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Syllabus - INE2008 Operations Research I

COURSE NAME: INE2008 Operations Research I

ACADEMIC YEAR: 2016-2017
SEMESTER/YEAR: Summer/2017
CREDITS: Theory 3 Practice 2 Lab
DEPARTMENT NAME: Industrial Engineering

INSTRUCTORS NAME: Prof. F. Tun Bozbura

INSTUCTORS OFFICE: D Block 3 th Floor,

WEBPAGE: The lecture notes will be posted via its-learning system.

COURSE CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Modeling with Linear Programming (LP), Graphical LP Solution, Simplex Method,
Sensitivity Analysis, Duality and Post-Optimal Analysis, Transportation, Transshipment and Assignment Models, Modeling with
Integer Programming (IP), Branch and Bound Algorithm, Cutting Plane Algorithm.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: The goal of this course is to introduce students the main concepts of operations research by modeling
real-world problems and solving them with computational techniques. Throughout this course, students are expected to achieve
the following objectives.

CO 1: Understand common and important business problems

CO 2: Develop the skills to model problems as linear and integer programming problems
CO 3: Learn problem solution techniques such as graphical solution approach, simplex algorithm, and branch and bound
CO 4: Model transportation and assignment problems and solve them using specialized optimization algorithms such as
Hungarian algorithm and transportation simplex method
CO 5: Learn how to make business decisions from the point of view of optimization
CO 6: Model problems using network theory as shortest path, minimum spanning tree and maximum flow problems

LEARNING OUTCOMES: The students are expected to learn the following:

I. Formulate mathematical models of business problems using linear programming, integer programming and network theory.
II. Follow problem solution techniques such as graphical solution approach, simplex algorithm and branch and bound algorithm.
III. Show the ability to construct models for transportation, transshipment and assignment problems and solve them using
specialized optimization algorithms.
IV. Make decisions from the point of view of optimization.
V. Construct models for problems with multiple objective using goal programming.
VI. Analyze the usage and the limitations of simplex algorithm.
VII. Apply linear programming on different problems using a software package.
VIII. Practice sensitivity analysis of linear programming problems.
IX. Use primal-dual relationships and examine economic interpretation of duality.

TEXTBOOK(S): Taha, Hamdy A., Operations Research, 9th edition, 2011. ISBN: 0-13-139199-2
OTHER SUGGESTED SOURCES: Winston, Wayne L., Operations Research: Applications and Algorithms, 4th edition, 2003.
ISBN-13: 978-0534380588

Grading will be based on a midterm, a final exam and three homeworks.
There will be a midterm exam (30%), a final exam (50%) and two homeworks (15%) + class attendance (%5)
There will be no make-up exam unless you have a serious reason (e.g., illness with a doctor's report) and in such cases,
you must notify the instructor as early as possible.
Students that do not take the midterms exam without any serious reason (illness with a doctor's report) will not
have the right to take the final exam and she/he will take NA as the letter grade for this course.
You are responsible for checking the announcements and messages sent via OIS, downloading the lecture notes,
You are also responsible of the announcements made in the class.
70% of class attendance is required.
No extra credit will be given for extra work and/or redoing assignments.

No cell phones, beepers, or any device that beep or disturb the class are permitted to be on during class.
It is not permissible for students to play games on their computers or cell phones or any other hand held device during
class. Students who do not obey to these rules will be penalized.

HONESTY POLICY: All students admitted to Baheehir University commit themselves to be honest in all academic work and
understand that failure to comply with this commitment will result in disciplinary action. This statement is a reminder to uphold
your obligation as a Baheehir University student and to be honest in all work submitted and exams taken in this course and all

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: Students requesting classroom accommodation must first register with the Office of the
Dean of Students. That office will provide the student with documentation that he/she must provide to the course instructor when
requesting accommodation.

Week Content Commands, Homework & Exams
1 Modeling with Linear Programming (LP) 08.06.2017
1 Graphical LP Solution and Selected LP 09.06.2017
2 Selected LP Applications and Introduction to 12.06.2017 HOMEWORK 1
Simplex Method
2 Simplex Method 15-16.06.2017
3 Sensitivity Analysis 19.06.2017
3 Duality and Post-Optimal Analysis I 22-23.06.2017
4 Review and midterm 03.07.2017 and 06.07.2017
Midterm: 07.07.2017
5 Transportation, Transshipment and Assignment 10.06.2017
Models I
5 Transportation, Transshipment and Assignment 13-14. 07.2017 HOMEWORK 2
Models II
6 Modeling with Integer Programming (IP) 17.07.2017
6 Solving IP Models Cutting Plane Algorithm & 20-21.07.0217
Branch &Bound
7 Review and final 24.07.2017 & 27.07.2017
FINAL: 28.07.2017