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PT. Traya Lintas Persada

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Application /Custom Software Design & Development
LAN/WAN Network Solution
Computer & Peripheral Maintenance Services
Information Technology Consulting
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Telco Services
IBC-In-Building Coverage
BTS Installation, Commissioning & Integration Services
Site Hunting / Site Acquisition
RF Engineering Services
CME Civil, Mechanical Electrical Service
Networking & Structured Cabling
Networking Optimization
Networking Audit
Installation of Fiber Optic Transmission equipment: SDH, PDH
Installation of Local access Equipment : FTTC, ADSL, , Wireless Local Loop, Wireless LAN, etc.
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PT. Traya Lintas Persada

PT. Traya Lintas Persada is a private company which has specialized in

Information Technology & Telecommunication Outsourcing Management.
Establish since 2012 in Karawang, as one stop Services Company, PT. Traya Lintas
Persada has strong commitment to provide customers with integrated end-to-end
solutions services based on product and technologies, starting from planning,
designing, consultations, implementation, warranty and maintenance.

PT. Traya Lintas Persada has been a leading custom software, web & database
development company delivering outsourcing services in Indonesia . A trusted business partner
and adviser to our customers, PT. Traya Lintas Persada leverages a powerful blend of the
best industry-proven practices and leading standards, refined business acumen and deep
market understanding, profound technical skills and extensive hands-on experience to meet the
toughest challenges that our clients face, help them compete successfully in the dynamically
changing IT marketplace and achieve the maximum return on investment. When you outsource
to PT. Traya Lintas Persada, you have the freedom to focus on your core business while a
dedicated team of qualified experts is committed to deliver a turn-key solution taking on
all and every aspect of your IT needs starting with strategy consulting and concept
development, design and architecture, up to deployment, training, maintenance and future

Since its inception, PT. Traya Lintas Persada has been a customer-focused company. We have
a strong track record of repeat business from our clients, while continuing to win new customers on a
consistent basis. Our long-term, time-built relationships with our customers based on confidence and
trust are the result of our demonstrated performance in technology fields, industry specific expertise,
product knowledge, along with proven consulting and project management methodologies for each
customer and engagement.

At PT. Traya Lintas Persada we consider our success is on the line with our customers satisfaction.
We are committed to applying a unique depth of understanding your individual business needs, and
we go an extra mile to make sure you are getting the best-of-breed solution catered to perfectly fit
your requirements and objectives. This commitment has allowed us to build up a wide client
network all around the world and ensures that our customers will keep coming back. We are proud
of our impressive customer list which is continually expanding, and so is the demand for our
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

PT. Traya Lintas Persada engineers combine their profound knowledge, skills and technical
expertise with capability of in-depth analysis, design, and implementation of projects of any
complexity as per customers requirements. At PT. Traya Lintas Persada we recruit and hire only the
best and the brightest technical and functional experts with demonstrated skills and proven track
Our project-oriented organizational structure provides the quickest means to scope a project,
form teams, and assign sufficient and appropriate personnel to complete projects on schedule and
within budget.
At PT. Traya Lintas Persada all engineers participate in dedicated learning programs and challenging
projects in order to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of IT technology. This persistent
technological advancement allows us to build a company that attracts, develops, motivates, excites,
and retains highly-skilled and committed personnel.


PT. Traya Lintas Persada has been providing a wide array of end-to-end IT & Telco solutions for a
range of key vertical industries and horizontal competencies. From the strategy consulting to complete
implementation PT. Traya Lintas Persada has been delivering unique business-oriented solutions
meeting the toughest challenges that our clients face and helping them compete successfully in the
ever-changing IT marketplace. At IT Solution PT. Traya Lintas Persada we practise a follow-on activity.
To that end, we always remain in contact with the clients after completed service delivery and should
there any issues arise regarding upgrades or enhancements, our highly-skilled team is available for
further engagements to assist you in meeting unforeseen challenges and getting a competitive edge
in the marketplace. Our core services span the following IT practice areas:
Custom Software Design & Development
LAN/WAN Network Solution
Computer & Peripheral Maintenance Services
Information Technology Consulting
Information Technology outsourcing
Our range of services is not limited to the above list. So, if youre not sure which of the listed services
is exactly your case, feel free to contact us with your requirements description or initial questions, and
our knowledgeable consultants will respond as promptly as possible about how we can assist you.
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

