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2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?


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Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedfor engineeringinterviewquestions?

amechanicalengineeringstudent? Whataresometechnicalinterviewquestionsaskedto

34Answers mechanicalplacementinterviews?

SasMr,Workinginapowerplantmanufacturingcompany Whatisthemostbizarre/toughest/oddestquestion
UpdatedSep14 youhavebeenaskedinajobinterview?

I cleared the BHEL written exam and was called for interview. No GD. Interview was for Whataresomeinterestingquestionsaskedinan
the post of Executive engineer /E1 grade. It was a 10 minutes interview with 5 persons in interview?
the panel.Among them atleast one was an IAS ocier.
Vaccant post : called candidates = 1:4 ratio. Loads of question were asked foraMEPengineering?
momentarily.Some question I remember are:

1) Take your seat.Why are you sweating? Are you nervous? technicalquestionsIcanaskasaninterviewer?

No sir. Actually... little bit. This is my rst interview for a core company.(They smiled at me). Whatarethebestprogramminginterviewquestions
2) What is an IC engine and how does it work?
Explained from text book knowledge. studenttoprepareforjobinterviews?

3) Dierence between petrol engine and diesel engine.Why their milage diers.

Explained properly.

4) What will happen to the room temperature if you turn your room in to a closed
system by closing all the door and window perfectly and then you open the door of the
room refrigerator that is in running condition.

Got puzzled.but answered as temperature of the room will increase since input is always
greater than output of the system.

5)What actually entropy is? Explain me since I know only farming. ;-)

I tried to explain entropy as a disorderness of a system without explaning any mathematical

formula and interviewer nodded approvingly.

6)Tell me quickly ,Two co-cenric circle rolls together up to 3 mtr.Now tell me whether
both the point has travelled same distance or not. 1/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora

Its the perimeter they are travelling. So obviously dierent.

7) Explain how a human walks by using friction.What kind of friction is involved

(static friction or rolling friction).

Answered though not sure.

8)What is dovetail milling.Why class 3 lever is used in reality.


9)What is the need of riser in moulding?

Explained riser as a checking process to conrm the molten metal has lled the cavity or
not.but interviewer didnot agree indicating me for any other reason.closed my eye and took
5 sec and explained.

riser works as a backup reservior of molten metal when the cavity metal volume shrinks due
to solidication.

Interviewer happily agreed.I was like 'God saved'.

10)Gave me a paper and pencil and asked to draw a carnot cycle and explain it.

Explained it.(never forget to give the directional arrow sign for any mechanical cycle.mind
it.That is a test too)

11)Asked me bout posting preferences.If it is Ladakh will it be okay for you?

Had to agree by thinking I can drink coee in the cold ;).Interviewer gave a strange look.

12)Why do you want to quit the biggest IT MNC since this sector is surging?

Told it honestly.Mechanical attracts me more and I will be surging along with BHEL.

After their whispering internal discussion they told " may leave".

Result: Selected.

There are thousand of question you can be asked to be judged.You need to be thorough with
the text books rst.Rests are presence of mind and your originality.

All the best.

Edit1: I did not think of so many likes and views (56.2K). It does feel good. Thanks

Hope you get success in career and life ahead.


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Thanks for the A2A.

I would like to highlight some general points about mechanical interviews. You can enter
the interview stage only if you have passed the written test (Technical and aptitude). All 2/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora
interviews will always start with "Tell me about yourself". Then they will shift to your
resume and if they are interested in any of your doings you will be questioned on that. So be
careful on resume preparation and include only things that you have done and have good
knowledge in it.

Next, based on the title and role of the job, the interview varies. They will test you on the
areas where you will be put to work if you are selected. So vary your resume according to the
company prole (For example: Areas of interest).

If you have convinced the interviewer till now. Then you will be checked whether mentally
you are ready for the job and whether you can work in a team. They also see whether you are
looking for a long term commitment. If you say that you will be going for higher studies in
an year, you will surely be rejected.

This is the general process and in some interviews the technical and HR rounds will be
separated. But the procedure is same as said earlier.

To put it in a nut shell:

1) Prepare your resume properly. Be thorough in all the things you have specied.

2) Show your skills and willingness to take up the job is selected.

3) Be yourself.

4)Admit if you are not sure of something. Don't try to manage.

All the best

I would like to add few more things.

