Poems on Life
Shiva Shambho...  





Whose smile blossoms a flower, creates a rainbow Whose sight drives the darkness makes the sky glow. Whose dance is the source and strength of existence Whose name destroys the cause and effect's pretence. Whose ascendance makes the winds blow, the fire burns, By whose command Ant walks and Death stalks. Whose Compassion can open the doors of Truth Whose grace can shun the cycles of rebirth. I bow down to the one who is Eternal and Perfect, Yet Infinite and Immortal. Shiva Shambho...  

Holi Hai Holika burns amidst mirth and merriment Its time to leave all the worriment A full moon sweeps winds to flare flames It’s the moment to burn all the blames Life after life illusion challenges and truth survives It’s now that we should be on the qui vive Colors red, green, blue, yellow and countless Brushing off woes and despair, it’s now to enjoy ceaseless A riot of colors on a day's canvas That’s all the life is made up off. Happy and Colorful Holi Shiva Shambhoo….

Life's dream

Fruition happens, when a flower is touched by pollen Peacock dances in ecstasy, when the sky is sullen Oyster makes a pearl from the drop of the rain fallen A deadwood will blaze in fury only when a spark happens.

When the pain of ignorance deepens The Sadguru \ learned guru will happen Perception of life will be shaken Life's dream is broken & self is awaken

Shiva Shambhoo….

Adrift Life 

Life is a dream harnessed by the self, drifting aimless  Atoms, Molecules are emptiness, thus Body, Bones & Brains are emptiness  The whole scenery is a self‐created dream, which is a conjuring trick  Still beings perceive this world as solid, liquid, filled with mud and rock.   

Life is lived in mind and the reality created is all delusion  Beings are living within a perfect and persistent illusion.  Perception creates three dimensional images in the mind thus creating Duality  The Object seems to exist at the very spot, which is not Objective Reality. 

State of the world is a reflection of the inner state of the mass mind  Humanity is entrapped in Ego, Anger, Hatred, Fear, greed and became blind  Time has run out for letting life rot with impunity, while death stalks on the back  Awaken from the dream called as life and know that we are unborn awareness. 
                                      Shiva Shambhoo......... 

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