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Accepting Applications September 28, 2015

How does the latest research in

neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral
economics help us model, influence and
improve decision making?

The Decision Making System

Worldview Stanford creates learning Explore the neuroscience of decision making, and how cultural,
experiences for professionals about the forces developmental, contextual and emotional influences play out in
shaping the future. our brains and shape our choices.

Our innovative approach combines flexible Modeling and Predicting Decisions

online content with an immersive Stanford- Investigate how economists, psychologists, andbig data
based experience. We guide our participants scientists model and predict how and what we choose.
decision makers in business, government and
nonprofitsthrough the knowledge theyll need Influencing Other Peoples Decisions
to manage the strategic challenges ahead. Understand how we use persuasion, incentives, choice
architecture, and appeals to beliefs and values to influence
the decisions and behavior of others.

START ONLINE Making Better Decisions

February 15, 2016 Tap into research and techniques to help you make more
Explore multimedia content featuring inter- creative, reasoned, satisfying, and responsible choices
disciplinary perspectives from around the individually and in groups.
world and commentary from Stanford experts.
Direct the depth and pace of your learning. Decision Making in Action
Learn the tradecraft of expert decision making from a wide
THEN COME TO STANFORD range of professionals, including a corporate executive, an
March 29-April 1, 2016 organizational psychologist, a venture capitalist, and a crisis
Join a diverse group of 40 Worldview partici- communicator.
pants for an immersive, multi-day experience.
Connect with Stanford experts, handle human
brains, explore pioneering research, collabo- FEATURED EXPERTS
rate on case studies, and build new skills. William Newsome Bill Burnett
director of Stanfords neuro- executive director of the
KEEP LEARNING science institute and co-chair Stanford Design Program
Maintain access to online materials and your of President Obamas BRAIN and instructor in
learning community after coming to Stanford initiative
and receive updates on relevant research to David Demarest
inspire further inquiry and conversation. Lindred Greer head of public affairs at
decision process authority Stanford and former
and Graduate School of communications director

Business Scholar for the White House, Visa,

and Bank of America
Brian Knutson
professor of psychology Hazel Markus
specializing in the neurosci- prominent social and
ence of emotion cultural psychologist
Accepting Applications September 28, 2015

The Science of Decision Making

APPLY SOON! This course is limited to 40 participants.

Important Dates Course Fee

Accepting Applications Course Opens All events, materials, and most meals are included.
September 28, 2015 February 15, 2016 Airfare, hotel, and airport transfers are not included.
15% discounts are available for government, nonprofits
Application Deadline Come to Stanford and members of the Stanford Alumni Association.
February 4, 2016* March 29-April 3, 2016 *Register by January 15, 2016 to receive a 10% early
registration discount.

Transportation and Accomodations

Stanford is roughly equidistant from San We have negotiated special discounted Alternative Options
Francisco International Airport (SFO) rates with the Sheraton Palo Alto to Other helpful lodging information
and San Jose International Airport accommodate Worldview guests. The is available at Destination Palo Alto:
(SJC). Oakland International Airport Sheraton is located within walking dis-
(OAK) also serves the Bay Area. tance of Stanford and downtown Palo
Alto. A limited number of rooms are
also available at the Stanford Guest
House, with priority given to govern-
ment and non-profit participants. Both
locations are served by Stanfords free
shuttle service.