1) Make yourself thorough with the rst 2 or 3 chapters in basic Mechanical books. By that i

Kinematics - R.S.Khurmi
Dynamics - R.S.Khurmi
Thermodynamics - Rajput
Fluid Mechanics - Bansal, Rajput or Khurmi
Engineering Graphics - K.V.Natrajan
Strength of materials- R.S.Khurmi
Manufacturing Technology - VJ Ragavan ;) 3/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora

These are the few books i referred and the choice is yours but make yourself thorough in
rst 3 chapters of these subjects. Because all the basics for that subject wil be discussed in
those and mostly you will be questioned in that during an interview. 90% Success is

2) Then choose one or two subjects from the above and study it top to bottom. This makes
your area of interest.

3) Very rarely you will be asked some tricky questions and if that happens use your brain if
its beyond your knowledge. They will be testing your presence of mind sometimes.

I will keep editing if anything strikes me.


I'm sharing this question list to fellow mechanical engineers that I made to prepare for an
interview. It contains two sections viz. technical questions followed by HR questions.

1. Technical questions:
Type of technical questions asked will be denition type and that too from basic. Your
favorite subjects will be asked rst and then they start questioning what they want you to
answer.Some of the questions are...

1. Why we do not use same technology to start both SI/CI engine?

2. Which one is more ecient? A four stroke engine or a two stroke and why?
3. 4 Stroke engine is more ecient primarily Because of the presence of valves which
precisely control the ow of charge into the chamber and exit the exhaust gases with proper
timing which is hard to achieve by ports in a 2 stroke engine.
4. Why there is no dierential in a train. What happens when a train takes a turn?
5. A cantilever beam is loaded a point on its ends what will be the eect in shear force?
6. Why vehicle does not move when its gear is applied though parked in slope area?
7. What is shear force in uid particle?
8. How gear ratio helps in power variation?
9. What is the angle of twist in drill?
10. What is the dierence between impact force and sudden force?
11. How to calculate the turbine eciency?
12. Why centrifugal pump casing is called involutes casing?
13. What will happen if reciprocating compressor run in exactly opposite direction?
14. What is the eect of clearance volume in performance of air- compressor?
15. What is the advantages and disadvantages of critical speed of turbine?
16. What will happen if oil is mixed with boiler feed water?
17. What is dierence between fan and blowers?
18. What are the protections required to protect turbine?
19. what is critical temperature?
20. Air is a bad conductor of heat. Why it becomes hot in summer?
21. How many stages in compressor in there in gas turbine?
22. Which is more ecient? A rear engine Volvo Bus or a Front engine Volvo Bus? (Engine
Capacity is same for both) why?
23. What is dierence between stress and pressure?
24. What is Boiler HP?
25. What is Auto Dosing?
26. What happens when too much oil is injected in the working cylinder?
27. How many manholes should be there on boiler? Why?
28. What is used to check the amount & quality of fuel in two stroke IC engine?
29. Work done in throttling process is given by which formula?
30. Function of the strainer in IC engine?
31. What is the dierence between the air pre-heater & air blower?
32. Why the compression ratio of the diesel engine should be high?
33. A vertical plate and a horizontal plate are suspended in an open room. Both are heated
to the same temperature. Which one will cool rst? Why?
34. What is the color of ame if the boiler is running?
35. Which is the best lubricant-air, oil or water?
36. Tell the octane number in Indian petrol? 4/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora
37. Dierence between enthalpy & entropy?
38. What is the dierence between safety valve and relief valve?
39. Explain cooling and its types?
40. What is the working principal of air compressor?
41. What is cryogenics and what are its fundamentals?
42. What is the dierence between a shaper machine and a planner machine?
43. Why stress relieving of stainless steel is not proered?
44. What are the advantages of PID controllers compared with those of a PLC?
45. Which two continents are mirror images of each other?
46. Where half nut is used?
47. What is the need for drafting?
48. Turbo charger driven by.............? and what its speed
49. Why...? Turbo charger used in DG....?