Customer Software Design & Development

PT. Traya Lintas Persada has carved out a successful niche for itself in
custom software design and development. We provide complete software
implementation process, starting with software design and development, software
quality assurance testing, software deployment, up to further software upgrades
and enhancements. The core software design and development services provided
by PT. Traya Lintas Persada include, but are not limited to, web & desktop application development,
high-end client-server application development, enterprise application development and building
end-to-end enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions, re-engineering, software systems
maintenance and support. PT. Traya Lintas Persada software engineers have gained profound
experience and proven background in .NET & JAVA Technology through successful implementation
and delivery of custom software solutions in diverse vertical industries.
Since a well-conceived technology solution is fundamental for your success, we provide a
team of professional technical consultants who can assist you in selecting the right custom software
solution by analyzing functional, technical, operational, and financial
requirements. All our consulting engagements start with defining and
understanding your business issues.
Not only do our consultants grasp your specific needs, but also strive to
apprehend exactly what you seek.
With the thorough attention to detail, our team of business and technical
consultants undertakes a profound requirements analysis, needs assessments
and strategic planning, resulting in elaboration of a
Statement of Work document covering all issues required
for your custom software design and development.
At PT. Traya Lintas Persada we follow our
standardized and refined software development process
that provides a flexible and scalable framework for
delivering any project (regardless of size or complexity) on
time, within budget and with high quality meeting both
current and future IT challenges of our clients. This
methodology is applied to each custom software application development project to ensure the
quality and reliability of products we develop for you.
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

LAN/WAN Network Solution

PT. Traya Lintas Persada LAN/WAN Network Services are cost-effective consulting services providing
you with the resources and expertise for network analyses, design, and optimization you need to make
the right network decisions, implement change with minimal risk and help ensure peak-network
performance. Our service centers provide a complete array of LAN WAN Network Services, LAN WAN
Network Installations, and LAN WAN
Network Integration capabilities that are part of a solid team of network installation personnel that
can be mobilized anytime,
anywhere for any size project.
These experts are backed by
seasoned teams of administrators,
project managers, and technicians
who are equipped to handle
virtually any project. Established
relationships with leading vendors
assure the best possible service to
our customers. Our suite of services
Availability Solution
Your applications need to be
consistently accessible in order to prevent costly downtime and lost productivity. PT. Traya Lintas
Persada solution gives you the power and flexibility to set availability priorities based on requirements
such as security, uptime, reliability, and performance.
Local Load Balancing
PT. Traya Lintas Persada local load balancing solution offers more than simple "load
balancing." Our solutions can optimize, secure, and transparently scale the
applications that businesses need to run and interact with customers and partners,
while also mitigating the risk of security breaches.
Global Load Balancing
PT. Traya Lintas Persada global load balancing solution directs end-users to the
closest or best-performing data center available. Our load balancing capabilities are
based on multiple factors, including proximity, performance, and availability,
ensuring that end users receive the best experience possible when interacting with
Link Load Balancing
PT. Traya Lintas Persada link load balancing solution manages multiple ISP links to
the data center automatically, choosing the best-performing link to ensure
compliance with service-level agreements. Our solutions can intelligently compress
traffic, reducing WAN link bandwidth for lower ISP costs and cutting down on
bandwidth bottlenecks for faster application delivery.
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

Security Solution
Your business, infrastructure, users, applications, and data are under constant threat from
unauthorized access and malicious attacks. With flexible, efficient, and cost-effective security, PT.
Traya Lintas Persada can help you minimize the risks that come with serving customers and sustaining
a mobile workforce. From enterprise and access security to network and application protection, PT.
Traya Lintas Persada unified security solutions give you a comprehensive approach to protecting your
complex environment from constantly changing threats.
Network Security
PT. Traya Lintas Persada offers all the network security functions enterprise
needs Intrusion prevention, firewall, network access control, and outbound
content control. We maintain your defenses non-stop and make ownership easy
with integrated solutions and centralized management.
Email & Web Security
PT. Traya Lintas Persada email and web security solutions are high-performance,
easy-to-use, and technically innovative solutions, designed to secure
organizations of all sizes. Built from the ground up and deployed at the gateway
to protect the worlds most important networks, these products enable a
perimeter defense so powerful that Internet threats never even make it to
employees desktops.

