub. These games in some of the scenarios. how many Strike South cov. some time learning what task forces can system really shines. There are If there’s one problem with Strike players the chance to recreate the Japa. There is also a tac- the face of ever growing Japanese fleet tical map used for surface combat. Singapore. and where are they ers the period from tures several rules going. First. this is or land based air. players need to spend the operational scenarios where the game this series has had a string of successes. craft are assigned to searches Strike South covers the period at the gest. once you start using You know that there are enemy forces out the South Seas and Indian Ocean.95 and for that amount of money you of dice” system. with little play. a well done game that provides an inter- ous shades of blue with the Dutch ships esting look at the first few months of and aircraft in orange.. When forces meet the action is the beginning of that usually occur transferred to the tactical map where the war to events only in that game combat is resolved. Yes. The problem is what their com- both have numerous scenarios where it is after that. etc. the core of the game and operational scenarios. the multi-national task forces with yellow with the aircraft in a variety of almost impossible missions are another shades depending upon if they were naval unique part of this game. combat. can be completed in under two hours. and are easy to im- This game gives plement. ever. Along time ago I reviewed Eastern Fleet have certain orders. several battle scenarios which are just South is that it is similar to Eastern Fleet nese onslaught or as the Allies try to surface combat with the counters being where the Allies have little to no chance score some kind of victory in desperate placed on the tactical map. there are two beautiful Having said that. however. or SWAS. Again.

ISSUE 1 Page 21 . It is an entirely differ. with all of the gaming experience of will move to something new this year. Will they give up La Salle? Then next time someone wants interest. There was an initial flurry period expert. threads on forums about game related items in the period and I someone to produce a “dominant” set of what to buy. most magazine articles on the rules and armies based for that system. I started out playing ent style of game. and many. If you have four guys who like have been damaging body blows to the for those who turned to Impetus. around the world. So there will be three new. but taking the time and having Osprey behind them in the pub- attracted enough for large tournaments. and obvi- last year of Napoleonic rules where you Shock of Impact. Throughout its changed to WAB. but a virtual sar. ously it would be better suited to 15mm had Black Powder. Reading through the seen this may be closer to WAB than any type of gamer. another city and have a good chance of sales. al- cessors. attempt to use a modified Warmaster them? VOLUME 1. cients. etc. it’s ancients. but at the end of the day if eve- cients rules. I can’t see club many of these rules were bought. Will this happen with improvement of DBM. then coupled with Os. most notably by the lack of dream? Warmaster Ancients definitely ers in your club interested in becoming supplements for items like Samurai. If those gamers haven’t supply these days. some have. formal in its approach. learn it. their rules for another set? to set up Republic to Empire then maybe Naturally. maybe a campaign a big fan of it) clearly won the fight. have lost Europe and England. although I’m sure Warhammer Historical. rules that will clearly sell more than oth. FOG vention report where they were still hav. then Newbury. or just moved on to other rules. It had a huge following. many gamers if not most gamers based their armies for the ancients gaming community been so simply went back to what they were play- the rules. is that to the success of Black Powder last year. Suc- caught on and while nowhere near the invested in yet another set of rules. you see similar things with WAB gamers are not going to who for many years oversaw WAB and Napoleonics and WW2 to some jump to this. Finally. The first will be Hail Cae- of sales. more delays on the good for a miniatures game). More Ancients Rules? Editorial I’ve been gaming since the The problem with the game. did we really need the hobby during its first year. riod? period were in terms of WAB. comparisons. This Empire for example and play it all the franchise. have good support. they will feature Powder in my mind (even though I’m not Rules Set to Rule Them All”. reviews. the field is now wide open for of excitement. But is that possible any longer? Has From what I’ve seen. Umm. high pro- Only time will tell. which is what most WAB lic to Empire all come out at pretty much cients. many gamers thought DBM should Great Escape Games. I know in our Also. out this year. money to get a new set of rules. or jokingly referred to as ryone tries them and goes back to what library of army books poured forth into “Powderless Black Powder”! This is an they were playing. Warhammer Ancients. Also. but the main question is.. what real numerous supplements with more playing with other players who have the impact did they have on that gaming pe- planned. FOG. least from my point of view. and Repub- and finally settled on Warmaster An. lishing area and a well established core of although by reports nowhere as large as then put on a game seems to be in short gamers who were looking at FOG as an they have been. Not only that. But then chinks began to appear fractured that this is merely a pipe ing before. WRG 6th and DBM/DBA? I read a con- save the day. at system and produce a book/rules similar mid-70s and if there’s one pe. La Salle.. and you can at least move or visit what did it win? All three had good come close.. Black Although there will never be “One ers. tournament mindset. Likewise played. That’s not saying that all of these had several huge advantages. many still do although it seems to be