50. The stage below saturation is called?
51. Why is a condenser used in a Rankin cycle?
52. What is servo motor?
53. Can we use light duty vehicle axle into the heavy duty machinery axle? If no then why?
54. Stress strain diagram for uid?
55. Where manning formula used?
56. What is level of documentations for a ISO 9001 certied company?
57. What is back plate in centrifugal pumps and its purpose?
58. Why tyres are manufactured in black colour?
59. Whether ductile material can fail in brittle manner? When?
60. On what property u can distinguish material as brittle or ductile?
61. Name fuels used in nuclear power plant?
62. On what thermodynamic cycle nuclear power plant works?
63. How can you increase the eciency of power plant without changing in eort?
64. What is purpose of governor in Diesel engine?
65. Why petrol engines have more power than diesel engines of same capacity?
66. What is the dierence between Torque and Power ( layman Idea)?
67. What will be the induced stress in the bar?
68. What is the Dierence between Rated Speed and Economic Speed?
69. How to convert from HP to BHP or CC to Bhp please explain????????
70. How the material no. 2062 will mild steel of density 7.85? What are the other codes?
71. Why petrol engine gives more power than diesel engine even though diesel engine has
high compression ratio?
72. What is mean by Resistance welding?
73. Compare Brayton and Otto cycle.
74. Why we have to know the specic frequency of any equipment? does anybody know
about specic frequency ?
75. What is pulverization?
76. What is the function of an isolator?
77. Why the back wheel of tractor is bigger than front wheel?
78. Flow will increase or decrease or remain same?
79. Why Mechanical seal used in Pumps?
80. The ratio of Emissive to absorption power of heat by a body is equal to heat emitted by a
perfect black body. Who said the statement
81. What is colour of ame if the of Halide Torch detects a refrigerant leakage?
82. How can we remove paint from (painted over)plastic or nylon objects with out damaging
the object?
83. How to calculate or arrive the capacity of a mechanical press?
84. The property of a metal that is determined by the indentation on a metal surface
85. The amount of thickness of the metal sheet that can be welded by ultrasonic welding is?
86. The amount of carbon present in Cast Iron?
87. Numeric control is used for?
88. The amount of moisture that is to be present in wood to be called dry wood is?
89. The pattern material used in Investment casting Process is?
90. What is the use of oset follower in cam? Why and where we have to use this type of
91. What is the use of oset follower in cam? Why and where we have to use this type of
92. State the dierence between Forging & Fabrication?
93. What is ange rating?
94. What amount of heat energy loss in ESP?
95. What happen when diesel is injected in petrol engine?
96. What do you mean by property of system?
97. Why joule-Brayton cycle is not suitable for a reciprocating engine. 5/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora
98. How does turbulence dier from swirl?
99. Is octane number beyond 100 is possible?
100. Explain the eect of fuel structure on knocking.
101. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of LPG as a fuel in S.I. Engine?
102. What is the impact of using throttling device instead of expander in vapour
compression cycle?
103. What is moisture choking? Which refrigerants are more prone to it?
104. What is Montreal protocol and why CFCs are being phased out?
105. Why reverse Joule Brayton is used in aircraft refrigeration system?
106. Explain how solar-energy can used in refrigeration system?
107. Is wet bulb temperature a thermodynamic property?
108. What is the utility of comfort chart?
109. How would you decide whether a reciprocating compressor or centrifugal compression
is to be used in a refrigerating system?
110. Why smoking is not allowed in air conditioned enclosure?
111. Why desert coolers become ineective in raining season?
112. Why package units are being preferred over central air conditioning system?
113. What is MAPI.
114. What is capital budgetary?
115. What is group technology layout?
116. What is leveling & smoothing in production technology?
117. What is deference between method study & work measurement?
118. What you know about drilling?
119. How oil is produced? What is the size of well?
120. Pumps used in drilling procedure and why? Why not centrifugal pump? What if we
want high head and high discharge?
121. Dierence between Pipeline and Piping ?
122. Use of CNG, LNG, LPG etc.

