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Work Breakdown Structure Diagram - Design 4 Solutions

Level 1
PJ Enterprises - Customer Service Training and Development Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Design 4 Solutions Customer Service &

Technical Training for Policy Recommendation
Project Management Telephone Etiquette
Catalog Database Report

Initiation Develop guide and instructions Review current policies

Develop RLO for customer regarding telephone
for catalog database
service and phone etiquette operator structure and
Establish team values, training configuration
behavior, roles, and Understand current functions
meeting schedule and processes of the catalog
database Brainstorm and identify
Evaluation/Gap analysis & Storyboarding areas for improvement
Refer to manuals (if any)
Develop & submit project Draft recommendations
charter Knowledge transfer from Develop scripts and guides for
catalog database SMEs greetings, FAQs and recurring
Project sponsor reviews S.Perez, and J.Thompson complaints Finalize recommendations
charter and signs/approves in the form of a policy
Experience user interface of
their current system Develop scenario based training
for customer service and phone Provide documentation on
etiquette training best practices in meeting
Provide technical training agenda and structure
Project scoping, WBS
Programming prototype
Assess current
Develop & submit project meeting
Usability testing
Review existing
Obtain project plan
Design revised methods based policies (if any)
on best learning practices/guide
developed for catalog database Revise & finalize RLO
access Brainstorm and identify
Execution areas for improvement

Programming prototype Develop Quick Reference

Project kick-off meeting Guides Draft recommendations

Verify & validate user Usability testing Finalize recommendations

Conduct on-site training by providing best practice
requirements document

Design & develop Revise & finalize training

deliverables material (RLO)
Training venue identification

testing/reviews/drafts Participant name list/
Finalized deliverables and
training roll out Print participant hand outs
and facilitator guide
Deliver training

Project status meetings &

update project managment Conduct post training
plan evaluations

Risk management


Audit procurement &

training effectiveness

Document lessons learned

Gain formal acceptance

Update files/records and