primarily in of them helping you to set up a game of not have the second edition. if any of them of selling the rules by direct order only armies to go to a new system. above the others that it has a magnetic the designers. will be putting extent. Although there are still large has been a successful entry into the field. I know in our change in ownership. riod that really brings out the it is DBM on steroids. then the unusual practice all WMA players dumping their rules and we’ve yet to see few. or other sets by these new releases for ancients this year? development it was hoped that this rules now I think the odds are slim that they Maybe. this left an opening for Black Powder after that. A is approaching 2500 members-pretty called “Rules Fatigue”. followed up by a years long level of WAB (although the Yahoo group most as if there is a new gaming illness wait for a second edition of the rules. find the current state of affairs quite inter- ancients rules. than 28mm. out War & Conquest as well. or what The next will be Clash of Empires from arguing. it did look additional army lists. By that I mean a set of then finally mud slinging matches about esting. which set of rules was the best.Say it Ain’t So.. but I keep up to date on So. examples of play it struck me that of the other sets. etc. it gets hard to get oth- in the armor. time. the same time. Yes. From what I’ve pick up your ball and go home have been. Or one of them can stand so far set. Rob Broom. but nothing like an.not so fast. but second edition. what chance do you think you have numbers of WAB players. input from ancient gamers effect and creates a horde of new fans. definitely more It’s shaping up to be almost a replay WRG 5th. what about those who still play Fields of Glory to come riding in and club and with others that’s a non-starter. By no means am I an ancient players have. but like for awhile that WAB was going to system. I’m sure that all three prey’s graphics and publishing expertise duction value sets of ancient rules coming of these new rules will do well in terms would produce the ultimate set of an. namely ing tournaments with those rules and had rules are bad.

have found that while reading a set of Pursuit. ignore artillery (it than “Pick 1. 12. many of us go on playing writing could use some innovation. someone can come up quick resolutions while in reality the divi. so we press on and Also. have some wild extremes as well. In straight forward affairs with long lines some systems you merely pick up the But are we simulating history or equally deployed against their enemy.000 points and set up in a new line. As a gamer it’s many times have you seen or participated don’t get a second chance. tempt to get gamers to take a look at mander would know where and some of the systems that are in their when to launch a charge. No one set of rules is the answer to they don’t just stop in the middle everyone’s dilemma. as I’ll probably write about where units get left hanging hope.. However. you want to at to death over the last 35 years that I’ve least try to simulate a point in history. don’t check for morale until you with enough drive to do something other sion may be trying to rally units. long line on that side of the board”.. Also. I remember in The Complete Briga- of the strangest parts of any game system. there still fighting going on there some. rules that make brigades. taking a closer look at the rules you have. enemy is too far away!” Yet this Notice I didn’t even touch on things like happens time and time again in air support. etc. ders of battle in books. table. rules even though deep down we know about a table or chart that shows how late command and control while remain. don’t fit the period well. aren’t always both sides could end up far worse than from a good set of rules! Many gamers they started when the pursuit began. check for retreat/rout/disintegration Most of the games I see are relatively we don’t like. This is an area where rules GMT are a breath of fresh air in group. Also.. BKC2. Where did the If you’re simply playing a game with realize that there are scenario books. plus rules. so I’m not going to men.. form a lose 80% of your force. been in gaming. divisions. Command & Control guard actions. I will say rules they will come across a great idea. so that gamers can do something where? As gamers we sometimes want entire article! Throw 50 Jagdtigers on the different? Surely. on the other hand. but on just takes too long to deal with anyway). Others have In Summary rules that allow for the pursuer to go wildly off the board in pursuit as well as It is true that a few things I’ve picked the retreating unit. Scenario Driven Games “conveniently” ignore that section that etc. but some rules seem of a battle and say. Pursuit & Army Disintegration yet we rarely if ever see this on the table- In wargames rules pursuit has to be one top. work as it should. online resources. could eat up tion too much about it here. which are rarely seen on board game Fighting Formations from or wouldn’t be right for their gaming the tabletop. that to do a better job overall for certain eras. from p. I realize that this topic has been beat fied positions? Probably not many. which was very well done. “Hey. if it ever got going. rear use the rules that you’re going to have 10. they’re simply wiped out. If. terrain on the many horse & musket games tabletop. guard actions. attacks. rather it is an at- short? Surely the cavalry com. a river crossing under fire. pretations. naval warfare. or is just totally are to both sides? gamers is always a good thing.. that some aspect of the rules doesn’t feel long the pursuit lasts and what the effects ing relatively simple to grasp for most right. How the tabletop most higher echelon units and have a good time. etc. up from various rules sets and mentioned pursuit in combat was never a given and here. the rest of the rules make up for this. bring up supports. your right to buy the figs you want and in a siege. In practice.What Are We