Additional questions subject wise:

Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery

What is the dierence between impulse & reaction turbine.

Explain unit speed, unit discharge unit power & specic speed.

Explain NPSH, in which parameter it depends on.

What is jet ratio?

What is Deriaz turbine?

Which turbine is good for tidal power plant?

What is Navier-stroke equation.

What are the signicance of

Mach number

Weber number

Material Science
What is quazi-crystal?

What do you understand by a free cutting steel? What elements are usually added
to make a steel free cutting, & how they make the steel free cutting?

Explain various method of hardening of steel?

What do you understand by the term Arrest point in connecting with heat
treatment of plain carbon steel?

What inuence does grain size have on the mechanical properties of metals.

Describe the dierence between brittle and ductile fracture.

What is the dierence between natural & articial aging?

What is availability function for a closed system?

If it is possible that entropy of a system can decrease during a given process?

What is dead state in thermodynamics?

What is exergy? 6/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora
What happens to triple point line when projected to P-T plane?

What is compressibility factor and what is its value for Vander walls gases.

What are initial conditions for formation of shock waves?

What do you understand by choking in nozzle ows?

Is it possible that pressure and velocity decreases simultaneously/

Distinguish between Available energy & Availability?

What is pure substances.

What is critical point? What is the value f critical temperature, pressure & volume of

What is sublimation curve, fusion curve & vaporization curve?

What is Rayleigh Line & Fanno Line?

What is normal shocks & when its occurs?

What is High Grade Energy & Low Grade Energy?

Heat & Mass Transfer

What is Newtons Law of cooling.

What is Recuperator & Regenerators?

Whether n can actually reduce heat transfer? is it possible? When?

What is dierence between Biot no. & Nusselt no?

Which one is greater, thermal boundary layer or hydrodynamic boundary layer?

What is lm temperature in forced convection ow?

What is fully developed region and where it is applicable?

What is the critical radius of insulation, explain clearly in terms of thermal

resistance and heat transfer rate?

At what case do you recommend Fin?

What is the dierence between free convection & forced convection in what
parameter forced & free convection depend.

Internal Combustion Engine

What is the use of Carburetor in SI Engine, There is trend towards increases of
injection system in Automobiles, Explain.

Why Supercharging is not popular with SI Engines?

What is performance number.

Explain Knocking in SI Engine & Mention, the factor that tend to reduce Knocking?

Explain the dierence between Knocking in SI Engine & CI Engine?

How does Turbulence dier from Swirl?

Name some Antiknock additive and explain the Mechanism by which they reduce
the knock?

Power Plant engineering

What is slip ratio in thermal power plant?

In Pendant super heater whether parallel ow or counter ow heat exchange


steam and ue gases.

What happens to mass ow in case of supersaturated ow?

Why clearance are provided in reciprocating compressor?

Explain turbojet & Rocket Engine.

Whats the advantage of compounding of steam turbine?

Whats are boiler mounting & accessory.

Draw the sketch of pulse jet engine. What are its main advantage & disadvantage?

Explain working principal of scram jet engine, what is advantage over the ramjet? 7/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora
What are the advantage of nuclear power plants over thermal power plants.

What is fast breeder reactor?

What is circulation ratio and what is its range in power plant?

One 2-row Curtis turbine is equivalent to how many reaction turbines for same
value of

blade velocity and angle of nozzle?

What are thermal neutrons?

What is breeding ratio?

What is the application of jet and rocket technology? Which is used in missiles?

Strength of Materials
What do you mean by equal strength in a beam?

What is dierence between pure shear and simple (normal) shear?

Is it possible that decrease in area gives a decrease in stress?

Whether shear stresses are always parallel to shear forces?

By which experiment, you nd it toughness of material.

Distinguish between direct stress & bending stress.

What do you mean by Torsional rigidity & lateral rigidity?

Dene slenderness ratio. How it is used in long and short column?

Machine Design
What are rolling contact bearing?

What are the anti friction bearings?

What is stress concentration factor?

What is the bolt of uniform strength?

What is the dierence Static Load carrying capacity & Dynamic Load carrying

Why we are not using the unit joule for torque instead of N-m.

What is Low cycle fatigue failure and High cycle fatigue failure? What are
considerations of

these while designing a machine?

What is mechanical advantage?

How trains take turns though there is no dierential gear?

Do you know epicyclical gear box? What is the practical application of epicyclical
gear box?

What is tooth prole? Which one is better?

Theory of Machines
What is Keneddy theorem?

Do we need a screw with eciency less than 50%?

What is backlash?

What is damping ratio?

Dene Resonance.

Dene critical speed or whirling speed or whipping speed.

What is machine? Giving example, Dierentiate between a machine & structure.

What is Mechanical advantage.

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

What is utility of comfort chart?

hat is wet compression?

To maximize COP what should be the condition of vapour at suction to

compression? 8/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora
What is the range of NBP (normal boiling point) in case of most refrigerants?

Why COP of CO2 gas is less and still why it is used in transport refrigeration?

What are the most crucial parts in reciprocating compressors?

How compressors are selected based on type of refrigerant?

What is correlation between wet bulb temperatures an adiabatic saturation


Why isothermal compressor is Desirable?

What is desirable property of ideal refrigerant?

Dene eective temperature & what is the optimum design condition for comfort
for summer A/C?

Production Engineering
Why arc is slowly extinguished in case of arc welding?

Which inert gas is commonly used for thin work piece and which inert gas for thick
work piece?

What is friction welding?

What is dierence between brazing & braze welding?

Why hole basis system is adopted in manufacturing?

What is 3- 2-1 principle?

Where diamond pin locator is used?