Computer & Peripheral Maintenance Services

Most businesses these days function on the basis of technology.
Everything from correspondence to meetings are handled with the use of technology, be it a simple
telephone or a more advanced digital projector.
Technology is the whole and soul of any business house. And how can we forget the computer,
the desktop PC to laptops, PDAs and Notebooksall are an integral part of company functioning. What
happens when your computer stops working, when everything you do fails, and when you do not see
a way out?
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

The answer is a Computer Maintenance Service.

Throughout our service center that includes specialized electronics and maintenance engineers
and technicians PT. Traya Lintas Persada provide wide range of maintenance works that cover all
Hardware inventory substance and equipments might be owned by most of our clients. Maintenance
services at PT. Traya Lintas Persada centers on making preventive and remedial maintenance works
to wide range of computer equipments such as, Servers, PCs, Notebooks, Laserjet, DeskJet, Dotmatrix
Printers, Monitors, UPS, Switchs and Routers.. etc. Maintenance works may be effected through one
of the following channels :
Concluding annual contracts with or without Spare parts, whereby a specialized engineer
pays monthly visit to carry out either preventive or remadial maintenance to customers
Providing technical support and maintenance services based on Time-Framework concept.
Our standard time unit is either Full-day support (8 Working Hours) or half-day support (4
Working Hours).

In case of absence of a maintenance contract PT. Traya Lintas Persada is ready to carry out
maintenance based on per-call concept or design suitable customer needs/requirement.

Information Technology Consulting

In todays fast-paced and rapidly

changing environment, the
appropriate use of technology
and strategic business planning
solutions tailored to your business
needs and objectives is the key to
your success. With an in-depth
understanding of business
process and technology along with hands-on experience gained through working on critical issues in
key industries of the IT marketplace, PT. Traya Lintas Persada is committed to providing you with top-
end consulting services and solutions to meet your unique business challenges.
If you have some idea in mind or you are thinking of applying IT technology in a unique and interesting
way and you are not sure whether the concept is feasible, our consultants can hold a feasibility study
and assist you with technical advice, investigation and assessment resulting in a feasibility report to
provide you with a clear vision of how this solution can be used to meet your business objectives or
gain a distinct advantage over competitors. If you
need the assurance that your concept is both
technically and financially viable prior to investing in
development, we can implement feasibility study,
prototypes and proof of concept demonstrations for
validating your concept thus helping you envision
your custom application before it is developed and
make decisions as to committing it to
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

We are flexible to meet the diversity of your special requirements thus offering consulting services on
both short- term and long-term assignments, from technical consulting helping your IT department in
evaluating your current implementation and recommending enhancements, to evaluation and needs
assessment, selecting the appropriate technology and tools, LAN/WAN Network Solution project
management solution, and development of the complete end-to-end web application or software

Information Technology Outsourcing

Allow us to fill in the MISSING PIECE of your organization. With PT. Traya Lintas Persada, you can have
your own offshore Dedicated Team composed of IT experts carefully assembled to meet your business
and IT requirements. Provide IT experts to you for monthly fixed fee or based on project based.
Through the Dedicated
Offsite Team, PT. Traya Lintas Persada serves
its clients as a strategic development partner,
providing a pool of highly experienced IT
professionals with a wide range of skill sets
and proven technology practice areas along
with the infrastructure dedicated to your
projects. PT. Traya Lintas Persada also
provide application as a services such as
helpdesk system, accounting system, human
resource & payroll, document management
system etc to support your organization
based on monthly fixed fee, PT. Traya Lintas
Persada has all of the software application
resources needed to significantly reduce the
cost of ownership related to your real time process. Application outsourcing program included single
application, multi application and total system.
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

PT. Traya Lintas Persada as service provider company has commitment to deliver overall
infrastructure network telecommunication in one stop total solution way especially in transmission
system, Base Transceiver Station and Base Station Controller. Basically our service comprises four
main groups: Survey and Design Engineering, Installation, Commissioning, Integration, and Quality
Audit, Maintenance Expansion and Performance Support and Implementation / Maintenance
Management Support.
Our core services span the following Telecom practice areas:

IBC-In-Building Coverage
BTS Installation
BTS Commissioning and Integration Services
Site Hunting / Site Acquisition
RF Engineering Services
Electrical Works
Civil Works
Networking & Structured Cabling
Networking Optimizition
Networking Audit
Installation of Fiber Optic Transmission Equipment: SDH, PDH
Installation of Local access Equipment : FTTC, ADSL, , Wireless Local Loop, Wireless LAN, etc.
Operation & Maintenance
Engineering Services
Supply & Services
Maintenance CME
Transmission Preventive Maintenance
Our range of services is not limited to the above list. So, if youre not sure which of the listed services
is exactly your case, feel free to contact us with your requirements description or initial questions, and
our knowledgeable consultants will respond as promptly as possible about how we can assist you.
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

IBC In Building Coverage

IBC is an infrastructure to extend cellular coverage inside buildings, especially in high-rise

buildings, basement and elevator area. A building without IBC system usually has a bad cellular
reception. For us the layman, we often spot this thing white, UFO-shaped antenna on your office
Our experts provide best-in-class RF engineering design, installation and management or
commissioning - we take the time, up front, to design a system that provides your tenants with
continuous coverage for their business needs and provides you with the reliability you expect from an
investment of this caliber.
The working project involves : Equipment Selection, Network Planning, RF Engineering, Site
Development, Equipment Installation & Testing, and System Optimization.

BTS Installation, Commisioning & Integration

PT. Traya Lintas Persada has attained

significant expertise in Base Transreceiver
System (BTS) -Installation & Commissioning
Service. BTS Installation including the
following activities: Indoor Work (BTS
Installation as per layout plan, Battery Bank
installation, interconnection & cabling of BTS
, Rectifier Rack/ SMPS installation, PCM
routing and kroning, alarm cable routine, and
more), Outdoor Work (Horizontal cable tray
fitting, pendulum support installation and
grouting, Antenna fixtures installation,
Antenna installation & alignment, and more) and Microwave Link (Microwave Rack installation, Mini
link installation & Commissioning of FIU/RRI/EITI, Antenna installation & IF Cable routine, DC
connection to mini link through DCDB / MCB, Earthing of Rack, IF as per site engineer instruction, and
more). BTS commissioning & Integration services involves following activities: Test & Installation of
Antenna System, Installation, Ho Alignment & Commissioning, Test of microwave antenna systems,
Test & Commissioning of T1/E1, Test & Commissioning of BTS/RBS, Integration of BTS/RBS with BSC,
Site Acceptance & on-air Call Testing.

Site Hunting

Site hunting is a preliminary survey before other kind of surveys, to find ideal space site closest
to the nominal RF Network and Transmission Network designed. The result are list of some candidate
sites which space is suitable with BTS/BSC, Transmission Network and RF Network requirement, each
candidate enclosed with : position in map, space situation, address, contact person, GPS coordinate,
photos of space situation and panoramic 360 degree, and site conclusion with all remark. All reports
are in a standard site survey report customized for specific customer and after the site hunting, there
will be site acquisition to make sure that the land point which has been approved by engineering, can
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

be installed with the new infrastructure. This works will need to solve all permit needed which are
complex in our country and should be handled by experienced site acquisition engineers.

Radio Frequency Engineering Services

PT. Traya Lintas Persada has attained significant expertise in Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering
Services. The services involve the following activities : RF Survey, Optimization and Comparative Drive
Tests / Walk Test , RF Engineering services for all wireless networks such as GSM , CDMA, WLL
networks. In designing the optimum RF network for new RF project, Jatayu will do the following
activities : CW Drive Tests/Walk Test & Model Tuning, Nominal Cell Plan, using standard planning tools
such as TCPU, TLP and Pathloss 4.0 for GSM and CDMA until Pre-launch network optimization to
ensure that the network performance meets the quality of Service targets set by the customer and
Continuing Post-launch optimization to ensure the optimum level performance of the network.

CME Civil Mechanical Electrical

PT. Traya Lintas Persada teams are skilled and
experienced in infrastructure design, implementation
and Civil, Mechanical and Electrical (CME) construction.
These teams are highly responsive to timetable
management and at all times do their work to achieve
a responsive, complete and reliable solution to support
the coverage needs of our customers

Networking & Structured Cabling

PT. Traya Lintas Persada is committed to provide professional network Integration services,
as well as cost-effective network computing solutions for business and governmental organizations.
Whether you are in the process of planning, reorganizing or upgrading your networking infrastructure,
we can help you to use technology in gaining a competitive advantage in marketplace. An experienced
team of experts at PT. Traya Lintas Persada can provide optimal solutions to meet your organizational
aspirations. PT. Traya Lintas Persada provides complete turnkey End to End solutions for Indoor as
well as for Campus wide Network Infrastructure and committed to provide standard based, cabling
infrastructure that support all applications on the Networks.