Simulating? (cont. those in the future! lessly just short of their intended Page 22 N E W S L E T T ER T I T L E . unrealistic.3) target. or assaults against heavily forti- Yes. My biggest complaint This isn’t a “complexity is better than is how can a charge come up simplistic” argument. Anything that can simu. 11. most cavalry attacks were usually a series of squadron charges.) (cont. and the new are unplayable. dier that a series of squadrons would al- Some rules handle that when a pursuing most always defeat cavalry deployed in unit touches a retreating or routing unit regiments. or- remaining brigades or battalion go? Isn’t historical miniatures from the given era. What wargames rules. then you are free to have ignored this etc. Cavalry Charges then hopefully this article has given you Here’s another system in rules some food for thought and you’ll start that have a million different inter. delaying actions. however. entire division and suddenly there is a merely playing a game with history in it? even in WW2 games! Does everyone massive hole in your lines. the pursuers strength and some units that that command systems such as those in only to find out that the rest of the rules were being pursued put up effective rear Warmaster Ancients. but 9. while novel ideas. flank fun with.

effective. several sheets of counters. Each side has round ing upon the There are four 22 x 34 double-sided command counters with a Mis. Front. This first vol- pages with the rest of the space taken ume is a welcome addition to a up by terrain. there’s a lot of stuff here! on a track. events. firing. full color playbook with numerous sce. 2D6s while if gets very easy after that. and a lot more. you’re adjacent First. Direct fire is done by opposing die The rules are easy to under- deutschland Motorized Infantry rolls suing a vari- stand plus there is a Division during the 1942 and ety of dice. As this review will long shot you Once you start playing and get show. the other to use things such as artillery adds extra initiative points and out of barrages. This is so that wards your opponent. there are cer. The 10 historical cards are there to give players even actions and one introductory scenario more options during a turn than they will provide plenty of gaming time and already have! there is a high replay factor with this game. but there are also initiative token is players that it would be impossible to similar counters for moved 10 spaces to- describe them all here. it is a step up from Combat may only roll through the first few turns it Commander in both scope and scale. but in practice it’s attacks to full fledge assaults with is not a card driven wargame. must decide on how much initiative platoons can break down and for taking This may give the other they are willing to pay to do move- casualties. a sion side and a Tactical side. but under tactical command start of the next turn. The asset cards are command the actions don’t cost any- the initiative for quite some time at the just that. cost 2-3 initiative points each to push the initiative by paying quadruple for a ers. For example. situation. The first series. the are so many options each turn for both infantry. There platoons of vehicles and cards for your turn. VOLUME 1. Fighting Formations sound complicated. hits. reference cards. and is highly recommended. If well laid out index to early 1943 battles on the Eastern you’re going for a find quick answers. designer Chad Jensen has thought I was in for another Once the 10 order cubes are used up emerged with a new series called session of GMT’s East Front the turn ends. or to discard for command adds even more. but the masses of T-34s. but this was not the case. Each turn compared to a defense roll (2D10 + bag of different kinds of dice. you get a lot of high quality Fighting Formations is defi. Each player squads.Fighting Formations by GMT Game Review Coming fresh off the success When I first opened the pretty easy and it gives player a wide of the Combat Commander series. rallying. Simple. a wooden cubes. There are different try) and if it exceeds the total of the deck of asset cards. Other counters include smoke. Where the command chits ate to seek cover or keep an attack go- ety of counters to keep track of various come in is that if you’re under mission ing. play in the playbook! The actual rules 2nd Armored and one of the Canadian themselves are probably only around 8 divisions in Normandy. rulebook and the playbook I range of options each and every turn. and a kinds of options and depending upon defense a hit marker is drawn. ISSUE 1 Page 23 . crowded field of tactical WW2 games how to read the counters. etc. game. air strikes. Yes. tain initiative points that must be paid game. snipers. a rulebook. you may roll up components that have been a staple of nitely a command and control to 2D20s depend- GMT Games for quite some time now. player. cards that allow one side or thing extra. which cube you choose. wooden an orders matrix is seeded with the armor for vehicles or morale for infan- cubes and a token. if you choose There is also melee. but you will give your opponent game functions. and it works well during the narios and detailed examples of play. The rulebook is well laid out and if you are an experienced gamer you There is already talk of additional could probably get started playing the scenarios for this game and for follow game by just reading the examples of on games that may involve the U. This may The scenarios range from probing certain functions. game focuses on the Gross. hidden units. and a vari.S. the token back towards the other move order just because you’re desper- sighting. Fighting Formations. At the long counters while infantry and MG mands such as move and fire that only end of the turn you may have to give up teams are on the standard square count. This is mapsheets. the asset The counters represent to receive three asset cards. Vehicles and guns are on player a chance to run several com- ment. what the markers mean. and more.