How presses are rated?

What is spring back?

What is dierence between llet and corner radius?

What are overhead costs?

Why depreciation is to be taken into account in industrial management?

Why breakeven point is important in any industry?

What is sine bar?

What is marginal cost and marginal revenue?

What is shear and where it is provided in case of punching and blanking?

What is angle of bite?

What is extrusion ratio?

What is gutter and where it is used?

Which process is used for making nuclear reactor fuel rods?

What is dierence between Amorphous and crystalline solids?

What are the various method of inspection of casting for internal & external

Why are allowances provided for in the production of patterns? What do they
depend on?

What is the deference between soldering & brazing?

What is meant by solid-state welding explain.

What is cold welding?

Describe the principal behind resistance welding processes.

What function should a lubricant perform in manufacturing process?

Explain the dierence between punching & blanking.

Explain the dierence between discontinuous chips and segment chips.

Explain the dierent type of tool wear.

What is dierence between oblique & orthogonal cutting.

What are the main dierence between jig and xture? 9/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora
What is AOQ

What is LTPD SignIn

What is Producer risk

What is Consumers risk

What is JIT approaches?

What is group technology? What are its main advantages?

Dene the term production & productivity.

What is the signicance of ISO 9000 series & 1400 series.

What is articial intelligence?

Which welding process does not required any ller material?

What is tack weld?

Which process used for cutting thicker plates?

Where drooping characteristics of power source is required in arc welding?

2. HR questions:

1. Tell me about yourself?

2. What is your hometown famous for?

3. Tell about your achievements in life.

4. Your strengths and weakness

5. Are you a team player?

6. Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.

7. How would you know you will be successful on this job?

8. Describe your management style.

9. Global warming

10. Chief justice of India

11. Vice President of India

12. CEO of Apple, when did he die?

13. Gas scenario

14. RBI policy

15. Corporate Governance

16. Corporate Laws

17. Cast system is boon or bane ?

18. Whats the dierence in the modus operandi of Amir Khans Satyameva jayate
and Anna Hazares movement?

19. What will u do on your part to remove corruption? If you travel in a train without
conrmed ticket will u bribe the TT for a seat?

20. What do u mean by optimistic. Is it always good to be optimistic or it helps

sometimes to be pessimist?

21. What is dierence between condence and over condence?

22. What is the dierence between hard work and smart work?

23. What are your goals?

24. What motivates you to do a good job?

25. What makes you angry?

26. Give an example of your creativity

27. Describe ideal company, job, and location?

28. What are your hobbies? 10/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora
29. Inspiration in your life and why?

30. What was the toughest decision you ever had to make? SignIn
31. Dene success? and how do you measure up to your denition

32. About present job (if employed)

33. Why did you resign from your previous job?

34. Why have you been unemployed so long?

35. What was the toughest challenge you have ever faced?

36. What would you say to your boss if he is crazy about an idea, but you think it

37. Why should I hire you?

38. Explain how you would be an asset to this organisation.

39. If we give you a job will you leave IIT B or your organisation?

40. What changes would you make if you came on board?



Company : MDL (Mazagon Dock Limited)

Questions :
Q: Tell me something about yourself and your family background.
me : told.

Q: Which city in Nepal is attached to the border of Bihar ?

me: I didn't knew (They told me it's Birganj )

Q: Give us an overview of your summer internship. What was its practical application? Try
to keep it as short as possible.
me: told

Q: What was you B.Tech project about? Explain in detail.

me: told.

Q: What does MDL (company's name) do?

me: It makes warships, ship buildings and oshore vessels for companies like ONGC.

Q: Apart from MDL where else have you applied for?


Q: Tell me your area of interest?

me: Thermodynamics and uid mechanics (they started laughing because this was the area
of interest common in more than 90% candidates they interviewed)

Q: Draw the P-V and T-S diagram of otto cycle. What does 'S' in 'T-S' stands for?

'S' stands for entropy.

Q: Out of 4 stroke and 2 stroke SI engine, which one has better fuel eciency? What about 11/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora
Power eciency?
me: fuel eciency of 4 stroke is better and power eciency of 2 stroke is better.
Searchforquestions,people,andtopics SignIn
Q: So it's my nal question. Suppose if you get selected in any of the above companies,
would you prefer MDL over these companies?
me: Sir both,my internship as well as my B.Tech project, were based on design and I would
like to join a company which allows me to explore in this eld, so I will surely join mdl
because there is not much to explore in design eld in the above mentioned companies.
(They seem pretty satised with my answer)

Advice : Thoroughly prepare your B.Tech Project and summer internship. It consumes
about 70% of the total interview duration. Prepare Fluid mechanics, IC engines and
Manufacturing for technical. Be ready with your answers for HR questions.

