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Mostly 1st And 2nd Year Ki Book Se Aya Tha.

Eg. Tangent Se Related Ik Question Aya Tha.

Derivative, Integration,Interpolation,Circle Se Point Ka Distance

Overall Y Asan Tha Ager Ap Ki 1st 2nd Year Ki Math Ki Achi Tayari Ho


Again 1st 2nd Year Ki Physics Ki Prepration Acha Ha To Ap Easily Y Portion Attempt Kr Sakty
Han. Eg Fission Or Fussion Reaction Me Se 2 Questions Aye Tha Or According To My Point Of
View Is Topic Me Se Question Zaroor Ata Ha. Baqi Ohm Law, Work,Power ,Equestion Of
Motion,Centrrpetal Fource Important Han.

Stick To The Basics Concepts Of Profit/Loss%, Ratio/Proportion, Average, Percentage, Simple
Geometry (Area Of Rectangle, Square, Circumference Of Circle) Simplest Calculations Were
Asked.. I Did Maths From A GAT Book (Dogger Publishers) Its Sufficient.

The Guy Seemed Obsessed With Tangents And Planes...

1-If Angle Between Two Vectors Is 45 Ratio Of Cross Product To Dot Product Is?

2-Differential Equation Of Straight Lines Passing Through Origin Is?

3-The Largest Value Of The Given Function Is?

4-Area Between The Curve 1-|X| And The X Axis Is

5-Distance Of Point From Plain

6-At What Point The Tangent To The Given Surface Is Parallel To X Axis

7- A Line Was Given In Ax+By+C=0 Form.It Was Tangent To Y^2=4a'x.What Is The Value Of A'?

8-Homogenous System Of Equation Was Given.With A Variable Alpha In One Of The

Equations.And It Was Asked For What Value Of Alpha It Will Have More Than One Solution?

9-Find The Area Of Parallelogram Given Its Sides

10-The Equation Of The Line That Passes Through (1,1) And Has DE Dy/Dx=2y/X Is? (All Options
Were Wrong)

11-Integration Of (G(X))=F(X) Then Integraion Of F(X)G(X) Is?

12-Definite Integration Of X|X|

13-The Condition For A Line To Be Perpendicular To Plane Was Asked...


A)I^N B)2^N C)0 D)None Of Above

1) (1+I/1-I)Power N.

2) General Equation Of Circle Given Find Radius.

3) Equation Of Parabola Given Find Distance To Line.

4)Cube Root Of Unity Represent?

5)4 To 5 More Questions From Conic Section Of Mathematics.

Q.Condition That Line Is Perpendicular To Plane(B.Sc Level)

Q.Condition That Line Is Perpendicular From Plane(B.Sc Level)

Q.Integral Of Xexp(X)(F.Sc)

Q.Area Under Curve By Integral(F.Sc)

Q.When Value Of F(X)=X^3-X^2 Is Maximum For Range -2<=X<=4

Q.B.E Of Lithium(Masses Of Proton N Neutron Were Not Given,So Memorize Them)

Q.At What Point Slope Of Tangent To Curve (Equation Of Curve Was Given) Is Zero?

Q.D^3y/Dx^3=0..Its Primitive Is...

Ax^3+Bx+C,Ax+B,Ax^2+Bx+C Etc...
Cant Remember Entire Statements But There Were Some Tough Questions Like

1 A Line (Ax+By+Cz) Is Tangent To Y^2=4ax .Determine Value Of A

2 Distance Of Line From Plane

3 Area Under Curve (Given) Equals To....

Integral Of X|X| With Lower Limit -1 And Upper Limit 1


Solution Of (1+I/1-I)N Is?

Dy/Dx=2y/X At Point (1,1) And Find That Equation

Y=2x Intersect A Curve Ax^2 +Bx+C=0 At X=1. Other Point Is (0,-1)

Maximum Value Of X In Domain Of -2X4 Given Function ...

Integration Of X|X| From -1 To 1

F(X)=(X-2x+3)/(X+1) Find F(-1)

Area Of 1-Lxl When -1X1

X-/L=Y-/M=Z-/N Normal To, Ax2+Bx+C=0, At What Condition?

Dy/Dx=2y/X At Point (1,1) And Find That Equation

Find AB/A.B When Is /4

Concurrent Lines, Find Differental Equation?

From Matrix Find Value?

Homogeneous Solution Of Three Given Equation?


1. X-@/L=Y-/M=Z-/N Normal To, Ax2+Bx+C=0, At What Condition?

2.F(X)=(X^2-2x+3)/(X+1) Find F(-1)

1) Point Slope Formula Question.

2) Tangent To The Cure.

3) Limit Question.

4) Area Of Parallelogram Question.

5) Unit Vector Question.

6) Point And Line Equation Is Given We Have To Find Its Distance.

7) Integral Question.

8) Two Vectors Are Coplanar. Expression Is Given.

1... A.B/Axb= And Angle Was Given

2... Area Of Parallelogram And When Vectors Are Co-Plranar From Chp 7 Of 2nd Year

3... Mostly From Integration , Differentiation And Chp 4,Chp 6 Of Fsc...

4... No Probability Question, No Statistic Question, No Laplace, No Fourier Transform Related

Question Come In Paper... I Dont Know Why... Although That Are Present In Previous Paper...
5... Equation Was Given And We Have To Find Its Centre...

6... Distance Between The Point And Equation..

7... Find Area Under The Curve Using Integration

1. Equation Of Circle Is Given.. Find Center..?

2. Distance From A Given Point To A Given Plane..?

3. (A.B)/(Axb) Is Equal To.. If Angle Is Given..?

4. Area Under The Curve Y=1-|X| And X Axis..?

5. ((1+I)/(1-I))^N =?

6. What Is True About Cube Roots Of Unit..?

7. Integrate F(X)=X|X| From -1 To 1..?

8. Find Equation Of Tangent To Y^2=4ax At Given Pont..?

9. At What Point The Slope Of Tangent To Curve Is 0..?

10. Primitive For D^3y/Dx^3..?

11. U And V Are Given.. Area Of Parallelogram Is..?

12. When A B And C Are Coplanar..?

13. Find F(-1), If Given Function Is Continuous At X=-1..?

14. Find Maximum Value Of Given Function On Interval..?

15. Tangent Equation Of Slope Dy/Dx =2y/X At Point (1,1) Is Given By..?

16. 3 Equations Of Planes Are Given.. Find Unknown Coefficient..?

Lot Of Questions From CH#6 And CH#4 Of Fsc 2nd Year Book

1:Integration Of X|X| With Limits 1 To -1

Some Questions From The Vectors Chapter

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