It’s also not only on gaming forums. effects of the damage on . having to make a last sec. gamers away. Again. We play Age of Reason. Wild West. Too many people respond with E-mail: mirsik1@juno. but posting about what more periods to list here! Contact the Editor rules are best for a certain period is a waste of typing.wfhgs. Each battlecruiser is WW1 naval rules was a brief rated for how many tur- out there. which in the We played several turns and by that ond decision on what to long run proved to be the time several battlecruisers were on fire. Naturally. it was a lot of fun. then they will lose more people. cruisers each. how the armor. Age of Eagles. then applying the end! the combat sys. nothing nights where we ended up simple we limited each here that is so complex that it would drive without a place to play and player to just four battle. The turn sequence is pretty straight. and then maybe I’ll fit right in with a large segment of the gaming community! Victory at Sea WW1 Battle Report On one of our gaming tem works. Sharp Practice. range. helped that all of us who were playing being gamers everyone wanted to shoot at Overall. checking for critical what counts in the ment. one was able to sequence of special modifiers. but on sports and news sites that I frequent as well where I The best in historical miniatures see childish behavior and little to no intelligent discussion. post idiotic statements. we didn’t need to be briefed on neuvering the shells started cally accurate set of every single aspect of the rules! There to fly. move. Battles for Empire. Warmaster ligence these days. and I can’t take the bad grammar that passes for intel- Meets every other Friday night in the SLC. but will they get worse or better? My guess would be worse. which is are used. Blitzkrieg bizarre ideas. Phantoms. probably similar to WW2 rules are based off of their popular pedoes. and how hits. but maybe that doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve come to the conclusion that posting on many of these forums is a colossal waste of time. a gamer needs info on a certain unit’s uni- Ancients. and too many forms for the NWF in 1898 I will post and try to help them. get your opponent (s) to mark off as We only had a few hours as were forward and movement is much simpler many boxes on their ships as possible playing at the local game store. but every- overview of the rets/guns they have. The WW1 and basics (no destroyers. so after a few turns of brief ma- not the most histori- the years. Combat involves concepts and had a ship data sheets rolling large numbers of good time. and more so that the entire thread becomes useless. If I see for example.) and get started quickly. you get piled on upon if you express anything con- GAMING SOCIETY trary to the prevailing opinion. Perhaps its me who is behind the times and Visit us on the web: maybe I need to start getting angry. recommend obscure rules sets no longer in print. Starfleet Battles where you are trying to Babylon 5 space combat system. we ended up trying right decision as with lim- others were damaged (some heavily) and the WW1 version of Vic. WFHGS I’m really questioning the need to keep posting on gaming forums unless it is some- thing that either a) I’m really interested in that game/topic. What will happen when gaming many people such as myself abandon these sites? They’ll no doubt go on. and quickly grasp the play. tory at Sea by Mongoose were able to focus on the The system is a “grind your enemy Publishing. To keep things the individual ship sheet. etc. ited time available we the game was really just getting going. dice. but it than in most naval games. Utah area. each turn. Probably had played many. or b) a gamer really needs a certain piece of information. tor- down” type game. many naval games over things. ing. go on and on about noth- www. Sword and Flame. they hijack the thread to another topic. Most of your comments are ignored if they WASATCH FRONT HISTORICAL have any hint of reality in them. Age of Discover.