Networking Optimization
PT. Traya Lintas Persada offers RF Optimization services for existing GSM and CDMA network
operators. This is a continuous RF engineering activity that ensures optimum network performance
that meets the set Quality of Service (QoS) targets such as: Coverage of Service Area: Urban areas, In
buildings, Suburban areas, Roads, Rural areas, and more, Call Success Rate , Congestion , Handover
failure , Speech Quality, network Optimization.
PT. Traya Lintas Persada offers Network Audit services that aim at gathering data on end-to-
end characteristics of the Network. This Network Audit service aims to benchmark the Network
performance with known standards. Also, this service intends to suggest possible courses of action to
solve the identified problems.
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

Network Audit Service

PT. Traya Lintas Persada offers Network Audit

services that aim at gathering data on end-to-end
characteristics of the Network. This
Network Audit service aims to benchmark the
Network performance with known standards. Also,
this service intends to suggest possible courses of
action to solve the identified problems Jatayu'
systems professionals carry out audits, experiments
and tests in the effervescent environment, construct
empirical models from the collected statistical data, locate root causes and make suggestions
wherever necessary.
A detailed report of the findings of the audits and analysis of the data is compiled and presented to
the customer's engineering team for initiating necessary corrective actions and proactive measures
for future expansions.

Installation of Local Access Equipment: FTTC, ADSL, Wireless Local Loop, Wireless LAN etc
Provide the professional labor supply for installation Alcatel, Ericsson, Siemens Access mux equipment
and its supporting facilities

Operation & Maintenance

We at Operation & Maintenance Division endeavor to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, quality
and responsive solutions for the Operation & Maintenance requirement in the telecom industry for
proper implementation of SLAs. Our customers' commitment is our commitment. Not only are the
services provided by us are cost effective but also in line with the customer expectations and
satisfaction level, hence we are able to get renewal and extension of the projects of O&M received by
The Operation & Maintenance Division had a humble beginning with projects from Nokia, Siemens
networl, XL, Telkomsel, Indosat, Alcatel etc. We are handling projects in O & M, under various scope
of works like preventive & breakdown maintenance, diesel filling, electricity bill/rent payments,
complete health check, manning of cell sites etc. With the promise shown so far we are bound to scale
new distances with each passing month.

With this expertise in the background we are in a position to provide A TO Z solutions in Operation &
Maintenance in telecom industry.

Carrying out The O&M activities Pertaining to BTS and OFC

Coordinating and Interacting with Customers for facilitating quality service delivery from time
to time
Project Team Management
Raising invoices with relevant certified supporting documents in time
Realization of payments
Getting customer appreciation by focusing on customer satisfaction
Conducting technical interviews.
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

Project Management
PT. Traya Lintas Persada has a well-experienced Project management team, which can manage all the
activities of a given project right from preparing a detailed BOQ / BOS through selection of vendors,
to execute a project and document the entire operation. Because of this an Operator / Client need not
have permanent manpower resources for carrying out these tasks which are required only at the
beginning of a project. can resource and organize and execute a specific project with and experienced
team at a very short notice.

Organisation Structure : The Project Management Team is organized to cater for various activities
covered in the scope of Project Management of Cell Sites. A skeleton of Organisation is given below.
Our Capabilities : Project Management teams have the capability to provide Quality Services to the
Operators, right from Site Survey to Site completion Viz: Site Ready for BTS Installation.
Scope of Work : Scope of Work consists of following activities :
Site Survey.
Site Engineering (Structural Analysis of an existing building, layout design of equipment etc).
Preparation of Bill of Quantities & Bill of Services.
Quality check on all items used in the project at site and at the Suppliers' Factory (at request
by Operators).
Monitoring all the activities on daily basis and reporting through a MIS (including critical area
and critical activity analysis.
Liaison with State Electricity Boards for obtaining required power.
Obtaining of No Objection Certificate for setting up Cell Site.
Provision of Security at Site.
Engineering Services
Our professionals can install & commission the BTS equipment, MSCs, BSCs, MW hops, Transport
equipment like SDM MUX, DSLAMs, WiMax , Network elements, Wireless Survive lance cameras etc.
Supply & Service
Installation and commissioning of GSM / CDMA BTS equipment
Installation, commissioning and alignment of MW hops
Installation of MSC and BSC equipment
Installation of Transportation equipment like SDM, micro SDM etc.
Installation of WiMax or Wifi equipment
Installation and commissioning of IBS equipment
Installation, commissioning and NOCC testing of VSAT / Satellite Earth station equipment
Cable assembling. (RF, VF, Power, E1 cables etc) for military vehicles
Supply, installation and commissioning of broad band radios, survive lance cameras
Provision of Networking solutions.