EDIT: I was selected.


Here are some general technical questions that i would like to recommend you to solve or at
least have an eye on those questions so that whenever in an interview someone asks you a
question at that time you don't feel strange with those questions.

If you want to have a set of 1000 technical questions for interview and along with that
i will provide you a set of HR questions( if you want) also but for that you have to mail
me at any time or you can message me either on quora
with your mail id or on facebook and here is my facebook account : Facebook

Here is a list of 200 questions that i would like to share with you guys.

1. What is the dierence between scavenging and supercharging?

2. What are the names given to constant temperature, constant pressure, constant volume ,
constant internal energy, constant enthalpy and constant entropy?
3. In a Rankine Cycle, if max. steam pressure is increased keeping steam temp. and
condenser pressure same , what will happen to dryness fraction of steam after expansion?
4. Why entropy change for a reversible adiabatic process is zero?
5. What are two essential conditions for perfect gas?
6. Entahlpy and entropy are functions of one single parameter. Which is that?
7. Why rate of condensation is higher on a polished surface than compared to rusty surface?
8. How much resistance is oered to heat ow by drop wise condensation?
9. What is the relationship between COP of heating and cooling?
10. How much is the work done in Isochoric process?
11. When max. discharge is obtained in nozzle?
12. Under what condition work done in reciprocating compressor is least?
13. What is the dierence between stalling and surging in rotary compressor?
14. Why the electric motor of a fan with backward curved blades is never got overloaded
under any condition?
15. Why the work per kg of air ow in axial ow compressor is less compared to centrifugal
compressor for same ratio?
16. What is the name given to portion of thermal energy to be necessarily rejected to
17. What is pitting ? How it is caused?
18. What is caustic environment?
19. Which impurities form Hard scale and which impurities form soft scale?
20. What is the dierence between hard water and soft water?
21. Which two elements of feed water can cause corrosion of tubes and plates in boiler?
22. What should be done to prevent a safety valve to stick to its seat?
23. Why large boilers are water tube type?
24. What type of boiler does not need a steam drum?
25. Why manholes in vessels are usually elliptical in shape?
26. Low water in boiler drum is unsafe because it may result in overheating of water tubes in
furnace. Why it is unsafe to have high water in boiler drum?
27. Why boiler is purged every time before starting ring of fuel?
28. What is the principle of mechanical refrigeration?
29. Why high latent heat of evaporation is desirable in a refrigerant?
30. What is the critical temperature of a refrigerant? 12/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora
31. Maximum combustion temperature in gas turbines i of the order of 1100 to 10 degree
Celsius whereas same is around 00 degree Celsius in IC engine? Why?
32. Why eciency of gas turbine is lower as compared to IC engines? SignIn
33. What do you understand by timed cylinder lubrication?
34. What is IIUCR in relation to petrol engine?
35. In some engines glycerin is used in place of water for cooling. Why?
36. Why consumption of lubricating oil is more in two-stroke cycle petrol engine than four
stroke cycle petrol engine?
37. As compression ratio increases , thermal n increases. How is thermal n is aected by rich
and weak mixture?
38. How engine design needs to be changed to burn lean mixture?
39. Horse power of IC engines can be expressed as RAC rating , SAE rating or DIN rating. To
which countries these standards belong?
40. What is the use of ash chamber in a vapour compression refrigeration cycle to improve
the COP of refrigeration cycle?
41. Why pistons are usually dished at top?
42. What is the function of thermostat in cooling system of an engine?
43. What are the causes of failure of boiler tubes?
44. What are the causes of failure for super heater tubes?
45. Why super critical boilers use less amount of steel compared to non super critical
46. Out of electric heater and Heat pump , which is economical in operation?
47. Which furnace burns low-ash fusion coal and returns most of the coal ash in the slag?
48. How the thickness of thermal boundary layer and thickness of hydrodynamic boundary
layer related?
49. What is the eect of friction on ow of steam through a nozzle?
50. Why gas turbine power plant needs ecient compressor?
51. Why rockets using liquid hydrogen have higher specic impulse compared to liquid
52. Why axial ow compressor is preferred for gas turbines for aero planes?
53. What is the eect of inter cooling in gas turbine?
54. Why iso-octane is chosen as reference fuel foe S.I engines and allotted 100 value for its
octane number?
55. Why thermal eciency of IC engine is more than the gas turbine plant?
56. Which are the reference fuels for knock rating of SI engines?
57. When eect of variations in specic heat is considered then how do maximum
