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In class, we will go through many Simple Solutions
lessons. After every 4 lessons, we will have a quiz. Therefore,
we will have Simple Solution quizzes frequently. Students can
prepare for these quizzes by reviewing the lessons in their
Simple Solutions Workbook OR they can review the topics
below. Different activities that cover these topics can be found
on the Math page on the Ms. Baillie website.

Addition- 3 or more Addends
EX: 322+ 435

Addition/Subtraction with and without regrouping
EX: 351- 237

Addition/Subtraction with missing numbers
EX: 42 + 8____ = 131

Addition/Subtraction with decimals
EX: 2.52 1.55

Addition/Subtraction with money
EX: $0.45 + $3.22

Addition/Subtraction with place value to millions
EX: Students should be able to identify the place value of the
following number: 1, 233, 578

Addition/Subtraction rounding to the millions
EX: Round the following number to the Ten Hundreds Place:
1, 689, 552

Subtract with zeros
EX: 1,020 59

Multiplication/ Division with missing numbers
EX: 85 x ____9 = 8,415

Multiplication with 2, 3 or 4 digit numbers
EX: 678 x 23

Long Division with single-digit AND multi-digit numbers
(this includes answers with and without remainders)
EX: 27 divided by 5

Basic fractions
EX: Draw a circle and shade in 3/5

Fractions- add and subtract fractions with like
EX: - 2/4

Fractions- missing numerator and denominator
EX: ____ / 7 + 3/7 = 7/7 or 1

Fractions and mixed numbers- put mixed numbers into
improper fractions AND improper fractions into mixed
EX: Write 13/10 into a mixed number

Fractions in simplest form
EX: Write 3/6 in simplest form

Find the area of a shape
EX: Write the area of a rectangle that is 5in by 7in

Understand how to read graphs

Understand how to use measurement skills

Understand the basics of volume, symmetry, angles and

Find the perimeter of a shape
EX: Find the perimeter of a triangle with the sides 3ft, 4ft and

Find the average or mean of a set of numbers
EX: Find the mean of the following set of numbers: 25, 66, 42,

Solve the pattern
EX: 44, 88, _______, 352

Find the median and range within a set of numbers
EX: Find the median in the following set of numbers: 34, 39, 52,
22, 13

Understand calendar problems

Understand probability

Write numbers in expanded form
EX: Write the following number in expanded form: 2,377