Maintenance CME

Scope of work Maintenance CME such follows :

Preparation Foundation floor , wall and Roof

Tower Maintenance, Body Painting, Grounding measurement
Indoor Maintennace : Air Conditioner, Power Supply , Internal Protection
Outdoor Maintenance : Lighting External Protection
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

Through our experience in successful outsourcing engagements and delivering top-notch PT.
Traya Lintas Persada to customers ranging from blue chip companies to mid-sized and small business
PT. Traya Lintas Persada has proved to be the appropriate strategic partner for companies seeking to
have outsourced software, highly-qualified and certified engineers with in- depth domain expertise
and technological know-how, and the guaranteed quality of service. The key reasons why customers
choose PT. Traya Lintas Persada as the preferred strategic outsourcing partner are outlined below.
Uncompromising Commitment to Quality
In a relatively short span of time, PT. Traya Lintas Persada has made a good name for itself by
providing premium-quality services and solutions based on its unparalleled technical proficiency, all-
round domain expertise, project management abilities, and uncompromising commitment to quality.
At PT. Traya Lintas Persada, we apply the best industry proven practices, leading standards and
methodologies in the entire life cycle of each custom software and web development project, starting
with initial inception up to successful implementation and post delivery support, thus ensuring
guaranteed quality of our service and unsurpassed reliability of all custom products we develop.
Competitive Prices
One of PT. Traya Lintas Persada prime advantages the customers and strategic partners can
benefit from is its extremely competitive and reasonable pricing policy. Are PT. Traya Lintas Persada
rates the lowest in the industry? No, because focusing on price alone can cause the quality to suffer.
PT. Traya Lintas Persada commitment to quality is among its key focuses , so we would rather justify
our prices now than allow the quality to suffer later. Are PT. Traya Lintas Persada rates the highest in
the industry? By no means, because we know our services should be cost effective. By outsourcing PT.
Traya Lintas Persada you can cut significantly your project budget or IT costs.
Flexibility and Reliability
The unique value proposition of PT. Traya Lintas Persada comes through providing the
flexibility you need and the reliability you demand. Choosing PT. Traya Lintas Persada as your
preferred strategic outsourcing partner empowers you with the flexibility to bring on highly-skilled,
experienced and knowledgeable IT experts exactly when and where you need them. Through our
offshore services, you can outsource a few key activities or all of them, you can choose to keep your
core competencies and PT. Traya Lintas Persada manage the rest.
PT. Traya Lintas Persada specialization and indepth domain expertise in a wide range of IT
technologies coupled with flexible outsourcing partnership models gives you a competitive advantage
enabling to avoid expenses on hiring full-time staff, chasing technology and training, thus saving costs
and focusing on ruining your core business and generating revenue, while PT. Traya Lintas Persada is
handling all technology- related issues.
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

Faster Lead Times and Streamlined Processes

PT. Traya Lintas Persada project-oriented approach and up-to-date infrastructure along with
the committed resource-pool of software engineers provides the quickest means of the instant man-
power mobilization for getting to any new project, thus reducing to a minimum the lead time for the
project start-up. Through many years of providing outsourcing services on custom software, web and
database development.
PT. Traya Lintas Persada has been using a standardized and refined software development
methodology which is solid and clearly defined, yet flexible to meet the individual needs of diverse
custom solutions. This methodology represents a powerful combination of the best industry- proven
practices and leading standards, and is focused on streamlining the development process to increase
return on investment (ROI) and compress time-to-market.
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

