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"The process of discovery is, in effect, Prone hi een anc asain Angelantoni Test Technologies are proud to announce their newest and mast innovative chamber seties yet Discovery. Tis line of chambers has both thermostatic (temperature ony) versions and climatic (temperature and humidity) versions We have taken over 75 years of knowledge and experience, along with extensive feedback from both customers and our agents, and have produced these feature rich and highly reliable chambers to fill your testing needs. Just take a look at some of the new features and you'l see why we are so proud to offer these tothe testing community With the Discovery series you have the ability to apply the known laws of nature (temperature and humidity) and allow the unknown (possible product defects) to reveal themselves. With every test you will discover which of your test items are robust and give you increased confidence in their reliability, LUNI PGS Aaa OTe cow ony Rend Sar eaeTN prey Pre) ener) ea es prerscrtnayy porn Pretetng Pr eres Pre Peart) Prercra eet CeCe ey Pre eae Psat Ce eee ores Perc aery Pere net ree rst oreo) rien) ty preg ory Pree Pree CTS Die anes Optimized Control System * KeyKratos Plus touchscreen control * PID contol through PLC + Completely updated hardware and software ‘working together to give much faster contral Optimized Refrigeration System * Increased thermal exchange * Vibration resistant tobe able to handle transport conditions better + Improved refrigeration plant thanks to specific studies based on dedicated Design & Research tools Optimized Electrical System * Improved reliability through new selected components + Easier access for maintenance Innovative Humidification System * New humidifier with a self contained heater for better reliability * Internal water demineralizer (DY110 excluded) + Better layout of pipes to obtain a perfect a ) ( tightness of the system ! * Choice of psychrometic system or capacitive probe WW il ul il New Door Style + Stainless stel back, with 135 mm of insulation + Electromagnetic door closers 7 * Choice of opening with keycard (for security) or through a button cn the touch screen with configurable opening temperature range Discovery chambers (starting from 250 | models) are equipped withthe WW MN W new remote assistance system MyAngel24™: the chambers stay connected to the remote server 24 hours a day, monitoring running conditions and any anomalies, in order to guarantee faster and more efficient service and See a eee eet angel24 ‘are from any device with an internet connection and a simple web browser. SAFETY &CARI o Keytratos Pls General Setngs Elem oR OE Control system and user interface KeyKratos Plus Hardware «TFT touchscreen panel 57", 65000 colours «Faster contol + 3 types of emery supper fo sting es, recrdngs, nd alums SD emery cd Penciv USB keys), teal memory software + Touch menu wth elated pop wp screens where necessary + Memory capaciy to 100 cycles wth 350 segment each (on compact as) + Realtime recording of teperature and hui versus tine (L0G on compact fash) + USE nrc on ont panel or stk or inter + Reooings in CV format (Comma Separated Vl foreay export to cel, program fs are easly comet into phic oat + trend char for recorded vribls avaiable wth a cle fom 100/200 + Fourvaces temperature setpoint acual pert hun setpoint ard actual huty + User en data input ing eting check and adnan of le + Sjopticrahs forthe canbe hud ow tae refigeraton and igh stage reigerton + Messages on scheduled maintenance aces «Theses vlan languages: TALANENGLSH, GERMAN SPANSH, FRENCH, DUTCH PC Winkratos software + Ability t add notes on the graphs + Delayed start of he tests + Optimized view of synoptic graphs + Two editing modes: “entylevel” and “advanced” Keyfeatos Pls Moning Winkratos sw Winkratos Si ili sypoptc gaps Note on the ahs Configuration and technical data stl cacy 16 535 ec sn abe ron Aisesases ———ng70x1100 Int din Wax om Howse ——_Sso3401500 Teves range 0) ‘130 sooo Crnat 7.3180 Temp uraon are wnire.s03¢ Hestng Teper Rate” G40/e480°9 —45°Cnin FO (doce309 Cadel ave190°0) Cnn tng Tenpertre Rate” (180440°C)—45°Chnin Som Gi0Cessr9 ase! (190-70 nin fine eral 9 as motate2og edt ie Nose aA ss Cy Cro oo ‘bored Pou fe) a 4 Creel 3 Sap Votage 2aovatousan +6 ivan +6 * scoring t IEC 6OO6E--S ** messed atom then in nn reveberting rom Technical features Tey Options Enka sofware < mulGanbe remote cna ee al (rater cach lange $dto prtoes < iemal sees Basic Configuration = Gatlapat®uectonoguatic on tse" = apecion window peter