temperature and pressure vary compared to air standard cycle?
58. Quantities like pressure, temperature , density , viscosity etc. are independent of mass.
What are these called?
59. The amount of radiation emitted per scm per sec is called..?
60. In convective heat transfer , if heat ux intensity is doubled hen temperature.
61. How you can dene coal?
62. Which pollutant is major greenhouse gas and what is its eect?
63. In order to increase eciency and reduce CO emissions and other emissions , clear coal
technologies are receiving major attention. What are these?
64. What are the important operational performance parameters in design of fuel ring
65. What is the dierence between total moisture and inherent moisture in coal?
66. Promixity analysis of coal provides data for a rst, general assessment of a coal's quality
and type. What elements it reports?
67. Ultimate analysis of coal is elementary analysis. What it is concerned with?
68. Explain the dierence between AFBC , BFBC , PFBC and PCBC in regard to uidised
69. What is Schmidt plot for is used in heat transfer problems?
70 In which reactor the coolant and moderator are the same?
71. Which reactor has no moderator?
72. What are the thermal neutrons?
73. What is big advantage of fast breeder reactor?
74. What is the purpose of biological shield in nuclear plants?
75. Which two elements have same percentage in proximate and ultimate analysis of coal?
76. On which analysis is based the Dulong's formula for the heating value of fuel?
77. Which element causes dierence in higher and lower heating values of fuel?
78. Which heating value is indicated by a calorimeter and why?
79. State the dierence between ultimate and proximate analysis of coal?
80. What is the fuel ratio?
81. How the analyses and caloric values can be reported?
82. What is the dierence between nuclear ssion and ssion chain reaction. 13/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora
83. Expalin dierence between ssile and fertile material.
84. What do you understand by fuel cycle in nuclear plants?
85. What is heavy water and what is its use in nuclear plants? SignIn
86. What is a convertor reactor?
87. Explain nuclear reactor in brief.
88. What is the dierence between conversion and enrichment.
89. Disposal of radioactive waste materials and spent fuel is a major and important
technology. How the waste radioactive material is disposed o?
90. Which nuclear reactor uses water as a coolant, moderator and reector?
91. Which reactor produces more ssionable material than it consumes?
92. Which reactor uses natural uranium as fuel?
93. Which reactor uses heavy water as moderator?
94. Which reactor requires no moderator?
95. Which reactor uses primary coolant as uoride salts of lithium , beryllium , thorium and
96. Why an increase in area is required to produce an increase of velocity in case of
supersonic ow?
97. Under what circumstances would there be an increase in pressure in a divergent nozzle?
98. Why water can't be used as refrigerant for small refrigerating plant?
99. Which parameter remains constant in a throttling process?
100 .What is the dierence between isentropic process and throttling process?
101. What is the dierence between isotropic and anisotropic material?
102. What are orthotropic materials?
103. What is view factor?
104. What properties need to be considered for applications calling for following
2.Strength for no plastic deformation under static load
3.Strength to withstand overload with fracture
4.Wear resistance
105. Explain the eects of alloying chromium and nickel in stainless steel.
106. Mention two types of dislocations.
107. What are the principle constituents of brass?
108. What is curie print?
109. Specic strength of material is very high when they are in ber size but lower when
they are in bar from why?
110. What is the percentage of carbon in cast iron?
111. Which element is added in steel to increase resistance to corrosion?
112. Whether individual components in composite materials retain their characteristics or
113. An elastomer is a polymer when its percentage elongation rate is?
114. If percentage elongation of a material is more than 200% , it is classed as?
115. Why is it that the max. value which the residual stress can reach is the elastic limit of
the material?
116. Why fatigue strength decreases as size of a part increases beyond around 10 mm?
117. Distinguish between creep and fatigue.
118. While normal carburizing and nitriding surface treatments increase fatigue strength ,
excessive treatment may decrease the fatigue strength. Why?
119. List at least two factors that promote transition from ductile to brittle fracture.
120. Which theories of failure are used for a ductile materials and brittle materials?
121. What does thermal diusivity of metal signify.
122. For conduction of heat, the instantaneous rate of heat ow is product of three factors,
what are these?
123. How convective heat transfer is aected and on what factors it depends?
124. Which is the common element between brass and bronze?
125. What does following alloy designation indicate FG 250?
126. How is ceramic dened?
127. Give one example of metal classied as per structure as BCC , FCC , HCP and CCP.