1. Training Windows Server 2003 Active Directory

2. Server Management with SQL Server 2008
3. Powerful Database Analysis and Dashboard Reporting with Excel 2010
4. Basic Database Untuk Profesi Non EDP
5. Microsoft Office Project
6. Microsoft Office Acsess Advance
7. Web Design
8. Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part-1
9. Mikrotik Routing
10. Computer Network and Troubleshooting
11. IT Security for non IT Practitioner
12. Network Fundamental
13. Microsoft Office 2010
14. IT Project Management
15. Computer Security
16. Information System Strategy / Master Plan Course
17. Information Technology Risk Management
18. Management Sumber Daya Teknologi Informasi
19. IT Vendor Management
20. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) IT
21. Good IT Governance : Awareness & Implementation
22. How to plan Your IT Budgeting For Strategy Invesment
23. Managing Investment of Information Technology (IT)
24. Mikrotik Certified Networking Associate (MTCNA) : Jaringan Komputer
25. MikroTik Certificate Wireless Engineering ( MTCWE) : Jaringan Komputer Wireless
26. Internasional Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) : Mendesaian Jaringan Komputer
Sertifikasi Internasional
27. Network and Trafic Management
28. Cara Mudah Membangun Website
29. Internet Working dengan TCP/IP
30. Implementation of Intranet Networking Management
31. Network Management and Operation Support System
32. TCP/ IP Communication Protocol
33. Intranet Computer Networking Management
34. Web Programing menggunakan PHP dan Mysql
35. CCTV: Installasi, Pemograman dan Perawatan
36. Information technology (IT) For Non it Officer
37. Tools and Spareparts Inventory Management
38. IT Technical & Maintenance Support For Beginner
39. IT Technical & Maintenance Support
40. Develop Data Base and Application for Dynamic Web
41. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
42. Basic Telecomunication PABX
43. Membuat dan Mengelola Situs Web
44. Macromedia Flash Presentation
PT. Traya Lintas Persada


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Fundamental DEPKOMINFO
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kemenkes BPPK ciloto

ME for BTS
site surabaya

Running Text di BPMPT

Pemda Kab.bekasi
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

Poin To poin Wireless system

for AirOS di Kemenkes

Network Building infrastuktur

di kemenkes BPPK ciloto

Wireless Network System

Di Kemenkes BPPK ciloto
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

Contact Person :

Wahyu D Saputra
P : 0812 885 770 -38
E :

Head Office :
Jl. Raya Syehquro Rawasikut
Karawang - Indonesia
Telp. 0267 8621351
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

Notarial Deed:
Hj.Dede Tien Fatimah, SH.,MKn.
Number : 09
Date : 09 - 02- 2014

Commerce Business License :

Number : 503/0062/PM/II/DAGRI

Ministry of Justice and Human Right License:

Number : AHU-15846.AH.01.01 Tahun 2012

Tax :
Number : 31.469.565.1-408.000

Account Bank :
Bank Mandiri
a/n . PT. Traya Lintas Persada
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

a. Network Design
b. WLAN Building
c. Server Management
d. Maintenance Network Computer & Personal Computer
a. Network Design
b. WLAN Building
c. Server & Database Management
d. Web Development (E-Office, Working Record, Payroll, Registration Aplication)
e. Maintenance Network Computer & Personal Computer
a. WLAN Building
b. Maintenance Network Computer & Personal Computer
c. Web Information Development
d. Pelatihan Management Admin Web
a. Running Text LED
b. Development Dekstop Information
a. Web Information Development
b. Server Management
a. Configuration ASTINET
a. WLAN Building
b. Software Development Aplikasi Payroll, Web Information Development
a. Software Development (SMS Gateway)
9. PT. IBS
a. Inbuilding BTS System (Repeater)
10. PT. MBI
a. Instalation CCTV
b. BTS Instalation
11. Trionet
a. Instalasi Warnet
b. Config Proxy
c. Maintenance
12. Umar Net
a. Instalasi Warnet
b. Config Proxy
c. Maintenance
13. Warnet Kopegtel Wadas
PT. Traya Lintas Persada

a. Instalasi Warnet
b. Config Proxy
c. Maintenance
14. Inhouse Training
a. Windows Server 2008
i. PT. Minda
ii. PT. KBI
b. Mikrotik
ii. LP3I Karawang
d. RCM
i. PT. IBR