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Packard International Products - Drop-in Check Valves


Drop-in Check Valves

Packard International
Products Packard’s Drop-in Check Valve (DICV) is used
One-piece Kelly Valves to provide protection from backflow during
periods when the drill string is left open or
Two-piece Kelly Valves kicks are frequent. The landing sub is
Safety Valves
installed just above the bit sub. The valve
may either be installed with the landing sub
Drop-in Check Valves or placed in the drill string at the top and
pumped down to the landing sub. Once
Inside Blowout Preventers
seated it allows downward mudflow only.
Cup Testers

Drill Stem Stubs
Features and Benefits

Product Line Acquired from Easy Maintenance
The Packard International DICV is
Precision Machining manufactured and tested in accordance with
Capabilities API Specification 7-1 with NACE MR0175
compliant internal components. The retrieval
tool is attached to a wireline and locks into
place when it is lowered to the valve.

Connection Flexibility
Phone: 281-399-8771 The Packard International DICV can be
Fax: 281-399-8773 supplied with any API connection, including many proprietary threads supplied by licensed
vendors and OEMs.

High and Low Pressure Sealing
When ordering this
product please specify High and low pressure sealing is assured by
ALL of the following: the unique elastomer and metal-to-metal
sealing systems. The DICV is available in
(1) the smallest drill string pressure ratings up to 15,000 psi working
bore through which the pressure (22,500 psi test pressure).
check valve must pass

(2) the landing sub Maintenance
connection size and type
Packard International’s drop-in check valves
(3) the outside diameter of are designed for even the harshest drilling
mating tool joints conditions; however, it is suggested that
parts most subject to wear and tear be
See chart below for replaced regularly.
complete information.
For complete maintenance instructions and
valve specifications, please phone
281-399-8771, e-mail, or click the link below to download a PDF.

Download a PDF of complete Maintenance Instructions

Drop-in Check Valve Specifications
Complete Valve 710-035434-17 710-043658-19 710-048734-14
4-3/4" OD 6-5/8" OD 7-3/4" OD
Size, Connection, & Weight 3-1/2" IF 4-1/2" IF 5-1/2" FH
(145 lb) (286 lb) (398 lb)
Drop-in Check Valve Components
Landing Sub 710-035434-17LS 710-043658-19LS 710-048734-14LS

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4 lb) 710-035-S 710-043-S 710-048-S Spring (.000 psi WP.8 lb) 710-035-SS 710-043-SS 710-048-SS Seal Sub (1. © 2015 Packard International.1 lb) (.7 lb) (1.3 lb) (.4 lb) 710-035-D 710-043-D 710-048-D Dogs (1.5 lb) (.packardusa.1 lb) (.1 lb) (5.8 lb) (2.1 lb) (1.Packard International Products .4 lb) (3.7 lb) (3.0 lb) Represented Drop-in Check Valves are rated at 10.1 lb) (1.2 lb) 710-035-RS 710-043-RS 710-048-RS Retrieval Sleeve (.0 lb) (3.1 lb) (.2 lb) (.000 and 15. Only the most popular sizes are shown above.0 lb) (1. Download a Catalog PDF 2 of 2 2015/04/22 11:30 AM .Drop-in Check Valves http://www.0 lb) (2.asp 2-1/8" ID 2-5/8" ID 2-15/16" ID Size and weight (124 lb) (250 lb) (347 lb) Check Valve 710-035-CV 710-043-CV 710-048-CV Size 2-3/16" OD 2-3/4" OD 3" OD 710-035-RC 710-043-RC 710-048-RC Retrieval Cylinder (1.1 lb) (1. Valves are also available in 5.8 lb) 710-035-DS 710-043-DS 710-048-DS Dog Sleeve (.3 lb) (1.2 lb) (. Inc.9 lb) 710-035-PM 710-043-PM 710-048-PM Packing Mandrel (2.7 lb) (3.8 lb) Retrieval Tool 710-035-RT 710-043-RT 710-048-RT 710-035-FN 710-043-FN 710-048-FN Fishing Neck (1.4 lb) (3.0 lb) (1.0 lb) (2.2 lb) (2.5 lb) 710-035-SP 710-043-SP 710-048-SP Shear Pin (. Please contact Packard International for additional sizes.4 lb) 710-035-DR 710-043-DR 710-048-DR Dog Ring (.1 lb) 710-035-RP 710-043-RP 710-048-RP Retrieval Pin (3.5 lb) (2.5 lb) 710-035-HS 710-043-HS 710-048-HS Hex Set Screw (.1 lb) 710-035-B 710-043-B 710-048-B Ball (.1 lb) (4.2 lb) ( lb) (.1 lb) 710-035-C 710-043-C 710-048-C Cage (1.8 lb) (1.5 lb) (1.9 lb) 710-035-LS 710-043-LS 710-048-LS Lower Spring (.1 lb) 710-035434-17 710-043434-17 710-048434-17 Retrieval Dogs (4 per set) (.2 lb) (.3 lb) (.6 lb) (2.6 lb) (1.1 lb) 710-035-PR 710-043-PR 710-048-PR Packing Ring Set (1.1 lb) (.1 lb) 710-03-TS 710-03-TS 710-03-TS Top Sub (1.000 psi WP.9 lb) 710-035-US 710-043-US 710-048-US Upper Spring (.4 lb) (5.6 lb) (3.9 lb) (1.1 lb) (.8 lb) (5.1 lb) 710-035-RN 710-043-RN 710-048-RN Running Neck (1.8 lb) (2.3 lb) 710-035-VP 710-043-VP 710-048-VP V-Packings (8 per set) (1.2 lb) (1.