128. What is the name of solid solution of carbon in alpha iron and delta iron?
129. Explain the dierence between pearlite and cementite
130. Give one example each of the following proportion of materials dimensional , physical ,
technological and mechanical.
131. For which parts the Wahl factor and Lewis form factor used?
132. How oxygen can be removed from steel during melting? What are fully killed steels?
133. Hydrogen cannot be removed easily from molten steel. What harm hydrogen has on
property of steel?
134. What is allotropic? In what forms of cubic pattern , iron exists? 14/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora
135. What is the dierence between alpha , delta and gamma iron?
136. Metals , in general are of low strength and do not possess required physio-chemical and
technological properties for a denite purpose. Alloys are therefore more than metals alone. SignIn
Discuss the arrangement of atoms and structures of alloys.
137. What is the dierence between isotropic and homogeneous material.
138. Explain the dierence between the points of inexion and contra exure.
139. What is the dierence between proof resilience and modulus of resilience?
140. What is the dierence between column and strut?
141. Explain the dierence between ferrite , austenite and graphite?
142. Explain the terms solid solution , eutectic , eutectoid and peritectic.
143. What do you understand by critical points in iron carbon diagram?
144. Why PERT is preferred over CPM for evaluation of project?
145. What is percentage of chromium in 18:4:1 IISS?
146. What is stellite?
147. Which rays are produced by cobalt-60 in industrial radiography?
148. What are killed steels and what for these are used?
149. What is critical temperature in metals?
150. Car types are usually made of?
151. What is the structure of pure iron and whether it is soft or hard?
152. Which elements increase the corrosion resistance of steel?
153. What causes hardness in steel? How heat treatment alters properties of steel?
154. Explain the formation of microstructures of pearlite , bainite and martensite in steel.
155. How with alloying of steel it is possible to a achieve properties which cannot be
achieved with heat treatment?
156. What are the major eects of alloying elements?
157. What is the dierence between austenite stabilisers and ferrite stabilisers?
158. What are the eects of carbon on the properties of steel?
159. What is the role of silicon as alloying element in steels?
160. Discuss the role of manganese in alloying steels.
161. Dene buckling factor.
162. What do you understand by catenary cable?
163. What is coaxing?
164. What is dierence between conjugate beam and continuous beam?
165. What is isentropic material?
166. Explain dierence between modulus of resilience and modulus of rigidity?
167. What is the dierence between basic hole and basic shaft?
168. What for pyranometer is used?
169. Describe transfer machines in brief.
170. What is burnt-out point?
171. What do you understand by eutectic?
172. Explain the dierence between grey iron and white iron. What is mottled iron?
173. The graphite in grey irons exists in the form of akes which act as stress-raisers under
tensile loading and consequently grey irons have relatively low tensile strength and
ductility. Still grey iron is extensively used in engineering. Why?
174. Under what condition a convergent divergent nozzle required?
175. What is endurance limit and what is its value for steel?
176. How the net work to drive a compressor and its volumetric eciency behave with
increase in clearance volume?
177. What do you understand by sulphur print?
178. What is the eect of addition of zinc in copper? What is the use of 70/30 brass?
179. What is the dierence between brass and bronze?
180. What for admirality brass used?
181. What is the maximum use of magnesium?
182. What for zinc nds application?
183. Which factors inuence the type of fracture in failure of a material?
184. What is the name given to the ratio of actual cycle eciency and ideal cycle eciency.
185. List two eects of manganese in plain carbon steels.
186. In which process internal energy remains constant?
187. What is VSD?
188. What is temper embrittlement in alloy steels and what are its eects?
189. What are whiskers?
190. What is Bauschinger eect?
191. What is the dierence between heat capacity and specic heat of a material?
192. Explain the rule to nd specic heat of aqueous solutions.
193. What do you understand by latent heat ? Give four examples of latent heats.
194. Dene the terms free energy and free enthalpy. What is their signicance and
importance? 15/17
2/5/2017 Whataresomeofthebestinterviewquestionsaskedforamechanicalengineeringstudent?Quora
195. Whether the superheated steam can be treated like ideal gas?
196. Out of constant pressure and constant volume lines on TS diagram which line has
higher slope? And whether slope is constant or variable? SignIn
197. Whether entropy is intensive property or extensive property?
198. In which process uid expands but does no work?
199. What is Hess law?
200. What is the purpose of scrapper ring?

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